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Found 987 results

  1. Game

    Not sure if someone already brought this up, but i think it'd be cool if Kekkei Genkai's were implemented into the game, like a sharrigan or byakugan type, obviously not them two because copyright xD but something to that effect?
  2. Game

    Hi! It's me again! I've came up with two new ideas of things, that you could add into game (not now of course ) GenJutsu/Illusion Style When i was talking with this with some players, they told me ,,It'll be useless! How could it work?". I've though about somethin' like evasive skill, periodic damage or just literally illusion (hiding you and your teammates or kind of decoys). I think there can't be a game based on Naruto's Universe without GenJutsu (no offense, just my opinion). Long Ranged sidearms Longer than swords, shorter than projectiles. In short words - spears, staffs and polearms. It'd be cool to walk with spear on your back (My another opinion) Thank you for reading and please, write what do you think 'bout that. Regards!
  3. Hello my fellow Suna ninjas, This is VestaOrion one of the leaders of the Pillars. We are open for recruitment, If you wish a good time, we are the org for you. We are some of the best fighters in the Sand, we have some of the best tactical plans with the best strategists ready for anything the Leaf will throw at us. If you want to join a crew that has more aspirations then simple spam killing we are the people for you. Please note that if you join us you are still able to do pretty much anything you wish to do in-game. The only time we actually really come together is when the Village is under attack or when we have team activities. Me and The Pirates have had issues which have resulted in insults and seriously it was pretty childish. This will not be tolerated anymore. If you join us, you must respect every Sand Village Ninja even the Pirates and help them if they are in any trouble (unless they show animosity, if so leave them alone and just come find us, we will remedy the situation). We may be after the same things but there are no need to be ACTUALLY insulting in real life. Pros of Joining us: - We help the entire village and we help train the new recruits who just joined the Village in order to prepare them for the war against the leaf. -Offer tactical advice. We help you with your PVP experience and we teach you to fight with your Unit in a cohesive and proper manner to maximize your chances in duels and wars alike. - Friendly team. We keep our recruits trained. We will help you EXP, we will Help you money wise, everything the Pillars of the Sand does is inclusive and for the betterment of all of the Sand Ninjas. By the time Beta re-opens we will be around 7-9 members, Everybody is welcomed to join, the more we are the merrier
  4. Game

    I wanted to know if anyone can give me the base of the characters( with no clothes lol ) and some creatures, so i can design something, thank you
  5. Game

    Peace, I know this is way left field. is there anyway to make NinO windows7 compatible. I want to play at work...
  6. Game

    Ok so I thought about clones in the game, and from what I've seen on videos and screenshots. I don't know much about clones but I'll share my thoughts on it. Thus here is the idea: the clones should have the option of controlling them as you control your character. Of course since they are just clones(most likely Genjutsu or distraction) then I'd say it would be fair to make them not being able to attack or cast any jutsu. So you can only use them as do some reconnaissance, but I believe there should be only certain distance at which you can control them, and it should drain your chakra slowly or rapidly depending on how fast clones moves or whether he was attacked or not...I do think this option of attacking at least using tai and defend should be used only by water clones and earth clones. Meaning normal/ordinary clones which all ninja can use wont have such option. Although they might have the hotkeys to move them as an actual character while your real body stays hidden or doesn't move. Of course if your real body was being attacked then the clone jutsu will be wasted since you lose control. If your water clone or earth were attacked. Maybe there can be given slight chance that it will survive, however you'll be drained of chakra quicker. I'd like to know what others think. I didn't find such suggestions on here so I thought I might as well add it.
  7. Game

    Hi! I'm new in the forum and game, sooo, i wanted to know if there was a puppet system implemented in-game. And if not, why? i've read a lot of topics of people suggesting this "puppet system ".this would add a different play style. In my opinion, its a very unique battle style, and if it's animated properly, it can be so epic. I've read a man post too suggesting a professions system, in this post he mentions a " blacksmith " profession, that could be a way of creating custom puppets that could be so cool. It could be a sub profession of blacksmith, specialized in puppets-only or something like that lol. Well, thats it, this game has future, keep it up and lots of luck.
  8. For the past 4 days I've been trying to level and I've been killed each and every time by the same guy because he just wants to increase his bounty, He harasses me every time chasing me for so long that the game isn't playable. I been stuck at level 12 this entire time just because someone has a level advantage and the exp rates are already terrible. My suggestion would be for there to be a passive mode where the player cant attack others and cannot be attack either(I know this makes the villages at war thing pointless but not everyone is playing for the pvp, Although I am its not fun dying because I cant defend myself against someone 10 levels higher than me) or simply have a pve server for people who are strictly just trying to level up, pvp can still be turned on and danger zones can still be a thing but there should be an option rather than be spammed killed.
  9. Game

