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Found 647 results

  1. Game

    Apparently during huge scale war you usually don't know who's the enemy and who's your ally so you just end up chasing your own ally thinking it's your enemy. My opinion to fix this. - Putting Village logos next to names. Example: Menma Uzumaki |LeafLogo| Or - Replacing names with Village logos and when you target that person that's when their names show up. (Hypnoman'a Idea)
  2. Game

    It would cool if there were Summoning Scrolls that allow you to summon different types of Animals that were aggro and worked like Tigers/Bears/Big Scrabs which approach whoever you're currently targeting and start to attack them with a set amount of damage and they have a set amount of HP. There could be D,C,B,A,S Rank summons (and a variety of summoning animals) that work just like enemies but at the user's disposal which help them in fights. But once you pick a summoning Animal, you are restricted to only learning summons and Jutsu from that animal. Maybe some Animals like snakes have special abilities (like their bites being able to poison every now and then) or some could allow you to summon them with the use of special Jutsu like Itachi's Crows distracting your opponent(s) or Kiba's Fang over Fang). The "Special" Jutsu that you can perform when having a contract with your Summon would have different stat scalings (say the Snake Arm technique that Orochimaru uses would be INT and Fang over Fang would be STR, etc) which would make users of this Mastery very Unique and this Mastery would easily be able to blend in with the rest if users would like this as their Primary or Secondary Mastery. I think this would be a good Mastery that could be added onto the list and a sub path could be something like Kiba's Clan who have pet dogs that show up in the overworld and level up with you. I'd definitely sub this Mastery and it would be a breath of fresh air imo. What do you guys think?
  3. Game

    Friend list is bug. You see your friends online but theyre not in the list
  4. Game

    Autoattacks when no waepon is equipped deal increased damage while water substitution is active: Basic damage od 2 Damage increased by 50 with water sub on (agility is still the same)
  5. Keeping this short and simple: -Lightning Pillars: Jutsu is maxed out upon learning the Jutsu. (Description says 2 second charge time) It takes 4 seconds to charge. -Lightning Cutter: The AoE of Maxed Advanced Lightning Cutter is severely reduced in comparison to lvl1-2 Advanced Cutter. Earlier you could at least damage several mobs, now it's only possible to strike three mobs max when they're placed perfectly on a vertical line if you manage to target the Mob in the middle. Usually it's impossible to damage a second mob if they're walking on a horizontal line towards you. (Also only the targetted Mob gets a stun, you get immediately struck by other mobs). The AoE after effect does not stun mobs though I'm pretty sure it was intended to be that way. (Regardless you put yourself at huge risk during PvE grinding) -Lightning Current (and most stun locks in general): Jutsu Description says that Max level has a one second stun rate. Although Mob movement is restricted, the jutsu itself stuns the user for a half second, which usually results to mobs striking you first before they are able to move.
  6. Well, when you put a mask and change your name, everyone can see you in the bounty book, so its annoying and remove the mask utility. ps: to fix it you can just change the name to vaga to ??? or everyone else name.
  7. Game

    I feel that the ability to join multiple organizations should be added, as many ninja may have multiple roles to play in within each organizations. One of the problems I see is the fact people must choose only one organization and keep to it. If they are offered a role in another organization, they must leave (or disband) their membership in the current organization they are in. I ask that the limit be raised, so that people in the game can fully fulfill their role-play opportunities.
  8. Please give us informations about what is happening! Create topics about new council ninjas and all those stuff I was not even knowing that Hoshen was a temporary kazekage and that he has been recommended by Konahri (the traitor) Some ninjas don't even know who is the new kazekage... And why he is the new kazekage... In my opinion, if you are too lazy to do that, ask for a secretary to do it for you... I Want answers to my questions!
  9. Game

    Hello, my suggestion is that to create a bosses, i think bijuu should be good idea. I have idea bijuu will appear in random moment every few days. When a bijuu apears, you will be able to take group mission to kill him, when you kill him you will get much experience and ryos for mission. Killing him will very hard, and we can take this mission after we got 30 level. What you think about that?
  10. Game

