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Found 680 results

  1. Game

    Rory, you've outdone yourself! You've added a jutsu thats exclusive to one village, that makes it near impossible to beat them! Trash players use OP moves given to them by the developer! And you continue to support it. After people have complained for wind mask for so long, you went and buffed it. You've ruined this game for me. It's not even worth it to try and fight these people. Getting around a move that snares and slows for 5 seconds without any sort of sacrifice to the user is just stupid. Gentle Fist? Rotation has a self stun for about 1 second. It also doesn't slow for as long as wind mask does, and wind mask only requires a certain amount of points in str to use. It is completely unfeasible to try and compare Gentle Fist and wind mask. I'm done. I'm not going to keep spending money on this game. Some of the things being developed don't even make sense in terms of PVP. You continue to ignore half the community and expect people to just keep stringing along and not getting annoyed about it. This is too frustrating.
  2. Game

    The leaf arena is one of the locations in which you can respawn on death without getting BI/Teleported to hosptail, PVP "Just for fun" is something done a lot when people are chilling in the village, however, medics are not always available and it gets tiring for them to have to revive everyone all the time and often not having the chance to pvp themselves. I think making an arena or grant the access to players to the existing arena without having to ask a staff member to be teleported inside would be a very good solution to this problem, people could PVP at their heart's content without having to worry about revive or getting revived, plus the advantage of having an indoor map whose FPS are surely better than the village map.
  3. Game

    So for the last 2 weeks I have noticed that my jutsus have usual problems at very weird times (I am agl tai btw). For example, when I enter a new map, a lot of the time the first jutsu I use won't activate but if the jutsu has a self stun or something like morning peacock the stun will affect me. Another problem is specifically for youthful spring, sometimes the jutsu will get stuck and I will have to cast it 3-4 times before it will actually give me the effect, the animation happens but no effect.
  4. Game

    Simple i think water wave should be faster come on when u cast it you can literally run past the jutsu its way to slow water jutsu get nerf the most smdh
  5. I know that the sand and leaf forums have their kage "rule" over them but for clans that don't center on any one village, or a post that only really pertains to non-village ninjas, would be nice to have a forum spot for them we would have a leaf village section, sand village section, then missing/non village section. what you all think?
  6. Game

    I decided to return to Nin Online. Back then, everything worked perfect. This time, after updating has finished, I clicked "START GAME". The big logo of shuriken appeared then it disappeared and nothing else happened. I tried run it as amin, I deleted game and reinstaled it exactly as your guide says, I get rid of the farewall and client still refuses to run. Can you help me please fix that issue? Can't wait to play the game.Best regards Azazello. #edit I installed Nin on 2nd less retarded computer (which is my sibling's unfortuantely) and it worked. I put the game on pendrive then on my computer and the same problem happens: shuriken goes on screen, which then disappears after 2/3 seconds and that's the end. Someone, anyone help me PLS.
  7. Game

    Simple as in topic name
  8. Game

    I know that this topic has been discussed many times before, but it doesn’t hurt to try to make things easier. Honestly the new Wage War update has led to many low level people in both leaf/sand to die because of how hard it is for people to kill other ppl at lv 35 and lower. The more we let this issue continue the more lowbie experiences that will be ruined. I propose to have the waging war mission as easy as it was a little while ago when you can kill/revive/kill. Again I know this topic has been discussed a lot so i don’t mean to put a lot of pressure on anyone. (If you see any typos it’s cause auto correct is killing me right now)
  9. Game

    Alright so ninjas, admins I don't know if anyone else has been experiancing this major problem but when i to start the nin online launcher I'm greeted by a little notice warning me of a virus, I've been playing for a while and this is the third time it has happened. This causes windows to uninstall the program as well I don't know what exactly is going on so I thought to bring it to everyone's attention. Hopefully the problem gets fixed and anyone having the same issue I am can play again
  10. Game

    What is DPK? (Drop per kill) When player kill the same mob after xxx time it will guarantee rare item drops this is a nice system to mix it with rng system to reward ppl who love farming or grinding Killcount is reset once item drop Killcount is reset if server go maintenance Killcount count as whole server not player ex. rare item has 1250dpk player 1 kill 250 then log out player 2 kill 500 then log out player 3 kill 500, rare item drop at 1250th boss and dpk reset edit: i forgot to mention about killcount
  11. Game

