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Found 56 results

  1. Game

    when i join a team sometimes when i leave the team or someone else leaves it starts not to show the team bar on the left side of the screen and it says im still in the team when i try to join someone else's team so hopefully this problem gets fixed.
  2. This is addressing the same issue I reported on May 1, 2017. Nothing has changed and the crash remains the exact same, happening at the same exact time it did before. No changes have occurred whatsoever. --------------------------------------------------- Still getting this error in open beta, and had this issue months ago in closed beta. Logging in works fine, but when I join a server, I immediately crash and get this error. This occurs with no other programs at start for me. I've installed GeForce Experience, but it has yet to cause any issues for any of my other games or programs. I have .NET Framework 4.6.2 installed. I've reinstalled the game multiple times, each time bares the same result. It may also be worth noting that when the error report pops up ("Nin Online has stopped working"), it opens again after I close it once. Specs: Windows 10 (64-bit) Installed Memory (RAM): 14.0 GB Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3820 CPU @ 3.60GHz Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 Alienware Aurora-R4 DirectX Version: DirectX12
  3. Game

    So there seems to be this exploit/bug within the game that people probably have seen a bit of. Any kind of Substitution used against a person that has their back to the wall will not Proc. For Example.... Jun uses Speed Mirage/Substitution..... Aghila uses Water prison with his back against the wall/house/cliff/etc....Because his back is against the wall the Substitution will not let me substitute against the jutsu because sub makes you teleport behind your opponent instead of teleporting you to the open area. Thus resulting in a way to exploit the bug/glitch and making it more accessible to land Stuns/Homings/AOES.
  4. Game

    Spy Kazekage office is bugged. Timer Instant complete and don't wait 12O sec.
  5. Game

    So, for some reason, a lot of times when you have a bounty and you die from a mob, it will say i was killed by a player and my bounty was halved. This isnt a very "important" bug but it is annoying. Would be nice if an admin could check this out.
  6. Game

    Theres a bug that after you block someone you cant unblock them. i have a couple people blocked who were being annoying but its been a little while since then so i want to unblock them and its not working at all.
  7. Game

    Hey! I found bug with new hotbars, when jutsu lvls up it doesn't lvl up in hotbar, and it's saying: 'You don't have this jutsu.' Ye you don't have it because your jutsu was replaced with another lvl of this jutsu. But old one seems like staying in hotbars, not updating it like 'normal' hotbar does. - You need to replace it again with jutsu from Jutsu Table. ' -' I have my 'Antibodies Activation' in second hotbar.
  8. This is a simple one, Drilling Air Bullet and Fuuma Wind Shuriken causes my game to crash after some time, it seems like a run time bug but it only happens when I use them two jutsus after being online for an extended time frame. I say that its a run time bug because I can use them when I just log on or within the first hours but after that its game over.
  9. If a player who was revived after fainting in combat dies to a mob, the kill goes to the player who downed the person before. This has caused ninjas to go missing after sparring in a safe zone, only for the loser to later die to a mob (in a danger zone) and give the winner a missing strike. This also happens when you pk a ninja that gets revived from one of his teammates, if he later dies to a mob you will get credit for the kill, collect their bounty, and gain bounty for yourself (if this happens in a danger zone).
  10. Hello everyone, after last patch I have noticed that debuffs and buffs doesn't dissapear when you die and instantly respawn. I just died on bounty while having CS and poison on myself and I respawned instantly, I still had cs on and poison too (because of poison I couldn't leave bounty), when they ran out, I got BI. that is how it looked right after I respawned And when buffs out: And also, there is visual bug while having multiple buffs/debuffs
  11. Not sure if this is a bug or if it's actually supposed to be like this but, If your opponent has a sub active and you have your back to a wall, tree, etc. Your attack will go through their sub and hit them every time. Like i said, i'm not really sure if that's meant to happen but would like to find out. But if it is a bug, i think an easy fix would be to make it so when you sub an attack, you either end up in front of your opponent or behind, depending on where there is an open tile.
  12. oka i reached 2nd mastery, and i choose earth. Before that, after an hour of gameplay, the game just crash with a jutsu... i didnt pay attention to it, and just re launch the game. Now, when i play earth mastery, and after a while, i realized that i was playing like 3 hs without crashing. So i decided to do a test the results of that test was that playing only earth jutsus=no crashes. But then press the key to throw a Drilling air bullet technique= crash same result after 3 hours without crashes, and then vacuum sphere technique=crash this took me all day, with the same results, no other jutsu make the game crash idk if this is a bug that is already being fixed or not, but i didnt see any post so... trying to be helpfull here (sorry the english) XD
  13. So i noticed that sometimes i spam my senbon hotkey and it takes the senbon but doesn't actually throw it, i tried relogging and the senbons that i "threw" didn't appear back thought it was a bug worth mentioning.
  14. Game

