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  1. Game

    This bug was already posted, please read prior bug reports before posting. (I'm just telling you before they do lol) Also, Rory said they were trying to found out a way to fix this.
  2. Finally In
  3. Game

    The jutsu "Youthful Spring Technique" for the Taijutsu Mastery seems to not work properly. Since it doesn't have a description I had to figure out what it did. Then I looked at my stats and saw it was a boost but when my stats boosted it had no effect. Melee damage did not increase nor did my HP even though it did show the increase in number on my Character tab.
  4. Slowly but Surely.

  5. Game

    Leaf Ninjas coming to a Village near you !
  6. The Beta is SOO close I CAN TASTE IT. 1 more week
  7. I still play the game religiously and can't wait for the update ps. That godly looking trails gear
  8. Lol those memes were too hilarious and a little bit too relatable.
  9. I'd be more then happy to participate.
  10. Dope video man. Keep it up
  11. Game

    @Seth Yea it works now. Appreciate the help Seth.
  12. Game

    Yea, its still continuing to not let me login. Its actually been doing that a few hours before I posted the topic.
  13. Game

    Unfortunately I have to post here . My problem is that when login into the server it just takes me back to the login screen. I tried to re-install the launcher but that didn't fix the issue. Here is a gif to show you exactly what's happening. I might also like to add that when I login with my alt it works perfectly fine.
  14. This sounds like an awesome idea it would encourage people to RP way more cause it sure made me want to lol.
  15. Yea that sounds pretty accurate @Jazzberry Jam