    We have to talk about this suicide as a community its unbelievably cheap and everybody complain about it ive had a lot of ppl suicide on me not trying take their Ls fairly and like a man we have to do better as a community im not salty just frustrated that everybody does it to me what i am suggesting is a system where during a fight the last person that hit them takes there bounty because its becoming so petty that everyone is doing it and i think its not fair to the ppl who don't suicide its like Disconnect your internet so you don't die
  12. Game

    Kurama Clan The Kurama Clan (Kurama Ichizoku) is a clan of extremely skilled genjutsu users, exclusive to the anime. This talent in genjutsu is due to the kekkei genkai that the clan possesses. However, once every few generations, a member of the clan will be born with such enormous skill in genjutsu that their illusions causes the brain to make anything that happens to the victim within the genjutsu physically real, allowing the clan member to potentially kill their opponents with genjutsu. Such frightening power is not without its drawbacks, however. The user can rarely control the full extent of their abilities, and as such their subconscious will often regulate that power, leading to the creation of a second personality in control of that power. This personality then overwhelms the original, turning the individual into a monster that is a danger to everyone that surrounds them. They were originally one of the more prominent clans in Konohagakure, but the number of ninja in the clan has severely dwindled. Abilities Kurama Clan members all have 10% of the Kurama (Ninetailes) beasts blood, this gives them a boost in chakra. Kurama Clan members are able to transform into Fox beast with 3 tails at max. Kekkei Genkai The Kekkei Genkai the Kurama clan posses is called "Future Sight" This allows Clan members to see 2-3 days into the future. Some stronger members can even manage to see up to a week into the future. This ability drains excessive amount of chakra and members of the clan are only able to use this ability once a month. Some long term side effects of the jutsu can result in brain damage and memory loss as you get older. History Kitsune, a man born from the ninetails beast, finds himself wandering many countries and visiting many villages. Until one day he comes across the village hidden in the leaves. Kitsune stays there for weeks doing research on tailed beast and other demonic creatures. The Anbu Black Ops realize what Kitsune is doing and recognize him for his research. Kitsune joins the Anbu team at the age of 20, and his ninja life begins. After years and years of missions and research, the leaf village recognize him as a great shinobi and one of the best they had ever seen. 6 years after joining Anbu he decides to retire as a shinobi and marry the girl of his dreams, Rozu. Kitsune and Rozu then move out the village and have their 2 children @Sora Kurama & @Yuma Kurama. The birth of Yuma was hard for Rozu and she dies after he is born. Kitsune works hard as a single parent to raise his 2 children. When Sora was 8 years of age his father grew sick and eventually died, he is now left to take care of his 6 year old brother Yuma. After a brotherly dispute the two decided to split up and follow there own paths. Sora joins leaf in hopes of restoring his clan. Yuma joins sand with the same intentions. After years of not talking the two come together and make amends, realizing that family is more important then personal goals. The reunion of the brothers helped with the expansion of the clan, and the clan only grew stronger with members from every race and any village. Kurama Today Kurama shinobi are currently trained in a secret base until the age of 8, after that they are sent off to a village of their choice where they will proceed to focus on their training and become stronger shinobi. For this reason Kurama is a diverse clan with members from all 5 villages and some even rogue. Kurama clan is very strict on being a family, and putting one another first. No one knows the Kurama Clans motives to this day. Kurama Motto We are Kurama, We are a family, Not friends, By messing with one of us, you're messing with all of Kurama -Requirements to join- Message either @Mizu Kurama or @Sukki Kurama and if you pass their approval, @Yuma Kurama will be your final test. ~Members~ ~Elders~ @Sora Kurama @Yuma Kurama ~Leaders~ @Mizu Kurama @Sukki Kurama ~Clan Members~ @Kanji Kurama @Shikafu Kurama @Homura Kurama @Chon Kurama @Persona Kurama
  13. Game

    wanted to try the game out and its froze at the toad server menu, and says connection lost.
  14. Game

