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Found 877 results

  1. Game

    Ok so if its not bad enough blank scrolls are hard af to get, the 50% rate for lv 1-20 scrolls are a joke im at 19 in a row failed....before that was at 7 before i got 1 lv 15 scroll... Atleast bump up the rate for turning into jutsus. 50% should never go more than 4 imo failed in a row. I think lv 1-20 should be 60-75% lv 25-30 40-50% 35-40 25% Please like if u agree if you disagree please share why. @Rory @Seth @Stephen
  2. Game

    Can we use 2 clients at the same time? This question is for devs or admins.
  3. Game

    The Black Sand Clan Introduction The black sand is a clan based in the sand village they are family banded together not by blood but by faith and trust as the have/will bond throw hash times member of the black sand are very skilled ninjas or have the potential to become great and strong as they are hardworking and have a good amount of training .people here love they ninja way and will stand strong in it allowing them to understand how they really and they .the people of this clan are led by a group of elders which have the own sections to look after they it no absolute power as the head person is also an elder and the only extra power he haves is to call meeting at anytime Reson for existing 1) Black sand is the strongest form of sand as it is the state before iron therefor we are purpose to insure the protection of the sand village and its welfare as we give the need and train the week to ensure we are ready for anything . 2) As well to help our biggest allies the desert pirates and any orgs out in any way 3) As well. As our kazekage BUT to note that we are more for the people than the leader (kazekage) so we will not follow orders that will damage suna life 4) Training the young and older levels in the art of a ninja Clan Roles 1) The Clan heads: This type of positions is given to former Grand elders this position makes the critical choices for the overall clan. Unlimited entry at a time 2) The Grand elders: This position is given as a promotion to ministers. Grand elders help make choices for the clan which helps both the suna and the clan. Some grand elders will be an elder for more than section this will be most of the teaching sections .1-5 grand elder per section eg( 5 Grand elders of training ) 3) Ministers: This type of people will assist the elders with implementing the law and will lead a clan team normally picked by the Grand elders 4) Teams: This is people in the clan who want to get involved in the building and defending the clan or help where they can 5) Clan members
  4. Game

    If you accidentally exit and re-enter after being Knocked Out sometimes you get BI. (Exit Isn't always involved, screen turns black for a moment) Also maybe, your jutsus get bugged you can't cast them plus you can't chat. (I'll edit this after I've done more research)
  5. Game

    When you use chakra pill, this animation happen
  6. Game

    so i was fighting another nin, and i realize that the other, throw jutsus very fast, while me, takes me like 2 seconds or 3 between jutsus, and before a couple of patches i was able to throw at that speed, so my question is, anybody with the same problem? or is just me or my connection? Ushu, the gentil breeze
  7. Game

    I dont think Damage over time like Burn and poison should be taking down subs. For example poison, this thing is like 20sec long and can be stacked with another one, you basically cant use sub for 20 sec what made you guys think this is balance,fair or acceptable? Cuz i disagree. With Burn you cant use sub nor do chakra charging like what the hell?
  8. Game

    The sand village got something that the leaf village did not and that was the theater in which we used for our last Chunin Exam, but the thing is that in that exam, the stage was locked and there is an invisible force that's stopping us from entering the stage which have been so since then and it have not been removed so this is less of a bug report but more of an ask for that force to be removed and for the GMs to clear the stage.
  9. Game

    Cloak jutsu will reveal yourself if you change map. @Seth @Rory
  10. Game

    Not sure if this has been posted before but I noticed that killing monsters with advanced lightning cutter occasionally causes two things to drop from the mob. For example, after killing a spider with the jutsu they sometimes drop 2 eggs. I think this happens because advanced lightning cutter hits its target twice. Even though the initial hit does enough damage to kill it, a zero still pops up for the second part of the jutsu. I think double drops happen because the game may be thinking the monster died twice. I haven't noticed double drops happening with any of my other jutsus, so I don't think this is intended.
  11. @Seth Drilling Air Bullet cause self stun but in jutsu information doesn't describe that it has self stun.
  12. does it do damage based on str? what about the other gentle fist jutsus and such do they also scale off of str? any help would be appriciated
  13. Game

    A cool thing would be to bring a translation to other languages such as Portuguese (expreciably from Brazil) so as to help new players who stop playing because they can not read in English so I would like the translation to Portuguese because the Brazilians would come to Hills for this game. If you bring the translation to the game we brazilians have helped a lot in the game population can be sure
  14. Game

