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Found 39 results

  1. Well, when you put a mask and change your name, everyone can see you in the bounty book, so its annoying and remove the mask utility. ps: to fix it you can just change the name to vaga to ??? or everyone else name.
  2. Game

    Map the Bug happened on: Leaf Village Type of Bug: Technical Description: When you accidentally cast Treat Wounds on a damaged Wolf or Tiger (tested with all mobs up to Tigers since I get 3-shotted by bears), you might be healed instead of the technique failing like it's supposed to. I tested the bug on every mob leading up to Tigers, and the bug only occurs with Tigers and Wolves. Steps to Reproduce the Bug: Target a Wolf that has been damaged (Any health that isn't full) . Cast Treat Wounds Technique on the Wolf. Watch the technique execute and your health regen instead. Screenshot/Gif:
  3. Game

    I've recently noticed that there are times where my health does not increase after staying out of combat for the recommended time. Only upon map-changing or receiving damage does my health bar show to be full. Also, I've had a few instances where I am randomly healed completely without sitting out of combat or receiving heals from a medical ninja.
  4. Game

    So I was trying to cancel my mission "Brown Hawk Down" because it was to hard. but I got a crash, I checked time and time again and the same thing happens, thanks for listening!
  5. There are several jutsus still causing random players to crash ingame. Cause is still unclear but here are some paths. I have deduced from testing out that almost all crashes are caused after a > 1h client run time. This is especially true for big flame bullet at rank 3. I have tested from being online for longer than 1 h to restarting client every 30 mins or so. The result is that I did not crash at all when I was restarting the client every < 1h. Now interestingly, there may be a coorelation between jutsu rank level and crash cause, this is true for big flame bullet, tested out by Atrane. The reason is that at level 1-2 big flame bullet never caused crashes and I recall myself never having crashes until my big flame bullet became level 3 and I even crashed soon after it became level 3. So as conclusion I can only give more information about big flame bullet because I tested it out but from recent reports, player have said that the chances of a crash occuring was always much higher after being logged on for longer than an hour.
  6. Game

    soo, to everyone who want to buy a daily reset, if you buy it be sure to not crash not lag, because when you logg off it dissapear of your inventory. ps. i lost 2 scroll of reset, so yeah im sure of this bug is real.
  7. Game

    Theres a bug with 2 missions that I've seen and experienced first hand. IDK if I was to contact you or @Rory so I contacted u both. If you try to accept Guren Mission from the poster or the Snake Venom it gives you all the little message sequences but at the end of the messages you don't receive the quest. It doesn't show up in your Quest Log at all. During the Snake Venom quest where you gather 100 Venom then talk to the NPC to receive your 26500 EXP and to gain access to the second floor is bugged. I gave the Man the 100 venom and he gave me access to the 2nd floor, but due to the Mission Glitch(Not giving the Mission) I got no reward for it. Side Note: Might want to check Sand/Leaf Seal missions as well because they may be bugged as well
  8. Game

    Just a small graphical glitch that has nearly drove me insane since I first bought the pants. For some reason when the idle animation kicks in, the crotch of the pants gets that weird black texture bug; it lasts the whole time you are in idle animation but the moment you move it goes away. I haven't fully tested every color of the pants or on a male avatar though. Image on the left is during idle animation, image on the right is seconds after running/seconds before idle animation begins.
  9. If somebody is using a blessing, or you open the bingo book, it will display your Chakra Scalpels on them if yours are activated, and as soon as they're gone off of you, they'll disappear from the sprite images as well.
  10. Hi Does anyone else also experience a crash exe. after opening the bounty (pressing b in game). Or may this be because im listed in the bounty book? Tried it a couple of times, the game runs prefect until I open the book - always gives crash.
  11. Game

    Treat Wounds can be casted on monsters, which doesn't heal them. This wastes your technique and chakra, it should be changed to not be cast-able on monsters at all.
  12. Game

    as WM kenjutsu style, i use sword most of my time in the game. found out some bug and manage to record it. our basic attacks are faster then Fan and slower then Tai.. but what ive seen alot happen is. first hit land (connect aka do damage/miss) second and sometimes 3rd attack do not even register at all, only show animation.. watch the video and see what i'm mean by not even register (not damage, miss or block) just as if animation play and dose not really attack. - file 2017-05-01 16-30-55.flv - video break down video. 1# hit - DID register as miss. 2# hit - connect and did 60. 3# hit - did not register. 4# hit - did not register. 5# hit - connect and did 60. 6# hit - connect and did 60. 7# hit - did not register. 8# hit - connect and did 60. no one fight like that one by one and face to face with mob. BUT, hit still don't register when i kite the mob or fight in pvp.. about same frequency. and that just problem. hope the bug is clear and if you need to ask anything ill reply as soon i see it.. hope you you have hard time fix that. good luck.
  13. Game

