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Found 3 results

  1. A little backstory: I applied to work on the game as a programmer and primarily focus on balance. I have not heard back from the devs, but whether or not I get the job, it would be good to get input from you guys. Here is a document that has a (Rather large) list of everything that I would want to change as of right now. If you don't want to read it, that's fine. But for those who do, please discuss it with me so I can know what to change and hear from different perspectives. @Booty Gang Captain, I love you man, but I'm not going to take your advice. Anybody else is good to go Balance ideas.rtf
  2. Now when I say the reality of Mastery Balance. Im not making this thread to complain about my personal mastery(Lightning yes it sucks and is gimped). Im more talking about the issues that happen when someone complains something is broken, The staff nerfs it and the resulting effect on the game is a horrific imbalance in the pvp in the game. Now Im not even talking about just the fact that WMs were nerfed or this mastery was nerfed or that mastery. I want Rory and the staff to watch this video. Even though it pertains to fighting games, It effects all games that have action and hitboxing in them. The fact of the matter is you guys need to learn more about the combat as it pertains to pvp and the delicate balancing of what fighting games do to balance them is a good lesson to take something away from. The reality is by omission the Broken Jutus that are left untouched(Gentle Fist,Medic,etc) leave the game in a state of broken mess. Why? its simple. The abilities in this game afford certain masteries better hit boxing and attack range and accuracy than others. Watch the video. This applies to Nin Online too!
  3. Game

    Do village limits I mean equal to each other like if leaf village got 50 players its not possible to join it untill sand village gather 50players registered(after both villages got equal number of players that player count can automatically rise) or something like that because sand village is dead... There is like ~40-50 active players on leaf and like ~1-3 on sand... That would balance the server's role play a lot .