    I think it would be better if you guys raised the amount of Strength Required to Learn a Hidden Sand or Hidden Leaf Jutsu. Why? Because having a Ninja only needing 6 Strength for every level Hidden Sand/Leaf Jutsu (10-30) is kind of ridiculous. We're going to focus on Hidden Sand Jutsu because I've been seeing things; Literally no one is using the pure STR Fan Wind Build which defeats the purpose of even adding it to the game if no one is using that Sub-Path how it was designed to be used. The only STR Fan Wind Jutsu being used (at all) is Wind Mask by INT Wind users just to abuse the Stun, which was designed to make it possible for Fan Users to combo STR Fan Jutsu. People are doing the bare minimum and adding 1 point to their STR just to obtain a move (which was designed to give STR Fan Wind the bit strength it needs) just to abuse it and not use the other Jutsu from the Sub Path at all. There's a simple fix to this problem; Increase the Strength requirements of all Fan Jutsu... Slashing Tornado (Lv.10) 6 Strength Task of the Dragon (Lv.15) 12 Strength Slicing Wind (Lv.20) 24 Strength Wind Mask (Lv.25) 48 Strength Wind Barrage (Lv.30) 72 Strength This would lead to people actually taking initiative to use the Wind Sub-Path like how it was designed. Of course, I would like to request the same thing for Gentle Fist since it is also a Sub-Path... and to all future Sub-Paths coming soon. @Seth @Rory
  15. Game

    Its not shown at the video , but i body flickered someone while running , after everything is shown in the video . You can see my game is running smoothly .. That bug is annoying af.
  16. Game

    Ninja Weaponry update. Now Ive made a post about clothing that should give armor like qualities (extra fort, lil int, damage reduction) but it was rejected because "everyone will look the same" despite a simple overlay feature being able to fix such a petty issue. Benefits: Creates an economy for specific stat boost armor, Grinding has a purpose, staple MMO feature. Downfall: uhhhh everyone looks the same( Easily handled) Anyways I'm still a bit salty bout it so I had to mention it lol. The real reason I made this post is because Id like to see a variety of tools beyond kunai,senbon,shuriken,paper tags and swords being utilized. I know Rory has plans for more weapons because at the Sand only Chuunin he had some rad fans on his back (dual equip even) I see these as possible additions Sword Size matters: Looking at how swords go in the game, they just get bigger with more dmg. I think its a lazy approach to the whole style. Swords should be in two categories Broad- wider melle range, with decreased melle speed. Katanas-faster melle with lower damage boost Fans- This for me was difficult as Temari is the only user of a fan (aside from Madara's war fan) More fans need to be added. Sickles- Longer range of melle forward Chains-whip like melle stating from one direction across 3 tiles Scrolls- Now I wanted this more as a cosmetic than an actual weapon but I believe scrolls could be placed on your characters back like sage mode Naruto had it, it could give a small multiplier on your chakra stat giving you some extra chakra in the long run. Handheld Kunai- Equipable Kunai- Doesn't offer so much of a great damage boost but allows one to have extra melle damage stll being able to melle relatively fast(30 BASE DAMAGE) Chakra Blades- This could be quite the rare item that comes with an additional catch to fully utilize it. Similar to sumas blades or a subgenre of Katana you can channel Int through these blades in order to use Int melle. However to utilize this effect one must obtain the secret channel chakra scroll that would be a super rare drop along with these blades(MAKE GRINDING WORTH IT) the Jutsu could work as a buff that drains chakra as well. Bojutsu- long range weapon melle. Could gain an aoe melle technique swinging staff over head. Now these are intended to be drop only, It will be hella fun to grind if these items were in as it would give the whole task an award at the end of it all. Other drops can include rare jutsu scrolls that cannot be obtained through scribes at the scroll drop. This creates an opportunity for market creation because if I have a jutsu that benefits a strength user but as an Int user myself see no need for it, I'm tryna sell that hardd. Rare jutsu scrolls- Teleporation seals- Just like the marks at tigers and coyotes a ninja can place up to 3 when maxed around the map and teleport to them Summoning technique- Make a contract with a mob and summon later(if the mob were to die in combat new contract must be formed) Weapon cloning- Active buff that clones thrown weaponry for limited time Heightened Sense technique- Jutsu that temporarily boosts sensory skills pinpointing ninja locations on map( Great in Big areas such as chakra forest and dessert. Shadow Clones- Clones that do 1 base damage scaling with highest stat(must have mastered clone technique) Escape no Jutsu- Escape from binds ( this would sell for like 30000 ryo I could see people wilding lol) insta cast when mastered. Masters by actually escaping from binds. Shinigami- OHKO jutsu cooldown of 3600 seconds. Twice on BI time for both caster and affected, cannot be revived. Cursed seal- Remove CS for Medic- give them yin release( passive heals and 30% boost to fort and chakra only) ( cannot be stacked with other buffs) Chakra dash- Buff that increases movement speed( damn runners need to be caught) More cosmetics- Sennin Cloak, More color variants of the war armor, Ashura hair. White shirts(I don't know why white is so rare in game lol) Sandaime Armor(no love for my boy Hiruzen?) Long straight hair for male. Bandana (various colors). More Uzu shirts (part ii, boruto the last) More sasu shirts(part ii,the last, boruto) I see Sezu rocking that Otsu cloak put it innnnnn. Anyways that's my post. Honestly I just think this game has mad potential and been here since 2013 clicking the Ninonline site just floods me with feels and nostalgia. I wish these could inspire the game masters to just do more and shock me when they do release content. Love this game Highkey, I don't want nun except experiencing this soon to be masterpiece
  17. There is an invisible wall in front of the leaf gate that is 3 squares wide and 1 square long. It's exactly in front of where I am standing in this screen shot: @Seth
  18. Game

