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  1. Nice. I like it.
  2. I mean, I'm just saying that it would help if you stated the jutsus that triggered this potential "bug".
  3. I totally agree. Felt like the last trailer was more real on what the game is actually about.
  4. Please do elaborate. What jutsus?
  5. I like the idea of having Gentle Fist and Fan as separate masteries. They both seem unique enough to be their own thing.
  6. Yeah, you just have to wait until they bring it back up again. It's like this for everyone.
  7. SS

    No. *''Marino has left the server.''*
  8. I'm smelling salt
  9. Feels like a hassle to have to go on the forums and look up this post when people are selling new things like every day. I think it should stay as a discord thing, because of how dynamic the market is RN.
  10. Probably this one.
  11. I think the game is quite bugged at the moment. (hence why it's not online RN). I think it'd be better if you waited a little, came back when the server is up again, and retry it!
  12. Nice work on the video. Enjoyable to watch!
  13. It probably has something to do with their most recent patch. It wasn't like this yesterday, afterall.
  14. I just logged in and realized it's the same for me... No techniques and I can't talk to NPC's or in V-Chat. And I also had a mask on, which I couldn't remove, and it just made me turn on PVP instead of removing the ??? from my name. (edit) I also realized it's like that for all my characters. Even those without the mask.
  15. Feels like people are just salty that they can't really use their "1-shot builds" anymore. And also, the argument of "homings are meta now" is kind of dumb. How about just landing your damn skillshots? It's not harder now than it was before the balance. Just stop crying and start getting good at the game bois. (edit) But for real though. Being a part of a game in alpha/beta requires you to have some form of adaptability and not get too attached to how things are in the current state of the game. It's not ready for the full release yet, and we are still in beta. Things could change again and it could go back to the way of the glasscannon, who knows?