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Found 40 results

  1. Hello, Ive recently noticed that sometimes random player names appear instead of the Mobs in the damage log. it is nothing that really bothers me but I just wanted to let the staff know(if they dont know about it already)
  2. He's facing the wrong direction.
  3. Well, we have two bugs here, they are: 1 - When you click "next" to go to the next page the game understands how you have clicked "leave." 2 - You open any of the tabs to buy jutsus scrolls and when you click the "X" to close the tab the game understands how you clicked "next."
  4. Not sure if this is intended or an oversight, but doesn't really make sense to allow it if they don't have the "training" to use 1 but somehow know who to wield 2. Just in case, this is the fan I am talking about.
  5. You can walk through this toad. Silver plz
  6. Advanced lightning cutter isn't stunning mobs. Regular cutter IS though.
  7. Hello, Hawk on level 7. Snares work but wrong. Very rare happen snare for target which im mark. often made snare a randomly players which i dont targeting, but was near Hawk can snare himself
  8. So, i think the day before yesterday i did an RP mission. It was RP mission 1, and we all went to hand it in. I got my token and went in to hand it in, but instead of the mission disapearing and me getting experience, it took my token, the mission is still there, and i didnt get any XP. I went back to my teacher and asked him for another token, which he gave me, but it glitches when i try to hand it in again. When he first gave me my second RP mission 1 token, it gave me my second RP mission. Now i have 2 missions i cant get rid of. I made sure the token is called RP token 1, but, i dont see anything else being the problem. Please help me out, thank you -Power
  9. The Manda boss is currently experiencing bugs which I believe to be associated with Timers to its spawn. It is highly frustrating as it is already a difficult encounter and the items it drops cannot be obtained without killing the boss multiple times. The Bug is as follows: Team kills the boss Manda goes on Timer, Boss door says: Boss Room Occupied The timer eventually goes away but then it teleports the ninja who punched the door alone into a boss room with no Manda. It takes time and effort in order to put a team together to do this content. It was disheartening when we could not fight the boss which we had all trained characters for. Please edit this interaction so we can fight the boss properly. we were able to duplicate this bug multiple times and the last time we did the boss never returned.
  10. when someone sub a trap that trap doesn't work on the person anymore, the same thing used to happen with fire wall it got fixed but it still happens with bear trap and tags
  11. I've tested this with people, but I didn't save any gifs. Sometimes, it just doesn't go off. As in, I completed the cast, no interruption, the target is clearly in range, the target isn't near a wall, I clearly have the chakra for it, and then nothing happens. My character stands where he was, cutter goes on cooldown, but no teleportation or damage. This is a massive problem and is heavily impacting my pvp experience. This jutsu just sometimes doesn't go off. And if I were to give a rough estimation on how often this bug happens, I'd say a near 30% of the time. It's really annoying. I can try to gif an example if this problem is unfamiliar to people.
  12. Toad oils don't work most of the time I use it. They still go on CD but I get no HP from them. I make sure I've not been hit while using them as well.
  13. If you spend the 2s to use the toad oil, get the heals, and then use a pill, it will negate your toad oil. I thought only the chakra and blood pills couldn't be used together. If the toad oils are meant to get cancelled then make it so you are unable to use either or after you've used one.
  14. The shuriken does not have 2 sec of CD. This bug happened for the first time when i did wind shuriken+normal shuriken. After that, the CD of the shuriken was higher than 2 sec.
  15. A Bug that annoys me, Sometimes when u go leaf u teleport something else. dont know how to explain this but u get stuck but is not with ur character or can't control it i don't know how to explain this Second when u interact in npc u get stuck some times like in the slot machines.
  16. If you cast cutter while being slowed or walking, your char will go backward.
  17. Since the last wave of patches, 1-2 days ago, there's been a bug with running. Everyone now looks like they are stutter-stepping They run, stop, run, stop. It's best explained in this Gfycat:
  18. If you press sub and chidori at the same time you'll move at full speed @Seth. Also when you fix this, please make chidori move at 2/3 speed instead of 1/3. thank you
  19. It doesn't interrupt jutsu cast's anymore.
  20. I'm not sure why this hasn't been reported sooner but the Charm's buff mechanic has been bugged since the day it was implemented. When buying your specific charm and using it, it will buff a completely different stat then what is stated in the item description. Most of the Horoscope Charms have only been seen to buff either Agi or Str.
  21. As the title says, if you hit a mob with dragon and it died on the initial hit, the follow up phoenix won't launch. Works on players just fine though
  22. The poison DOT will show your character having the poison graphical effect on you (The purple bubbling aura) well after the DOT ends. This is extremely annoying for people that rely on the invisibility jutsu, as you can see the effect on people who have been poisoned even while they are “Invisible” and NOT actually taking the DOT damage (Since it already ended).
  23. Found mountain crusher bug, sometimes it hits sometimes it doesn't. please fix. Nin Online 10_29_2018 3_13_10 AM_Trim.mp4 Nin Online 10_29_2018 2_51_31 AM_Trim.mp4