    Yo. I think it'd be swell if, like many other MMORPG type games, when you level up you get a base health / MP / etc. level up as well. I'm fine with being able to add stat points to all stats still, but having a base level up (like 10 health or 1 strength point per level) would be lovely and make more sense, imo. You level up, you get better at the basics without having to sacrifice stats, imo. That's all.
  19. Game

    Hi, I am shinobi from Sunagakure and I'm doing this because I have seen how many times these missing-nin get attacked. Hello, People, today I decided to make a post about giving Takumi village a player as the Feudal Lord. Reason on why they should add a Feudal Lord. I have noticed that recently the Hokage has been raiding Takumi village for some reason. Of course, as expected Takumi village is losing every battle. Every time the Hokage comes to raid he brings with him 10-15 high-level Shinobi making Takumi village not stand a chance. For this reason, Takumi really needs a Feudal Lord so they can at least have a chance during battle. In my opinion, they should remove the Feudal Lord NPC and make an actual player the Feudal Lord (Maybe put the NPC somewhere else so missing's could still do missions.) In my opinion, if other villages have players as leaders why not Takumi? I know that Takumi is a missing-nin village but they should at least have a player for a Feudal Lord that would make it fair and probably spice up the game. The Hokage is just going to continue raiding Takumi for stupid reason. He legit has raided Takumi over 15 times the past week. If I was a missing-nin I would be salty. Not all missing nin's are bad and they shouldn't get killed while farming for no reason. If they make a missing the Feudal Lord of Takumi they should still follow some rules for example... - Missings should be allowed inside the village no matter what they have done. - Takumi has to stay a missing-nin village. In my opinion, if Takumi has a Feudal Lord it would be better for missings and they would have a higher chance of winning battles. And I think that Kages shouldn't leave their village for something this stupid, It's just unrealistic you don't see Kages in the anime leaving their village to attack others just for something this small.
  20. Game

