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  1. Sasayaki | 囁き|"Whisper" Logo: Brief Description: The land of fire serves as the primary residence for the kinsmen of the Sasayaki clan. Peering from the outside in, these shinobi can often mislead others into thinking they are the utmost lazy and most boring individuals listed in the bingo book(s). This, however, isn't the case at all. This unit is very active whenever their skills are applicable. Given the fact young shinobi are exposed to "rigged" shoji boards at early ages, the brain has already begun training in the arts of critical thinking. Typically an individual would spend one's lifetime figuring out how to win this unbeatable game of shoji. When the correct answer is finally figured out, the kinsmen are no longer required to play the game however in most cases, even though the game is won these shinobi typically continue to play it in addiction thus furthering their tactical capabilities which prove resourceful in the long run both on and off the board. In addition to their intellect, shinobi of Sasayaki bloodline are born with naturally developed keen vision and inhumane flash-like speeds. The combination of these attributes pose the Sasayaki kinsmen as ironical figures having to be so gifted yet "lazy". Even so, it is within these skills that these shinobi have developed a comfortable reputation not just around the leaf but around the shinobi world. History: The Sasayaki bloodline runs deep with ties of a lot of the newly spawned clans in our modern shinobi world. In fact, the Sasayaki were one of the eldest clans to contribute to the leafs construction and/or development. All the forests north beyond the jungle belonged to the Sasayaki clan. These grounds were primarily the hunting areas in which they'd occupy. Typically the Sasayaki would hunt creatures through natural bio aids such as birds. With bird calls, the birds would return melodic whistled responses detailing where the nearest herds of prey were. It was in these actions the name, "Sasayaki" would be assigned to these shinobi which translates to "Whisper" from its Japanese origin. This name would serve as a metaphor detailing how the shinobi would "whisper" to the birds to aid them through targeting their foes. Gradually over time, these shinobi would encounter other shinobi that had ambitions for peace. The clan would then contribute to the cause thus spawning the era of youth for the modern day leaf village. It is in this the First Hokage holds the Sasayaki in favor of the noble deeds of their recent ancestors and has awarded them with the identity of nobility to commend them for their hard work. Clothes: (White, Green, and Dark Navy Blue as well. Cool breeze clothing style.) Members: Achievements: (3rd and 4th Hokage, 3 Jonins, 4 Chunins, 1 Specialized Jonin, & 5 Council Members). The Sasayaki Clan members have individually and as a family has dedicated a lot of time to the well being of the Hidden Leaf Village. Clan Post: 囁き/
  2. Apologies for the lateness, I was first planning to conclude this post with a video of the event, but I only streamed the 1v1 tournament. (If anyone is interested in that footage, First off I'd like to say thank you all to those who helped fund/support this event and to those who participated. We hope to continue doing events like these for the village for the sake of enjoying ourselves and sharing the cool gaming experience. Hopefully, this will also encourage others to create their own, if anyone ever desires to I'm always willing to support :D. This is the biggest contributed to the event that I've ever witnessed it was really nice to see lots of people coming together to help increase the prizes of this event voluntarily. The Reward Contributors: Fritzo: 10,000 Ryo Midnight Mirana - (He refused his 2nd place prize, gave 10$ to a ninja he saw perform well in the tournament and the rest to be used for future events) Dayum Mirana - 5$ + 3k Ryo (He also refused his 3rd place prize from the 1v1 tournament and chose to donate for future events) Urso - Blind Monk Robe & Black Fan Nalet - Replicated the Nin Credit rewards adding that as a BONUS to what was already being rewarded. Leevi - Gas Mask Everything else was funded by me. These were the people rewarded: Event #1 Winners: Kimuta - Veiled Sakkat Raiju - Blind Monk Robe Arubaro - Poncho Roei - Seji No Hani Charky - 5$ Nin Credit (Gas Mask instead) Event #2 Winners: Team #2 Victorious (10-11 members) Each 1k Ryo MVPS: Team 1 - Dairuto (10$ Nin Credit) & Team 2 - Josh Suwa (10$ Nin Credit) Event #3 Winners: Rewards for 1v1 Tournament #1 - Dairuto - 25$ + 5k Ryo + Veiled Sakkat + 25$ From Nalet #2 - Midnight Mirana - 15$ + 2.5k Ryo + Black Fan + 15$ From Nalet #3 - Heavy Mirana - 10$ + 1k Ryo + Gas Mask + 10$ From Nalet The First Event: The Roll Some of the lowest rolls.. & the highest The Second Event: Korean Style PvP The Third Event: 1v1 Tournament Brackets: Stream: We hope to continue doing events like these, it was truly a pleasure.
