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Found 974 results

  1. Yup, I summoned clones who were between me and my opponent and when Indra casts his lightning senbons, they went through my clones (without hitting them) and finally reached me. I tested with other jutsus but it looks like it only happens with ''single projectile'' such as shurikens, kunais, etc. Indra tested it too and had the same results.
  2. Game

    I noticed during the night that the hospital continued to be illuminated when there is no sun outside.
  3. Game

    Hey! For some reasons, i cannot land a mele attack after i land lighting current. i can do any spell i want but that
  4. Game

    Hello, I have a small problem when I want to connect, After the update, a message appears : "Run-ime error '429' ActiveX component can't create object" Sorry for post ... Thanx for you reply
  5. Game

    This bug happened after Kirikuzu Yoru summoned a couple of clones and left the area. Me and Dona casted the Clone Technique and clouds appeared far from us. It looks like the game considers them as entities, I could select them with TAB and use body flicker.
  6. Game

    I thought about it and weapon strength path will be really strong. So if we talk about dmg, maybe it would be good thing that the jutsu has the same dmg as the basic attacks Example : If you do 50 dmg with your sword,Your spell should do the same!(or it would be really too strong) Tell me what you think about it.
  7. Game

    Weapon Master Int path (Bukijutsu) is currently have huge problem with Ammo, i was thinking about how Tenten use it in her battles and remember the Fūinjutsu Scrolls.. What i suggest is simple: Go to the Weapon shop with blank scroll and create Fūinjutsu Scrolls. once you run out of ammo during farm "use" the Fūinjutsu Scroll for pack of 100 or 200 (one time use), either Kunai, Shuriken, Tag or Senbon.. how you know what you get from the scroll?, i got few idea in mind but i think this will fit the best. you just choose what the scroll will contain > and only god know what other tools will be add in the future, like Makibishi or Flash Bomb, Smoke bomb or the Kunai Grenade or even bear trap for the lvl 30 jutsu. so for way down the road this system like the jutsu scroll system will have the RNG. 100% for low level tools (Kunai, Shuriken, Tag or Senbon). - pack of 100 or 200. 75% for mid level tools (Makibishi, Bear trap or Kunai Grenade). pack of 50 or 100. and 35% for high level tools (Flash Bomb, Smoke bomb, etc..) pack of 5 or 10. we will have to find the right balance for it, but this is what beta is for Note: if you like to counter people from abuse it for money, (blank scroll > transform > Fūinjutsu Scroll > Ammo > sell > Ryo..) make the ammo worth 0 in the shop. or make blank scroll worth 100 ryo at the store also see suggestion over the WM int and the discussion that follow about ammo issue.. ***i'd like to hear what you guys think about this. and ill put a poll above to see how many people on board for this idea.
  8. Game

    Hi i think we could add some passives in the game to make things better, i suggest some here : Weapon : Having a scroll which summon weapons (Tenten like) (no need to buy them anymore after that) Medic : Healing someone also heal the healer (a little) Fire : Fire justu put the ground on fire for some secondes, deal damage of course. Water : Water jutsu put water on ground, water users are faster runing on it and regen chakra. Earth : Hitting someone give you a shield, the shield have a life bar and is destroyed if his HP is 0 or after 3 secondes. Lighting : Hitting someone with lighting jutsu incrase your speed and dodge a lot. Wind : A fan (Temari like) wind jutsu cast is faster and cost less chakra. Taijutsu : Hitting someone incrase the next taijutsu damage on him, you have 2 secondes use taijutsu on him, after that you have to hit him again to use ur passiv again.
  9. Game

    When you already buy all sealable scrolls for your mastery, sometimes the monsters drop blank scrolls, which are unuseable. I have idea what we could do with it. Maybe if u have unuseable blank scroll, should be possibility to change it for some exp to your jutsus. I don't mean huge amounts of it, but some exp which could improve our skilling jutsus. I think it will be good point in using unnecessary blank scrolls.
  10. Game

    Welcome ninja's. what u think about change name Level -> Age of your ninja ? is better for fun with RP .
  11. Game

