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Found 19 results

  1. Dear Ninja, Since you took your first steps you've started your story even without knowing it, and since then you've grown and met a vast amount of individuals whom you've built a relationship. Either through rivalry, partnership, idols or someone to look up to, that's your story and its the foundation of this event so. Today we start an event and the rules are simple. Make an adventure Document your adventure Take pictures (Or however you'd like to present it EG: Video, Sketches etc.) Post it 1st place prize: Gold Ninja and x10 Coupons. 2nd and 3rd place prize: Premium Hair (Winners choice) x5 Coupons. Then end date is 2/29 (The end of the month) If you don't understand the rules, you can use the following link as a reference. Good luck! and find a great adventure to tell!
  2. Hello! This is my first post on the forums, and I just wanted to talk a bit about the roleplaying aspect of the game. When I found the game, I was excited to learn that there's a large focus on roleplaying characters, and living through scenarios in-game. Having played for a few days, I've noticed that the RPing portion is kind of spread thin. Maybe I'm not looking at it in a certain lens, maybe I'm understanding differently, I dunno. While I have found some people that really like the whole notion of "being in the ninja world", there's quite a few people that just kind of don't care. While that's okay too, I'm more curious about everyone else's experiences and how they feel on the subject. What's your take on the current roleplaying nature of the game? Should there be more people acting the part? Less? Do you like roleplaying in-game? Do you feel as though it can be better? Worse? Any fond memories? I want to learn more about the community and their take on this portion of the game, so please, don't be shy! Let me hear your voices! Thank you very much, hope to hear from you all soon.
  3. Do you want to know why newcomers quickly quit games? besides the lack of content in the forum I think the main cause is the DM even the guys from the village itself kills the newbies besides there is always a guy from another row at lv 50 in the initial up killer starting places this ends up demotivating because the guy can't even get strong since those who are already so strong hinder instead of help ps: english is not my first language tip for novices don't trust the members of the village itself all old players are all raven killers
  4. Hinode Loyalty above all else ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The hinode clan doesnt take those words lightly.Loyalty towards the village.Loyalty towards the hokage.Loyalty towards the clan.Clan members who dont take their responsibilities serious,become outcasts and lose the respect of their fellow clan members.Clan members who plot against the village,get hunted down by the rest of the clan,to make up for the shame that those individuals caused. One must continously train his body and mind,starting from a very early age.For many members of this family,hobbies,games and friends,are considered to be a waste of time and a burden,because they are distracting someone from his duties.Those duties also include assassinations of ninjas who turned their back on the village.Because of this,its recommended to not get too close to people outside of the clan,since they are all potential targets.The Hinode clan is not full of heartless people,they simply are very determined to protect their village with all their strenght,and believe that they have to make sacrifices for the greater good.Traditions and the concept of honor,play a big role in the clan.A mission has to be fulfilled.A higher ranked clan member and,especially the hokage,has to be treated with the utmost respect.There are also strict rules and rituals,to maintain order and discipline,but also to remember the clans history.Kenjutsu basics are taught to every member of the clan,even if this particular clan member wants to focus on a different fighting style in the future.Besides kenjutsu,members of the hinode clan also tend to have a talent for fire jutsus and taijutsu. A sword,used in anger, may cut trough flesh and even bones,but words,carried by the wings of good intentions,can pierce the heavens and scatter the earth beneath. Members of the hinode clan,know this,and are constantly trying to gain more knowledge about their environment and find new ways to manipulate its shape,without resorting to violence. Weapons and jutsus are used in places where words cant be heard,and good intentions alone,are without meaning. Stategy,tactics,diplomatic,s or just politics in general....having a deep understanding of those things,is just as important as being skilled in direct combat,since they can win a battle before it even begins. