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  • Refunds
    We are unveiling our Refund Policy to our community since it hasn't really been shown aside from behind the scenes to only those who have asked us about it.  You can always refund an item for Ninja Credit, but we only offer refunds for up to 72 hours after purchase. If you want to exchange an item for something else, you may do this only 30 days after the item has been purchased.

    • Money back for up to 72 hours after purchase.
    • Account Credit or exchange it for another item for up to 30 days after purchase.
    • May not refund items that are consumed upon use, but if they are not used we can see what we can do.


    You may request a refund as long as it meets these requirements

    • The time at which you made the transaction does not exceed 72 hours this means that when you buy something from the Cash Shop such as Ninja Credit, it was done less than 72 hours ago.
    • You may only ask for a refund once every 30 days, and we may choose to not allow you to use our Cash Shop any longer.
    • The item you are asking for a refund for, must have been purchased 30 days or less ago.
    • You must send your request as a ticket using Support within the transaction limit and not make a topic about it.



    To submit a request to get an item refunded or exchanged follow these steps

    • Submit a ticket using Support.
    • The department should be set as Refunds.
    • Make sure to set the package you want a refund for correctly. If you have not purchased a package yet, just do so and request to refund the last transaction you did with us.



    Cash Shop FAQ


    We will not acknowledge any future topics that ask for a refund, and they will be locked.