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Found 3 results

  1. I want to draw and submit art to to both the sand AND leaf village as I have two characters. Only issue is I need characters to draw that aren't just mine or my brothers. If you would like me to include your character PLEASE let me know their clan and send a picture of your character to me. Also tell me how they would feel or be doing during a lecture in class (Example: Scribbling notes down, sleeping, balancing a pencil on their nose, eating, etc.) The characters will all be drawn in their respective classrooms. I will be taking 10 Leaf Genin and 10 Sand Genin I'm also taking 1 Jonin for each Village. When i get all i need i will close the submitting, sorry. Thanks for your help!
  2. I think there should be a limit of 2-3 alts per person. This prevents account selling (Actually a thing that happens rn), improves RP because you know who tf you’re talking to, prevents people from abusing in-game mechanics in a great variety of ways including but not limited to; bounty farming and killing of that char on a low level char for instant levels, finishing ww/bounty hunting by farming alts, and selling alt kills to other players. With this you would have to think very carefully where your allegiances lie as you would have to reset to switch sides. It would also remove the need for new alt new life rule and prevent instant exiling. How to make this happen for people with 4+ characters: Ban the extras. I have 10 alts with 5 being over level 40 btw. @Ueda
  3. Feature

    Whack's Development Log #2 Ninja Creation! Hi everyone, I'm glad to see the community growing rapidly! This is my second development log, and as you may of noticed Rory has four already! How am I supposed to keep up with that guy? Haha, just kidding, anyways I'm doing this fast because I have to go out to a graduation party tonight, and I just got something done that made me want to tell all of you about our progress. Hair Color Selection Your ninja will be customizable in many different ways, one being hair color. So far there are 14 different hair types, seven for male and seven for female. For each hair, there is 27 different colors. Thats over 300 different combinations from hair alone! Here is a sneak peak of the ninja customization screen! As you can see, there will also be 27 different eye colors to choose from, as well as your starting shirt and pant color. All players will start out as an Academy Student, and progress from there. I am extremely impressed by the amount of work Rory has put in, and I am definitely feeling confident that we will meet our schedule for Nin. The two of us work fantastic together, and I can't stress that enough. Our chemistry as high as it can get! Thanks for reading, and hopefully this makes you more excited for the July release of Nin Online! Regards, Whack