    I dont think there should token 1,2,3 etc. or limited rp mission. Chunin or higher can host D-rank - assigned to genin fresh from the Academy. They pose almost no risk to the ninja's life and usually consist of odd jobs like farming and babysitting work. ( Token 1-20 ) C-rank - assigned to more experienced genin or chūnin. They are missions with little to no chance of combat against other ninja.[1] Examples are guarding people against bandits or highwaymen, background investigations, eliminating or capturing bandits or thieves, and capturing or suppressing wild animals. ( Token 21-40 ) B-rank - assigned to experienced chūnin. They are missions anticipated to involve combat with other ninja. Examples are guarding people, espionage, or killing other ninja (Token 41-60 ) A-rank - assigned to jōnin, concerning, among other things, village-or state-level matters and trends. Examples are guarding VIPs or suppressing ninja forces. ( Token 61-80 ) S-rank - assigned to experienced jōnin and concern state-level confidential matters. Examples are assassinating VIPs, and transporting highly classified documents. ( Token 81 - 100 ) How will you be rewarded? It is based on how much you role played during the event and how hard the mission was. ( Host can also ask other people to join the event and roleplay. These volunteers will be rewarded token based on what rank the mission is and how much they roleplayed). For example. Deathmall hosted a C rank mission with Aghila,Takashi and Raiden. They have to capture this bandit or robber. Deathmall can ask other players to be the robber and role play it in the event. So for example he can ask Ifrit to be the robber. Mission is done, Aghila did the most roleplay during the event and gets Token 25, Takashi and Raiden in the other hand only got Token 21 because they barely rped. Ifrit really did a good job on rping and gets Token 23. We all turn in the mission. So it was a C rank mission, Once you turn in this token you will be rewarded with Ryo and exp. or just either one. And It will go in your record that you finished C rank mission. In the anime people had record of how many missions they did like Minato completed 847 official missions in total: 122 D-rank, 147 C-rank, 216 B-rank, 323 A-rank, 39 S-rank. How to prevent Abuse? ~ You can put a limit on how much rp mission a person can turn in everyday. ~ You guys can always put a really strict rule on this new RP system. Like players can be ban permanently or ban for 1-3months or w.e including those people that were in the same mission or agreed to abuse this new rp system. = If you know youre going to get ban permanently abusing this system, would you even try to abuse it? I dont think so. ~ How will we know if players are abusing? = Players that snitch can be rewarded. ( Should have a good Video of abusers or really detailed pictures.) = Mods can look at logs. = Hire or Have more Game Masters( That can go invisible and spectate Roleplays) in game to make sure no one abuses it. = There should be more. We dont even have to worry about losing players for banning them because of this abuse. We are gaining more new players than before because they use leave when they see how horrible the leveling system is, not only 1-10 but 1-50. They will stay because of the new leveling system which is RP mission. ~ Now what if most chunins or higher got ban for abusing this? = You guys were talking about giving Kage's power to host a Chunin exam. Once the Kages gain power for hosting Chunin exam, we can always get 1 or 2 new Chunins if theres chunin exam every week or 2. You want the game to be based on roleplay. You can give this new system ( The link below ) a try for atleast 1-6 months and see the results. Chunin can also be rewarded Jonin Rank Base on how much RP they did because it is recorded in their stats and the Hokage sees it and realize they did a lot of mission. Making this may take a while we know but just sharing some ideas. My english is bad but hope you guys understand where im trying to go or say +1 or like if you agree. i would love to see comments on what u think @Rory @Seth
  21. Game

    The new purge event that will take place every friday, saturday and sunday is a good idea to get this game more active again so i have no complains on that. The only downside i think that we should consider is that it isn't that much fun for new players i think or just people below 20-25 in general. It makes it hard to grind and weekends are the only times that 'working' people can play a bit more. Like i saw friday, we (the leaf) sealed the bridge between tigers and sand completely oke it was a cool pvp and RP action but low people could not finish their missions. maybe we should consider this even with let us saw a minimum lvl amount? i don't say this cause i can't grind tho since i am lvl 49 myself, i just remember the feeling i had when i treid to grind but got kiled every 5 min
  22. Game

    Can we get him KoS? he is abusing us.
  23. Hello guys. Me again. Today I want to suggest other way to use swords, so I hope that @Rory, @Seth and other guys from Dev Team will comment that, and let me see their opinion. Just like in title - it's named Swift Blade Style (or Multisword Style). You see, I am actually thinking about reset my character, because I was thinking about Medic or TaiJutsu Mastery... aaand I think I'll choose TaiJutsu. But there's a Gentle Fist which requires STR stat. Then I've got this idea: ,,If there's TaiJutsu which requires STR, why there won't be KenJutsu which requires AGI) I needed inspiration for that... and I started to think about all swordsmans that I've seen in my entire life. Then... That's it! That's perfect style for AGI KenJutsu. Of course it'll need few items, that doesn't scale their damage with STR... and some restrictions for them (like Weapon Mastery to not let TaiJutsu users use it...) What do you think about that?
  24. Game

    As it stands now, variety is the least visible thing in the game. While it is personal choice to pick a mastery, there are many reasons that give rise to unpopular masteries or downright useless ones. This isn't well thought out and as content comes out like never, I feel demotivated to even explain this already self explanatory topic. The game needs more jutsus. If we can obtain random jutsu scrolls from grinding or give us a tier of blank scrolls that can only be used to seal forbidden jutsu it would give us more variety to our playstyle as well as support classes that lack on great techniques. Just to name a few: Shadow Clone(clones that actually attack and are easily disposable) Shuriken clone jutsu Rashomon Rasengan Sage mode Sharingan(Lol this should be a clan like I don't know why yall thinkyou have players in the first place? Its inspired off of Naruto ) Rinnengan(I mean if Uchiha were a thing then this could be some hard ass challenge) Reaper death seal Space time ninjutsu Lazy post meh I don't regret