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Found 829 results

  1. Game

    I had an idea for implementing the 8 Gates for taijutsu. To start off it should only be accessible to people who have taijutsu as both their first and second mastery. The way I would see it work would be as a single buff that you would have to use multiple times to get to the later gates, with each gate giving a stronger buff and damage over time to the user. It should have 8 ranks that you have to train to be able to open the next gate. It wouldn't have a specific time limit, but would go off either when the user dies or manually turns it off by right clicking the buff as with all buffs. The specific variables are up for debate if I made them too high or too low, but in general I think the numbers should be around where I have them. I think using the gates should be risky, so I made the damage over time high. Whether or not you like the numbers, I think it's important to NOT put a time limit on the 8 Gates and make it a decision for how long they want it to last, because the DoT is so high you can't keep it on forever without dying. @Rory First Gate= 5% agility buff and 5 damage per tic Second Gate= 10% agility buff and 7 damage per tic Third Gate= 15% agility buff, 10 damage per tic, slight movement speed increase, skin turns red from here on out, Battle injuries debuff for 15 seconds when turned off Fourth Gate= 20% agility buff, 15 damage per tic, slight movement speed increase, Battle injuries for 30 seconds when turned off Fifth Gate= 25% agility buff, 20 damage per tic, slight movement speed increase, Battle injuries for 50 seconds when turned off Sixth Gate= 30% agility buff, 25 damage per tic, moderate movement speed increase, battle injuries for 70 seconds when turned off Seventh Gate= 40% agility buff, 35 damage per tic, moderate movement speed increase, battle injuries for 100 seconds when turned off. Eighth Gate= 60% agility buff, 50 damage per tic, major movement speed increase, dies when turned off
  2. Game

    we should have lvl 50 jutsus for each mastery Lighting-Kirin Tai-Hidden lotus/8 gates water-Water dragon Fire-Amaterasu(homing) (does dps for a LONG time) wind- rasengan (but i can see that as a lvl 30-40 jutsu) Weapon-chakra infused weapons medical- I dont know earth- Earth Wall to defend against projectile attacks
  3. The legendary Items should be as Its called "Legendary". Exemple, Twin Swords. With the fact that the Twin Swords have a very low drop-rate like (1/100k) Enemies killed. It should deal more base damages and be better than a simple sword that you can buy in shops. Actually people will just buy the sword that worth 10k instead of farming during months to get Twin Swords cause the base damages are pretty much the same PLUS it adds chakra. The Twin Fangs are very bad in the current state. The "Legendary" effect that add a random knockback isn't an advantage in fight but the opposite, it can break any combos! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ So this is my suggestion: Legendary weapons should be better than common weapons.
  4. Game

    level 40 Tause stuck on left side of snow map
  5. Game

    there really needs to be a higher stat requirements to use fan wind justu. same with gf jutsu. sand users can just freely use a move that was supposed to be used by a person with a lot of str and its pretty annoying. same with gf users but whatever
  6. Game

    Theres a bug that after you block someone you cant unblock them. i have a couple people blocked who were being annoying but its been a little while since then so i want to unblock them and its not working at all.
  7. Game

    starting from today i touch the login button and it freezes someone please help
  8. Game

    Map it happens on: Any map that you open bounty book on Type of Bug: Technical Description: This bug seems to mainly happen when the game goes down/crashes or if you constantly open and close the bounty book. When the game goes down/crashes players bounties and kill counts reset back to 0 and if you constantly open and close bounty book eventually the names in it stop showing until you re-login. (Was told newer players are mainly affected by this bug as to old. Older account bounties and kills don't reset to 0.) Reproduce the bug: Just constantly close and reopen bounty book for a lil while and eventually names stop showing.
  9. ¿Alguien de aquì es hispano? - Someone Hispanic?
  10. What is the ts3 channel of the game?
  11. Game

    We need more jutsu that aren't mastery based, like Fuuma Wind Shuriken. People shouldn't be defined only by their chakra nature. While I'm here, I'll also suggest buffing Fuuma because the self stun is too long, reduce it to 1 second.
  12. What is the ts3 channel of the game?
  13. i don't know if this is a bug or not if im not wrong fan's knock back has a percent chance to do knock back isnt it? can you guys explain this how it work? @Seth @Rory
  14. Yo! @Seth I'm not sure if it's intended to be like that, but if you sub the Fire Wall Technique.. it's no longer going to repeatedly hit you. regular Fire Wall: after using substitution:
  15. Game