  3. Hidden Leaf's Holiday Event Sasayaki This event will take place on the following date: December 29. There'll be three stages: First Stage: The Roll - 12:00 PM EST Winners: Kimuta - Veiled Sakkat Raiju - Blind Monk Robe Arubaro - Poncho Roei - Seji No Hani Charky - 5$ Nin Credit Second Stage: Korean Style Team PvP - 1:00 PM EST Team #2 Victorious (10-11 members) Each 1k Ryo MVPS: Team 1 - Dairuto (10$ Nin Credit) & Team 2 - Josh Suwa (10$ Nin Credit) Third Stage: 1v1 Tournament (Main Event) - 2:30 PM EST **Will be streamed on** Rewards for 1v1 Tournament (May increase) #1 - Dairuto - 25$ + 5k Ryo + Veiled Sakkat + 25$ From Nalet #2 - Midnight Mirana - 15$ + 2.5k Ryo + Black Fan + 15$ From Nalet #3 - Heavy Mirana - 10$ + 1k Ryo + Gas Mask + 10$ From Nalet More event details will be posted and advertised before the event's date. Rewards will be definitive an hour before the event (if any changes they will not decrease only increase). (Example: Location/Rewards) We encourage all that are able to, to come on by and attend this event! We're placing a lot of effort on it hoping everyone will enjoy :). This event is also supported heavily by the Leaf's Administration. Also would like to thank all those who've decided to contribute to rewards/planning/facilitating the event. Sasayaki, Fritzo, Dayum Mirana, Midnight Mirana, Urso, & Nalet. Last but not least, we hope you all enjoy your holidays!
  4. I have to say I did not expect to see these well thought out responses towards this topic (my experience from reading other topics). You all have positive and well thought out ideas. For some reason, this seems to me like the same exact conversation from a year ago. It is true practically all these ideas have been tried out before, and to me it was obvious that RP missions would not function as properly if there is no reward involved, putting to the side the occasional community service of hosting some RPs out of good will, many just see the purpose of hosting these missions to obtain Jonin. RP missions also heavily depend on activity, there are times when there are not enough people around to even host the mission. And not enough motivation for Chunins to even host the mission. It is very important to remember that the Chunin Rank is something to be determined in the exam itself it is how Rory wants it to be so what is done prior and post does not matter. His definition of the ranks is definitive and something he did not like to be challenged on. Some of the MMO aspects very much interfere with the idea of full RP. Nonetheless, we work with what is at hand, I remember stating and leaving blueprints of an economic system behind because I was aware an economic system will not come by anytime soon. Incorporation of village fees (Council fee, Chunin Exam Fee, etc..) in the future should be deposited into the village treasury, for RP purposes I believe distribution done by the Leaf Governing Administration is most appropriate RP-wise, so duties would include rewards (It was a given that a distribution of payment from Leaf Treasury would not work if there's no consistent income coming in..). But it was clear and confirmed by Rory that taxes will be a thing. The idea of organizing the masses and scheduling missions or forming teams only managed to work when Chunin Exam was involved or something that included some sort of reward (which is also something I experimented with). Everything else like preparation for the exam with designed and well thought out teams did not work as much as I hoped for it too. That's because you need a strong purpose and something achievable for people to care for it, it was something we knew wouldn't function properly but it did not hurt to test it out to see the results. My assistant @Kuraen Wilkor and I spent a lot of time and took a lot of suggestions from many people when creating these teams. As for incorporation of ranks and RP roles that's definitely something that is being worked on as I can see currently as well. But it is very important to remember that the Chunin rank is only based on your performance in the Chunin Exam, it is how Rory wants it to be and I believe he would never challenge that idea. And it is not to be a removable rank. RP is not too successful because the MMO/OOC aspects currently are very much interfering/overtaking, meaning full-complete RP (some call it hardcore RP) will never be achieved. The reason I state that is because it's misleading to advertise this game as RP, there is just bits and pieces once in a blue moon it is not consistent. Nonetheless the ideas mentioned are definitely encouraged, I'm sure you've seen the waves of leaf ninjas login and help defend and protect the village, along with many others providing aid for those in need of help, that aspect is optional and you cannot be forced to do that but definitely encouraged to and considered for on RP roles/promotion (Jonin). On those circumstances, I believe some ranks (Jonin) and obviously, roles should maintain their duty as well set an example for the rest. On that note, I love how RP is being brought up more via forums, this is good, we all wish for RP improvement.
