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Found 42 results

  1. I've been playing this game for a little bit and I'm noticing that every time that I click on something, all the character display functions disappear only leaving the game and your character. You can't interact with anyone and the only thing you can do is move around. The only thing that appears outside of this is also your cursor. Can anyone patch this up?
  2. Yo, there is bug with mission "Spy on Mizukage Office". Despite staying there over 2 min. No seconds are counted - it looks like i'm not in office.
  3. Hello, as the resident trash collector of the Mist village, It seems the Trash bags have begone to rebel against my mission, taking shelter on buildings, away from my grasp. I'm going to assume this is a bug
  4. The boars on the mist side port map are not able to walk on the water or boats. Players are pulling boars to the boats, sitting in them, and casting jutsu from the boat safely. I've seen the same people at it for hours. Is this a legitimate strat, or should the boats still reduce chakra like water or be closer to the dock so the boars can get on them?
  5. This is supposed to be a fixed bug, and it is with normal missions, but for some reason I can't complete the first toad mission. I want to lvl up pls @Seth @Ueda
  6. The Skill Advanced Lightning Cutter Technique is not working properly. The default skill would cause stun for 2 seconds, but this effect only works against players, against Mobs is not working. But the previous version (Lightning Cutter technique) worked normally.
  7. The Skill Advanced Lightning Cutter Technique is not working properly. The default skill would cause stun for 2 seconds, but this effect only works against players, against Mobs is not working. But the previous version (Lightning Cutter technique) worked normally.
  8. Entered a new map and then couldnt switch out because of this random damage dealt to Prado. This can happen randomly, has happened to me before with other debuff like snake poison npc. (note players cant deal bleeding dmg *yeeeeeeeet*)
  9. Close up image (Top left) This has happened 4 times to me in the last hour along with multiple other people. Please fix @Ueda@Seth Also I cannot talk and the game completely freezes as if I had crashed. Nothing happens, no movement, jutsu, or chats are visible. Peace~ Edit: This is extremely frequent for many people as well. I know you're aware of it, but it's more serious than I think you realize, Seth.
  10. I noticed that if u have equiped a fan and u throw a kunai it does less dmg than throwing the kunai without the fan equiped or with a sword, idk if this is a bug or it is intencional, but it's weird so im gonna post it just in case. @Ueda.
  11. Yesterday,my shirokata was regenerating 10 chakra each time,today it went up to 32,without me changing anything. Then i equipped it again,to see if it will make a difference....and it did,it went back to 10.This seems to happen to other people aswell. PS:My max chakra is 250. Went back to 10,right after equipping it again.
  12. I don't know if this only happen to me but every time I try to use the new /gg emote the game freeze and I can't play, is a stupid bug but i want to see the new emote and play
  13. When I cast hurricane blade it goes on cool down for 13 seconds and then it just doesn’t work for another 12 (cd is 25 sec) and I cluelessly tap it not knowing when it’s actualy usable again. So yeah can pls fix
  14. As the title says, my subs either don't even activate when I press the button or I will have one on, it'll go on CD, and I'll still take damage without the sub actually popping and negating it. It still shows that my sub is working, but none of the damage is negated and I don't warp behind my target.
  15. lol, hey its me again.. OKAY!.. idk if this is a bug or not, but im assuming its a bug.. If you get stunned and use a homing it goes into CD without ever actually casting.. AND IT ANNOYS THE BALLS OUTTA ME. but yeah if its a bug plz fix.. i donut like it. ok thanks bye.
  16. I almost died with docs this morning because as soon as I entered a map (After cloaking) my sub immediately popped (Without anybody using sensory) and I was unable to change the map for a solid 10-15 seconds. I tested it again, and it continued to do that consistently at pretty much ever map in between tigers map and dark forest. It also did it in sand village guard duty. That's a really bad bug...
  17. Hello, Ive recently noticed that sometimes random player names appear instead of the Mobs in the damage log. it is nothing that really bothers me but I just wanted to let the staff know(if they dont know about it already)
  18. He's facing the wrong direction.
  19. Well, we have two bugs here, they are: 1 - When you click "next" to go to the next page the game understands how you have clicked "leave." 2 - You open any of the tabs to buy jutsus scrolls and when you click the "X" to close the tab the game understands how you clicked "next."
  20. Not sure if this is intended or an oversight, but doesn't really make sense to allow it if they don't have the "training" to use 1 but somehow know who to wield 2. Just in case, this is the fan I am talking about.
  21. You can walk through this toad. Silver plz
  22. Advanced lightning cutter isn't stunning mobs. Regular cutter IS though.
  23. Hello, Hawk on level 7. Snares work but wrong. Very rare happen snare for target which im mark. often made snare a randomly players which i dont targeting, but was near Hawk can snare himself
  24. So, i think the day before yesterday i did an RP mission. It was RP mission 1, and we all went to hand it in. I got my token and went in to hand it in, but instead of the mission disapearing and me getting experience, it took my token, the mission is still there, and i didnt get any XP. I went back to my teacher and asked him for another token, which he gave me, but it glitches when i try to hand it in again. When he first gave me my second RP mission 1 token, it gave me my second RP mission. Now i have 2 missions i cant get rid of. I made sure the token is called RP token 1, but, i dont see anything else being the problem. Please help me out, thank you -Power
  25. The Manda boss is currently experiencing bugs which I believe to be associated with Timers to its spawn. It is highly frustrating as it is already a difficult encounter and the items it drops cannot be obtained without killing the boss multiple times. The Bug is as follows: Team kills the boss Manda goes on Timer, Boss door says: Boss Room Occupied The timer eventually goes away but then it teleports the ninja who punched the door alone into a boss room with no Manda. It takes time and effort in order to put a team together to do this content. It was disheartening when we could not fight the boss which we had all trained characters for. Please edit this interaction so we can fight the boss properly. we were able to duplicate this bug multiple times and the last time we did the boss never returned.