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Looks and stereotypes Members of the hinode family tend to wear long coats or just wide,comfortable clothes in general,that are dyed in different shades of black and grey,sometimes also mixed with white or blue. Their skin is slightly pale,and their long hair is of black color,just like their eyes. Their size varies from average to tall,and even ninjutsu users are somewhat muscular because of the kenjutsu training that every member of the clan goes trough. The hinode family is known for being very serious about their duties and traditions,but also for their black humour and sarcasm. They do not trust outsiders easily,but have no problem with talking to them when the situation calls for it,and stay polite while doing so. Since their highest priority is the well being of their village,they often take a liking to other people who have someone,or something,they are loyal to and try to protect. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Thanks for making it this far. What i wrote above,should give you a rough idea about our clan concept. We will stand loyal to the leaf and the hokage,take part in pvp and hopefully,we will also be able to bring back some roleplaying into the world of nin. You may have guessed it already,but we are a samurai inspired clan. Kenjutsu plays a big role,but everyone can join as long as he values loyalty as much as we do,no matter what mastery,rank or lvl he has. Potential can be hidden in everyone. Thats also why i dont think too highly of accepting people just based on a forum reply,id like to get to know you guys a bit first. If you want to join us,you can send me a pm here,ingame,or on discord and we can talk about it and see,if our goals collide. Maybe youre not interested in joining us,but you still want to contact us and get some informations about the clan? You can do that aswell,feel free to add me on discord!(we also have our own discord server,for everyone who is interested) And ofcourse,im also thankful for any feedback you guys may have,so please go ahead and post it,maybe i can improve something. Im looking forward to work together with everyone who stands behind the leaf! *bows* PS:If you want to know more about our lore,check out this thread: Important: If any of our clan members causes problems,please let me know(preferable,with a screenshot)and i will take care of it. Clan leader: @Tameshi Hinode Clan elders: @Kotaro Hinode @Hageshi Hinode Regular clan members: @Hinata Hinode @Phoenix Hinode @Jade Hinode @Joshiro Hinode@Tekkey Hinode @Boko Hinode @Jeroken Hinode @Healy Hinode @Sadao Hinode @Zabuza Hinode @Kiroku Hinode @LymanP @Gashadokuro @ychiro
  5. (Hello I will be trying to put out some short stories from my RP life on Nin, you can find my currently being written story on my profile. Enjoy and happy holidays!) Leaf, Mist and Takumi! It was a seemingly peaceful day for Hageshi, no raids and no fights, but he was getting bored. He was pascing back and forth of the square of Konoha when he suddenly got the urge to visit the Land of Toads, maybe he would find something fun to do there? As he entered the Toad Village he met the Mist shinobi Feinz, he was a pretty cool guy who loved a good sparring session. Hageshi approached him with a "hello" and they talked for a good bit, then out of nowhere came the Hokage Vali who was also looking for a way to escape his boring responsibilities. The three ninja decided to let out steam and have a good sparring session in the south are in the Land of Toads. As they were sparring out of nowhere a group of Rogue ninja who were looking for worthy opponents. They joined the others, eventually in the span of an hour 15 ninjas all from different villages were sitting, chatting and sparring together in peace. (Feinz never reset after he lost the bet vs Vali )
  6. Alas this truly is a harassing ninja world...we have lost brothers Hayashi Yamamoto Takeshi and Hayashi Lu Kang. We will be holding a memorial for them at the Leaf Village war monument this Sunday at 1 pm EST. @Kuraen Vali is allowing open attendance, so everyone is allowed to come! Chief of LMPF, @Kuraen MacDom has instructed if you are a non-leafie that would like to attend, please to meet at L1 (north of mini) and guests with proceed from there. Afterwards we will adjourn to Tanzaku to wash away our sorrow with sake, spars, gambling, and memeing.
  7. Beauty Contest MISS LEAF AND MISTER LEAF To win title of 1st Leaf Miss You have to: 1)Be a Kunoichi (female character) 2)Send a pictures(screenshots) in: a)Bikini(no clothes) b)Normal Clothes c)War Clothes 3)Win in fair voting on special discord Channel (Jury is voting, but also Thumps Up under Your post counts) To win title of 1st Leaf Mister You have to: 1)Be a Shinobi (male character) 2)Send a pictures(screenshots) in: a)Boxers (no clothes) b)Normal Clothes c)War Clothes 3)Win in fair voting on special discord Channel (Jury is voting, but also Thumps Up under Your post counts) During finals in competition, 3 Kunoichis and 3 Shinobis with the biggest number of votes will have to answer 2 questions from Jury (Goal in life, Hobby, Funny story from past, Ideas about Peace in world, etc etc). Jury will Choose one winner for titles: 1st Leaf Miss and 20 NIN CREDITS 1st Leaf Mister and 20 NIN CREDITS from 6 finalists (3 females, 3 males) which had a greatest RP based answers and best look. JURY: @Kureji @Aikya @Leaf Gentleman and You people. Prizes are sponsored by @Ueda FINALS WILL BE STREAMED ON TWITCH (Toad Island)
  8. I believe we should be able to configure keybinds to use emotes (such as /! /? ) while running. This would definitely be of good use for RP.
