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Name: Riley     Age: 22     
Rank/Classification: Chunin/Medical-Nin
Titles: Cherry Blossom
           Heart and Soul of Nin
          1.5 Hokage


Introduction: Riley is a Chunin ranked Missing-Nin. He has gone through many phases of his ninja career and is currently settled in Takumi Village. Rumor has it he's still on a search for a place to call home.





Credits to @Caio for this awesome drawing. 


Appearance: Fair skin, green eyes, and pink hair. He has many fashionable clothing items sticking to a color theme of red, black and occasionally white. While relaxing he tends to wear Sandals, Gloves, Black Pants and a Mesh Shirt with a Red Jacket on top accompanied by a Golden Forehead Protector. If he goes out onto the field you may see him wearing his War Armor clad in Gold.

Riley_5 (1).pngRiley_6(1).pngRiley_newhair (1).png


Personality: Riley tends to be a happy go lucky kind of guy. He does have a very serious side to him, especially when it comes to protecting those he loves. He occasionally has violent outbursts when he's annoyed or upset which he acquits to being a Gemini. He is also very perverted, often using sexual innuendos in conversation.


I. Birth of the Medical Ninja - Born to Tello and Seri Haruno in the Leaf Village, Riley lived a very normal life. He had inherited his pink hair from his fathers side of the family which descended from the Haruno line.  His parents had retired from being Ninja when he was born so they can both live to raise their child. They would often go on trips to other small villages to see the history of what the world was like 200 years ago during the 4th Shinobi War. 

Living during a peaceful era, Riley's parents never taught Riley anything about being a Ninja as in their minds, he was never going to be one. His grandmother Agatha had other intentions, she believed it was his birthright to at least learn their family techniques. Agatha soon applied Riley to the Leaf Village Academy where they would teach him the basics of becoming a Shinobi. On the side though she would teach him about Medical Jutsu passed down through her family.  Riley had a natural talent for Medical Techniques which Agatha found great joy in as her son, Tello, possessed no talent for it whatsoever and she was worried her families legacy as Medical-Nin would end with her.

On the day of Riley's graduation and reaching the rank of Genin, Agatha gave him the Haruno Family Medical Scrolls so he could advance his training in the Medical field. Now with his scrolls and training, his adventures begin, to become a great Medical-Nin to protect those he loves and make sure what happened to him will never happen to anyone else.

II. Basic Training: A Formation of Friends - While he was still young he went through basic training and along the way he met Artwork and Apollyon. Together they traveled the world training in their own masteries. Along the way they met multiple Leaf ninja they would cum to call their friends although they met many friends, they also made some enemies, even those they shared a village with, the primary villain of this group Nobuyuki. 

Nobuyuki needed help one day so the Team decided to help him out with Snakes, but Nobuyuki got greedy and didn't want to give up what he was getting from Snakes. So he started spreading rumors of how the Team, mainly of the de facto leader Artwork. These rumors started to spread like wildfire and soon started to isolate the Team. Feeling like the village was holding them back Artwork left with other valuable members and formed the group Yoru.

III. Yoru: The Beginning of the End - Although Riley did not leave the Leaf Village to go with his fellow team, he did still keep communication with them. Rory, the first Hokage had started to distance himself from the village and becum very absent. In this time a group of Ninja decided to form their own Council and started to try and control the village. Riley voiced his opinion to the High Elder Stephen and got the Council vetoed along with a proper voting election for the official Council.

It was during this time Riley was voted to join the Council. While trying to solve issues internally with Leaf, Yoru had been causing trouble for the Leaf Village externally but Riley couldn't find himself to do anything to stop them since his mindset was pretty similar to their goals. Eventually he couldn't take the Council serious, so he left the Village and joined with his old team in Yoru. 

During this era Yoru ruled, they had control over the economy and the land. They had made many enemies, one such major enemy was Pervy Sage.  Riley felt a tingle of sadness every time he had to defeat him as he had a crush on him. He had also found love with another Sand ninja named Hoshen. While in his time with Yoru he grew to miss the Leaf Village as it was his home for many years. So he decided to go back.

IV. Promotion: The Next HOEkaGAY - Riley wasn't exactly greeted back with open arms, although some of his old friends were happy to see him especially since he never caused harm to them while in Yoru. While in the Village he did help out on defending against a few Yoru attacks, and would still use land that Yoru controlled to earn ryo. During this time he had begun to earn back the trust of his villagers and soon things seemed to be looking up.

