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Found 76 results

  1. AS it stands, the 12 guardian sash is by far the weakest buff unless Rory changed it since Alarnin wore it. You can argue that their advantage is numbers but that’s a poor excuse in my opinion. I think that as an added benefit over other org buffs, it would be nice if it didn’t drop on death. Simple quality of life improvement to it that you don’t have to sacrifice it when you leave the village. That sets it apart from the other orgs in the sense that they will ALWAYS have their buff. There’s probably better suggestions for this out there somewhere, but I thought a good QOL buff instead of direct stat boost would be a unique take on these organization benefits.
  2. Make Feast of Lightning 2 sec cast 1 sec stun and 14 tiles range
  3. I want akatsuki and 7sm members to have an intro music played every time they walk into a danger zone map. Imagine you're just minding yo own business. You're eating some cheetos and have started pouring your glass of mountain dew then you hear this: Absolutely terrifying. As those two organizations should be. Now this song is just a suggestion for them, but I'm sure there are some better ones out there somewhere for such mighty foes. "But Itachi you stupid twat, if there are multiple people from the org entering the map, does the song restart? Wouldn't that get annoying?" Yes. And yes. "Itachi you said this wasn't satire." Genuinely I think it'd be kinda cool if people from organizations or with like 3k+ bounty had a boss theme play when they enter a danger zone. Gives a reason to play the game's music.
  4. Hi there, Lumy's post got me thinking about the other thing that kills my fps: Water. Why do I drop from 150 fps to 69 on the water (Nice)? There's a command that stops the water from moving on screen but it doesn't help my soul leaving my body every time I try to chase somebody when my feet get wet. Please freeze the water using your winter textures until the new server is added so I can abuse the d3d8.dll file being deleted to its fullest.
  5. It is not really important, but I think its time that we recieve friend request to accept or decline. Right now the friendlist is just a spyware.
  6. So as you can see there are no tailed beasts in game yet.So i come with the suggestion of jinchurikis. These are serious don't take them as a joke!!!. 9 tails- @Mamadou bah litterally best ninja in leaf village 8 tails- @OgIKage tai light abilities and very strong player 7 tails- @Furiia Hinode 6 tails- @Balcoin since he's the only famous bubble user 5 tails- Any bulgarian brute but I hope @Iroh 4 tails- Zuh the gf CEO 3 tails- @Ichika since he's water earth or @Bmore the turtle king cheers. 2 tails- @Kyreno to have a buff for Ryu 1 tail- me of course the most active wind/earth If you agree with me, leave a like
  7. So many organasations and missing ninja offer hit jobs for exchange of Ryo . You offer money for them to do jobs like kill a player or raid a village , block a passage "ghcough-bridge-cough" or offer a form of protection. But here is where the problem arises . What happens when either party decides to go all "419 Nigerian prince" mode and scam each other . Does the client pay first or does the hired ninja does the job first . Who says that I can't take the money and run away or do a hired job and not get paid in the end . Here's where the solution comes. There needs to exist a "Midle-man" but it can't be a player because we run to the same problem as before. So why not have a system similar to trade where both parties have to accept it. How will this system work: First, the client goes next to the ninja for hire ,just like trade the hired ninja accepts the "custom quest". Then the second part takes place, a window with check boxes pops up here the client can choose what type of custom "quest" {where the system can recognise when it is complite} he wants to give, He can select the box for an assassination {hit job} or the box for raiding villages etc . Now for the third part, The client places his rewards for when the "quest" is complete this could be ryo and items . The following step is optional, The client can even place a deadline for when the "deal/quest" is off and maybe a fee. lastly the receiving party must accept for the quest to take place . Once the costume "quest" is accepted by the hired ninja the rewards will be removed from the clients inventory and a new mission will pop up in the ninja's missions tap that looks kind of like this (not an artist this is for demonstration) When the mission is complete the hired ninja receives the rewards and calls it a day. If he fails to complete it before the deadline then the deals off and the client gets the reward , if a deadline fee is present then the fee gets taken from the ninja and is given to the client . What are your thoughts on this suggestion? let me know. @Ueda
  8. Recently I thought of some things while playing the game, I've been told this is the place to do so. What I'm bringing up is nothing major just some things I feel would make for a better experience. One is specifically for the Big flame bullet technique. When using it a feel like the initial spout (before it becomes a circle) should also deal damage because as of now it doesn't, now if it's a problem with balancing that aspect you could just have the damage for the initial spout just not do as much. Second thing was that tools that are thrown and don't hit anything including walls should be something you can pick up. A problem could be neither opponent running out of tools, though regular ninja tools are already hard to aim with and mixing ninja tools with your INT based opponent when you're STR based would make the potential game break not a real issue. That concludes what I wanted to bring up, nothing major but things worth considering.