    Suggestions I have in mind for the game. Suggestions for bugs, content, pvp: Add Monk NPC to Takumi ( It is frustrating sometime when you can buy a bless for yourself but have to walk all the way to a village. ) New Mob -> Bee Queen ( After killing Bee Hive another mob should spawn from it, Bee Queen a higher level mob than hornets and bees that drops more combs. As of now it feels like a great mob to train jutsu on without moving around at all. ) Add a STR Fan level 35 Jutsu. ( Currently it has only 5 jutsu. STR Fan is still lacking, a sixth jutsu could the push it needs to compete with other masteries. ) Create a count description for WW or CBK. ( Sometimes it is hard to keep up with how many kill you have especially if you don't do it in one whoop. ) Reduce duration of invisibility jutsu when in combat. ( It is too hax if you consider how easy it can sometimes be to just cloak and run. ) Make BI Stack x2. ( Meaning your stat reduced after 1 death and then second as well. To prevent Bi-Warrior. ) Make BI fade 2x faster when lying in hospital bed. ( Adaptive suggestion to compensate for Bi-Stack, could also be implemented without the stack. Many people especially new ones are disliking that BI halt's their progress or waste their time. This could be done to make it a bit easier for the little guys. ) Reduce Poison Cloud dot damage 20 > 15 ( As a medic myself I find the dot too powerful, being already very easy to land. ) Fix Summoning Toad name in Takumi, Leaf village. ( Unknown if Sand Village toad name is different. Current name ''Poster2'' and ''Itori'' ) Fix Medicine Supply mission reward for Takumi. ( Currently you require to bring blood pills to Daimyo. It is already a risk taking mission and it costs ryo to complete via pill purchase, yet it does not give out any ryo as reward. ) Change Time Off!? reward for Sand and Missing. ( With the recent update to time off mission, for example Leaf Villagers gain just as much if not more exp for this mission, while a sand or missing has to risk and travel a long distance to gain just as much exp. ) Fix lightning cutter not able to stun mobs. ( To make farming with lightning less a horrible experience. ) Thank you, Make kills count in safe zones for WW or CBK. ( For majority of player, it take too long to do this mission, for lower levels especially as when not on mission like this they spend most of their time in safe zones and if an enemy does approach those zones, they will die anyway. ) (IF) Kill in safe zone will not count as mission kill then reduce the requirement for kills for WW and CBK ( Again, it takes far too long for some players and sometimes you just give-up the mission because there is nobody online or nobody is crossing danger zones when you are around. As of now I see people simply killing multiple alts or ''asking'' for kills to complete the mission because of how absurd it is. Is this what you wanted Rory? ) Make unable to gain bounty when on BI to prevent abuse. Add fan requirement.
  15. Game

    Though I've only been playing for a week or so, I have played games and made games for a while now, so I wanted to give my two cents on a lot of the problems I have with the game and problems that I've seen people complain about in the past that still haven't been addressed. So I figured I'd just put a thread together for my own personal thoughts and personal suggestions to make the game not only enjoyable for myself but any new player that comes to play. Battle Injuries There really is no point having these at low levels, let alone in the game when you actually think about it. I understand that many argue that "there needs to be a death penalty" and that's fine. You're teleported several maps away from where you were. If you were raiding this is a good 5 minute walk to where you were. For low level this is a detriment to your entire progress in the game. If you're a low level you legitimately have to wait 8 minutes in order to actually play the game. Not everyone comes here to RP. I came here to play a game. At level 10 and below it took hours to level because there were so many raids so I'm making several suggestions that either one or multiple points need to be implemented. Reduce Time There's no reason the duration needs to be 500 seconds. 2 minutes at most if this universal debuff is going to be applied. This affects everyone from level 1 to level 50. However for low levels you're disabled for 8.3 minutes, it's frustrating. Scale reduction to Level Scale damage reduction to level. When you're at a low level you're not doing raids or affecting other people's games. You're trying to grind and play the game. Mobs already do a giant amount of damage at low levels, so this is only detrimental to player retention at the low levels. Missions Missions are a good portion of the game, but there are still some things that need improvement. Granted I'm only genin, I can only speak on low rank/low level missions, but here are some things I've come across that have bothered me. Squad EXP Share If you're in a squad, you should share the exp with your members, obviously at a reduction (please not a direct split) This will encourage villagers playing together and running missions People will have an overall dailies cap increase, but again, more play time is very important. EXP doesn't match time spent/mobs assigned I had a mission that told me to relax in the hot springs and it gave more exp than what I got from killing mobs. Granted I get more exp overall because I'm killing mobs, but I also spend more time because of the damage mobs do. I also got a mission to collect 30 spider eggs and 40 cocoons, both of which I get no EXP from killing these mobs. (only 5,000 exp reward) Defense There is no defense in the game, whether this was done to reduce the amount of time it takes to balance skills/attacks or overall damage, it's frustrating that you need to incorporate HP into every build in order to survive PvE and PvP. The heavy reliance on fortitude will completely throw any future implementation of armor off and fights will last extremely long. So armor will have to be ineffective if ever implemented. There will need to be a lot of tweaking, but I have an armor stat is added to the game. ======== More to come but I actually want to play.
  16. Game