  5. Approximately one year ago I was told the friend list issue would be fixed yet it has not been. Contacted Seth via DMs repeating myself recently and for some reason, DM suggestions are not simply considered any more or it's at least what I've been told they want to see it on the forums. So I assume that the folks who DM some suggestions are on the same boat as I, those ideas fade it's understandable, they'll tend to be disregarded just heads up for anyone who reads this, forums have a higher chance of your ideas being considered. With that being said I'll bring up the issue once more. People are able to add you without your confirmation is one thing, but they're able to see your online status as well. We should be given the option to either accept/decline friend requests. Also, I understand how difficult it may be to review some ideas, I've seen many that would just not work and we seem to not have a lot of hands on deck when it comes to the responses towards some. This is a suggestion towards the staff team, Rory maybe you should consider authorizing more people to relay/filter the ideas on this forum. There are many and there many that don't work and it must be strenuous for just you and Seth to be looking at some and having to be the deciders in many topics. I feel because of the quantity the quality of your responses is not too satisfying. In other words, share the vision. Another thing is, I believe we should have items we are able to edit/interact more. For example, there could be a simple flyer or scroll for RP Purposes, maybe you'd want to buy a stack of flyers distribute it among a group containing typed information regarding an event or possibly even paste it somewhere, or the scroll containing player-created mission details. I feel like it would be nice also to write a scroll and pay someone to deliver it to a certain individual containing written details, it's just small little rp things that could be nice. RP should be encouraged more and I believe RP missions should be more rewarding. An economic system may not come anytime soon but the idea of having roles like Ramen Seller, Resource Collector for the Ramen, Customer and such do keep players occupied, of course, that would only be somewhat successful if the food would be more significant but this is just an example of the chain-effect of possible roles. Overall I'm just saying there should be more occupations/activities that you can participate and host. Jessica's idea of a war event where there was a distribution of an equal amount of passes on each side that would permit the person to be teleported to a map was not a bad idea. It's nice to have variation once and a while, I'm sure others have grown somewhat tired of Tournaments all the time. (Hoping that Christmas Event happens again ).
  6. @Ishyn Sasayaki, I remember being around you when you just started, seeing your character growth and overtime you becoming more involved was truly remarkable. When news reached me that you were to be my successor I knew Leaf would be in good hands, your patience reminded me of my own. I wish you the best in your retirement, you'll be joining Ifrit, Wave, Grand, Wilkor, Zinny and I along with a bunch of others, so bring a lot of sake with you ;). @Atrane, @Leevi Sasayaki,& @Arashi you three definitely were quite the keen bunch for a council. My expectations were honestly exceeded and very happy to see how much involved you all were. It was also nice to see what I've worked on with many others was used and well regarded, as well as many additions/fixes and improvements generally made. My examples are outdated, yours are what the next will have noted. You all used mine and the councils well and modified to what you all believe is best. You've all left a good example for the next generation, hopefully, this pattern continues.
  7. Hidden Leaf's Academy Class HIS 101 Throughout the years Leaf Ninjas have gone through very difficult times that are left sometimes untold or incorrectly (biased opinions). And so I bring to you, History 101, class that will be taught at the Leaf Academy. Lectures and discussions of our system throughout the years will be taking place. Lectures will also include, influential/important Leaf Ninjas who've had a great impact on our system, negotiations with Sand and Sand's history through the eyes of a Leaf Ninja, demonstrations and presentations, and we will also have occasional special guest appearances. Systems aren't always deemed to be fair to all, and the manner in which developments have been made will be spoken of and the question of what more can we do to improve our own current system will be asked during the final sessions, and together as a class we'll bring up the final statements to the Council and Hokage. Information on Class Sessions: There will be 10 sessions, possibly 2 per week (schedule has yet to be arranged). A calendar with session dates and times will be posted. (TBA) Each session will be about 25 minutes. Attendance will be taken. (Part of your grade % TBA) This class welcomes all Leaf Ninjas. Exams/Pop Quizzes based on the discussions, will be graded (# and % TBA). Each student will get a grade at the end of the term, factors are, Participation, Exam Scores, and Attendance. (Those 3 factors above will be broken down and explain further later on when the first session date is announced). Throughout the term, there'll be three optional individual conference days you can attend to talk to the professor about your grade. At the end of the term, based on the grade you receive it will deem if you're eligible for rewards (which are TBA). This class would serve as a documentation as well as help the students understand more about the Leaf Village and its people/systems. It would serve as a tool so that down the years' people do not forget about the origins of the village and it's people, also using that knowledge to further improve our system. It will be taught by Professor @Deathmall Sasayaki, Assistant - @Fritzo Assistant - @Kuraen Wilkor Assistant - The professor and his assistants will be working on the lesson plans and announce the first session on this post. (If you wish to be an assistant please feel free to message me or PM in-game) Other Details: Originally the idea was to make more use of our academy, RP Wise. Hoping more "subjects" in the future are brought up. The goal is to obviously stray away from stale lectures (don't worry I got jokes for days). An attempt in giving you a classroom experience, in a fun manner. There will be days where a class might get pushed/ canceled, interruptions by village affairs etc, also do expect group activities. We will push for communication between students.