  9. So, we all know that we don't have the option to team with someone from an opposite village. For exemple you are a sand ninja so u are unable to team leaf/mist/missing ninjas. I think this thing should be available because as you know, in this game may appear alliances between villages so teaming someone from other village if you are into an alliance will make things more diverse and realistic in game.
  10. Fire vortex in theory: Fire Vortex in reality: Please match the jutsu's animation to the 3 tile range instead of 2 and make the self stun 1s instead of 1.3s thanks
  11. Hello there! I was bored and as a change from the usual complain topics I decided to bring a Forum Game I saw from another forum over here. All you have to do is rename the person above you judging by the avatar or personal thought. Have fun!
  12. Yo this should be a war crime: Take note of my level at the bottom. If my mission giver is giving me 46k experience as a level 53 he should be executed.
  13. Why do all these items have the wrong slots? If it goes on my face then why can't I wear a fedora with it? A lot of items have the wrong slots. Here's some examples Cool right? Goes on your face. but what if I told you that was a lie. Why does the blood medic mask go on a neck slot? I can't have that covering my neckbeard. It should go on the face slot with the face mask. Some dope ass headbands. Surprise! They take a neck slot too. I can't wear my scarf when I have this on my forehead. Secondary suggestion: Add a new cosmetic slot that's specifically for headbands. We're ninjas, we should be proud of our genin status! But if I have to choose between a headband and a scarf, I'm gonna take the scarf because it's cold in sand.
  14. Simple suggestion: Sand’s passive is too good compared to the other two. I’d change it to -1 s cast time as opposed to perfect stealth.
  15. Simple: Please make a Fedora for purchase that's animation is tied to breathing and is you tipping the Fedora. I can make a macro that says "Mi'lady" every breath interval. Please, make my dreams come true @Serias Pardon mi'lady, but can I interest you in a load of
  16. Not a lot of people probably know me but hey Im fuzeko i started playing this game not a long time ago and i really enjoy it but one thing i really wana point out in the game is the fact that there is no way of previewing how you are going to look when you wana buy a certain combination of clothes which results in you looking "not fresh" while slowly collecting for your clothes (atleast for the low level players) My point is that i had an idea about creating a site or an in game feature that allows you to preview a whole clothing and hair combination so you dont waste time, money and looks for a result which you may not like the outcome I myself cant really create a site or in game feature for this so i posted this for people that like the idea to maybe take some time and make this an actual thing! Thats all:/
  17. Hi there, I have made this suggestion before and didn’t get a developer response so I’m bumping it and tweaking the old post. MMORPG’s almost unanimously have three key roles in pvp and pve. Tank, Support, and DPS. Nin currently has 2 of these things. DPS builds are simply not viable in a pvp setting, and I have tried many times to make it work. After many stat resets and a ton of testing, I can say that having 130 points into a dps stat is the absolute maximum viable, and only if you have 2 subs and don’t have chakra eating masteries. Why this is bad: Combat is boring and unfulfilling. You will ALWAYS be fighting people with the same build because playing anything else is a detriment to yourself and a team. The standard 1k Hp 375 chakra, and 100 points into a damage stat with slight variations is just what most people play, because it’s just what works. This gives the illusion that your stat points matter. Because they do not *anymore*. Why is DPS not viable anymore when you have control of stat points: Damage scaling (For int) went from .91 damage per point of int to .61 damage per point. It cut maximum damage output by a third on its own, and then added really high chakra costs which forces people to put even more points into chakra (And fewer into damage). These two major balance changes killed DPS players and made it unplayable. With 60 int, I have 36 fewer points of damage per attack than if I had 120 int. 36 extra damage per attack? Or 600 extra health? My suggestion is simple: Revert one of these changes. Return chakra costs to the way they were, or increase damage scaling. Why revert one of these: Reverting one change still is a big hit to dps users from a bygone era. However, if only one is reverted DPS once again at least becomes VIABLE and combat will still last longer than before. Why should this happen as soon as possible: Level cap is increasing. You know what that means? 800 extra HP for everyone and DPS becoming not only not viable, but completely useless all together. Might as well just not have a damage stat. I see that stat points gets reduced per level range. 1-50 is still 5 points. 51-59 is 4, 60-69 is 3, 70-79 is 2, and 80-90 is 1 point. Rory said “You can pretty much stop the hard grind at 75 as that’s your last advances jutsu” excuse the paraphrase. This means that by level 75 when you have your advanced jutsu, you will have amassed 73 points to invest. That’s 730 HP or 44 extra damage per attack... @Ueda please give players the chance to be viable if they want to play a DPS role. We are sorely lacking that option