Most of Yoru had also decided to integrate themselves back into the Leaf Village with the news of an upcumming Chunin Exam. With the recent passing of the First Hokage, the Council and Villagers cried for a new Hokage immediately. Not really finding anyone suitable it was suggested that Riley becum the next HOEkaGAY. Riley, with no intention of ever running for it, accepted it since it was his duty as a Leaf Villager. Soon rumors began to spread that he was still involved with the group Yoru. 

The Council feared Riley would corrupt the Leaf Village and allow former Yoru into high positions of the Leaf Village giving them control over it. With many tears from the Village, the Council soon bent over and took it deep inside and impeached Riley.  And after elected Shirou to replace him as the Second Hokage to stop all the tears. Soon they would know true corruption.

V. Village Whore: Introduction of The Only Cat - With his newly stripped position Riley felt no change. He did contemplate violating all the new village rules that the Second Hokage was implementing. He decided to stay in the Village and learn to work with the Second Hokage as maybe he can offer him council. 

While training, Artwork and Apollyon introduced Riley to their newest adoption, a kitty name KiwiiKat. Kiwii was a nasty little minx whom brought out all the dirty cummies of Riley. Giving each other massive nosebleeds on a daily and being thirsty little guzzlers, they formed a quick bond. 

Hooking up with multiple people in the Village, they soon earned titles of Village Whores. They invited a third Whore, she was a bit prude but had so much whore potential her name Tsubaki Senju. Together they became known as The VW Trifecta. Riley had fallen in love with the Second Hokage Shirou, and began to hide under his desk to please him during or after a long day. The Second Hokage agreed to open a brothel for the VW Trifecta so they can help cleanse the uptight prudeness that had left the Leaf Village so dry.

VI. Chunin Exams: Loss Of Faith - Finally the time had cum for the Villages to host a Chunin Exam to show just how powerful their Ninja had becum and of course to look for candidates that had potential to lead. He looked forward to participating in the exams but first he had to find out if he could based on his previous reputation. He talked with Lead Council Member Deathmall for permission and he was granted permission to compete.

Now the time to look for a team was upon him, as he had gone Missing most of the teams had already been filled.  He worried that there would be no one for him to partner up with. His old friends Leevi and Ifrit were still looking for a third member but he had to act fast as they were getting other requests from other Ninja. Luckily for him they chose him as their last member and so began the training for the exams.

Unknown to his Villagers Riley had been practicing his Taijutsu skills and applying his Medic training to further increase damage from his melee hits and soon he was ready for the exams. The day of the exams was a huge day filled with lots of Ninja from other lands and higher ups, all of this caused Riley to feel excitement and anxious at the same time. His team told him it'll all work out so they proceeded inside the Chunin Exam Registration Building to sign up.

The first part of the exam was a Written Exam to test your knowledge only there was a surprise question to weed out Ninja but it worked a little too well as only a handful had passed, Riley being one of them. The Kages decided to let everyone proceed to the Second Phase to have a more thrilling exam and so they proceeded to the Forest of Death. It was here they had to use their wits and skill to take down others to collect the opposite scroll needed to move forward. Taking down Ninja left and right they just couldn't seem to find members with the scroll they needed and so they failed this Phase and didn't move on.

Even though they had failed early on Ifrit and him were still promoted to the rank of Chunin as they displayed enough of what was required to rank up. This excited Riley a lot as he thought he had failed and this just put him one step closer to his dream of being a Jonin. Soon his excitement was diminished as it was announced that another would be promoted to the rank of Specialized Jonin for showing excellent running skills in all the land. It was at this moment he began to lose faith in all decisions being made.


Medical Ninjutsu: By first choosing to follow the path of a Medical-Nin, Riley, has grown proficient in the art of Medical Ninjutsu. He is able to heal dire wounds, as well as resuscitate fallen Ninja from the brink of death. While he not only learned only healing techniques, he was also taught how to use deadly poisons to his advantage.

Chakra Control: An important key to any Medic is to never run out of Chakra for your Charka is where your Healing stems from and what good is a Medic if they can't heal? As such after rigorous training he increased his maximum Chakra Amount and Chakra Control, allowing him to use his healing techniques to the best of his ability. The pinnacle of this training is his Cursed Seal, once released he pumps chakra back into himself to strengthen his techniques.

Taijutsu: While being a Medical-Nin is his first priority, he also knew he would have to rely on other techniques to defend himself with, so he sought out to learn the Hidden Art of Gentle Fist. While not as proficient as some of the other Taijutsu Masters, he has found his way with using this fighting style and when combined with his Chakra Enhanced Strength, he is able to take it to monstrous levels.