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Found 507 results

  1. I tryed to relog restart the game full screen/nofullscreen it appears again . It could be only me but still ...
  2. Game

    Well, I know what you're thinking but let me explain...I think intelligence users can have weapons so they're balanced. Something like kunais, small knives or small weapons...but these weapons can not pass from the base damage of 5-15 and they have to cost more than the swords, they also can have no effect on the attack beyond the damage itself. I think they should not fall for monsters or anything like that, I think they should sell at every weapon shop and their damage scale has to be in intelligence (of course), but this scale should be 50% of what it would be if you were Weapon Mastery. But there is still a problem ... since the diagonal damage was implemented basic attacks and with weapons stayed like this. If they still think it's a great advantage ... these "kunais" can have the basic attack area that way (if necessary). Please Note: This post was done with google translator, sorry for that! @Rory @Seth
  3. Hello. I've got a suggestion that wooden katana. I don't know if it's intended to be slow while attacking, but the problem is that sometimes it doesn't land attacks. My suggestion is either to increase the attack speed of it when you are swinging or increase the attack landing (if it's possible) Thanks.
  4. Hello. To reproduce this bug, all you gotta do is to be in-game. If you click the Nin online icon in the taskbar to minimize/maximize it once or twice, the game will freeze and it'll say that it's not responding. I tried to wait, but it's not helping. So you have to shut it down and start again. Thanks.
  5. Game

    Make it activate a 1 second global cooldown upon use because there are a lot of overpowered stuff you can pull off with flicker that take absolutely 0 skill to use. I can get free combos off of flicker, people can flicker->firewall/earth spikes which goes through subs. There is no way to defend against this and I don't even have to aim.
  6. Hello! I've noticed the typo while making the Danger Dango mission. Instead of him saying "ask" or "asked", he says "as". This is just a small typo mistake and it's not game breaking at all. Thanks ^^
  7. There has been a lot of crashes(connection lost) since the new patch,(I'm not the only one who said it)(I never had crash problems before). especially when I'm in a team, random crashes happen pretty often. The team ''crash bug'', has been reported many times too and never been fixed.
  8. Every time I try to open the nin launcher an error occurs telling me my net framework is out of date, however once I try to download net framework 4.0 it tells me I already have it. I tested this on my PC, a laptop and my brothers PC. All have the same exact error message. Is there a fix for this? An easy way to fix this problem is to use a VPN and open the launcher, after you run the game off of a VPN once you can turn your VPN off and launch the game through the client rather than the launcher. You can find the client file by right clicking your Nin Online shortcut and "Open file location", then go to bin and it should be there.
  9. Algum br ae pra jogar com nois na folha?
  10. Game

    On most maps, I can't revive a player if they're right at the entrance of the map, or right on the edge of the map. For example, in the Leaf Training Grounds, I couldn't revive a buddy of mine because they were killed right at the edge of the map, leading towards the wolves. This also happens in maps in the sand village. Don't know which ones specifically.
  11. Suggestion: Don't make stats permanent until you leave the "N" page. Add a plus and minus on the side of stats so you can switch around your available points until you are done. A lot of people waste a stat reset scroll which is worth $5 in a second because of a misclick/lag/etc.
  12. Hello guys, this is the official post of the desert's pirates! You wanted it? Here it is! I will be serious this time. Before I start to give informations about my crew, I want to prevent you that I don't want you in my crew if you don't want to spamkill our ennemies. I want you only if you know when to be serious! If you are poor, I will give you money. If you are weak, I will make you become strong. If you need help, the crew will be here for you. Just remember that if a member of the crew has a problem, you stop what you do, and you help him. No matter what. Goal: Enjoy Captain: Dona Right-hand: Bmore Second: Ushu Third: Akoosh Senseis: Lumy and Mylu Backstory: f*ck the long backstory just join! Members: We are the biggest crew for the moment. Unfortunately, it is not enough for our projects! Normal ninja: Why is your organization better than the organization of xXxDarksasuke69xXx? Go here to join the desert's pirates and have more informations about the crew: *sorry for my bad english, my first language is french*
  13. Game

    If you experience high ping, you should look into paying for a gaming VPN. These exist to eliminate the latency trips that your network ISP has to travel, by optimizing the network pathway. The server we run is in Canada and if you aren't inside Canada, the pathway to it could be really bad. This is something we can't fix, which is why we will look in the future to provide an alternative server for EU region and US. It just is not something we can do with our budget, time, or resources at this time. The only real solution is to pick a good VPN/proxy and use it for the time being. ExitLag NoPing WTFast PingZapper KillPing These are the major ones that I have researched and used most of them. I use ExitLag personally.
  14. Game