  9. Regards A few days ago I was talking with some friends about how it was If there is a mandatory Rp server maybe this will decrease in part the toxicity of people, since those who break their Rp would be punished
  10. Hello Nin Community. I am comming with (hopes so) great idea. I`ve talk to many people in Leaf village about some sort of weak RP in the game, I came up with idea. Additional RP missions like RP5, RP6 and RP7 for Leaf, Sand and Mist village Levels for RP missions would be: RP5 - 35+ (Reward is 400k xp) RP6 - 40+ (Reward is 700k xp) RP7 - 48+ (Reward is 900k xp) All the missions will have to take place in danger zone (Bell Zone map to "grind" RP missions after RP4 would be called as abuse) To reward this for Rogues from Takumi, I would recommend one from Option: 1) Additional Daily mission after lvls 35 (That means, after Toad missions, rogues will get 4 missions daily) 2) Additional Missions Chain in Tanzaku and Labolatory (Kill 4 Chunins from village, Kage assasination, Obtain 3 bloodvials). For 2nd option those missions will be able to take only ONCE, but will give huge amount of XP (1,5kk xp for Mission from Labolatory, 2kk xp for mission from Tanzaku) I think thise idea would bring some fresh air to NIN. Waiting for Your feedback @Ueda
  11. The Honorable Ukiyo Clan The colors of the clan usually vary between different shades of red black and gold Clan genes are usually Majestic black hair and crimson red eyes. Ukiyo have fairly white skin due to the cold climates of their land, though it isn't uncommon to see tanned or bronzed clansmen .On very rare occasions some ukiyos are born with blond hair and red eyes, this is very rare, but the legend says that the first generation of ukiyo was born with this characteristic. They're skillful enough to speak in multiple languages and have a distinct glow about their chakra which flows our of their body; radiating. Some deemed them to be halo'd or favored by an omnipotent being. Currently although they are the wealthiest clan of the leaf, they always treat each person they see as equal, they are usually very kind and passive. Many of them are great artists, musicians, poets, singers and masters of Kenjutsu. Some spend their lives traveling from one place to another knowing new cultures and leaving a little of their color and joy in each place they visit.In a nutshell it could be said that they are a clan of bards with an immense amount of ryos in their pocket. The ukiyo lineage is extremely extensive, because of that there are many who are lost in the world. This message is for you. Ukiyo that is wandering from one place to another with nowhere to go. We want to give you a home. a place to belong, protect and be protected A Family If you are interested in being part of this you should only contact our elders or my person @Ayane @Jero @Shogeki If you want to know more about the origins of the clan and our history you can continue reading Synposis: The Ukiyo Clan (憂き世, "Floating World") is a renowned shinobi clan famous to the Land of Fire. Originating south of the continent on a remote island used to ship weapons to and from hidden villages their name reigned supreme in the Land of Fire; homing The Hidden Demon Village. Known for their plethora of talents and unwaverable skill, ("commonly identified with their ability to sing, dance, drum, paint, and sculpt") the Ukiyo Clan would celebrate the day of their creation, holding festivles that consist of bountiful food, fighting, dancing, and the sharing of battle stories. Deemed ruthless and unmerciful due to their isolation of the land, their were many who were killed off as a sign of accomplishment using it as a title to show their strength. With only a small pool of accessible knowledge and fundamental techniques the clan thrived and prospered upon a long history of both smiting and crafting/weapon designing - to profit off other villages supplying on-going war. Unfortunately due time shinobi stole and mimic their iron casting skills to a watered down degree making their services no longer needed. Due to this a great depression fell upon their village causing them to move up north where they became infamous and known for their crimson red eyes and majestic blond hair. Ukiyo that have remained in the village slowly began to die off due to illness, starvation, and simple invasion which led to experimentation and the stealing of the knowledge of the clan which had began slowly decaying. Currently standing the Ukiyo are of Konoha and all of the knowledge of their blood filled history has been passed down to the final successor who now leads the clan to salvation. Brief History: Originating in the Demon Country the Ukiyo Clan was birthed from two clans, one native, the other galatic. During times of war, upon the ending age of power