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Found 689 results

  1. Game

    I completed the first mission from Momotomo and Hoshimoto in the Toad mission but for both first missions i got all the rewards except the exp. I got the experience for the second missions of each but not the promised experience for the first missions, i handed it in during toad blessing so maybe that has something do to with it as i didn't hand in the follow up missions during a blessing. Apparently i seem to be the only one to be affected by this, is there anyway I can get my exp back dring a toad blessing? Update: So its been 7 days since this problem, is still havent gotten any exp back and ive decided to move this topic to support, instead of bug reports. Now even when i handed in my daily mission, I did not get any exp. Ive lost over 50k exp now due to missions not working during blessings. It does not seem to happen when the blessing are off. I believe that when there is a blessing i wont get any of the exp of the missions I do. Can someone solve this problem and give me back my exp pls. Update: Ive tried to hand in a new mission (guard duty) in during blessing. Ive not gotten any exp. i do get the ryo and other rewards. I need around 60k exo back now.
  2. Game

    Basically since we're all limited to only having 15 jutsu now, I believe Body Flicker should not be considered in this limit. There are a reasonable amount of players who just don't use BUT we're kind of forced to have it if we want to reach content as it's required to use the teleport pads. I understand why the limit was added but not being able to access content because it takes one of your jutsu slot just isn't fair.
  3. Game

    so I guess in the next patch that’s coming, there won’t be any more shared missions. I just don’t understand why??? like no one asked for this. instead of “balancing” this you could just balance op masteries like gentle fist. all this is going to do is make leveling a bigger pain than it already was. if you don’t care about what we have to say and do end up removing shared missions, can you at least make it so we get good missions when we are level 40 and such, instead of getting missions that give 40k exp, when we need like 1 million???
  4. Game

    With the Sand Village expansion we have decided to roll out new Sand Village infrastructure. 2 job factions and an rp student faction will be introduced on a trial basis(For practical reasons). The Sand Police This will be four man squads that will patrol the sand , do border petrol ,RP events ,Raids and other Stuff . They will also help with internal affairs like finding spys protecting ninjas during they missions and ensuring there is there is peace between villagers and in the village also to ensure all the Sand rules And KazeKage’s rules are not broken Requirement Level 25+ Sand shinobi Must be skilled in certain areas (role playing etc.) They will be different departments Next is Sand Academy(For Genin) The main focus of the academy is to build up strong shinobis that will help the sand village and also understand how the sand village works and later choose the right path and From level 20 they choose if they want to be a teacher at level 25 , join the police force , at level 30 become an anbu , all of the above or become just a ninja Teachers Requirement Level 25+ Sand shinobi Must be skilled in certain areas (role playing etc.) To get three students and make a three man team The Job They will teach rules of sand village Give you levelling tips Help you get items like (blank scrolls etc. ) They will take you throw RP events(not chunin RP missions) Help you build a good ninja From level 20 you help the choose if they want to be a teacher at level 25 , join the police force , at level 30 become an anbu , all of the above or become just a ninja Student Requirement Level 0+ Sand Shinobi These roles are Sand villages attempt to incorporate RP back into much of what we do here on Nin Online. We will see over time how well this goes and see if we will continue it. If you have any questions contact myself or @Ketsueki blackkage
  5. Yo, I had an idea where dropped items from mobs have a yellow outline just so you can see the better quite often in snow wolves I see a lot furs just laying there because people can't see them and that's pretty sad to see to be honest haha so @Seth I don't know if I should tag you or someone else but please consider it ^^ I made an example of the outline \/
  6. Can you guys take a look at the rubber banding with subs? The last couple weeks it has been worse than normal. It is making it hard to pvp / next to impossible as a melee user. Thanks
  7. Game

