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Found 32 results

  1. If your back is to a wall, subs are rendered useless. @Ueda I'm sure this has been reported before. Warps jutsu like flicker and cutter will go in front of them in this case, but subs will not activate if the jutsu caster's back is to a wall.
  2. hi! am not sure if am the only one with this problem or its a bug, but the last 2 days toad oil isn't working, it just get consumed, no heals . tried it multiple times in different maps/zones , so please check if there's a problem with it thank you !!
  3. Hi! so besides abandoning the trash bags missions cause we can't find any, i was doing my dailies and when i checked the reward, it said its leaf's
  4. I've noticed as of recent that Colliding Wave no longer knocks back enemies two tiles, more notably bears and snakes. Prior to the latest patch, this wasn't the case. I've tested it on other mobs as well, and it seems like this bug affects every single mob in the game.
  5. Shirokata is supposed to regen 9-10?% of the user's maximum chakra every 40ish seconds (according to the patch notes from MONTHS ago). As it is now, it sometimes regen flat 10, and sometimes regens the 10% it's supposed to regen. This also happens with the bone sword (Kotsuzui Tanto) health regen ( after getting battle injuries, the regen goes to +10 instead of +10%! HUGE difference) @Seth please look into it -As a sidenote, poison scalpel and similar instant cast aoe jutsus which depend on direction tend to misdirect with flicker a lot, BUT! If you use a tool projectile such as a kunai right before it, it doesn't misdirect at all! Whatever fix you applied to regular kunais helps with misdirection, please apply this to jutsus like poison scalpel aswell.
  6. Type of Bug: Technical Description: I don't know whether it is bug but every mastery have new jutsu which 5 levels but lightning have which 6,7 levels (jutsu on 16 level and 23 level) For example Water Slash and Lightning Spear
  7. So today @Enver met Lumy in CF and was winning. Suddenly his ping drops to 2000+ and was unable to move. In the end he got killed. Then I log on 5 mins later, I met another Akat member Yami running inside cf. I was chasing him and winning until he escapes. 1 min later, I found him on the left bottom corner. When I attacked him, he didn't move for like 10 seconds and I got free damage on him. After 10 seconds he started moving and my ping suddenly went up and unable to move. As if he just used a program to make me lag or something. I see Yami landing free combos on me while I desperately try to press every jutsu I could but none of em would come out. I was teleporting on the screen while I see Yami moving smoothly. Unfortunately I died fast and didn't ss nor was I recording... Later I asked him this is what he said: I think it was just too coincidental for 2 players to experience this "Unusual lag/crash" within 15 mins of time by 2 akats players on the same map. They didn't kill us with skill, they killed us with DDos attack. After doing some research, I realized it's possible to track someone's ip address if you know their discord or skype. Same goes for the server, if they know the ip address of the server then they can ddos the server when needed. At this stage, I am only speculating these 2 players cheating with DDos. I honestly don't know if this is possible for Nin Online though and I would like to know ppl's opinions.
  8. Hello, today I showed @DrYukiro some but in game and he advised me, to send it here. If we do activate Sub jutsu, and get hit by snake ranged attack, we are subing behind snake but Our sub is still active. It works also with faster lvling up just I think. 2019-07-04 05-33-01.flv
  9. Hello, I wanted to report a bug related to the mastery Bubble. This bug occurs when casting the Jutsu Great Bubble Soap Shark. If we put a bubble on the ground before launching jutsu and an enemy or mob is hit by this bubble casting time is interrupted but jutsu does not start cooldown.
  10. I've been playing this game for a little bit and I'm noticing that every time that I click on something, all the character display functions disappear only leaving the game and your character. You can't interact with anyone and the only thing you can do is move around. The only thing that appears outside of this is also your cursor. Can anyone patch this up?
  11. Yo, there is bug with mission "Spy on Mizukage Office". Despite staying there over 2 min. No seconds are counted - it looks like i'm not in office.
  12. Hello, as the resident trash collector of the Mist village, It seems the Trash bags have begone to rebel against my mission, taking shelter on buildings, away from my grasp. I'm going to assume this is a bug
  13. The boars on the mist side port map are not able to walk on the water or boats. Players are pulling boars to the boats, sitting in them, and casting jutsu from the boat safely. I've seen the same people at it for hours. Is this a legitimate strat, or should the boats still reduce chakra like water or be closer to the dock so the boars can get on them?
  14. This is supposed to be a fixed bug, and it is with normal missions, but for some reason I can't complete the first toad mission. I want to lvl up pls @Seth @Ueda
  15. The Skill Advanced Lightning Cutter Technique is not working properly. The default skill would cause stun for 2 seconds, but this effect only works against players, against Mobs is not working. But the previous version (Lightning Cutter technique) worked normally.
  16. The Skill Advanced Lightning Cutter Technique is not working properly. The default skill would cause stun for 2 seconds, but this effect only works against players, against Mobs is not working. But the previous version (Lightning Cutter technique) worked normally.
  17. Entered a new map and then couldnt switch out because of this random damage dealt to Prado. This can happen randomly, has happened to me before with other debuff like snake poison npc. (note players cant deal bleeding dmg *yeeeeeeeet*)
  18. Close up image (Top left) This has happened 4 times to me in the last hour along with multiple other people. Please fix @Ueda@Seth Also I cannot talk and the game completely freezes as if I had crashed. Nothing happens, no movement, jutsu, or chats are visible. Peace~ Edit: This is extremely frequent for many people as well. I know you're aware of it, but it's more serious than I think you realize, Seth.
  19. I noticed that if u have equiped a fan and u throw a kunai it does less dmg than throwing the kunai without the fan equiped or with a sword, idk if this is a bug or it is intencional, but it's weird so im gonna post it just in case. @Ueda.
  20. Yesterday,my shirokata was regenerating 10 chakra each time,today it went up to 32,without me changing anything. Then i equipped it again,to see if it will make a difference....and it did,it went back to 10.This seems to happen to other people aswell. PS:My max chakra is 250. Went back to 10,right after equipping it again.
  21. I don't know if this only happen to me but every time I try to use the new /gg emote the game freeze and I can't play, is a stupid bug but i want to see the new emote and play
  22. When I cast hurricane blade it goes on cool down for 13 seconds and then it just doesn’t work for another 12 (cd is 25 sec) and I cluelessly tap it not knowing when it’s actualy usable again. So yeah can pls fix
  23. As the title says, my subs either don't even activate when I press the button or I will have one on, it'll go on CD, and I'll still take damage without the sub actually popping and negating it. It still shows that my sub is working, but none of the damage is negated and I don't warp behind my target.
  24. lol, hey its me again.. OKAY!.. idk if this is a bug or not, but im assuming its a bug.. If you get stunned and use a homing it goes into CD without ever actually casting.. AND IT ANNOYS THE BALLS OUTTA ME. but yeah if its a bug plz fix.. i donut like it. ok thanks bye.
  25. I almost died with docs this morning because as soon as I entered a map (After cloaking) my sub immediately popped (Without anybody using sensory) and I was unable to change the map for a solid 10-15 seconds. I tested it again, and it continued to do that consistently at pretty much ever map in between tigers map and dark forest. It also did it in sand village guard duty. That's a really bad bug...