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Found 67 results

  1. Simple suggestion: Sand’s passive is too good compared to the other two. I’d change it to -1 s cast time as opposed to perfect stealth.
  2. Not a lot of people probably know me but hey Im fuzeko i started playing this game not a long time ago and i really enjoy it but one thing i really wana point out in the game is the fact that there is no way of previewing how you are going to look when you wana buy a certain combination of clothes which results in you looking "not fresh" while slowly collecting for your clothes (atleast for the low level players) My point is that i had an idea about creating a site or an in game feature that allows you to preview a whole clothing and hair combination so you dont waste time, money and looks for a result which you may not like the outcome I myself cant really create a site or in game feature for this so i posted this for people that like the idea to maybe take some time and make this an actual thing! Thats all:/
  3. Simple: Please make a Fedora for purchase that's animation is tied to breathing and is you tipping the Fedora. I can make a macro that says "Mi'lady" every breath interval. Please, make my dreams come true @Serias Pardon mi'lady, but can I interest you in a load of
  4. Hi there, I have made this suggestion before and didn’t get a developer response so I’m bumping it and tweaking the old post. MMORPG’s almost unanimously have three key roles in pvp and pve. Tank, Support, and DPS. Nin currently has 2 of these things. DPS builds are simply not viable in a pvp setting, and I have tried many times to make it work. After many stat resets and a ton of testing, I can say that having 130 points into a dps stat is the absolute maximum viable, and only if you have 2 subs and don’t have chakra eating masteries. Why this is bad: Combat is boring and unfulfilling. You will ALWAYS be fighting people with the same build because playing anything else is a detriment to yourself and a team. The standard 1k Hp 375 chakra, and 100 points into a damage stat with slight variations is just what most people play, because it’s just what works. This gives the illusion that your stat points matter. Because they do not *anymore*. Why is DPS not viable anymore when you have control of stat points: Damage scaling (For int) went from .91 damage per point of int to .61 damage per point. It cut maximum damage output by a third on its own, and then added really high chakra costs which forces people to put even more points into chakra (And fewer into damage). These two major balance changes killed DPS players and made it unplayable. With 60 int, I have 36 fewer points of damage per attack than if I had 120 int. 36 extra damage per attack? Or 600 extra health? My suggestion is simple: Revert one of these changes. Return chakra costs to the way they were, or increase damage scaling. Why revert one of these: Reverting one change still is a big hit to dps users from a bygone era. However, if only one is reverted DPS once again at least becomes VIABLE and combat will still last longer than before. Why should this happen as soon as possible: Level cap is increasing. You know what that means? 800 extra HP for everyone and DPS becoming not only not viable, but completely useless all together. Might as well just not have a damage stat. I see that stat points gets reduced per level range. 1-50 is still 5 points. 51-59 is 4, 60-69 is 3, 70-79 is 2, and 80-90 is 1 point. Rory said “You can pretty much stop the hard grind at 75 as that’s your last advances jutsu” excuse the paraphrase. This means that by level 75 when you have your advanced jutsu, you will have amassed 73 points to invest. That’s 730 HP or 44 extra damage per attack... @Ueda please give players the chance to be viable if they want to play a DPS role. We are sorely lacking that option
  5. So, Village most wanted 1 gives me 194k xp for 75 ryo bounty collected when bounty hunting 4 gives me 198k for 50.
  6. Please remove the snow from the game now. Wind is OP enough without being unable to see the jutsu.
  7. Simple suggestion that somebody made in the last post that got dreadfully overlooked: Once you reach a level to take higher ranking missions you should be able to choose the rank you want to do. Example: Level 40, I want exclusively A rank missions so I can have rewarding exp to level. Some people might be level 50 and say “Boy I sure do want guard duty for ryo. I’ll take a C rank mission and hope I get it. By choosing the rank of missions to take it still has the RNG factor involved but gives the chance to take a daily that is suitable for a ninja of their status. Imagine Six Paths Naruto getting “Slay some snakes”
  8. Boat ride is staying because the game can't be casual. But make Mist ninja be able to ride for free. It already sucks that they have to take a boat ride for 5 minutes to and from the mainland, at least make it free because... comradery?