seeking and total destruction, the clan was one of the most profited clans amongst the five nations. They supplied most countries with advanced weapons and technology which drew in many clients, two prominent villages being the villages hidden in the sky and rain. However as time passed the secrets of their creation and product were given through trade and information thanks to the hidden grass village shinobi which specialized in intelligence and spying. Nearing poverty the clan began dying off in vast numbers leaving a few who were commonly known as Serafima ("Literally Meaning; "The Burning Ones"") who possessed great skill in not only gathering information but prolonging the tradition of former clansmen. Low on profit the elders of the village decided to build and train a very selected few shinobi who were brought up to be the village's saviors as the chosen children of the Akajin Clan. Upon teenage years very few that did learn the ways of the Akajin and branded blood tithes were shipped across the countries as prophets who all rose up through the ranks of their assigned village to become known as esteemed ninja. Today the Ukiyo left remaining are those true soul survivors, leading lives of their own, traveling the world as monks or hermits. One being a male who was known for his intellect and had became very profitable and sought to become the richest shinobi in the world, Ayane. The other was a woman who was skilled and a master surgeon who left the village to pursue her way of life, having prophetically learned the ways of complex medical ninjutsu without the help of systematic schools. Seeking refuge in Konoha it was almost common to see one of these familiars. Though not always accepted the clan sought to build and change the place that they now call their home.
  12. We received Intel that the Village Hidden within the Leaves were set to have a meeting within the coming times and most of the village would be insecure due to having to focus all security detail in the place of the gathering instead. Knowing that a chance like this doesn't come too often the Missing Organization Taka decided to take full advantage of the situation and show the Leaf village and other Organizations what a select group of people few in number could accomplish and have a large scale effect when a plan is executed correctly. Mission: To successfully assassinate the Kage by any means whether that means death or capture the main goal of this mission was to rid the village of their leader. The group headed from Takumi to the leaf village almost waltzing into the village without any repercussions we decided to set up shop tactically instead of rushing in without a plan. For some reason, there were no Anbu stationed within the Kage's Office After setting up shop (A whole lot of hidden traps) we patiently waited in the shadows for the Hokage to unknowingly walk into his office without the expectations of the gifts that awaited him while his meeting was going on. The Hokage seemingly walked into his office to pick up a bit of paperwork he needed for his meeting again I have no idea why his Anbu guard detail was not with him or at least his jonin/chunnin guards but not one to look a gift horse in the mouth we accepted the successful mission either way. With the combination of hidden traps and members lying in wait, the Org took the oblivious kage by surprise and defeated him swiftly. Mission Succesful: Kage Assassination Complete S rank Mission 555,000 exp gained. Requirements for Organization base Obtained Suggestion : Mission for Kage/Jonin Kill missions that are avaible to Organizations such as Missings orgs with a base, Hunter Nin, Anbu, Sandbu Only The Kage/Leader of the village/org is able to make a custom mission with simple verbs like Kill> (Player of Notable Ranking Name) (S class mission) Also Taka has been very active and creating alot of entertainment within the game that is undeniable and has posted numerous amount of videos in support of the game and trying to reach out to various media platform to extend the audience of Nin Online's reach, other orgs were rewarded with a base of their own i know we have done enough to recieve a similar honor. #Rp @Ueda @Reap@Michael
