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Found 902 results

  1. Game

    So this guy tried to kill me when I was returning from Doc Mission. I escaped and as salty as he is, he took it upon himself to go to this map and camp there to block me whenever I made it to the minibridge. (I couldn't flicker or I'd appear in front of him, btw.) Can you guys remove the mini bridge and the surrounding platforms and just change this map into a small lake with patches of land so it doesn't get abused like this? This isn't the first time Leaf has abused the 1 tile bridge. Either that or make bridge like 3-5 tiles wide.
  2. Game

    My document mission keeps getting bugged for like 2 weeks now. When I hit the shelves theres no message at all. This happens with like 90% of my doc missions. @Rory@Seth
  3. Game

    There is a bug(?) with BUFF/DEBUFF SLOT. If you already have 4 buff slots used/closed on yourself then you won't be able to heal your target (anyone) and it will pop a message ''Target does not have any empty buff slots!'' (Question. Is this a bug or a feature, and if first then please fix this)
  4. Game

    I think youthful spring should have a movement speed increase instead of activating speed marige. (For them that don't know Youghtful spring when used activats another skill and sets that skill on cooldown). Activating speed marige with a different skill that need time to activate seems kinda pointless especially when you have the speed marige anyway. Maybe instead of having youthful spring activat speed marige have it increase speed by some % and have it increase with skills level. I'm sure most people expect a movement speed increase anyway based on the show.and it would not be overpowered since it only lasts a few sec anyway. Replay giving your thoughts
  5. Game

    Earlier this evening we were all just chilling in-game taking part in Sefumi's rp tournament which we were all enjoying. This got absolutely ruined by things @Boruto Uzumaki was commenting, making the use of constant racial slurs and so forth which got completely out of hand. Normally I'd just report the player but @Sefumi told me to create a topic on this so here I am. We tried to calm the situation down but he really wasn't having it.
  6. Game

    Hello, I have a one problem, when i logged in nin online the game is loading and is crashing the game. I dont now why. I need help. Sorry for my english.
  7. Game

    So, how much longer do we have to wait to get our ceramics back? There's been months already, some people got their ceramics, others didnt. We got promissed that we were getting it soon. But so far, nothing. Cmmom...
  8. Game

    Hey! it would be nice to have something that show were doing rp. so ppl dont get killed while doing it etc. (I just ruined few ppl rp)
  9. Game

    The "Retrieve Compromised Documents" mission isn't working at all for me. When I try to interact with the shelves in the Sand building, nothing responds. It's almost like the mission doesn't exist for me. I've already tried both unshared and shared docs, none of them have been working. If possible, can this be fixed soon? I'd like to continue doing this mission as soon as possible.
  10. Game

    The jutsu does not shoot 3 times if the first one hits, it only does so in PvE. With it being as it is now in PvP, it is a 0 base damage single tile projectile that selfstuns you. A person is better off using a shuriken than this jutsu. A possible fix for PvP could be to remove the selfstun, lower the scaling down to 50-60% of intellect and allow all 3 spheres to be fired. That way the max you would do is around 200 damage and the justu would be useful for popping subs but still hard to hit since it's a single tile projectile.
  11. Game

    Hi. we already have Friend List So did is possible make second "List" for organization's? Something like that And new chat for organizations, working like /v I think we dont need more what you think ninja?
  12. Game

    i know all my water/suiton user going to agree with this i think water slash sucks in pvp i think they should make it three rows long when mastered or put a 4 rank to make it 3 rows long you can barely hit anyone with it its just for grinding and suck hard on pvp what do you guys think about this leave some comment blew and if you agree add rep
  13. Game

    I'm making suggestion for missing ninja i think after a while if your a missing sand ninja and you want to join leaf you could , you would need a invite from the hokage/kazekage just because your missing i don't think you should be tie down to either go be missing or rejoin your village i think you should have a choice to join sand or leaf because what happens when they make a third village people have to start over there account to join it? @Seth @Rory there should be a limit so after a while say like three times if you leave sand and want to join leaf you can't go back to leaf just so there no village hoping let me know what you think and if you have any other ideas to add to this
  14. Game

    for some reason i was fighting and i lost my water clone i had already learn this move and now its gone i tried reloging and it still hasn't return back to my character it basically rank up and disappear
  15. Hey! I am writing this because as you may have noticed, STR weapon masters are really weak. Our spells are bad/useless(dont mention our 2 homings plz.) It need a buff. Therefor, buffing the jutsu's would make of the kenjutsu a second gentle fist. (melee str caster.) That why we need a melee attack buff.(medics does 200+ dmg per hits and were limited to 80 with the bandit sword + 110 str points. As you guys know, weapon masters have no extra sub, no cc, no sustain, no ranged attack, no useful spells, no combo. As a melee fighter, were forced to chase ppl that does more dmg, have stuns,/combo etc. Its just too risky to play as its supposed to be. Our low scaling dmg make our melee attacks not worth the try, leading us to use only wild slashes in fights. Possible melee attack buff for WM : - swords base damage highly boosted. - sword range boosted. - attack speed highly boosted (i did notice that the twinfang already hit faster than others. (Yet the 2 fans hit faster.) I mostly make this topic because I am tired to have to chase people that can crush me in 3 second. Im tired to feel stupid when I chase someone that just have to run to avoid my melee attack. I feel like a Mastery yi without any dmg/attack speed/crit items. It doesnt make sence. PS: A melee user (GFs are melee caster so they doesn't count) will lose to a ranged user in melee range. That is not supposed to happen.
  16. Game

