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  1. Accepted! Welcome @Ava! DM me your Discord when you get the chance!
  2. ACCEPTED! Welcome to the clan! Please DM me your Discord if you have one @Nyoko ACCEPTED! Welcome young one, if you have a discord DM it to me @mewo3o
  3. You did the red spelling wrong. you're meant to try only using words starting with that letter but nice overall.
  4. Holy fuck @Niti this shit is actually fucking fire! I want an extended version!!! Well fucking played man, I respect the fuck out of this shit!
  5. Absolute fire! Will have to convince you to do a track for the channel
  6. Ayy man, good response! It takes a lot of guts to post something publicly for the first time like rap so I respect it. I sent you a Discord message on ways to improve your craft. Overall, was fun to read, keep it up!
  7. INTRODUCTION Hey guys! So recently I have been messaging some of you asking about any questions you felt haven't been answered when it comes to development or suggestions and you guys had so many that I was really overwhelmed! I have chosen 10 questions for this month and will try to make this a monthly thing to try be a bridge between community and staff about progress! With that being said, this is the questions I chose to ask Rory/Ueda with his answers under the question in bold. If you have questions for next months, feel free to message me privately or comment below! QUESTIONS How close is Mist to being ready? The current state of completion for Mist village map is around 40% in terms of art and mapping, and then there's still the scripting required to get all the tutorials, Npcs done before it's an operational village. Coupled with all the custom NPC art, I would say its still far off, months. But the reason why progress on Mist is only at this stage is because priority - development wise - has always been the summons and new masteries.That's much closer. how will the first Mist Kage be chosen? I have a few people in mind, but basically out of a myriad of players who are deemed active enough, we will host a battle to the death to determine the leader of the Bloody Mist. Unfair right? That's the politics of the bloody mist. Only the strong survive. Each village runs on a different political system that is like a mini-experiment to see how players make the best of it, deal with it, and we get to see what kind of people flock to which kind of leaders. This is already apparent in the sand and leaf villages. Under different leaders, each village has attracted different kinds of ninja and different amounts of ninjas. There will be times where the leader is not influential enough or active enough to keep a lot of active ninja. That's part of the experience. Will we have to reset to join Mist and if so what protects Mist from early release raids from the other villages or could we have a time period during its release where we could "migrate" to the Mist? No there will never be a way to change villages. For various reasons. One being that each village offers a different leveling experience, different unique jutsu, summons, Missions and storyline Missions (eventually). The other reason is that this doesn't happen in the Naruto universe. You just don't change villages. You either are the one you are born in, or go missing. Strict borders. When will new Kazekage be picked? January, the process is happening as we speak! Will Tai/GF be nerfed or made separate masteries at all? It's ridiculously strong right now. All sub-paths will under go a major rebalance soon and everyone affected will be given free stat resets! Has a clan system been put in place? If so, how will it work? It's planned, but still far away. It will work very differently from Organization. Unlike player made organization, clans will be actual village families you can choose from. Each player will pick a clan they are a part of after character creation and they will get exclusive clan clothing options and hidden jutsu unique to that clan. Each village will have different premade clan families. It is free for players to organize the family trees themselves in these clans though. The reason for a small selection of premade clans unlike organization which are player made is so that families don't just keep appearing and dying out and they will consist of more than 10-20 people. In the long run, when you log back in after months you will still see new clan members from generations later and have a place to belong. Will clan estates be a thing? Clan estates will be a thing when clans appear! Why haven't we had a Dojo with arena map setting added for sparring? [Link] Building a single sparring dojo is against the game designs focus on open world pvp. We build an extensive world for players to fight in different environments so that players will engage in fights in the vast open world. We also hold regular tournaments where players can meet once every week or two to fight in an arena style. Turning Nin Online into an arena pvp game is not planned! There's Shinobi striker for that. Will something such as kekkei genkais or Genjutsu be added? Even something like Crystal Style? Kekkei Genkais styles are simply mixing masteries. But certain villages will have different mixes for some elements. We don't have any genjutsu that makes your entire screen black or anything crazy planned but they might become Clan jutsu! Why did tool cooldown change? It has caused a bug and only a few people use two tools. Could it be reanalysed to be more balanced to consider the masteries that use only one type of tool? Tools were never meant to be spammed consecutively that way, it was neglected when balancing initially because it was not coded in that we could make two different jutsu go in CD at the same time. Throwing tools are meant to be a single combat element. Only tool ninjas should have a method of spamming tools that way!
  8. This shit needs fixing for real.. Or at least some aknowledgement of it by staff so we know it is being dealt with; frustrating as fuck xD
  9. As far as this goes, I am for it. Village migration should be a thing but only if the Kage/Council of both villages accept the migration. You wouldn't see two villages at war allow ninja to migrate to the enemy country in Naruto so it only make sense that if the villages are allied that you have a chance to migrate between them. With the current war between Sand and Leaf I would not expect migration to be a thing until Mist is out and some sort of alliances between 2 villages were made. Otherwise, Character resetting should be the only way to get into a village you were denied to migrate to. As far as the original post about a loyalty program goes, I have no opinion on that. or whether it should be a thing but I liked some posts I thought made some valid points in it's implementation.
  10. ACCEPTED! Welcome to the clan
  11. I think the only thing that should change about zones is bounty claiming. If you got bounty it should be claimable regardless of zones. Pretty sure Akatsuki went to monk temple to grab some dude that Asuma knew for his bounty... Pretty sure that would of been classed as safezone in the anime, so it just makes sense. As for killcount, it's meaningless seeing as you can team with a pro player and their kills can class as yours too.. It's meaningless. So to encourage that behavior in safe zones as well as other zones is just a good way to put new players off the game before they get to level 5.
  12. ACCEPTED! Happy to have you Zabutano! Tip: For your name either be: ZJ Himitsu or Zabu Jr. Himitsu rather than ZabuJr Himitsu
  13. I think there was a guide just for seal locations. This goes deeper and shows how to unlock the secret passageway
  14. This really educated me as I did not know of the not-so-secret-anymore entrance and I give you 10 holy blessings for the teachings. thank you Oriax