  9. Simple suggestion: Allow GM's to be able to remove the battle injuries debuff on themselves and players.
  10. Okay this has been suggested before, but I have a different idea as to how it could work in RP. With the release of a third village, I know many people who would like to defect to other locations. My idea is that if you go rogue, to wait a certain amount of time as a rogue you are no longer considered a member of your previous village and would be available for recruitment elsewhere. I was thinking of a reasonable time, and that gave me two ideas. In-game time, or real time. In real time, 3 months away from your village as a rogue sounds pretty reasonable. In-game time, 50 hours of playing as a rogue is more than enough time from a gameplay standpoint and an MMO standpoint. The way it could work would also be nice as it would give Kage a little bit more power. If you appeal to a Kage of a different village, you could be asked to be pardoned via a menu popup in-game. If you accept, you can join that village. That leads to my second suggestion as well: You should be able to accept or decline a village pardon. I know that sounds silly since most Kage's don't pardon unless you ask for it, but it also seems strange that a kage could just pardon you at any time. Just a little popup with a yes/no option would be a nice addition.
  11. Missions that should be abandoned 100% of the time and need a rework: 1. Samurai? Where?? - Seriously, what the fuck. 2. Danger Dango 3. Cursed Hosts 4. Snow Wolves 5. Clear the abandoned lair 6. Parcel delivery (Level 30+) Why do these missions suck ass? Why am I getting 23k experience from snakes at level 39? Why do I get 3.5k experience from giving a samurai energy drink when it's just as hard as docs? Why do danger dangos require more effort than spying on a kage office at a level 5-15 level range Why do cursed hosts give trash experience and ryo for having to kill 50 of the bastards at level 35+? Why do snow wolves give good ryo but trash exp when nobody is able to farm them without help or until level 50? Why do I get parcel delivery 3 times as a level 50 rogue? Excuse me? Rory, please, give these justice so I can have 6 fewer missions that I abandon 100% of the time.
  12. It is not really important, but I think its time that we recieve friend request to accept or decline. Right now the friendlist is just a spyware.
  13. let me sit down, damn. A ninja stands all day long and never gets to chill out. Maybe I wanna soak in the hostprings and sit in the water instead of standing on top of it, fuck.
  14. Hi there, I planned on playing Nin a few days ago but I'm unable to open the game. I've uninstalled and reinstalled several times, disabled my antivirus, and I'm on windows 10. I run the launcer/downloader as administrator, it asks if it can make changes to my device, I click yes, andWhenever I open the game, it shows this screen and gets stuck on "Checking for updates..." forever. I've tried doing the force update option as well. It also shows this before opening up into the screen above, and I click "Continue" - Is there anything I've done wrong in trying to open the game ? I run the launcher/downloader as administrator, and it asks if I should allow it to make changes to my device. I click yes and it opens into the Microsoft .NET Framework screen above. I click continue and it opens up into the "Checking for updates..." screen at the top.
  15. I’ve got a few suggestions to make the arena more entertaining and worth while: Make arena maps in villages not give BI and put a cooldown to how frequently you can enter. The issue the last time I made this suggestion is that Rory wants us to not be in a village only zone and unavailable to other players. Suggestion for time allotted: 8 people total can enter at any given time with an allotted 30 minutes to spar. After their 30 minutes is up they are transported to outside the arena entrance and must wait 30 minutes before entering again. 2nd suggestion for arena time: You are allotted a set amount of lives to respawn just like the old event HQ (Please bring that back). The number would be up for debate but I think three lives is good just for the best 2/3 matches. 1st suggestion for arena features: You can take a party of 2/3/4 with you at a time with the second option of village vs village battles. You can queue up against enemy teams from other villages also in a queue and transport to a secondary map specifically for village team deathmatch battles. Being able to see how many (But not who to avoid dodging) teams are queued and for which team size would be good as well. 2nd suggestion for arena features: An in-game leaderboard that resets with a season system. The more you play with the same team and win the higher your rank on the leaderboard rises. By being top 3 you get exclusive season based prizes for your teams. 3rd suggestion for arena features: Casual and ranked team/solo matches. Casual matches are for spars and ranked advance yourself on the leaderboard for prizes per season with a level 40 level requirement. Alt slaying would obviously be bannable. 4th suggestion for arena features: Map obstacles (Randomized?) trees to hide in, rocks to hide behind, visible snare/stun traps perhaps?