    Map the Bug happened on: Tigers (Southwest of Leaf Village) Type of Bug: Technical Description: Immediately after using the jutsu, "Water Slash," Nin Online crashed. Steps to Reproduce the Bug: Cast "Water Slash" System Specs: OS- Windows 7 Home Premium Processor- AMD FX 8320 Graphics- GeForce GTX 760 RAM- 8 GB
  15. Game

    so i was fighting another nin, and i realize that the other, throw jutsus very fast, while me, takes me like 2 seconds or 3 between jutsus, and before a couple of patches i was able to throw at that speed, so my question is, anybody with the same problem? or is just me or my connection? Ushu, the gentil breeze
  16. Game

    Not sure if this has been posted before but I noticed that killing monsters with advanced lightning cutter occasionally causes two things to drop from the mob. For example, after killing a spider with the jutsu they sometimes drop 2 eggs. I think this happens because advanced lightning cutter hits its target twice. Even though the initial hit does enough damage to kill it, a zero still pops up for the second part of the jutsu. I think double drops happen because the game may be thinking the monster died twice. I haven't noticed double drops happening with any of my other jutsus, so I don't think this is intended.
  17. There is an invisible wall in front of the leaf gate that is 3 squares wide and 1 square long. It's exactly in front of where I am standing in this screen shot: @Seth
  18. Hi, all! I opened the game normally and went to Kagane's Weapon Shop to check some swords. I've talked to him and I choose an option, no matter which, the game crashes. I receive a message from Windows telling that Nin Online stopped working and asks if I wanna debug or close the program. Already tried two times. Yesterday was working good. I'll post a screenshot, but my OS is in Portuguese since I'm from Brazil. I have no clue if this happens with any other NPC, I'll try it and will update this post. Screenshot System specs: OS: Windows 10 Home Single Language 64 bits Processor: Intel i7-6500U 2.50GHz RAM: 8GB DDR4 Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 920M 2GB Waiting for response and solution xD Thanks, Azvd.
  19. It appears that Substitution does not work properly if there are multiple paper tags or bear traps stacked on top of each other on the same tile. The Substitution activates the same way as it used to with Lightning Cutter's previous bug, however you can still take damage or get stunned afterwards. Also you don't appear behind the back of your enemy when this bug occurs. I hope this minor bug can be fixed asap, because people tend to like to place multiple tags or bear traps on 1 tile stair cases doing over 1k damage. (Also there is another bug which I'm not entirely sure whether it has been fixed or not. But I've seen some instances where poison still goes through substitution as well. Meaning that you can still get the DoT on the Poison effect even after successfully using substitution.)
  20. Game

    I realize the new GUI has yet to be completely finished, but I figured I'd list the issues I'm facing anyways. - Name/Level/Rank are displayed behind chat-box, where they were located before update - Chat-box has no scroll bar - Upon logging into the server, chat acts accordingly. Scrolling up or down with the mouse wheel takes you to MOTD and locks, where I'm unable to see any new messages in chat
  21. Absolutely nowhere is safe anymore. Not while I'm around >:D You can body flicker to people on the roof
  22. Heyo, so this is a bug that has aggravated me ever since the open beta launched. There are very few things in video games that cause me to lose my temper, and one of them is unresponsive controls. If I am standing in front of somebody and pressing my "3" key to launch a fireball; 1. It will take 5 button mashes to cast. And 2. even after the 5 button mashes, it takes an extra second to cast. I have literally faced someone, pressed the button (Sometimes even up to 10 times), and nothing would happen. The target would run away, and the chase would resume... except for not. 5 seconds into the chase after a failed jutsu cast, it will randomly cast while moving. These bugs kill me 95% of the time. So whenever I die in a fair fight, everything is cool. But when I am killed, over and OVER again because of the unresponsiveness.... then I really start to get upset. It's the 1 thing that I absolutely HATE about this game. Love everything else. Is a ping thing? if so, that needs to be fixed too but that's a different bug report (My ping is 300+ even though I live in NA).. Is anybody else experiencing the same frustration that I am? This is grounds for quitting the game. Of course, I'm not going to do that because I love nin... But for a lot of people, this would end their nin online experience before it ever even started. Especially the hardcore pvp'ers that this game can attract sometimes. For those who care less about RP and more about kill kill kill, it's a huge turn off when you cannot do what you tell your character to do. And no, I am definitely not the type of person to cry after being killed when it's a completely bug free match. For example, I had a fight with @Donatoday. It was a great fight! The game was responsive, and the only one I had to blame for my defeat.. was me. When my opponent is more skillful than me? Git gud. I'm a dark souls veteran, when you die because somebody was better than you (A boss or another player), you don't rage quit, you jump back in, learn from your mistakes, and initiate the rematch. SKILL BASED DEATHS are amazing. They only encourage you to play the game more, and... git gud. That is not the case here.
  23. Game

    The description for earth technique Ravaging earth spikes is showing a fire technique instead when reaching max level on the jutsu. As shown in the picture below.
  24. Game

    Heyo, so I am in event HQ, and both me and my friend got BI when we died. edit: Okay, so it only seems to happen if you step out of the room by accident after respawning. @Seth
  25. Game

    Well, the bug is that when you have example Council Member title, you are the only one to see it. People see that you are a ninja, when you title is Council Member. @Seth and @Rory