    Shows 100 snake venom for a survey mission instead of showing the timer. Could complete the mission no problem though.
  11. it would be great to have a new mastery or element that scales str. Cuz it would suck for taijutsu users or fan users even weaponsmiths to pick an INT scaling mastery for their 2nd mastery.... Its just not ._. you know where im getting at right
  12. Game

    Supposedly repaired, but no. Keeps crashing.
  13. Game

    The description of colliding Wave states that it will travel 7 tiles, and knock back 2 when it hits. Rank 3. The Jutsu does not knockback at all, and rarely registers hitting targets due to travel speed and 1 line projectile. (much like water bullet, complete whiff on moving targets.) Water shark on the other hand, always hits, most likely due to its shape/speed. Can this be looked into, or description changed to remove the knockback?
  14. Game

    If you have a Substitution in place and get hit with 16 palms you don't take damage but the chakra drain effect still goes through the substitution. @Seth
  15. Game

    Map the Bug happened on: Leaf Village Type of Bug: Technical Description: When you accidentally cast Treat Wounds on a damaged Wolf or Tiger (tested with all mobs up to Tigers since I get 3-shotted by bears), you might be healed instead of the technique failing like it's supposed to. I tested the bug on every mob leading up to Tigers, and the bug only occurs with Tigers and Wolves. Steps to Reproduce the Bug: Target a Wolf that has been damaged (Any health that isn't full) . Cast Treat Wounds Technique on the Wolf. Watch the technique execute and your health regen instead. Screenshot/Gif:
  16. Hello, I have one question whether you could include information on not selecting ele earth? Because at this moment this element has the lowest damage, the longest cast time and the smallest amount of jutsu, in addition the last jutsu is worse than it at level 15. I have a question to the administrators, because as I started playing no information about the useless ele earth. Can I get a change of mastery for my lost time? Or maybe you can get me to assure that in the near future earth will pass rework? Because on this character I have gold ninja and it is a pity to reset the character because I spent a lot of time to achieve this. Sorry for the vocabulary I used the translator.
  17. Game

    There's a large delay between actions, is this a bug or intended? It's like I have to wait 2 seconds before I can use a jutsu after I use another. Even throwing senbon makes me wait before I can use a jutsu. This makes reacting a lot harder. This is me throwing senbon and mashing speed mirage.
  18. Game

    Hello fellow ninjas, In light of recent events concerning the upcoming Chunin Exam, I had an idea that could possibly be a win-win for just about everyone. I propose that there be an option to purchase a ticket within the online cash shop that covers your share of the required Ryo, granting you entrance to the Chunin exam. Details: Essentially, the ticket itself will be worth 5k Ryo in game, which is the minimum amount required for an individual to come up with. I should go ahead and clarify that this option will only cover your share (1/3) of the 15k Ryo that you and two others are to have present at the time of the exam. Upon purchasing, the ticket will be displayed as a normal/non-usable item in a users' inventory, almost like that of a scorpion tail or other mob drops. This item CANNOT be traded with another user or sold to a vendor. At the time of the exam, you will turn in your ticket to the established ninja who is in charge of collecting your share of the fee. Once the ticket is handed over, the collector may then exchange it for the 5k Ryo at a special event vendor(usable only by the appointed collector/collectors). This Ryo will now be usable in game and be put towards whatever the rest of the collected Ryo is going towards. In conclusion -The website will make money from those who wish to purchase a ticket (completely optional), rather than grind for mob drops or other means of income. -The ticket is turned into in-game currency, which can then be used to fuel the economy. -Players have another means to participate in the Chunin exam in hopes of being promoted. Thanks for reading, Saggitch
  19. Game