  8. Most of you don't know what you're talking about, and that's ok because it seems to be unclear yet. The staff should make it clearer, and I've been there so I can personally tell you that the real reason some leafies are getting involved (even though this isn't our business) is because first hand we know that there's an interruption (The interruption for Leaf is quite big due to the amount of criticism/attention it gets, because of its population) that occurs from the staff team to the actual process within Leaf. And that interruption I call the "Rory Rules" these are some base ground RP expectations for exiles and pardons, as well as when the game creator steps in to lay down the law. Which of course is reasonable to have but, obviously they're still being worked on and could be a lot more efficient. It was said to be universal and punishment given to someone from either side who does not follow the basic rules of RP. Now, believe it or not as a former Kage I can tell you that's very flexible and it's almost impossible to stop that from being abused. OOC knowledge of players (Discord/Forum related) can be factored in and they could highly get away with it (which is something everyone should criticize a bit more). Hopefully, I don't have to go too much into detail. But it wasn't until my Kage term and forward when I had conversations slightly prior with Staff team in preparation to make changes. It was a universal change more like universal enforcement (about time). What was occurring was that prior to my term the Kages were mass-exiling pretty much anyone with no given reason. 90% of the exiles did not have a rule attached to them or they were discussed. In fact, I'll be clear there was never any set rules in place like there is now where it's publicly on the forums as well. (Using Leaf as an example here). It's the start for criticism in-taking and moving on with the system. Some decisions that did not follow those rules were undone. I've personally seen situations where the game creator steps in due to the certain reasoning for exiles, there to be strictly RP. So with that being said, this goes outside of the "monarch", it's the minimal RP structure all systems follow. OOC reasons should never be taken into account, and Crow is correct on that. But the issue is greater than mentioned. You can be OOC for one minute does not mean the other person will be OOC, meaning the RP is actually 24/7, now the issue is, RP doesn't seem to be fully encouraged even though RP Rules still apply. Despite the game being advertised as "RP" RP is not what you see on Discord or the forums. There's a big misunderstanding on that, like it or not, believe me, I didn't like it as much as you all do, but at the same time I don't really care just follow whatever rules are there it's not that difficult... alt does equal a new life. Is it abused? well, then you can start by actually talking about that instead of arguing among yourselves about something that is being influenced by it heavily. Because this conversation itself does not seem to be very progressive. Nin needs to have smarter oppositions in both villages, the problem is the "opposition", referring to those who disagree with current laws set by both villages are not very smart in their methods. I believe in Leaf you have a platform that you will be listened to regardless of your opinion, it is extremely easy to reach a high-ranking official, and I believe the same can be said in Sand on that end. People tend to be very responsive on this game and I'm sure if you have an actual problem and poke it a few times you will be listened to. I know because when I was a regular Leaf Ninja I did not agree with the system myself and look at where it got me lol, everyone has that opportunity. To me it is always interesting to see that the ones outside of the villages recently are the ones that tend to complain the most about it hopefully that changes. I have yet to see someone to be fully exiled due to a disagreement with the system itself and by that, I mean verbal disagreement (Only speaking on Leaf from that end. I'm not from sand) so the opportunity for possible opposition rising is there. Some sort of coup'detat for all system should exist for that very reason because not everyone has the courage/time knowing that an opposition rising would take a lot of time and huge chance of failure (since it does not exist yet). That is why the "opposition" of both villages tends to be Missing-Ninja instead of the actual Village-Ninja, and that won't really solve anything since the level of consideration in decisions for the villages between a Village Ninja and Missing Ninja is obviously very different. But it is progressing and it will get better. For an Open Beta at least be grateful we even have systems (honestly didn't expect that). It was said there to be no player-run system anytime soon when Open Beta started and I remember fighting for it.
