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Name: Indra     Age: 20     Rank: Leaf Village Chunin

Council member
The shadow of hatred


Indra used to be the student of the first hokage, Rory. His prowess managed to get him to the top and become one of the first chunin of his generation. Indra is known for his strength of character and his talent to put himself in trouble. recognized for his great tactics during time of war, he managed to become a respected and feared member of the council of the hidden leaf village.These days, Indra is busy investigating on why his sensei has went missing for long periods and why he now look like an empty shell. Indra know that something big is behind this and swore to find what it is.


Indra has a dark personality. He knows it, so does the whole village. He deeply thinks that strength and fear are the base to walk toward a working peace. Acting in the shadow to serve the light, he has only one goal, make of the shinobi world, the world everyone dream of.



Renown for one of the best close combat fighters, Indra use the combination of Kenjutsu, fire and lighting. He is currently studying to become a genjutsu user.

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