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Name: Kishi Jakusha


Eye Color: Red

Height: 6'1

Age: 20

Rank: Jonin

Masteries: Taijutsu

Family: The Jakusha Clan

Place of Birth: Hidden Sand Village

Place of Residence: Hidden Sand Village                                                     


Growing up in the Jakusha clan Kishii prided himself on having the chakra control and ability to use medical jutsu, one of his idols of the clan since he was young was named Ren. They had stories told in the clan about the fire and sword user that had united many small clans into one big clan. Wanting to follow in Ren's steps but not at the same time, he wanted to surpass the man of legend in the clan. To earn his own title and be remembered for generations down. Working his hardest all the time to be the best possible, he wasn't going to rest with how much stronger he needed to become. His goal was to be a legend and he would do anything to reach that level.



Having trained and graduated from the academy at a rather young age Kishi focused more on himself at first until he ran across one of his cousins in the clan. Woo was a sword user while Kishi was a medic ninja, knowing of Ren and how he used to swords like Woo, Kishi ran over to meet him. The two talked for a short time before Kishi smirked and offered his hand out towards his cousin offering for them to team up. Telling him of the stories about Ren and how Woo was skilled in the use of swords like him, together the two could be stronger than alone and they both agreed. Now the two were nearly always together training and working on becoming stronger together. With Woo around Kishi knew in time they would both be greater than Ren ever was, now they just had to prove themselves.

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