  13. Hi everyone, So i gotta say this, i feel like this community should take responsibility for their actions, What do i mean? 1. Kages of this game. I feel ( And i know others as well) that rp has died and the community got much more toxic then it used to be. You got a big role in this. When i just joined the game a year and a half ago, Kage meant something, we all looked up and respected them as they acted as the role model of the village. They were Mature, wise, respectful and strong and always in rp. Now im seeing kage switching between alts when raided, get salty and toxic on discord, or just talking in a way that a kage shouldnt be talking ing. Kages chilling in a different village instead of protecting their own village, abusing map bugs, its absurd. The new players and the village look up to you, Be a better role model as if you want it or not, you guys help to model the next gen of ninjas of your village. Kage is much more then just a rank,title and outfit, i really hope you guys realize that you impact the community and the future of the game. 2. Hokage In both the last war event and CE, your villagers being caught cheating. Yes it cost you the win in the war event, and the CE Cheater got banned. BUT it should have rp results as well, i would expect that the kage would take this kind of issues more seriously (Remember how naruto reacted when he caught boruto cheats on ce?) 2. Kazekage(s) and sand Your village is dying, your lowbies remained defenseless while you chill and afk in leaf. While there's a new gen of ninjas in leaf and mist, Theres none in sand, any new sand player would reset to leaf just like the elder sandies are doing. Take action, Change your ways, you can keep saying " Theres no content, game is dying, not our fault" but you got the power to change things and change the way sand works cuz its clearly failing atm. 3. RP Community Like i said in a different post, people are crying about no content and no events in a rp game. In the past each village hosted many events for theirself. You dont have to wait for a gm to do it. Just recently steezo hosted his our tourny, i hosted mock ce event, leaf used to host lmpf/anbu/golden scroll events. And its not just about events, lately Taka made a rp post which i find very interesting as they declared sand as their own village. Instead of proper rp reaction from the kages and sand villagers, it got spammed with toxicity and saltiness. Everyone care only about the W and the L nowdays, and then they wonder why it got so toxic. 4. Blaming the staff Lets be honest here, most of you arent new players, you know nin is on beta phase and can get laggy sometimes. I know alot of people are upset for "wasting time" tonight but, Rory and seth putting alot of effort into this game, and say what you want, we all enjoy it as we keep playing it and supporting it with cash items. I dont think rory enjoyed this evening more then us trying to host this event, keep track on teams, dealing with people dc, server crashes all while getting lots of toxicity from the players he host the event for. Keep in mind they can pull the plug out anytime they choose to as you can choose to stop playing if you dont approve decisions or dont enjoy the current state of the game. Anyway, Self-responsibility is important. I hope you guys dont hate me for saying all of this, I just care about this game and the community. If you dont like something about the game, instead of getting toxic about it and blame everyone else, do something about it. P.S: I know this post might rub alot of people the wrong way, prove me wrong by not reacting in a toxic way.
  14. Tomorrow on the august 15th, 4pm est, ill host CE Mock event for mist ONLY. It will include rp and pvp. Come with your CE team if you're participating at the upcoming CE. Or just form your teams there even if you're not participating at the CE. (Yes, teams of 3 are required in order to participate) Cya there
  15. Greetings to all, I have not done a topic for a long time I hope your opinions have ideas that complement mine How would it be if there was a tool shop like Takumi's in the village of Tanzaku? This would give more life to this town, because unfortunately almost nobody goes there Only few people go, for missions or to get faster to leaf I sincerely like the appearance of that city and I know that the work team of the game tried very hard to make it so beautiful. This would make many people visit and not be always desolate, increase the variety of places to make life in the game It would be good to have another place to be, besides the leaf, you could even live in peace with the hermit and maybe other villages if you like the place. It's just a simple idea, I hope your opinion with great enthusiasm @Ueda Sorry for my bad english
  16. Hello everyone! Let this post double as both my self presentation(introduction) to the community and a question! I am new to the Mist village, and this world as a whole. At the moment I am a studious (INT build) Genin who is looking to learn more! My focus is on ranged combat via elemental lightning jutsu. I'm working towards my second lightning jutsu and looking for a team to go on missions with! (RP Mission I). If you are a Chunin currently accepting Genin, please contact me! (via forums or in game) My name is Kolchak, and you can find me at the Mist fountain, under a tree, when not out training.