    Yo, I see that with the toad village quests came a lot of players but as soon as they've done all the missions they leave because why else stay in there right? I thought of doing quests you can do daily and it's separate from normal daily quests as these quests would give only 30-50k exp and some ryo depending on how hard it is ofc, Why not have 3 main daily quests and 2-3 small quests you can do daily in the toad village ? would make it worthwhile spending that 50 ryo to get there to get some missions everyday
  8. Hello guys, this is the official post of the desert's pirates! You wanted it? Here it is! I will be serious this time. Before I start to give informations about my crew, I want to prevent you that I don't want you in my crew if you don't want to spamkill our ennemies. I want you only if you know when to be serious! If you are poor, I will give you money. If you are weak, I will make you become strong. If you need help, the crew will be here for you. Just remember that if a member of the crew has a problem, you stop what you do, and you help him. No matter what. Goal: Rule Nin Online Captain: Dona Second: Dyan Third: Bmore92 Backstory: f*ck the long backstory just join! Members: We are the biggest crew for the moment. Unfortunately, it is not enough for our projects! Normal ninja: Why is your organization better than the organization of xXxDarksasuke69xXx? Go here to join the desert's pirates and have more informations about the crew: *sorry for my bad english, my first language is french*
  9. Game

    hey all, is there maby a possibility to make a system where lvl 50 ninja could let know they have no missions left and could help other ninja with there missions. as we all know after you hit lvl 50 you can best start over with an alt. because there is not a lot to do and you know the game best at this lvl. i see a lot of high lvl people just chilling at the village square or even getting bored and get in different arguments(not always bad ). if you make a system where a ninja who has done all its missions and has nothing to do could report to a npc who then could be spoken to by a low lvl ninja who needs help with a mission. this all offcourse against payment for the ninja providing the service . so different misions would cost a different amount. the amount could be devided by the player who needs help and maby a little from the npc to. ( Lets call it ninception! ) so what do you think of this idea, and ty for your time .
  10. Game

    Hi On map where is boss "Koji" (40 lvl boss, before snow map) Is invisible traps. this boss putting traps in fight and you can see that, but if you leave map and back again, that trap's is still on ground but invisible (this traps kill me a lot time, stun is long time, Koji hit hard for around 200-300hp with one attack, stun from trap for 3sec) @Seth @Rory
  11. So I've went to @Rory about this before and he said Soon(Trademark). I thought I'd make an official suggestion post about it though seeing as strength fan users are lacking. Strength fan users are currently lacking in damage and I feel part of the reason is being that there isn't many fans to choose from for a weapon combat wise. There is only 2 fans in the game and 1 of the two has a base damage of 15 and the other 24 with both having a side ability of causing knockback. I feel Tenten's Feather Fan the Bashosen(maybe use another name that's not Naruto Canon related) for a level 30 or maybe level 40 fan that does 30 base damage but due to it having higher base damage it shouldn't cause knockback. I Also feel since this fan is made of feathers you can possibly incorporate a New Mission that requires the collection of Hawk feathers to make the fan similar to the way you earn the veiled Sakkat.
  12. Game

    Substitution-related suggestions are nothing new, so here's my two cents on the matter. Right now, substitutions are Jutsus that act like parries, teleporting you behind the enemy if you get hit. They're the primary means of evasion, but honestly they don't seem very evasive in nature. So, my idea - turn substitutions into dodgerolls. Instead of having Jutsus that act as parries, have substitution bound to a key and available to everyone. Pressing the substitute button would shift you 2 to 3 tiles in the direction you're pressing while giving you invincibility frames. Leave a log behind when you do it, or if you want to get fancy, leave a clone behind that changes into a log. Barring that, maybe just make it so substitutions don't teleport you behind the enemy? That seems to be what people want right now.
  13. Game

    MyScreen, gets stuck as soon as I click on start in the game launcher ... does anyone know how to solve this?
  14. Game

    Like in title. Toad Blessing activate!? -Show this on webiste like server status!
  15. Game