  18. So, Village most wanted 1 gives me 194k xp for 75 ryo bounty collected when bounty hunting 4 gives me 198k for 50.
  19. Please remove the snow from the game now. Wind is OP enough without being unable to see the jutsu.
  20. Simple suggestion that somebody made in the last post that got dreadfully overlooked: Once you reach a level to take higher ranking missions you should be able to choose the rank you want to do. Example: Level 40, I want exclusively A rank missions so I can have rewarding exp to level. Some people might be level 50 and say “Boy I sure do want guard duty for ryo. I’ll take a C rank mission and hope I get it. By choosing the rank of missions to take it still has the RNG factor involved but gives the chance to take a daily that is suitable for a ninja of their status. Imagine Six Paths Naruto getting “Slay some snakes”
  21. Boat ride is staying because the game can't be casual. But make Mist ninja be able to ride for free. It already sucks that they have to take a boat ride for 5 minutes to and from the mainland, at least make it free because... comradery?
  22. Simple suggestion: Allow GM's to be able to remove the battle injuries debuff on themselves and players.
  23. Okay this has been suggested before, but I have a different idea as to how it could work in RP. With the release of a third village, I know many people who would like to defect to other locations. My idea is that if you go rogue, to wait a certain amount of time as a rogue you are no longer considered a member of your previous village and would be available for recruitment elsewhere. I was thinking of a reasonable time, and that gave me two ideas. In-game time, or real time. In real time, 3 months away from your village as a rogue sounds pretty reasonable. In-game time, 50 hours of playing as a rogue is more than enough time from a gameplay standpoint and an MMO standpoint. The way it could work would also be nice as it would give Kage a little bit more power. If you appeal to a Kage of a different village, you could be asked to be pardoned via a menu popup in-game. If you accept, you can join that village. That leads to my second suggestion as well: You should be able to accept or decline a village pardon. I know that sounds silly since most Kage's don't pardon unless you ask for it, but it also seems strange that a kage could just pardon you at any time. Just a little popup with a yes/no option would be a nice addition.
  24. Missions that should be abandoned 100% of the time and need a rework: 1. Samurai? Where?? - Seriously, what the fuck. 2. Danger Dango 3. Cursed Hosts 4. Snow Wolves 5. Clear the abandoned lair 6. Parcel delivery (Level 30+) Why do these missions suck ass? Why am I getting 23k experience from snakes at level 39? Why do I get 3.5k experience from giving a samurai energy drink when it's just as hard as docs? Why do danger dangos require more effort than spying on a kage office at a level 5-15 level range Why do cursed hosts give trash experience and ryo for having to kill 50 of the bastards at level 35+? Why do snow wolves give good ryo but trash exp when nobody is able to farm them without help or until level 50? Why do I get parcel delivery 3 times as a level 50 rogue? Excuse me? Rory, please, give these justice so I can have 6 fewer missions that I abandon 100% of the time.
  25. let me sit down, damn. A ninja stands all day long and never gets to chill out. Maybe I wanna soak in the hostprings and sit in the water instead of standing on top of it, fuck.