  17. We all know RP missions right now are easy to abuse. Some people, right! Here's an idea for how to change this. RP Mission NPC Rework- The ranked ninja would have to speak to the NPC first. The Chunin+ would "open" the selected RP Mission, followed up by the 3 ninja participating speaking with the npc to enroll in said mission. Enrolling in the mission would put the "RP 1" Mission in your list at that point. When completed, the Chunin+ would speak to the NPC to then receive the 3 tokens. From there the process would be normalized. This would ensure that ranked ninja cannot get RP Tokens unless they have the students ready to host it for. Additionally, this could provide some sort of leeway to add some sort of time stamp monitoring to ensure the legitimacy of the Mission, on top of giving a direct list of who began the mission and should be receiving the tokens. Regards, Tresmorne
  18. (As of May 26, 2018 this system no longer exists. Thank you to those who've participated, it was a good test-run and we've managed to learn somethings for the future) The Hidden Leaf Village will initiate a rank-based system with permanent teams after the Chunin Exam V in April. After meetings with the Higher-up of the Hidden Leaf Village, I've decided to implement permanent Genin teams for Chunin Ranked individuals. The way this will work is, Chunins will be asked to lead a team of 3 Genins, and the Chunins are expected to lead all three past the Chunin Exams. I will be forming teams after Chunin Exam V using all the listed names I received prior to the exam. This plan will ask for the following ranks to... Jonins - The Jonins of the Hidden Leaf Village will not only be required to fulfill their basic duties such as serve as commanders in the battlefield but will also be asked to oversee the Chunins and ensure everything goes as planned. (Also important to note Jonins would be priority to be picked as leaders of official organizations, and Specialized Jonins would ideally assist as Co-Leaders. Specializied Jonins - Specialized Jonins will be asked to assist Jonins, but their main duties will fall into official organizations within Leaf (Leaf Military Police Force, Medical Elite Division & Leaf's Intelligence Division). (Note Specialized Jonins are unable to lead a team) Chunins - Chunins will be required to lead a permanent team of 3 members (By permanent I mean till all 3 of their assigned Genins pass the exam). Genins - Genins are to submit team requests to me (Via Forums, In-game or Discord) before the Chunin Exam V. (As we work our way up with more ranked people RP Titles like Council and high-positions in organizations will be soon requiring ranks) Hidden Leaf's Official Organizations: Medical Elite Division - Leaf Military Police Force - (Soon) If you wish to know more about Ranks & Titles make sure to review the post inserted below - More information about this Team System will be on this post in form of a reply below. It'll include Team Swap requests, Team Replacements (due to inactivity) etc.. Compatibility will be a priority when deciding teams things such as language, levels, masteries, activitiy, and timezone will all be accounted for. Best Regards, Third Hokage and The Hidden Leaf's Council™
  19. Dear Ninja, I'd just like to reveal to your the prologue of Nin Online. It will give you a rough idea of what to expect for the in-game storyline and roleplay backstory. Brace yourselves! Prologue Two hundred years have passed since the 4th Shinobi World War, during which the world was saved from a threat to its existence. It is becoming harder for new leaders to honor the alliances made by their predecessors; the bonds formed during the war are becoming unstable and the peace between villages is beginning to grow questionable. Meanwhile, a copycat group who operate under the same name as the Akatsuki has come to light. Initially not viewed as a threat, the organization was allowed to establish itself before anyone could take notice of them. Their objectives are mysterious and their new leader is unknown. Mankind had made progress in changing age old-traditions of sealing the tailed beasts within power ninja. For years they have roamed the world freely and peacefully, but now have started to behave aggressively. The villages fear the beasts may be under someone's control, and are strengthening their defenses to protect their villages from the threat of destruction and the possibility of another war erupting in their time. Born into a generation which has known only peace and has never witnessed war, you start your journey as an academy student about to venture into the world of ninja. Responsibilities come with every decision you make. Will you become a force for peace and exact your justice, or will you descend into darkness and bring this world to an end? Hope you enjoy the quick read, more details on the history and what has happened between the end of the 4th Shinobi World War and the events of Nin Online will be revealed as we get closer to the beta! Regards, Rory