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  1. Game

    Hey! For some reasons, i cannot land a mele attack after i land lighting current. i can do any spell i want but that
  2. Game

    Very well said
  3. Game

    I thought about it and weapon strength path will be really strong. So if we talk about dmg, maybe it would be good thing that the jutsu has the same dmg as the basic attacks Example : If you do 50 dmg with your sword,Your spell should do the same!(or it would be really too strong) Tell me what you think about it.
  4. Game

    You might be right.ppl seem to agree. I personally dont. All the passive that been said are not really good yet.Like you said, if it happen. It need to be done perfectly.
  5. Game

    What do you mean? Also, @ZombieUnit before adding passive,we should focus on reporting what seem unbalanced!
  6. Game

    Was replying about lightning cutter. Also i understand your frustration about how hard it is for lvling. But what do you want me to do?
  7. Game

    Those passive are too strong. Lol.
  8. Game

    No. Aslo fire has that jutsu already. Just broken for now (firewall)
  9. Game

    Okay. Now im starting to get mad about cutter.....WHO IS GIVING ALL THOLE FALSE INFO ABOUT IT. Cutter charge enemy get stun,you dont get self stunned. Also maxed spell is 1 sec cast.
  10. Game

    When missions will be implented i hope ppl will be less whining..
  11. When did wave dai and me lost a fight vs dona's crew? I dont remember it has ever happened
  12. Game

    be patient. your work will be rewarded. Your coming spells are awesome!.. Lighting is hard at begin but prob the stronger at the end!
  13. Game

    This is not a bug. If your lvl 10 spell only have 3 lvl, it mean that another spell of yours will have more than 3 lvl ex: ligthning senbon 3 lvl and lighting cutter has 6(or 7..never been sure.)
  14. No matter how hard it is for earth user to lvl. This is op.
  15. Game

    Lvl 50= 50 in age? No wayyy