    Having hotbar pages is nice but what about having two hotbars at same time, it would be very useful since most high lvl people have 15 or more jutsus and also use tools or pills
  16. Game

    Choose one: Allow Lightning feast caster run while casting it, reduce the range similiar to Earth pillar or Hurricane Remove self-stun from Lightning shroud @Rory@Rory@Rory@Rory@Rory@Rory@Rory @Seth
  17. Game

    Hello so I have a problem with my village, I was a Sand ninja and after killing some randoms ninjas my character went Leaf than missing leaf and sometime change between these two lasts thing randomly when I kill people. I hope to be fixed by an admin and be back into my own village. Bounty Hunter Kakuzu.
  18. Right now tools are op. They deal tons of damage. You know how people in naruto trains with tools to be better at using them? Tools on nin online should work like that aswell. What I mean is the more you use them the better damage you get. What im trying to get to is, Tools should work like jutsu where you have to train them in order to master them. Once you master them youll deal more damage. Tools should work like jutsu, you can put it in your jutsu slot but itll tell you that you need a tool to use it if you dont have one. The lower level it is, the lower damage you have. At max level it should deal the same damage tools deal like today's tool. RPwise. Tools should be trained in order to be better at them. @Rory @Seth
  19. Game

    Hey! I found bug with new hotbars, when jutsu lvls up it doesn't lvl up in hotbar, and it's saying: 'You don't have this jutsu.' Ye you don't have it because your jutsu was replaced with another lvl of this jutsu. But old one seems like staying in hotbars, not updating it like 'normal' hotbar does. - You need to replace it again with jutsu from Jutsu Table. ' -' I have my 'Antibodies Activation' in second hotbar.
  20. @Seth @Rory Mavis has 5 agi and Pikachu has 140 agi both use maxed cutter and we both have around 300ping Agi make you cast jutsu faster but it won't let you land jutsu after you finish it, you still have to wait till 1s to land the jutsu even you already finish casting
  21. Pillars of the Sand 2.0 Info: The Pillars of the Sand are a special unit that specializes in unorthodox missions that are way more specific than what the Military corps does. Although they help in times of war like any sand Ninja, they are most of the time sent on more specific missions to help from the flank as the main forces wage war. Most Pillars are Veteran players who have been beneficial to the Sand Village for many years before actually joining the ranks of this Specialized Corp. The Pillars never really disbanded, they where in the shadows, waiting for their time to walk into the light again. With new found strength the legendary Sand Corp who spawned a Kazekage is once again ready to serve the village. Positions: The Pillars don't have ranks, they instead have specific jobs to do in helping the village. Vanguard: The Vanguards are fighter units who act like bodyguards for Sand Officials who are on official business. They also take care of getting rid of specific targets who pose a direct threat to the village during war to give advantages to the Sand on the Battlefield. Must be above level 40 Must be competent in PVP Inquisitor: This unit roots out traitors of the Village. Leaf collaborators. Must have intimate knowledge of the village rules Must have never had major infractions to the laws of the village Pillar (leader): Leader of the Corp, establishes the rules & gives the missions to his units. Rules: Always accomplish your missions Never betray the village ( You get to deal with the Inquisitors if you do) Respect all higher ranking officers within the sand village Help any sand villagers in need Always keep your position within the Pillars secret, one does not need to know what you do specifically.
  22. Game

    Can we get some arm wraps (leg wraps would be nice too) that go on both arms up to the elbow like this? Preferably with in game ryo?
  23. Game

    Since noone posted about this yet I might as well do it. Some people are having issues with jutsus going through water substitution. Also on couple occasions when someone tries to chidori or water prison me I have to spam the substitution button to get it to work and even then it does not turn on always...
  24. Game

    My dear ninjas, this post is the end of my trilogy of post. I am finally exiled. Why? I don't know. Kaguya does not want to answer this simple question. So i accept my fate, and now i understand what i need to do. To all my missing ninjas enemies, if you think that i will stop to kill you for this reason, it is false. It was my destiny, and being a missing ninja is the only way for me to achieve my new goal. I don't work for the sand village anymore, i will truly do what i want.
  25. Game

    It doesn't even work anymore. It freezes you in place for a second when you use it, and if you're out of range you get stuck and can't move at all. Why nerf this move??