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  1. Game

    There was a post in show of . Rory game the male and female front base sprite
  2. wasting time?
  3. Indra being the coolest guy ever.
  4. how what i said wasn't right or not mature haha. i said that iv been 30 already so i know what it is to grind to that lvl. Also said that it wouldn't be fair for other player if some were starting at lvl 30. Which is right.
  5. Hes being an adult lecturing kid.(guess whos the kid (hit...You) )
  6. Also, im too good looking to only game. i need to let free the fuck buy in me sometimes
  7. with every argument u said vs me, i still got 30 during the beta. so I know what i am talking about. Yup after reseting kur did help me.doesnt change the fact that i know what it is to get 30.
  8. I am right.
  9. I am in the same situation. Still accepting it.
  10. I grinded to lvl 31 then reseted my character. then got 24, then reseted again and got 19(close of 20). Grinding was easy. We can do it again.
  11. Welcome Brendda!
  12. They really were 30. Even higher. Haha.(still think they should restart like everyone)
  13. Doesnt work anymore :OOOOO
  14. it dont take 2 months. it took me 3 week to get to 30 haha
  15. Maybe a clone bug idk hahaha