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  1. All genders! Why limit creativity?
  2. Try not to double post when on the forums For Waging War, those symbols mean that Leaf and Sand's power will be reduced, which makes sense in an RP sense as you're killing their ninja - reducing their power. Not being able to turn in Bloody Missions is a known issue, hopefully they'll fix it soon ^_^
  3. Fix Slug :/
  4. ? Edit: Oh there was an update, didn't see it in patch notes so assumed nothing happened
  5. @lndra stop double commenting
  6. They are essentially safe spots if most people cannot access them lol either you have a low IQ or you think everyone else has a low IQ
  7. Each village has their own "Safe spot", everyone runs into their own hospital lets not try to bullshit. This is different because enemy ninja should not have these "Safe spots" in enemy villages.
  8. agreed the past few days have been really laggy for me
  9. Living for the shade Rory you're a gay icon
  10. The Leaf Village: A compilation of the various images I have acquired throughout my time in the Leaf Village. Love, respect and credit goes to everyone in these photos!
  11. Yeah would be a nice QoL fix
  12. Love the idea but please fix the title
  13. Welp maybe they won't appreciate the thought
  14. I'm sure they appreciate the thought though