  16. Why does the grinch spawn once every HOUR, killable by one person only, and not guarantee the mission drop? Edit: I have killed this stupid green bastard three times now and got a token two times and nothing the third. I've never even seen the red pants being dropped. 2nd edit: I got the drop on the 4th try and heard from @Alarnin that it was a bug and Rory patched it.
  17. Been wandering why the blood color of insects in Nin is the same as humans, can't it be changed to another color such as blue or green to make it more realistic. Not trying to make a big deal out of this tho. 8D
  18. Gonna be a longer post I think. When considering how active the Holiday event is, I thought it might be cool to program in randomized regional or world events. Intervals would be semi-random (So they’re not just constant) but once entering a map you get a *regional* flavor message such as “The breeze here relaxes your muscles and puts you at ease.” Followed by an effect of some kind such as reduced cool down on jutsu. Maybe not all effects are good. Perhaps some regional effects are set to always exist. Example: In the akatsuki lair map: “An ominous wind chills your bones... something evil permeates the air around here.” And everyone in the map’s substitution jutsus have an additional 10 second cooldown (Except akatsuki? Kek). Negative and positive regional effects could promote tactical positioning during raids or hunts and add a LOT to the open world pvp especially if most of them are randomized throughout the day. Imagine going through bears and getting the message “Do these bears look angrier than usual?” and they deal twice as much damage but drop rate is doubled. Now for world events: They don’t have to be crazy, in fact just the opposite. The more subtle the better in my opinion. Save the really special things for special occasions like holidays or nin anniversaries. Global messages like “Luck is in the air!” and for a certain time all drop rates increase by 5%. Again, not all global effects need to be positive: “The souls of slain shinobi can be visibly observed in the dark night sky... A great evil has transpired this day.” Reducing maximum health by 75 to feel drained of life at what was witnessed (Players level 10 and under immune to this effect).
  19. Village arenas should allow you to both revive there and not give the battle injuries debuff. Just like event HQ except for no rewards and exclusive to your village. Alternatively: Bring back event hq please and thanks.
  20. Just found a weird bug in-game. When I target the racoon bandits in toad village with my grand puppet, whenever the racoon uses the wind barrage jutsu it hurts itself instead of the puppet.
  21. List of bugs for both regular puppets and puppet brigade puppets: Regular puppets: 1. Fire burns you instead of the target 2. Poison poisons you instead of the target 3. Puppet disappears about 50% of the time you map switch (True for all summons including grand puppet) Puppet brigade bugs: 1. Unequipping the coffin while the puppet is alive bugs it out and causes it to remain frozen in place and not attack anybody but can still be damaged. You have to map switch to be able to re-summon, in which case, on occasion, the puppet will already be active and able to attack and move again. 2. Fire dragon jutsu from the puppet deals 50 damage with no combo follow up. Intended? 3. Because I know you all think it's a bug, yes, I am almost 100% certain that water wave is intended to hit that much if you run in a straight line. Same as the bandit boss. 4. Summoning the puppet is instantaneous and can be done immediately after the puppet has been killed by re-equipping the coffin. 5. Coffin does not drop when it is equipped when you die.
  22. As the title suggests, we should be able to buy multiple charms at a time. It's really annoying to have to keep talking to the npc over and over again to get one at a time.
  23. As the title says, I think summoning contracts should be tradable just like all other non village specific scrolls. They are infuriating to grind for and the game’s economy needs a boost. @Ueda
  24. Before puppets release and it's inevitably another wm exclusive like every other thing in the game rn, I would like to suggest that the puppets don't require strength or wm, but rather Chakra instead. Puppets in the anime relied on expert Chakra control to be able to wield the threads. I would like it if they had large Chakra requirements rather than more stupid strength reqs… That's just getting downright frustrating at this point. Elementals have gotten shafted in every single official org in the game. At least give them a little bit of love in addition to medics.
  25. The right side of sand is all black and i cant see anything and i restarted my game and reinstalled it and i dont know what to do pls help