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Found 262 results

  1. A simple marker above your teamates heads. Example: Ally village members have a green marker above their heads visible to all village members. Yellow marker to symbolize organization members. Blue marker to symbolize squad members. it’s annoying to have to take your mask off to be able to tell who your allies are, especially in the middle of a fight. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve attacked teamates by accident and wasted chakra and time
  2. The signature jutsu of everybodie’s favorite ninja sucks really bad. Ideas to make it cool: 1. .75s run cast. 2. Clones follow same direction as you (I envision sprinting at an enemy and then having 4 of me all of a sudden. Then it would disable lock on capability and force skill shots. 3. Since they would be moving same direction as the user, randomize the position of the user each time. (Press alt to target yourself and see which char you are to avoid confusion)
  3. 1. Guard duty takes way too long. 30 minutes of doing nothing... fun. 10 minutes of being idle is plenty of time in my opinion. 2. Reduce jail time to 5 minutes. No player should have the power to jail somebody for 30 freaking minutes. That's half a blessing that somebody can screw you out of for any reason under the sun. You still get your 1/3 village strike and you still get instant warped from a map if you're "Suspected" of spying in a raid. That's enough of a punishment.
  4. Game

    Water Prison is the type of move that makes you want to slam your keyboard and throw your pc out the window. How is it fair that someone gets a homing STUN that allows the user to set you up for a combo of up to 300+ damage? I know what you're thinking. "Why not just sub out of it?" It's not that easy. It's so easy to wait out an enemy's sub and then use water prison. Not to mention that water users have a 2nd sub, so its near impossible to land any hits on them! Come on. Water isn't even balanced. It's just broken. Imagine a water/fire user. Water prison and then hit you with Great Fireball, Fire Dragon, and Triple Phoenix. It's not fair. Not even closed to balance. Earth stun atleast has a few seconds wind-up, and leaves the user immobilized for some time. The water mastery itself is just cancerous. Unfair, unbalanced, and allows water users to poop on their opposition because of a move like Water Prison.
  5. I'm not sure why this hasn't been reported sooner but the Charm's buff mechanic has been bugged since the day it was implemented. When buying your specific charm and using it, it will buff a completely different stat then what is stated in the item description. Most of the Horoscope Charms have only been seen to buff either Agi or Str.
  6. If you press sub and chidori at the same time you'll move at full speed @Seth. Also when you fix this, please make chidori move at 2/3 speed instead of 1/3. thank you
  7. Something that everybody is guilty of abusing, is trying to PM somebody to see if they're the ones wearing a mask. Suggestion is simple, remove the ability to receive PM's when you are wearing a mask unless from staff. Sending PM's is fine, because then it's your call whether or not you want people to know you're online. Secondary suggestion: If you're wearing a mask, appear offline in friends list. If you won't add the ability to CHOOSE whether or not you want somebody to be notified every time you log in or out by doing an "Accept friend request" system, then at least have concealment affect the friend's list as well.
  8. Hey Today I become level 10 sand ninja , I have like 45 agillty I wanted to chose taijutsu and I accidentally took water. I saw there learn matery button and I thought it will learn me about the mastery and wont take it. Please help me guys I really want to become stronge tai ninja.
  9. As the title says, if you hit a mob with dragon and it died on the initial hit, the follow up phoenix won't launch. Works on players just fine though
  10. On pictures we can see two jutsu with same type, More precisely = 1s stun for 1s selfstun. Lightning current need some "love"... you may ask why? Because Chakra cost 28 is too high for dmg like shuriken with cast time. (Like we see Flame fire jutsu for x3 less chakra deal 50 base dmg + burning + instant) My suggestion is add more base dmg for Lightning current, and lower a bit Chakra cost. What you think?
  11. Fire vortex’s animation looks to be 3 tiles. A good buff would be to increase the tile range by 1 in all directions to match the animation. If you wanted to buff the jutsu further, you could make the self stun and the target stun equal at max rank.
  12. The poison DOT will show your character having the poison graphical effect on you (The purple bubbling aura) well after the DOT ends. This is extremely annoying for people that rely on the invisibility jutsu, as you can see the effect on people who have been poisoned even while they are “Invisible” and NOT actually taking the DOT damage (Since it already ended).
  13. Game

    Trying to log in. Shuriken screen comes up fine, but when the actual game launches it's just white. Pure white. No matter how long I wait. I can hit esc and then music starts to play but thats all the changes. Hitting esc again closes the game.
  14. The horoscope says that i am a leo, it also says that leo buff strength But it actually buff my intelect. So the description of the charm is wrong.
  15. Everytime I look at my bar, I got a jutsu missing from it. I still have it in my jutsu list, but not on my hotbar. It gets me killed so often because I'll be fighting someone and OH LOOK no substitution! Game screws me over and then I got to deal with toxicity. I don't know if it's a result from tabbing out of the game or what, but the easy solution would be to add a lock key to the hotbar so your jutsus can't just disappear.
  16. Game