    This was talked about in the Nin online Discord and thought I would bring the idea here. Some people want to be roleplay focused, and want other know they don't plan to run in and kill people without any warning or even speaking. The idea is like PVP mode, add a button to go into RP mode, this wouldn't do anything in game except make your name appear in a very obvious color (like pink for example) and possibly always have your name showing on screen. This would let people know. This could in some way affect gameplay but I don't know how that can be done without having people abuse it.
  15. People cast for .1 sec but theyre still casting the jutsu but dont have their hands up. its kinda fked. Even in the anime they still have their hands up. @Seth @Rory
  16. I seem to randomly get the "Connection Lost" error while I'm in game but my character still stays logged in. I can't get back in again because of the MAC address restriction. It's happened four times within a week, had to ask Sezu to kick me off the server the first time. Got back in after 20 mins of "Connection Lost" error the second time. Kenock kicked the third time and it's happened again just now. I wasn't casting any jutsus just moving around or standing idle all four times. The server was online as were other people and I checked with them to see if my character was still logged in. Now that MAC address restriction is a thing, can the devs please add a force logout option on the website for situations like these so I don't have to go looking for a GM that can kick me so I can get back on?
  17. Game

    Hey guys 7 Ninja swords men LEADER here and in my last post @Rory said we could make suggestions so I'll start and if you guys like you can go in depth like me and share your suggestions Samehada: Description/Requirements: A sword that for some reason is sentient, it has large sharp teeth and capable of making anything it comes in contact with shred into ribbons! the user of this sword requires 50 chakra points, 70 str points and must be a WM (Weapon master) has a base dmg of 25. Level req. 30 Ability: Rough Skin: Rough skin allows Samehada to snatch it's enemies chakra(10 points of chakra for each hit) capping at 100 samehada then becomes charged. Once Samehada is charged it has a higher chance of crit and will make it's enemies bleed for 20 Health points for 10 secs (this is to balance out it's weak base damage while staying true to the swords origin). If Samehada doesn't deal damage to an enemy for 20 seconds it will start to lose it's charge same goes for any chakra it has collected. (THE PLAYER DOES NOT GAIN THE CHAKRA THAT WOULD BE TOO OP) UNCHARGED IMAGE: CHARGED IMAGE: Also I didn't think I really had to say this but if you're seriously upset about me saying "Seven ninja sworsmen leader" then just ignore it and actually consider the post. I'm never gonna stop saying it until a actual leader is chosen or if i'm not apart of it.
  18. I noticed that now, hawk are able to use flicker, since the map(right) is really ''stuffy'' it makes it really hard. I just want to know if it is an error/bug or it is supposed to be like that? Because bears are higher level and doesn't use flicker.
  19. Game

    So before this bug was present and it seems it has revealed itself once again. Whenever you are in a team and switch between maps there is a high probability that your game will crash/stop responding. It's ruining teaming up and running around Nin due to unexpected crashes.
  20. Game

    There's no reason Leaf Gates should be 12-13 squares wide when Sand Gates is only 5
  21. Game

    Trying to log in. Shuriken screen comes up fine, but when the actual game launches it's just white. Pure white. No matter how long I wait. I can hit esc and then music starts to play but thats all the changes. Hitting esc again closes the game.
  22. Game

    Ok, so I'm sure that a lot of people could benefit from a global auction. Say that sand needs an item from the leaf village area they could check the auction to see if anyone is selling the items and vice versa. If RP interaction is a "foreseen problem" maybe a building (farmers market type of thing) that would restrict fighting in the area so people can sell their unwanted loot to others that could use it.
  23. Game

    I play a lot of MMO's and one thing MMO's are known for excelling in, is its variety. I think Nin could use some variety to its activities, would be nice if a the different water places on the map (like the oasis near the sand, and maybe the waters around the Akatsuki hideout) we could Fish! You would get a fishing rod, maybe their could be 3 different kinds that just look aesthetically different and you just have to be standing on a tile next to a water tile and be facing towards it. Then you just use the rod on your hotbar. The fishing could be similar to how Pokemon does its fishing, where its all about timing, but maybe the time could eb extended so you would have to be extra patient to get a fish. You could sell these fish at vendors to get a good amount of ryo, and maybe there could be some quests in game that require you to fish. This kind of quest would be much more interesting than having to sit in a hot spring I think :).
  24. Game

    Simple as title, no reason people should be able to spam with no slow down
  25. Game

    i know this topic was answered, so i came up with a suggestion to this RE: Squad EXP Share AFK Leveling and power leveling is not fun. It's already better to play together, just because it's more fun and you kill counts share. (THIS IS RORY'S ANSWER TO ONE POST) im okay with that, but what if, that you get the xp ONLY if you party with a same level or (maybe) one level more or less¿? like more than 2 levels diference (or more), you wont get xp, so that way, partying to grind is rewarding, you hagn with you team, doesnt fell lonely to grind, but you cant power level anyone and the afk part, really nobody wants a lazy ninja on their team... i dont know if this suggestion was made before, but seems good to me