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Name: Indra     Age: 21     Rank: Leaf Chunin

Council member of the leaf


                                                                                              Where it began....

My name is Indra, there is not much thing that i could say i like, and various thing that i could say i dislike. I preffer to be alone over being with idiots which i dislike. (look at Shigue). I do not consider myself as a cool guy and I really dont care about others opinion toward me. My goal?  ehh....i guess i would say that i want to have.. everything....Yes, thats my goal. I have become ninja because I wanted to get stronger and there is nothing more to say about that. Anyways, thats none of anyone's buisness. Lets start shall we?

Rory : (ugh...this one wont be easy)

 .                                                                                              (Work in progress)







                                                                                  ....Where it ended. Or did it?

cough cough. ughh..fuck it hurt!..

 ???: Hey there. Its me again. remember me? I think that this time is the good. Your pretty bad injured.

Get the fuck out mate. I'll get back on my feet like... always.

 ???: Hah! probably not. iv taken people out of their misery for less. But i gotta give it to you, you are a tough one.

Like i said, get the fuck out you morCOUGH COUGH..ehehhh...

 ???: Why are u making a scene..? with the time, i thought  that we were friends?

I just gave you job to do, and avoided you for a long time..ehh...ehh..

Death : (Ehhh....this guy isnt an easy one.)




                                                    There is the good and the bad guys...Eh...I guess im one of those bad ones.                                                                                                                       But there wouldn't be any good guys if it wasn't of us. - Indra