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  1. This happened to me absolutely ages ago, can't remember how i fixed it :/
  2. Nahh it's being rude to someone who's articulated a top-rate answer - I didn't see the joke in it so who's to say @Marise Miraju didn't either. This is a forum - we aren't all on voice chat where language and intent can be more easily interpreted. Basically, give respect to people who put effort into topics which you create and learn that not everyone will read the same piece of text the way you want them to.
  3. What's the point in even making this topic if you're just gonna give shitty replies to detailed and thought out answers like that. Absolutely pathetic.
  4. I'm surprised I haven't been dragged through the dirt for being MIA for the last half of the term But seriously it was fun working with you guys ( @Ishyn Sasayaki, @Leevi Sasayaki, @Atrane), lots of love to you guys and everyone else in the leaf.
  5. Deserves it's own topic @Magatama go make it
  6. @Yasunaga He is fixing the description not the actual cast time.
  7. The Chunin Exams were a bottle of toxicity, all the angry genin claiming the game sucks 'cause of lag. p.s can the nin community please learn what a metaphor is, my eyes are stinging looking at this topic
  8. People complain about sand and leaf gates all the time, so either they are both overpowered or people are just complaining because they can't get into an enemy village by strutting in. Either way sand/leaf have the same situation and difficulties there is no point discussing "nerfing" anything.
  9. @Niti Off topic. Going back to the topic, this would be difficult to implement as RP missions aren't recorded within the game for Chunin+ like daily missions are. The only thing that the game can record is the transfer of RP tokens and so if a reward system was to be implemented there would have to be a LOT of manual work unless @Seth / @Ueda completely overhauls RP missions which is not their priority at the moment. At the current moment I'd like to suggest that @Tresmorne tries to encourage RP missions more often as will the Leaf.
  10. Every week they should receive a free blessing
  11. It would do the opposite of this. Not having stats means that players actually have to have some skill in order to be a strong ninja. Having randomised stats is absolutely pointless like what "depth" would that bring? "Oh wow this game is so deep! I get +10 Chakra from these gloves but this other player only gets +5 Chakra for the same gloves! This game is so deep!"
  12. Solution: Don't get close to them so they cant flicker
  13. This whole forum post is pathetic. (edit) @alba hozuki @Mikecw are the only ones thinking of proper solutions learn from them and stop crying about how the two villages raid eachother.
  14. Leaf doesn’t have Jonin on their Guard Duty so why should sand. Both villages have jonin at the entrance to their village it’s fine as it is
  15. I'm sure it's not as simple as c + p the sprite I'm not an idiot dw, but it's not a perplexing problem with no solution it can be done without huge difficulty