    Well, I know what you're thinking but let me explain...I think intelligence users can have weapons so they're balanced. Something like kunais, small knives or small weapons...but these weapons can not pass from the base damage of 5-15 and they have to cost more than the swords, they also can have no effect on the attack beyond the damage itself. I think they should not fall for monsters or anything like that, I think they should sell at every weapon shop and their damage scale has to be in intelligence (of course), but this scale should be 50% of what it would be if you were Weapon Mastery. But there is still a problem ... since the diagonal damage was implemented basic attacks and with weapons stayed like this. If they still think it's a great advantage ... these "kunais" can have the basic attack area that way (if necessary). Please Note: This post was done with google translator, sorry for that! @Rory @Seth
  17. Game

    Hello, So this morning i tried to open nin and for some reason the client didnt want to show up sho i re installed it and when i open the client again it gave me this So i pressed continue and the nin client stay like this forever and it never update and i have no force update button so i am blocked and cant play T.T
  18. Hello guys, this is the official post of the desert's pirates! You wanted it? Here it is! I will be serious this time. Before I start to give informations about my crew, I want to prevent you that I don't want you in my crew if you don't want to spamkill our ennemies. I want you only if you know when to be serious! If you are poor, I will give you money. If you are weak, I will make you become strong. If you need help, the crew will be here for you. Just remember that if a member of the crew has a problem, you stop what you do, and you help him. No matter what. Goal: Enjoy Captain: Dona Right-hand: Bmore Second: Ushu Third: Akoosh Senseis: Lumy and Mylu Backstory: f*ck the long backstory just join! Members: We are the biggest crew for the moment. Unfortunately, it is not enough for our projects! Normal ninja: Why is your organization better than the organization of xXxDarksasuke69xXx? Go here to join the desert's pirates and have more informations about the crew: *sorry for my bad english, my first language is french*
  19. Game

    There's a bug where you try to log in but you're character's still in-game making you unable to log in I know this has happened to some people and have asked GM's to kick their character in-game and it's getting pretty annoying this is happening :/.
  20. Game

    I feel like there's no reason to have battle injuries for 500 seconds with no way to cure them. This debuff really doesn't affect raiders as much as it does for the 5-9 people who get killed at spiders who are trying to get to level 10.
  21. Game

    I think this jutsu should only be based on chakra, besides being much more appropriate would also balance the jutsu for users of taijutsu and WM because all classes use chakra, in addition the medical class would shine better in this question since you applied a neff in them, and the clone jutsu would even be viable against the medical class after that. And following the logic...which jutsu has two scales? Or worse one of defense and another of attack?...In short, it should only be based on chakra, who has less is visible for who has more and who has more is invisible for who has less. Please Note: This post was done with google translator, sorry for that! @Rory @Seth
  22. Game

    The jutsu drilling air bullets is bugged, sometimes it goes trough the opponent without touching him. Here is the exemple. BB7AC6C5-C24A-4260-8726-CCF5915EE6B3.MOV EDIT : The link might not be working... You can see the video on anborn's twich account. The bug is happening between 1:00:25 and 1:00:35
  23. Game

    Giant fans were recently given a str requirement because the knockback was too good. But for Black/Pink fans, they are more cosmetic. I think that the knockback and strength requirement should be removed from the Black and Pink fans.
  24. Game

    Warp bug - You should be teleported to the front of the opponent but instead you are teleported diagonally. This happens when the opponent is running diagonally and makes it hard to connect the combo you would usually use really fast when teleported to the front. Range bug - Cutter has 1 less range when the opponent has their back turned onto you. Most likely since it's made to exclusively warp to the front of the user. I think this is bad since almost always the opponent runs away from you when they see you cast this jutsu and doing so they turn their back onto you making the jutsu have less range than intended.
  25. Game

    I don't know if its a bug, or something that was implemented and not updated upon yet, but colliding wave no longer pushes back mobs. I was quite a shock to find out in the middle of doing snow wolves, but just thought I'd let you guys know. I tested this on the Glacial bear and bandits too, and there was no knockback. Thanks!~