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Clan: Sasayaki  Age: 21   Village: Leaf   Rank:  Jonin  Organization: Red Moon


Hidden Leaf's 3rd Council

Purple Gale

Order of Golden Scrolls - Master of Windpasted_image_at_2015_11_12_10_20_pm.thumb.png.2dff60cbd92dc8e7f7668958f8355eea.png.74dcab276a2092b3bf2ba5a70eb76bb9.png


"...And here's the game ender."


With a shift of a single pawn in an upward fashion, the piece would overlap the foreign king stud that sat adjacent from his side of the line of scrimmage. Leevi sitting at the age of four would drop his jaw once again, adding to the total number of times he had done so many times before. A smirk would crack along the face of his formidable opponent in which he also addressed as his father. The boy closed his eyes leaning back into reserved arms folded state as his father reorganized the strained Shoji board. Though he was still very well low in the minority he was well practiced in thought. It was in his clan's customs of the frequent brain teasers of a single rigged shoji board that made his intellect equivalent if not superior to those of an academy instructor and he knew it too. The boy would sit back, and wonder how could he have possibly lost when he had planned thirty-three plays ahead as to how to counter his way to his father's king which stood untouched and unmoved on the board. He'd eventually give in to the adjectating sounds of pawns being placed one by one along the board and opened his sights to a man well at peace with himself. His superior smiled genuinely as he gradually rebuilt both armies of game pieces and it was that type of smile that was enough to make that in-trans with that same smile happy as well. It was this smile he envied and desired to one day have for himself. Though it may not have had the power of an ultimate jutsu it still was effective enough to change the heart of temptation driven man into a heart of purity.


He'd eventually find himself too, falling in the trans of his father's smile and snap out of it as he realized the man was finally beginning to look up towards him. Quickly he'd dart his eyes to his right side which revealed the Sasayaki's central garden hub through their barracks cracked screen, sliding doors. It always seemed like it were a festival every day. Many of the kinsmen that walk along the square built clan boundaries were decored in extravagant kimono's decored in aesthetic color and designs that articulated their nobility. While they were nicely dressed typically on the inside they were nice individuals as well and demonstrated so by engaging in peaceful conversation with one another just about everywhere they went. Leevi would come to the realization he had fallen into another trans, magnified by the beauty of his clan's culture. His father would stretch his hand across the board, gripping his son's, returning his attention to the matter at hand as he slowly lowered the child's hand to the board.


"A loss doesn't determine when one is finished, one's lack of endurance does."

His father would calmly say with a smile that seemed to illuminate the atmosphere of the room.

"Eh, I may not exactly be the ideal shinobi, however, I think I managed to do a pretty good job raising you."

He'd cheese hard through squinted eyelids. Leevi would blush and return his father's smile. It was this man he looked up to and overall was grateful to have to guide his life. His father would then proceed with his first move in this new set up shoji game, prolonging a series of one-sided matches that would prolong from then to nightfall and later, daybreak.

This was life for a while...