    Hi all my fellow suna members! Welcome here everyone!
  10. Game

    Can someone tell me about some preview for open beta, every day I see new things. Sorry for my English. I am Brazilian. Sorry if this topic is in the wrong place and because I'm new Very good job Nin Team
  11. Game

    Hello Community! Here I stand, once again, with few few new ideas. Quick Messages Very simple system. I mean creating few hotkeys, that could help with fast messaging in Team fights. For example hotkeys from F5 to F8 and messages like ,,Retreat!", "I need heal", "Thanks!" or something like that. In the heat of fight, there is no time for writing messages and I think that something like that will be very useful. Religion and Canibalism I was reading someone's idea about Religion/Jashin Style like Hidan's and I think that idea is great, so I wanted to write 'bout it. Also i though about Hidan's partner - Kakuzu. I don't know how to name his abillity and I just went with ,,Canibalism". I know it would take some time, before Dev Team even think about new styles but I've came up with one. Non-elemental Masteries (or single jutsus) I mean techniques to use only requires the ability to control chakra. Something like Asuma's knifes, Sai's painting, Karin's sensor abillity or Konan's origami. Of course there's no need to create masteries. Only jutsus. Flying Techniques I mean techniques that let player to TEMPORARY move above ,,Roof" layer. I don't mean Ohnoki's flying abillity because it's Kekkei Touta. I mean something like Sai's/Deidara's birds, or just summoning giant birds like Sasuke or Pain (Nagato) That's all thank you for reading, see ya in Open Beta!
  12. Game

    Map the Bug happened on: Sand Village Type of Bug: Technical Description: Taki moves and goes around her desk. I don't know if she's supposed to move. The last time i saw her she was just standing still, now she moves even when you're not in the building. Steps to Reproduce the Bug: Take the genin exam, quit the building and go back in.
  13. Game

    Hello everyone. Here's my suggestion on how the clan system should work: First, select a certain house as a place to register a clan ... need a certain amount of money to create a clan (eg 200,000 RYO / 1 clan) ... Second, we will name the clan ... invite players into the clan ... each clan has a separate outfit ... maybe players to design or purchase from the forum ... have a meeting place for the clan ... after each completed task people will gathered there to distribute rewards (ryo, exp ... ect) ... each person will receive 10-20% exp while in clan ... Third, the head of the clan will join with game master building and informed about some the event ... I think it's not bad... :)) (If it coincides with a previous post I will delete it....xD) My english is not good...:( Hope people like it Thanks everyone.
  14. Hello guys, this is the official post of the desert's pirates! You wanted it? Here it is! I will be serious this time. Before I start to give informations about my crew, I want to prevent you that I don't want you in my crew if you don't want to spamkill our ennemies. I want you only if you know when to be serious! If you are poor, I will give you money. If you are weak, I will make you become strong. If you need help, the crew will be here for you. Just remember that if a member of the crew has a problem, you stop what you do, and you help him. No matter what. Goal: Rule the sand village. Captain: Dona Second: Thevagabond Third: Blackthunder1 Backstory: f*ck the long backstory just join! Members: We are 15 for the moment. Unfortunately, it is not enough to control the sand village. Go here to join the desert's pirates and have more informations about the crew: *sorry for my bad english, my first language is french*
  15. Game

    Map the Bug happened on: Doesnt matter. Type of Bug: Technical Description: Today when server was shut down i was in game. I had stats reset scroll in my bag. When i log in after maintainence it's missing.
  16. Game