  9. Jōnin Council The Jōnin Council is a council made up of high-ranked ninjas (Jonins) of the Hidden Leaf Village. It is the second highest branch of advisement below the official council. Jonins will be highly regarded in decision making, as their opinions are valued due to their reputation and standing within the Hidden Leaf Village. Jonin council meetings will be held by the Kage and official council, the meetings will be based on the Leaf Village status.
  10. Chunin Exam IV Chunin Exam V Chunin Exam VI
  11. Request of permission for Leevi to be permanent team sensei of Mica, Romariok and Zy

    1. Zy Hoshigaki

      Zy Hoshigaki

      I support this request

  12. (As of May 26, 2018 this system no longer exists. Thank you to those who've participated, it was a good test-run and we've managed to learn something for the future. So instead the information in the reply below was replaced with team rosters obtained from all Chunin Exams within my term) All Genins must submit a Team Request application to me (before Chunin Exam V) and respond to the following questions in the application: Username - Timezone - Level - Masteries - Language(s) - Other details: Interests, combat style and brief introduction (Optional but highly recommended) - Preferred teammates and why (Optional) - (Again you can reach me in-game, on forums and discord Via PM).
  13. (As of May 26, 2018 this system no longer exists. Thank you to those who've participated, it was a good test-run and we've managed to learn somethings for the future) The Hidden Leaf Village will initiate a rank-based system with permanent teams after the Chunin Exam V in April. After meetings with the Higher-up of the Hidden Leaf Village, I've decided to implement permanent Genin teams for Chunin Ranked individuals. The way this will work is, Chunins will be asked to lead a team of 3 Genins, and the Chunins are expected to lead all three past the Chunin Exams. I will be forming teams after Chunin Exam V using all the listed names I received prior to the exam. This plan will ask for the following ranks to... Jonins - The Jonins of the Hidden Leaf Village will not only be required to fulfill their basic duties such as serve as commanders in the battlefield but will also be asked to oversee the Chunins and ensure everything goes as planned. (Also important to note Jonins would be priority to be picked as leaders of official organizations, and Specialized Jonins would ideally assist as Co-Leaders. Specializied Jonins - Specialized Jonins will be asked to assist Jonins, but their main duties will fall into official organizations within Leaf (Leaf Military Police Force, Medical Elite Division & Leaf's Intelligence Division). (Note Specialized Jonins are unable to lead a team) Chunins - Chunins will be required to lead a permanent team of 3 members (By permanent I mean till all 3 of their assigned Genins pass the exam). Genins - Genins are to submit team requests to me (Via Forums, In-game or Discord) before the Chunin Exam V. (As we work our way up with more ranked people RP Titles like Council and high-positions in organizations will be soon requiring ranks) Hidden Leaf's Official Organizations: Medical Elite Division - Leaf Military Police Force - (Soon) If you wish to know more about Ranks & Titles make sure to review the post inserted below - More information about this Team System will be on this post in form of a reply below. It'll include Team Swap requests, Team Replacements (due to inactivity) etc.. Compatibility will be a priority when deciding teams things such as language, levels, masteries, activitiy, and timezone will all be accounted for. Best Regards, Third Hokage and The Hidden Leaf's Council™
  14. Leaf's Peaceful List Diary Biggie J Sven Fan Man FoxDre Koranati Idalia Hope Side Note - It is not possible to be a self-proclaimed hermit. You must be approved by Council (Including Kage). It may take some time for your case to be responded to. If the reasons you give to become a hermit are not solid you will not be granted it. (Requesting hermit status before has a higher chance of getting into the list rather than after) Coming back to the village will also be easier should you decide to do so if you were approved as a hermit prior to leaving. **Being on that list does not protect you from enemy factions. Also notice that, attacking a Leaf Ninja or another member of the Peaceful list, while being on that list, would lead you out of it and you lose your one chance. **If you get attacked by a Leaf ninja or someone on the Peaceful list, while being on that list you should send a proof to the officials. Attacking them back could put the blame on you. **In case you change your in-game name make sure to inform The Council or the Hokage so that we can update the list accordingly. **Depending on inactivity, the Council and the Hokage may decide to remove you from the list at any time. *There rules have been updated and changed by:4th Official Council- @Corgee Sasayaki @Jellal Kuraen & @Sour Suwa The Fifth Hokage - @Fritzo
  15. I finally remember who you are. You would kill/teach us back in-front of the bounty building back when that was as far as we could go. You wanted to show us how PvP combat would work.