    Y O It's me again..e.e Well let me get straight to mi point. We all know that wild slashes hella broken period. There's no point in even discussing that but I was thinking that to fix wild slashes it should work like Gafuki's slash attack which I currently have no gif of but its kinda like imagine a projectile that looks like two slashes formed in an X (i may be wrong but most of Y'all know what I'm talking about) and when it comes to leveling it I was thinking decrease cool down and chak cost like usual but increase its speed (I mean of the projectile not cast time) each level. That's all I had to suggest. B A I O!
  16. There is no reason for dragon fire to have it's combo removed in pvp when other masteries are to pull off way higher damage combos. As it is now, dragon fire is just a worse version of triple phoenix fireball when it comes to pvp. The combo only goes off at max range, making it extremely hard to pull off. This is because dragon fire technique is already a slow moving projectile and is very easy to dodge.
  17. Been a long time coming for me to put my 2 cents into this topic, As you may know I've played as a Missing ninja for a while now and to put it short - prior to the missing ranks i saw no real change to be made that could make friendly fire for missing a thing, now that we have ranks for missing ninja based on bounty I had an idea where if a Missing ninja gets above a certain rank [Make it high so it's hard to get] they won't be able to do damage to that certain ranked criminal.. so for example if I'm a S ranked criminal I wont be able to do damage to other S ranked criminals but I will be able to do damage to any other lower ranked Missing criminals. My ideology is if we are supposed to be high class ranked ninjas of ability then why should we be able to hurt others of the same skill? Yes you could make the argument of "We are criminals thus we should do damage to anyone" and while I kinda agree with that I think you should be able to pick and choose who you are allied with in-game in terms of friendly fire as a missing ninja, the ranked bounty system i talked about above could be substitute of that.
  18. Game

    Wild Slashes can hit 1-4 times in one cast and I don't think it should be landing that many times. It can deal anywhere from ~100 damage all the way to +400 damage in a single cast, which needs to be fixed. I like the concept of the move, but the multiple hits and how much damage it does is unfair and many users would agree on this.
  19. Game

    Hello!I have an issue accessing the Toad Village.Ever since I completed the last mission,I have been unable to get back into the Toad Village.The Summoning Toad at Leaf's square keeps telling me that I haven't done the required mission to enter it.I could really use some help! @Rory Thanks in advance for your time!
  20. Game

    hi so i recently got level 20 on my new character I was quite excited until I got a mission that required me to go to konoha (Which btw if konoha has missions that require them to go to suna, I am also speaking for the leafies that get destroyed by suna nin or the guards) so the only missions that I know of is "Guilty Pleasure" and "Konoha Surveillance" (I finished the last one there) but I keep dying on the "Guilty Pleasure" mission if you do not know what the missions require you to do, ill explain them real quickly (Konoha Surveillance) so the mission is like, you gotta go to the map right before the konoha map, and stay there for 2m without dying, once you are done you go back and complete the mission (Without dying as well), 50 k exp it is kind of easy, since you can hide in a tree "but yo ur retarded, theres a chat bubble above u that says "Surveying..." bruh" you can make it so its cut off and hidden if u hide good enough (Guilty Pleasure) all I need to say is that you go to the konoha hot springs and stay there for a while (keep in mind, i'm SUNA nin, that is like asking a homeless man for 100 dollars, it is just not gonna happen) and you get 40 k exp i'm pretty sure, or around there I appreciate the staff working on these missions, especially if they give that much exp, but if you ask me to go into the konoha hot springs for like I don't know, 3 minutes? when i'm a suna ninja, that's not fair, it isn't even fun really sneaking around konoha "but yo ur still retarded, just abandon the mission" bruh that's a daily down the drain, I don't wanna wait 24 hours just to have a chance at getting the SAME mission bruh. it has happened before, it will happen again, and that is that, please remove these missions and add something else.
  21. Edit: Added a spoiler tag as it contains info for the new Naruto series.
  22. Game

    Introduction I'm a Sand member, i really love this village; be a part of it is not enough for me, i want to make it better by this Luffycare that i want to give to all Sand members. Luffycare (Working in progress) So what Luffycare give to you? - It will give you many benefit, like: Ryo, Scrolls, Missions Requirement, etc. As i said, all my Luffy alts will work hard just to make this Luffycare active. Here are more details: For new accounts (Meet Definitely Not Luffy for this): You will have 100 ryo. 1 starter justu scroll of choise(you can ask for any scroll but only at I). A Kunai dagger for Element users. Still thinking... For all members (Meet Definitely Not Luffy for this): Have a discount of 20% when buy stuff from me(Of course my Merchant do the trade). Daily Ryo (not much) to all. A weekly roll game (/roll, the more people join in the more prize it gets; Join cost: 50, Prize: 100/Per person) at weekend. Still thinking... Luffy alts 1. Monkey D Luffy ( Leaf/Rogue Ninja; Medic/Water ) 2. Luffy But Cute ( Leaf/Rogue Ninja; Lighting/Fire ) 3. Definitely Not Luffy ( Sand; Wind/Earth; Mainly use ) 4. Luffy The Merchant ( Leaf/Rogue Ninja; Gentle Fist/None; Mainly trade ) 5. Luffy Loves Cutting ( Sand; Weapon(Str)/None; Working ) All above are my alts, all the information i have given. LONG LIVE SUNA !!! p/s: need someone can improve this post, and hope that Kage will announce it so newbies can know.
  23. Game

    why do we get the second mastery on lvl 50? when we are done we still have to get our jutstu to lvl max is it not better to do it on lvl 25 so that people like me can change easly if they do not like there choise the first time without resseting. just an idea.
  24. Game