    In the future how about we (and when I say we, I mostly, and 100% mean the coders) add a right click action that allows you to Duel with out penalty. As of now you can just Flag up for PvP and fight who ever you want in a safe zone (even same Villages) but when you die, you have a debuff for 500 Seconds (8 minutes 20 seconds) which is quite annoying. Now how this would work is that it'd be an instant resurrection instead of having to to go the hospital as well as eliminate the function of Battle Injuries. This would allow fights ranging from 1v1 2v2 3v3 4v4 and 5v5s as well as everything in between to allow sparring and training your skillset / testing new combos to your hearts desire with out having to wait for a 500 second debuff to clear to fight at full function again to only have to wait another 8 minutes and 20 seconds for it to clear again after your partner dies. It's a simple concept and I could of just said lets add a sparring button but I wanted to elaborate on this idea because I personally would enjoy this feature a lot, and I can assume most of the community would as well.
  17. Game

    Since we have no option of choosing to create our characters within a clan, we could then have a more choice than just Elements or Taijutsu or Doctor. Example: Religion. In this ninja way you can choose to "convert" to Jashinism, and believe in the god Jashin, using the jutsus like those of Hidan in the anime. So, what do you think?
  18. Yup, I summoned clones who were between me and my opponent and when Indra casts his lightning senbons, they went through my clones (without hitting them) and finally reached me. I tested with other jutsus but it looks like it only happens with ''single projectile'' such as shurikens, kunais, etc. Indra tested it too and had the same results.
  19. Game

    I noticed during the night that the hospital continued to be illuminated when there is no sun outside.
  20. Game

    Hey! For some reasons, i cannot land a mele attack after i land lighting current. i can do any spell i want but that
  21. Game

    Hello, I have a small problem when I want to connect, After the update, a message appears : "Run-ime error '429' ActiveX component can't create object" Sorry for post ... Thanx for you reply
  22. Game

    This bug happened after Kirikuzu Yoru summoned a couple of clones and left the area. Me and Dona casted the Clone Technique and clouds appeared far from us. It looks like the game considers them as entities, I could select them with TAB and use body flicker.
  23. Game

    I thought about it and weapon strength path will be really strong. So if we talk about dmg, maybe it would be good thing that the jutsu has the same dmg as the basic attacks Example : If you do 50 dmg with your sword,Your spell should do the same!(or it would be really too strong) Tell me what you think about it.
  24. Game

    Weapon Master Int path (Bukijutsu) is currently have huge problem with Ammo, i was thinking about how Tenten use it in her battles and remember the Fūinjutsu Scrolls.. What i suggest is simple: Go to the Weapon shop with blank scroll and create Fūinjutsu Scrolls. once you run out of ammo during farm "use" the Fūinjutsu Scroll for pack of 100 or 200 (one time use), either Kunai, Shuriken, Tag or Senbon.. how you know what you get from the scroll?, i got few idea in mind but i think this will fit the best. you just choose what the scroll will contain > and only god know what other tools will be add in the future, like Makibishi or Flash Bomb, Smoke bomb or the Kunai Grenade or even bear trap for the lvl 30 jutsu. so for way down the road this system like the jutsu scroll system will have the RNG. 100% for low level tools (Kunai, Shuriken, Tag or Senbon). - pack of 100 or 200. 75% for mid level tools (Makibishi, Bear trap or Kunai Grenade). pack of 50 or 100. and 35% for high level tools (Flash Bomb, Smoke bomb, etc..) pack of 5 or 10. we will have to find the right balance for it, but this is what beta is for Note: if you like to counter people from abuse it for money, (blank scroll > transform > Fūinjutsu Scroll > Ammo > sell > Ryo..) make the ammo worth 0 in the shop. or make blank scroll worth 100 ryo at the store also see suggestion over the WM int and the discussion that follow about ammo issue.. ***i'd like to hear what you guys think about this. and ill put a poll above to see how many people on board for this idea.
  25. Game

    Hi i think we could add some passives in the game to make things better, i suggest some here : Weapon : Having a scroll which summon weapons (Tenten like) (no need to buy them anymore after that) Medic : Healing someone also heal the healer (a little) Fire : Fire justu put the ground on fire for some secondes, deal damage of course. Water : Water jutsu put water on ground, water users are faster runing on it and regen chakra. Earth : Hitting someone give you a shield, the shield have a life bar and is destroyed if his HP is 0 or after 3 secondes. Lighting : Hitting someone with lighting jutsu incrase your speed and dodge a lot. Wind : A fan (Temari like) wind jutsu cast is faster and cost less chakra. Taijutsu : Hitting someone incrase the next taijutsu damage on him, you have 2 secondes use taijutsu on him, after that you have to hit him again to use ur passiv again.