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Found 42 results

  1. Hello! So I found this bug... It happens after using my jutsu (Lightning Cutter and Body Flicker) and pressing "C" (Chakra charge button), the CD of the jutsu I used resets, even if the jutsu is ready. I am not sending any ss cause I tought it would be pointless... Hopefully it gets fixed! Thanks in advance!
  2. There is a bug in the Leaf CE Arena, where as soon as you walk in you get a black screen and you're unable to move (therefore can't leave map). @Caio Mirana and I are stuck there, unable to leave, and exiting and logging back in does not help.
  3. This is a pretty critical bug, and people will hate me for reporting it, but if you target someone in a mask, and then press "add friend" you will see their name. Please fix this @Ueda
  4. As the title says. I take DOT damage from the following mobs by standing near them without even being hit: Wolves (Laceration), snakes (Venom 1), Jonin (Burn 1), birds (Laceration) @Seth
  5. Game

    I decided to return to Nin Online. Back then, everything worked perfect. This time, after updating has finished, I clicked "START GAME". The big logo of shuriken appeared then it disappeared and nothing else happened. I tried run it as amin, I deleted game and reinstaled it exactly as your guide says, I get rid of the farewall and client still refuses to run. Can you help me please fix that issue? Can't wait to play the game.Best regards Azazello. #edit I installed Nin on 2nd less retarded computer (which is my sibling's unfortuantely) and it worked. I put the game on pendrive then on my computer and the same problem happens: shuriken goes on screen, which then disappears after 2/3 seconds and that's the end. Someone, anyone help me PLS.
  6. Game

    Alright so ninjas, admins I don't know if anyone else has been experiancing this major problem but when i to start the nin online launcher I'm greeted by a little notice warning me of a virus, I've been playing for a while and this is the third time it has happened. This causes windows to uninstall the program as well I don't know what exactly is going on so I thought to bring it to everyone's attention. Hopefully the problem gets fixed and anyone having the same issue I am can play again
  7. Game

    Hello, So this morning i tried to open nin and for some reason the client didnt want to show up sho i re installed it and when i open the client again it gave me this So i pressed continue and the nin client stay like this forever and it never update and i have no force update button so i am blocked and cant play T.T
  8. Game

    I am unable to get the mission “RP Mission 2”. I reached level 17 a couple days ago but it is saying I need level 24 to get another RP mission (I’ve only did RP1 so far). Help would be appreciated.
  9. Game

    I went to bears map, and saw this player taking profit of what it looked like an invisible wall to bears and he was killing them with no danger. Are those actions legit?
  10. Game

    @Seth @Rory hello, I'm from the earth element the mud river jutsu does not work well against the mobs, the mobs do not go slower, they go normal.
  11. Game

    Sup ninjas, i dont know if this bug is only with me. When i used all my traps and get limites i cant talk in /v /t or world chat with people and cant use anothers jutsus(waters, kunais tags all jutsus.)
  12. The game is completely unresponsive, and even after reinstalling multiple times, swapping countless options around, and waiting for an interface change that I was told might help, I still receive the exact same error I did one year ago. The second bug report I posted about this issue can be found here: None of my computer specs have changed whatsoever, and the bug report explains perfectly what error I still receive. It'd be fantastic if I could finally figure out the issue with the game and play it for the first time in over a year now.
  13. If an akatsuki member logs off in the cave, they will spawn in the game on the wall after they log back in. Also if they log off in the cave and then leave/are kicked from the org, they will have a black screen and can't do anything (But are still in-game)
  14. Game

    Hi, I installed the game today, it's always closing and I do not know what to do. Please help me because I want to play a lot. Thank you.
  15. The poison DOT will show your character having the poison graphical effect on you (The purple bubbling aura) well after the DOT ends. This is extremely annoying for people that rely on the invisibility jutsu, as you can see the effect on people who have been poisoned even while they are “Invisible” and NOT actually taking the DOT damage (Since it already ended).
  16. Simple as it sounds. The reason why it does this is because the game doesn't register that you changed your position after subbing. So if you were facing towards your enemy when you subbed, your jutsu will still register you facing that direction, which will cause it to shoot "Backwards". I'm sure you guys already know about the bug, but this is the reason why
  17. Game

    Please help me please i need to fix the chat Developers Pleaseeee
  18. Game

    for some reason dragon fire no longer shoots out the fireballs after hitting a target. @Seth @Rory pls fix this its real annoying.
  19. As the title says, burns no longer apply after ANY fire jutsu, and dragon no longer shoots a second shot against players (This bug has been here before). @Seth
  20. Game

    I attempted to use the summoning toad to drop supply boxes around the village, but after I clicked it I froze. The boxes were still summoned, but I could not move from that location, I couldn't cast jutsu, and I also couldn't press escape to log out. I had to alt-f4 to get out of the game to relaunch.
  21. Game

    If you walk in the bar and press 'No' when it asks you if you want dangos, you'll be stuck.
  22. @Harmony killed me (Just now) in the snake lair. I died from a poison tic and just immediately respawned without having the timer show up or the option to watch. On top of that, I didn't lose bounty (While I did not have BI). Harmony said that this sometimes happens when you're already at low health and die to a poison tic. @Rory
  23. Game

    I've encountered this bug a few times but it seems pretty inconsistent so I haven't been able to take screenshots. Sometimesbear traps will be invisible if you enter a map with them already placed. This is obviously a problem because the stun is not a short one and the obvious counter to bear traps is that you can see them and avoid them. If anyone else has encountered this bug and has screenshots I'd appreciate if you could add them to this topic. Thanks!
  24. Game

    This bug is very common and I'm sure you've already seen it, but it's worth mentioning just in case. This bug has a character stuck in their "Running animation" and is frozen there while they stand in one place. It's not directly tied to ping, as I've seen people with good ping have this problem too. Jessica for example (The GM in the pic) Has typically 90-200 ping she says, which is pretty good for this game. I have a constant 90. Not sure what causes it, but it's very frequent
  25. This only a friendly non aggressive rant Ok - So I started playing a bit on one of my alts - and chose to go GF. Boy do I regret this decisions thus far. (note I hope this skill gets stronger with lvl) So what are the main problems I picked up on thus far AGILITY TAI is way better - gets an active jutsus and does more auto attack damage (low lvl) GF on the other hand receives a passive like lvl 10 jutsu that does not even compair with AG Tai Autos (this needs a buff or something, ffs it takes about 40 cha at lvl 10) Now, what the hell is that lvl 13 jutsu??? Are U gus playing a prank, where are the cameras? But seriously with decent stats it does 10, TENNNNN DAMAGE. Cant even 1 shot a Larvae So yeah started 2 days ago and this is what I've seen thus far, hopefully the justus gets stronger with lvl and skill lvls, but wow can we pls have a round of applause to GF users that are high lvl atm, you guys struggled compare to any other jutsu Users. RIP GF