    Blood Raven (Ketsueki Karasu) Introduction After the 4th Great Ninja War their were alot of clans in the Sand Village that were destroyed and demolished. The remaining members of several clans joined together to create a new clan called the Blood Phoenix (Ketsueki Fenikkusu ) . The blood part of the name came from the blood that was spilled before the unity of this clan was made and the hard work it will take to build a strong clan, and the second part of the name represents the fact that it rose out of the ashes. A year later, the name changed to the Blood Ravens as the raven represents power,intellect, and adaptability which the clan learned in time and phoenix stands for the brokenness and destruction that we rose up from with greater strength like a mighty phoenix.Year later the name changed to the blood ravens As the raven represents Power,Intellect and Adaptability which the clan learn't with in time Current Members; Grand-elders ; @Bloody Owl @Trapaholic @Ushu @MrChubb The Hozuki @Ketsueki blackkage @BloodNinja @Blood Zetsu Ministers @Kenock @athumbi Members @Michael @Satin @Templar @Blood Bluesman How we work We are based inside the sand village, one of our main goals is to protect the suna . we have made every position in the clan attainable It is not compulsory add anything to your name but when you do you need to add word blood (Or anything blood eg. ketsueki is blood in Japaneses ) Clan symbol The sand gourd represent the solid protection of the sand inside same way we protect the sand village The engraving are the name of all the clans that joined to form this clan The red ribbon in the center represent the blood at which our bonds are made TO join pm @Trapaholic @Bloody Owl or any member (they will contact us) or write here
  25. A couple changes I think that could take place for Weapon Masters and my ideas. Feel free to give feedback ^_^ (Intelligence Path) Exploding Spiked Ball Self Stun should be lowered to 1 second at max level of the jutsu Shadow Shuriken should gain and advanced form called Multiple Shadow Shuriken or maybe make it a second jutsu Costing 3 Shuriken Instead of 1 like the current Shadow Shuriken making thus move a 3 tile projectile like Advanced Water Bullet. All traps (I.e Bear trap, and tags should be destroyable by the person that placed them via clicking them when standing next to them.) You'll still lose the tag placed and bear trap. This'll help Weapon Masters that take the Int path from reaching there limit on placing and help them have the chance to relay the battlefield how they want. (Strength Path) Risky Blade is good how it is now seeing how you can use a jutsu after you warp to them or melee them in a successful combination. Wild Slashes is a decent skill but it needs to be touched up seeing how you can still get hit from 1 of the slashes that fire out even after subbing 1.(This'll prevent from Wild Slashes from doing 300-500 damage randomly depending on the angle you use the move) Blade Piercing should cause laceration when landed because its logic. You're being pierced by a blade it only makes sense to have some kind of external bleeding from the wound. Dance of the Crescent Moon is a great skill with a 2 second run cast time, but when you land the move it does 2 sets of damage. 1 Being Strength based call Crescent Moon Beheading. This move should do more than what it currently does. I have 110 Strength and it only does 94 damage. For a Tier 3 Jutsu and it "beheads" the enemy I feel it should possibly do more. The second set of damage it does is based on Intelligence from what I hear. I feel it shouldn't be based on intelligence seeing how it takes away from strength weapon master which has less moves than its Intelligence Path. I say make Crescent Moon similar to Chidori with its Initial Hit damage and the secondary damage(should be less than the initial) Sword Technique(This technique can be handy for Int path or Strength path seeing its side abilities) Anarchist- Does Strength based damage but also has a random chance once landed to either stab the hand or the thigh. Stabbing the Hand will not let the opponent cast jutsus for 5 seconds and stabbing the thigh will make them walk for 5 seconds. (The Ability could be random or maybe set depending on what the dev wants to do with it)