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                                                                     Name: Indra     Age: 31     Rank: Leaf Village Jonin - EXILED.

                                                                                      Titles :  Heir of the cursed clan                                                                                                                                                                             



Indra is probably the most reknown shinobi of his era. Hated by the most, loved by the few, he made his place into the world at an early age and became the first chunin of his generation. Known to be related to many conflicts that brougth war to the village, Indra became very popular and influent. One day, after a long investigation and many interogations, Indra found informations kept into the darkness about the leaf village. After facing the fourth hokage about it, swearing to tell everyone, a secret meeting took place between the high ranked shinobi of the leaf and they made up a story to acriminate Indra. Being alone against many voices, Indra lost in reputation and was exiled. By luck, he escaped the corrupted council and started his new life as a criminal, pointed by everyone as traitor.



                                                                                      Personality  :  Indra's lost pride.





supposely one of the best close ranged fighter of his generation, Indra use a cominason of kenjutsu and fire release. He is also studying to discover the secret of the genjutsu.
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