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  1. Game

    Soon the council members will have their ranks+ their title..example: council member chunin
  2. Game

    Your current title is your current rank...dont make me explain why this whole thing is stupid....
  3. Amazing! Who will be in my genin team..hhhmmm...
  4. Game

    Why would we have more than 1 rank?
  5. Welcome back ^^
  6. false.
  7. A job I couldn't have done! Good job
  8. they dont need a buff. They just need diagonal hits.
  9. The first episode of Naruto shippuden was awesome. (naruto coming home after 3 years of hard training, seeing all of his friends.+ the sasuke in oro's hidden base moment)
  10. Game

    A 4 sec stun in a radius of 9 tiles IS too strong. If its 1 sec cast its just.....Way too strong.
  11. Keep in mind that this topic was meant to respect eachother.
  12. I left my council member position because i felt that i needed to distance me from the comunity as well.(Also because i am one of the many problem of this comunity.) I really agree with you and i will TRY to do my best to calm my salt factory. I highly suggest to the admins to take off the xp split while teaming. Teams always been a way to make good friends. The current system force everyone to play alone and its a bad point for the moment.
  13. Yall forgot to mention @Sefumi aka Keijin. Who listen to what player say and actually put time to work with them. Other thanks to the previous staff members like @Argo and more.
  14. Game

    Pretty sure that ppl should just agree with wave. He know what's best for water more than anyone here. Also, 4 sec stun seem to be wayy too much for a homing spell...
  15. The new hokage will be picked by the council. Not from a gm. At least its what we were told. The Game master will ruin everything by choosing someone that may not deserve it.