    So, i was thinking about something. It would be to being able to gain titles, example like Kazekage or hokage, which are aldready in the game, but you should make a option to being able to switch of titles, example someone is a genin but he is example a member of the council, he should be able to have two title ingame, and he would be able to choose which one he want to put, example when you click on him, it would be Vaga, Council Member, or Vaga, Sand assassin, or Vaga, genin, or Vaga, chunin, or Vaga,jonin, or Vaga, medical corps, or Vaga, military corps, or Vaga, Team trainers, or Vaga, Academy teacher, It would be in fonction of your rp job. Because i saw that players really start to play roleplay and add they add roles to players, and i think this is a really good things, that they do, that but it would nice to help them to improve this system by adding somes special content about those roles, and it would become alot more realistic and others new players would probably want to test thoses rp roles. Thanks for your futures answers. @Rory @Seth and others.
  20. Game

    There have been many players complaining about the bingo book showing their identity so this suggestion may also fix that problem, This suggestion is for every player to set up what they want other players to see them have on in the bingo book, in other works, they take a mugshot meaning that no matter what a player puts on after the outfit that they set up in the bingo book as their picture, players will always see them wearing what they set up and not what they are currently wearing and only if a player changes their look in the bingo book, their outfit will change and that is what other players will see them have on. It can be a simple click of a button on the character screen that locks a look or a picture and if they don't lock an outfit, then everything will work the way it is now and all players will see what a player is currently wearing in the bingo book.
  21. Game

    Decent game, nice variety of masteries etc. 1: 50 is way to high to get you 2nd mastery, need a nice mid-ish point so you can adapt with it. 2: Levelling is a grind I understand, but getting 30 exp at spiders per mob and needing 23000 to level is beyond a joke. Got told to do missions, missions are to do tigers. No one is on to help with that and it's impossible to solo unless I picked a kiting class, which I didn't. Other option, fight wolves. After 3 wolves I need to heal, how do I heal? Stand still for 5 minutes and afk. It's just so horrible and off-putting. I love the game, maps, art-style and jutsus but I cannot for the life of me take the unbearingly boring grind at low levels. Especially when I have a single ability that requires melee, therefore being hit. To make this game more accessible you have to implement more quests and not just 3 daily missions that can give arguably no exp. As for RP missions I can never find anyone online to give them. It's annoying because this game has much potential but it's been turned into some grind heavy Korean hack and slash. Don't be generic nin-online, fill your niche. What fun is a game you log onto ever day to do 3 missions that you might be able to do and might give decent exp? Game itself is beautiful but the way you're going with it and levelling is not. I know "we want to focus on the entire games content instead of late game like most mmos" but the content is continuously grinding the same mobs for 0.1exp for hours on end becoming a generic asia mmo, all you're missing is the P2W cash shop. I donated to this game in 2013 because it looked amazing but now I'm just wondering if I'd play at all, I don't want to spend my time grinding a mob pack for 7 hours to level once.
  22. Game

    I've recently noticed that there are times where my health does not increase after staying out of combat for the recommended time. Only upon map-changing or receiving damage does my health bar show to be full. Also, I've had a few instances where I am randomly healed completely without sitting out of combat or receiving heals from a medical ninja.
  23. Game

    I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks Rotations on gentlefists damage is really low the fact the it's like one of the end game skill for gentle fist..... in my opinion this should be buff (damage) and decrease the damage on vacuum palm as an exchange or trade off. Because gentlefist barely use rotation do to its low damage
  24. At lvl50 agi tais should get option to go pure tai as 2nd mastery and should get Eight Gates Skill boosting agi dmg and/or speed.
  25. Game

    To say the least in my opinion the mission system simply sucks. I am level 31 and today i got 1x antidote mission (which i have to buy cuz pve with regular tai sucks d*** :/) and 2x time off missions... now im not bothered about the antidote mission because atleast it gives 50k+ exp which is very low but somewhat good. but 3.5k for being afk in a room is simply bad. I suggest a system where u actually calculate the xp that you get through e.g killing 70 bears added onto the xp that it already gives but increase the amount of bear kills.. or where you can only get a certain mission till a certain level like the 'good ol' time off mission u can get at level 50 which is a BANGING 3.5k exp!.. I know admins don't want us to level to the level-cap as fast as we are doing but since some of us are already hitting level 45, i think the mission system should be sorted out to be actually enjoyable and look forward to the next 3 dailys the next day *cough more daily missions? maybe 5? *