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Found 4 results

  1. Game

    The top people on the List are what class? umm what do they have in common you may ask? MEDIC A MEDIC NINJA, a ninja when their job is to heal, revive people is getting more bounty than Madara himself YIKES MUST I SAY ANYMORE !?
  2. - After Casting Fast 3 Jutsus. The next jutsus will have 500-750 ms end cast time for the next 1-5sec. This will prevent 1 shot on players. Basically the limit on combo is 3 jutsus. We still have combos but it’s more balanced and fair. - Increase the fortitude scaling from 10 to 15-20. This will improve not only pvp but also pve. (AKA getting 2 shot by snow wolves is so fun right. We definitely don’t need more hp hue hue) - After 2 stuns you cannot be stunned again for 8 sec. But if the person stuns you once, that 8sec cooldown will run so it’ll recount the stun count after it finish, but if u get stunned while that 8 sec count is still going from that first stun then you cannot be stunned for 8 sec after
  3. Hello. I really want to talk about something I believe is important. It's what I call the "I'm better than you, so if you kill me, your mastery is broken" mentality. Over the 2 and a half months I've been playing, I've probably seen like a hundred posts about something like this. Someone gets killed by something they find annoying or hard to deal with, it's automatically considered overpowered and has to be nerfed. They start making posts in the forum, start PMing Rory and tagging him on discord until it's nerfed. And it's often something like "my masteries are broken too and I play them because of it, but they are my masteries, so it's okay". It happened with Lightning, it's happening with GF and Medic, and who knows what's next. We're headed to a point where everything will have 20 seconds cast time, 30 seconds selfstun and and above minute cooldowns. Nerfing everything that is kinda strong is not how balancing works. You can't just nerf stuff until every mastery is weak. You probably can't find a single other game where Ninjas run around and throw stuff at each other, then hiding to wait for cooldowns, so they can throw more stuff. If you get one shot by someone, it doesn't mean that their mastery is broken. It's a ninjas game, that's what ninjas do. They move quietly and unseen, kill their target before they can even react, and leave just as quietly. They don't just yell incantations while running around, that's more like what a Harry Potter game would look like. Go play something like this. I will take the most popular MOBA as an example. There are champions that can kill you in a fraction of the second, often by just pressing 1 button. It is annoying, people rage and complain about it, but at the end of the day they just gotta get used to it, because that's how things. Assassins will assassinate you, champions that have stuns will stun you and you can sometimes get stunlocked for the duration of a whole fight, supports will heal themselves and others.. that's what they are made for. If you can't deal with it, then there's a chance that the problem is within you. Try to improve your reaction time, try to use your brain and outsmart people, find a combo of your own. It's always like "nerf water prison", "nerf selfheal", "nerf one shot combos", "buff my mastery and nerf everything else, so I can be the very best!".. there is not a single mastery in the game that is game breaking, not a single jutsu that doesn't have a counterplay. You can sub prison, even if it's casted right out of cloak, you just gotta be able to react to it and time your subs. You can cancel selfheal and you can get more HP by sacrificing some of your damage, so you don't get one shot. Unless you're like "I want to be a glass cannon and do a #$#@ ton of damage, but I don't want to die easily", to that I can just say - *shrug*. It's your opinion if you think something is too strong, so keep it to yourself. The game is balanced in the way Rory said, every mastery has their purpose in the game and have an area they excell in. Fire can melt your face in closed space or in combination with a stun, because of their high AoE damage (you just gotta git gut and learn to hit your stuff). Earth has an AoE stun, long range jutsus and high damage. Water has low base damage, slow moving jutsus with a mediocre range, so prison makes up for it. Only unbalanced things are the masteries that have been nerfed to the ground, because of all the unnecessary complaints. It has to stop. You have to learn to look at what YOU can change in YOURSELF, before you start trying to nerf stuff. There's too many balancing experts lately, and it's ruining the game (for me atleast), not because I've had 3 of my jutsus nerfed in 2 weeks, but because of the constant fear of what's gonna get nerfed next. And you never know when it's gonna hit. Any mastery can follow the path of Lightning, and everyone who's played lightning or fights lightning users on a regular basis, know's that it's not something you'd want to happen to your mastery. Just so this isn't just another rant post, here's a suggestion. Make someone in charge of balancing. Pick someone who knows what they are doing and aren't biased. Someone who's played the game for a long time and is still actively playing. Someone who knows everything about masteries. Ooor... choose a "balanced" mastery and work around it.. make other masteries as good as the said mastery is in it's area. Have a good day!
  4. Game

    I suggest to make more war zones further outside the villages, for those who don't know in war zone friendly fire exists for everyone but your squad (4) members. There are multiple reason for this, one of them being (will sound biased because it is) missing ninja friendly fire. It is really anti-fun to fight against groups twice or rather triple your size and this happens every now and then. By creating more war zones, the ones who would usually just spam their jutsu in groups without any side-effect (no friendly fire) would now need to actually operate in squads of 4 and think about their next move rather than mindlessly spam-cast their jutsu at opponents. This will also clear the problem of missing nin having friendly fire, or atleast tip the balance of group PvP in their scale and make Squads and Teamwork to be more valuable as I've seen in almost every RP session I had within Leaf village or Sand, how they say ''you must value your team-mates masteries, to work best as a team.'' but what usually end up happening is a horde of players spam-cast jutsu. (harsh reality) tl;dr - Make more war-zones outside the villages, maps around K-Bridge, Bounty Station, Bears very attractive for this sort of zones.