    So i have done a bunch of research to try and fix this problem myself and cannot figure it out, im getting the ciper error activex 429 cannot create object error when trying to log into the game, is there a step by step tutorial anywhere to downloading and setting up nin online?
  17. Umm I Purchased Skin color change from cash shop yesterday changed my skin color I was pale with Abs when I logged off I was fine when I logged on later the night I gender changed back to female when I did I noticed I looked like Zetsu I changed back to male and looked like Zabuza I didn't what was going on I spammed gender change Again and it made me a girl again that looked like Zetsu but it wasn't changing anymore nor could I wear female clothes either since it told me I wasn't a female I spammed it again this morning after reporting it to @Michael and it fixed me here's an SS as Proof @Ueda @Seth
  18. Leaf Tigers Is a difficult place to grind at in that for the most part even if you try hard you still don't get the same experience flow as you do with wolves. I have found myself grinding at wolves from level 8 to 19. Level 19 is when you stop getting experience from wolves. This being said, Tigers NEED a change. It is harder to group tigers even when they aggro, sometimes literally impossible for a person near that level to even go to the right side and come back as tigers stand on the teleportation pad, and the Leaf Tigers map is a highway for missing. Sewer Rats Hardly spawn together at all. After a crash, they all spawn to the right of the sewer in that big square, which is good, but once they die they all become separated and you start getting only a few experience points every COUPLE of minutes. My Suggestion: On the tiger map, put a bridge where the flicker pads are and put the flicker pads on either side of the bridge in the water. That way you can't get trapped on one side of the map and die instantly and can group up the tigers better if needed. For the Sewer Rats, increase spawn rate as it is illogical to kill one rat at a time and run for a minute or two to the next. My third suggestion as to stop mob stealing is to push the Training Ground map to the right of the Guard Duty map, move wolves map to where Training Ground map was, and put a new mob map underneath wolves. The new mob map could be another wolves map, a level 13 tigers map, or a new mob to help transition better.
  19. The Hermit Forehead Protector is currently in the same slot as a cig (Left side, 2nd slot going down from top) which is weird. Though I think it's because cash shop paint/tatoos take up headband protector slot. Can you switch it so paint/tatoo to cig slot and hermit band to headband slot? Or a new slot all together? I just want to be able to customize more.
  20. Well, starting, I think that the game has developed sufficiently at the community level and in my opinion it would be appropriate to finally introduce clans and additions to the organization, so let's get to the merits. We have many clans that really have numerous members, for example: #Kurama #Sasayaki #Hozuki #Mirana #Sashabi e.t.c Let's be honest how many times it happened not to one player just to die because he wanted to write back to his friend from the clan where he is on discord. Well, I do not think anyone would ever have contact with it. It's annoying and pissed. That's why I think it's time to finally add something like guilds in wow of warcraft called clans where we'll have at least clan chat and where we'll be able to answer right away. I'm not saying that the only thing that would be such a beautiful online list would also be great, but I think that's the future. Therefore, gentlemen, thinkers think about this idea and make life easier for us, I think that the organizations that have been created will not be too demanding + will certainly push this game forward and this is what we all all want, no? I hope to support this post especially from the clans side because it can move us forward Peace Sukki Kurama
  21. Suggestion: Allow Kage's to give out event coupons for their own held events. How it would work: A GM will give an allowance of a certain amount of event coupons to the Kages to hold their own events. Once the event is concluded, evidence in the form of pictures of the events will be submitted for the Kages to get more event coupons. Suggestion 2: Make Event Coupons tradable. Reasoning behind both suggestions: There can be more prizes, a surge in the Nin economy, and a method put down so there is no abuse. A lot of people have a small amount of event coupons which they can never get to the full amount and would rather trade for some ryo to those who can make use of it. Also, this idea was going to be implemented in the past anyway, but was never done. (Missings can participate in these events if approved by the Kage. Events can consist of tours, RP sessions, races, Tourney's etc)
  22. I tryed to relog restart the game full screen/nofullscreen it appears again . It could be only me but still ...
  23. Game

    Well, I know what you're thinking but let me explain...I think intelligence users can have weapons so they're balanced. Something like kunais, small knives or small weapons...but these weapons can not pass from the base damage of 5-15 and they have to cost more than the swords, they also can have no effect on the attack beyond the damage itself. I think they should not fall for monsters or anything like that, I think they should sell at every weapon shop and their damage scale has to be in intelligence (of course), but this scale should be 50% of what it would be if you were Weapon Mastery. But there is still a problem ... since the diagonal damage was implemented basic attacks and with weapons stayed like this. If they still think it's a great advantage ... these "kunais" can have the basic attack area that way (if necessary). Please Note: This post was done with google translator, sorry for that! @Rory @Seth
  24. Hello. I've got a suggestion that wooden katana. I don't know if it's intended to be slow while attacking, but the problem is that sometimes it doesn't land attacks. My suggestion is either to increase the attack speed of it when you are swinging or increase the attack landing (if it's possible) Thanks.
  25. Hello. To reproduce this bug, all you gotta do is to be in-game. If you click the Nin online icon in the taskbar to minimize/maximize it once or twice, the game will freeze and it'll say that it's not responding. I tried to wait, but it's not helping. So you have to shut it down and start again. Thanks.