    So, I had the RP Mission II token and when I went to hand in my mission, the token disappeared and so now I can't hand in my mission.
  14. Game

    lets get right to it.. visual bug, where sword add 3 chak but highlight in light green the fort and not chak stat. also no sound effect when attack with it. NOTE: it only show fort but do not rise it. and do not rise the stat (had 85 fort with and without the sword) only highlight the wrong one. PM me for more info if not understood. ill be online on discord 24/7 and good luck to the developers with this bug. hope you find and fix it in no time.
  15. Game

    I don't know if anyone has noticed it but taijutsu melee is some what bugged. Every other hit or third hit with melee there is no damage or miss proc. The melee just simply doesn't hit as if no one is there. I noticed it on Larvas first then shortly in PVP when I tested it with bamboozled and Hoshen. its like this... IE: x=hit, 0=no hit this is the pattern x x o x x x o x o x x o
  16. Still getting this error in open beta, and had this issue months ago in closed beta. Logging in works fine, but when I join a server, I immediately crash and get this error. This occurs with no other programs at start for me. I've installed GeForce Experience, but it has yet to cause any issues for any of my other games or programs. I have .NET Framework 4.6.2 installed. I've reinstalled the game multiple times, each time bares the same result. It may also be worth noting that when the error report pops up ("Nin Online has stopped working"), it opens again after I close it once. Specs: Windows 10 (64-bit) Installed Memory (RAM): 14.0 GB Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3820 CPU @ 3.60GHz Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 Alienware Aurora-R4 DirectX Version: DirectX12
  17. Game

    Easy-to-fix bug ( I suppose). When you speak to this NPC called Duke in Leaf Village, the name isn't correct.
  18. Hello, i have a weird bug i would like to tell you about. Everytime i use the right or left mouse button while the cursor is at the right side of my screen, the game crashes. I have this bug since my first day of being a nin and tried to live with it. I just have to play without using the mouse. But as you may know, it is not always possible to avoid mouse clicks. For example if you would like to turn on the pvp mode (because there is no shortcut button for it in the settings) or click at any of the menu buttons at the down right. Even cleaning up the skill bar at the top right by using the right mouse button would cause a crash for me. But the weird thing is, that this only occurs a the right quarter of my screen. If you need certain information, let me know. I try to help, where i can. Kind regards Saizaku
  19. I spoke with two missing-nins today and they told me they could still get missions from leaf and turn it in(they were originally from leaf). This could be related to their cause of being unable to get missions from their respective npc. Thought I'll let you know
  20. After you cast fuuma wind shuriken you are immobolized for 2 seconds. However when you try to throw a shuriken/kunai during this time it will not work but still consume your shuriken/kunai. I lost like 30 shuriken before realizing this. Also there is a tooltip error when you enchant blank scrolls. When you get a successful sealable scroll II and hover over it the tooltip says that it enchants any jutsu from levels 11-20. This is wrong it should be levels 20-29 since it is a sealable scroll II. I also suggest reducing the time of Fuuma wind shuriken immobolize to one second. It is so bad for pvp because of the 2 second immobolize. It is too risky to use it.
  21. Hi. I think I have my character bugged in the academy. I've finished all the lesson with I can't see no NPC in the academy and when I try to leave it tells me I haven't still graduated.
  22. Game

    Map the Bug happened on: All Type of Bug: Technical Description: Game has a small chance of crashing whenever I use Palm Bottom Technique. Steps to Reproduce the Bug: Using the ability Detailed System Specs: i7-4790k, Windows 10, 16gb DDR3, GTX 970 Don't know if I submitted this right, sorry in advance if so .
  23. Game

    Hey this box spawned in a place we were pretty sure we couldn't get to in the leaf. Its on the way to the food shops.
  24. Game

    .I noticed piercing blade (lvl 15 WM jutsu) that after cost on mob have something like 1% to crash the game edit, most damageing jutsus couse it, worth note might be the fact that i cost jutsu while i step into mob tile or he in mine..
  25. This is really starting to annoy me. Mostly when you swing / hit fast your 2nd hit on a mob goes trough it and disappears to thin air. Thanks to this I've already died several times. Also you start to "lag" or "warp" when you fight mobs. Not all the time but most of the time. Regards,,, :)) EDIT: I'm playing from EU meaning I don't have any ping issues. The lag happens during battles.