    I can see that there is hard work put into this game and i know it is hard work to come up with new ingame events while also working on this game so i am coming to you with a solution , someone who can come up event and write down monthly events for you guys so while you make the games there are different events to keep the players busy and could also help with the Rp and ingame contant A competition must be held were people write events and stories for they events than they would be chosen to write events for the game while the game is being developed
  17. ...Hear me out... TL;DR: This will be good for the games productivity and longevity. While also being newbie friendly and beneficial to the players. Now before anyone shrugs this off, I get 1 to 10 is easy for some. But, I've seen plenty of level 10 and under get caught in a PVP raid. Plenty of them dying for taking the risk or not knowing they can dodge. and its fine, its how they learn by dying right? Maybe... How this helps the Game's longevity I think you will get more players to enjoy the early game, after investing time and getting their first mastery they might feel too invested to quit so soon and maybe push further. This increases your player base and potential of gaining more supports who will buy either blessings or cash shop items. Not everyone shy's away from a challenge, but many don't have the time, patience, or willingness to deal with such a harsh start. Why this is a Problem For players who do their homework and are working on a specific build the grind from 1 to 10 is tedious and they can't really do anything until they have acquired their first mastery i.e. Int users, Gentle Fist, etc. and someones going to say "what about the kunai" what about it? you have to do 2 dmg until you sell enough cacoons to get it and the dailies as a beginner won't give you enough either. How do players gain from this? Well duh, first off no battle injury xD but seriously when higher levels raid for whatever reason it won't put a dent in grinding for beginners. For most it's infuriating to even be player killed regardless if they know it's a pvp game or not, it doesn't help to add insult to injury with a long and nasty debuff. Possible Abuse You might get that one player who just kills himself on purpose just to get a full hp bar. But who cares? its only until level 10, but the solution for this is rather simple. Instead of removing Battle Injuries all together for -10 players, at least shorten the cooldown. Off-topic reminder. I was going to also suggest a bank or storage, for when players have droppable items like dangos and possibly future items that can be dropped as i do realize we are still in beta. Why is this a reminder? cause I did a search and found a post by Rory saying we would get some form of storage or bank back in june iirc. So yeah looking forward to that.
  18. Game

    Just a small addition that may help out low level medical ninja.
  19. Game

    How can I do the Danger dangos task?
  20. Game

    when i join a team sometimes when i leave the team or someone else leaves it starts not to show the team bar on the left side of the screen and it says im still in the team when i try to join someone else's team so hopefully this problem gets fixed.
  21. Game

    All of my projectiles are invisible. Can't see any of my own fire jutsu.
  22. Game

    So my dear shuriken friends...i bring you enlightenment...i bring you knowledge...i bring you NINJA NEWS. Let me explain. Nin online is RP driven, even if players rp somewhere, there are still ppl that miss it and have no idea what happened, which leads to truce or war that is not known to everyone, especially new players or recently returning ones. Know the vibe? Happened multiple times so far. Let''s avoid confusion, shall we? My idea is to make Nin online ingame media that will be working on forums too. In my vision we make a group of few people that got some spare time, like to write or just like to gather info (with the cooperation of org leaders and kages it shouldn't take that much time). They will be the staff of Ninja News, preferably if each village contributes at least one member (so during wars no one has to be excluded and they could combine perspectives to create truth and truth only, while not being entirely neutral in combat :>). They would post on forum Weekly Reports(up to them how often tbh) - what happened in nin world, the outcome of rp meetings, interviews with org leaders, asking questions, hyping community about something upcoming - generally uplifting rp value in Nin Online. I've never bothered with sharing my ideas, but i think this one seems to be at least pragmatic. The whole idea forces more rp on community, without interfering in pvp madness. It divides whole rp idea into PUBLIC and SECRET. Public - what Ninja News knows and shares for example: open rp's between villages, and SECRET - ppl that would actually want to hide something (like org leaders or kages), would be forced to actual secret meetings and greater caution while performing those. Also it would help new players and inactive ones (or returning ones) to get to know the world that we players make ingame. No more confusion. People will be more responsible for their rp and also - what i hope for - will be more motivated to rp more, due to getting mentioned in the News : )) So what do you guys think? Would you like something like that? What Kages @TetsuHawk @Shirou think about it? And main missing org ldrs @Niti @Artwork ?
  23. Game

    i have been asking on discord and also on the game nobody seems to have a answer because they don't use Mac i was just wondering for the mac users out there playing Ninonline there should be like a instructions on how to play the game and download it on mac i got this new mac book pro and don't know how to download the game please help (NEW TO MAC) (FIRST MAC COMPUTER my suggestion is basically making a instruction guide for people to follow also screen by screen steps so you would have to take picture for the visual learners
  24. Game

    Hi we were testing the bell event to the south from Sand Village. I opened the path to level 1-30 genins at the board but they always would get stuck instead of hopping onto the event map. [Same squad]
  25. Game

    Okay so, this is my suggestion. What about having an exp sidebar for the Jutsus so it tells you how much EXP you need but also goes up with every jutsu you use in order to reach the next level.