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Found 6 results

  1. Missions that should be abandoned 100% of the time and need a rework: 1. Samurai? Where?? - Seriously, what the fuck. 2. Danger Dango 3. Cursed Hosts 4. Snow Wolves 5. Clear the abandoned lair 6. Parcel delivery (Level 30+) Why do these missions suck ass? Why am I getting 23k experience from snakes at level 39? Why do I get 3.5k experience from giving a samurai energy drink when it's just as hard as docs? Why do danger dangos require more effort than spying on a kage office at a level 5-15 level range Why do cursed hosts give trash experience and ryo for having to kill 50 of the bastards at level 35+? Why do snow wolves give good ryo but trash exp when nobody is able to farm them without help or until level 50? Why do I get parcel delivery 3 times as a level 50 rogue? Excuse me? Rory, please, give these justice so I can have 6 fewer missions that I abandon 100% of the time.
  2. The current mission system is very bare bones and punishing, the mission pools are extremely unbalanced and in a lot of situations people are stacked with missions they cant realistically complete, or at the very least complete in a timely manner due to IRL obligations. I propose we try to fix this issue in a manner that allows people to progress more consistently, and have more agency over their gameplay experience on Nin Online. The current system allows you to check for missions 3/Day which are randomly assigned from pools based on you level, and are assigned a rank from D~S which award EXP, sometimes RYO, and "Contribution" stats as well. When you get a mission you cannot reasonably complete EG Kill 4X enemy ninja or Claim X bounty, or a more recent example for myself, trying to kill the glacier bear, you are severely penalized by abandoning said mission when it comes to in game progress compared to those with better luck of the draw. I propose we change the way the mission system is structured as follows. 1. Create a GUI when speaking to mission NPC that displays statistics and potential mission assignments 1a. This GUI will display character contribution information, and an assortment of selectable missions 1b. 3 missions will be assigned upon hitting the request button, missions can be refreshed. 1c. A 1~3 hour cool-down will be placed on being able to request new assignments. 1d. Mission claim limit will remain EG if somone CLAIMS a mission it counts towards their daily total, but they can wait out the timer to see new assignments. 1e. Abandoned missions will lower player contribution statistics as an additional penalty, given the new structure. 2. Partition assignment of missions on said list based on highest rank in current level pool character has access to. 2a. Slot 1 is 50/50% of being highest or second highest EG S/A 2b. Slot 2 is 25/50/25% of being Highest second highest and Third EG S/A/B 2c. Slot 3 is a 25/25/50% Chance of being highest second highest and third. EG S/A/B 2d. This could be monetized via Gold / Silver benefit of an additional 25/25/25 slot. 3. Mission pool assignment is further tweaked by contribution requirements to unlock making it more likely for people to get the content they enjoy doing 3a. EG Having X-Intel requirements which unlocks missions like guard duty / surveillance / delivery outside the village/ 3b. EG Having X- Manpower requirement which unlocks missions that require more /additional PVP / bounty hunting 3c. EG having X- Economy requirements which unlock missions that require more item turn ins EG Venom/ Eggs/ Feathers/ Paws ETC 3d. A new stat would be created separate from Manpower for Mobbing EG kill X amount of Y/Z and follow the same format. 4. Mission rewards for Manpower / Intel / Economy / Mobbing will need to be adjusted accordingly for the new structure to make sense. 4a. Mission will reward for all types but have a primary associated. EG, D rank samurai mission could be 1 intel .5 Manpower .25 .25 / .10 .10 as an example. This would add needed consistency, agency, and depth to the current barebones PVE systems. I also predict it will help with the new player recidivism rates experienced in game, once you get into the mid 20's missions are your primary form of EXP, getting into situations where 1~2+ missions cant be completed in a day on a regular basis is extremely demoralizing and is likely a heavy contributor to user recidivism.
  3. So apparently there is this daily mission in nin online called "take out the thrash" and it basically says to collect couple thrash bags around the village depending on the mission tier (I,II,III or more dunno yet Im a beginner xd). The problem here is that there are apparently no thrash bags in Mist Village, which is very sad because there is no other thing to do than just abandon quest, it would be ok in the end but it counts to your daily quest limit which is 3 per day, and so little-effort exp is going to waste. Form what I heard, people are saying that you can find those in Leaf Village, but apparently Mist Village are still missing those (or I am just dumb and can't find them xd I am realy sorry if this is the case xd).
  4. We all know RP missions right now are easy to abuse. Some people, right! Here's an idea for how to change this. RP Mission NPC Rework- The ranked ninja would have to speak to the NPC first. The Chunin+ would "open" the selected RP Mission, followed up by the 3 ninja participating speaking with the npc to enroll in said mission. Enrolling in the mission would put the "RP 1" Mission in your list at that point. When completed, the Chunin+ would speak to the NPC to then receive the 3 tokens. From there the process would be normalized. This would ensure that ranked ninja cannot get RP Tokens unless they have the students ready to host it for. Additionally, this could provide some sort of leeway to add some sort of time stamp monitoring to ensure the legitimacy of the Mission, on top of giving a direct list of who began the mission and should be receiving the tokens. Regards, Tresmorne
  5. Many people do all three of their dailies immediately after the reset and turn them in within the hour, this leaves many people with very little to do as the day progresses, which lets people get bored of the game rather easily. I'm recommending adding a second reset at noon eastern time, which lets people do an extra set of dailies during the day if they have the time to do them, this would add more activity to the game and it would help to liven up the game and add more player activity during the day as well.
  6. Dear Ninja, I'd just like to reveal to your the prologue of Nin Online. It will give you a rough idea of what to expect for the in-game storyline and roleplay backstory. Brace yourselves! Prologue Two hundred years have passed since the 4th Shinobi World War, during which the world was saved from a threat to its existence. It is becoming harder for new leaders to honor the alliances made by their predecessors; the bonds formed during the war are becoming unstable and the peace between villages is beginning to grow questionable. Meanwhile, a copycat group who operate under the same name as the Akatsuki has come to light. Initially not viewed as a threat, the organization was allowed to establish itself before anyone could take notice of them. Their objectives are mysterious and their new leader is unknown. Mankind had made progress in changing age old-traditions of sealing the tailed beasts within power ninja. For years they have roamed the world freely and peacefully, but now have started to behave aggressively. The villages fear the beasts may be under someone's control, and are strengthening their defenses to protect their villages from the threat of destruction and the possibility of another war erupting in their time. Born into a generation which has known only peace and has never witnessed war, you start your journey as an academy student about to venture into the world of ninja. Responsibilities come with every decision you make. Will you become a force for peace and exact your justice, or will you descend into darkness and bring this world to an end? Hope you enjoy the quick read, more details on the history and what has happened between the end of the 4th Shinobi World War and the events of Nin Online will be revealed as we get closer to the beta! Regards, Rory