    Hey, when im rank up to max my Light senbons, still one shot, (idk is bug or nerf for lighting ? ) one projectile shot is really hard to land it in to enemy.
  12. Game

    sealable scrolls descriptions bug.. sealable scroll I, is for level 1 - 19, on the descriptions of scroll itself it says, 1-10. same for scroll II and III. NOTE: another similar bug i post few weeks ago, \\\///
  13. Mastery: Weapon Master (Int Path)Jutsu: level 10, Explosive Kunai, Rank 3 (max).Effect: at Rank 3, the jutsu fire one projectile without AOE. (the CD, cost and base damage are perfect).Opinion: I think Weapon Mastery is missing AOE in their arsenal for PvE meaning at low levels, even tho there are 2 AOE jutsu for Int path WM (both level 30), they lack jutsu that will carry them to that level 30.WM int path is great for Pvp, but unless there is change, people will take WN int path only as 2nd mastery because as it is atm its waste of time.Conclusion: the last nerfs on Explosive Kunai out of place and like every other mastery by level 20 they should have AOE as well.
  14. Game

    Since we have no option of choosing to create our characters within a clan, we could then have a more choice than just Elements or Taijutsu or Doctor. Example: Religion. In this ninja way you can choose to "convert" to Jashinism, and believe in the god Jashin, using the jutsus like those of Hidan in the anime. So, what do you think?
  15. Game

    Well I got a great idea for the game I only hope that the great gods divine ie the designers of the game rory and seth will accept it and add it in the game voila it is my idea! My idea is this: a arena pvp simply in each village or village players different or the same can be practiced in pvp without having injuries or bounty! And also to add a respawn point in this building! please accept this idea Rory or Seth !
  16. Game

    small bugs with Building/Objects Colliders. not super top priority or the end of the world but, still need to be fix at some point. if you need me to show you the places PM me.. PS: please tell me if i should keep an eye on those bugs.. (don't want to waste time on known issues)
  17. Possible Fuuma Wind Shuriken bug. as there is not description for the jutsu atm, i don't really know if this is a bug. as you will see in the image, i test it few times and with few mobs. few things that u need to know, the jutsu is lvl 1 and i'm Str build (with 5 int). when i hit one target the damage is 38. when i hit two or more targets the damage is 54. (again only 5 int.) the targets need to be next to each other for this to happened and for the "aoe" effect to take place. (while still at lvl 1). can't see a reason why the damage won't be consistent even if its aoe. after all the main target get hit for 38 and the rest for 54. hope you understand what i'm trying to say. '・ ‸・)/`
  18. Just wondering if face and body details would be something (without much detail of course) we like. just wanna here what you guys think about it. I know there are plenty of characters we would love to resemble because we genuinely love those characters from the naruto series. Like the lines beneath itachi's eyes (I believe thats from stress not sure) Or hidans skeleton like appearance. Tell me what you guys think.
  19. bug where Fuuma wind shuriken requires no ammo.
  20. Game

    Can you just please repair this bug with the sub because its annoying to have to click on alt+the number of the attack!!!please do something
  21. Game

    After I leveled Earth Split to lv 2 it then became seismic dash. Relogging did not help to restore the jutsu. I cannot use dash, but split is no longer there.num5num5num5
  22. iv been using this jutsu for 3 days attacking hundreds of mobs with it and its not leveling....or is it max ?
  23. Game

    After leveling Air Bullet Jutsu (For wind users) to level 3, the jutsu does some kind of tier advance, I have been stuck on level 1 of this new tier for the past 300k exp (Using it every so often). Is there a teir up for this jutsu or is the meter broken? My computer mets the standards for the game and I haven't touched VR in anyway. Thanks for your time, La Morte
  24. Game

    In the future how about we (and when I say we, I mostly, and 100% mean the coders) add a right click action that allows you to Duel with out penalty. As of now you can just Flag up for PvP and fight who ever you want in a safe zone (even same Villages) but when you die, you have a debuff for 500 Seconds (8 minutes 20 seconds) which is quite annoying. Now how this would work is that it'd be an instant resurrection instead of having to to go the hospital as well as eliminate the function of Battle Injuries. This would allow fights ranging from 1v1 2v2 3v3 4v4 and 5v5s as well as everything in between to allow sparring and training your skillset / testing new combos to your hearts desire with out having to wait for a 500 second debuff to clear to fight at full function again to only have to wait another 8 minutes and 20 seconds for it to clear again after your partner dies. It's a simple concept and I could of just said lets add a sparring button but I wanted to elaborate on this idea because I personally would enjoy this feature a lot, and I can assume most of the community would as well.
  25. Game

    Shows everyone online simple issue.