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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, So ill make it quick. Imo if someone is stand inside earth walls, or even if there's earth wall in front of him, people shouldn't be able to flicker to him. (same way as you cant flicker/sub on someone standing in front of a block tile/another person) Its not a big deal but it can make earth wall somehow more useful in nowadays flicker meta. (and also its wierd to see someone flicker and standing ON the wall itself and doing damage that way) Thank you for reading
  2. N E R F F L I C K E R
  3. Suggestion to end this clown fiesta once and for all. With recent changes to cast times, this has become even more noticeable how flicker makes all problems go away for many players who do not want to rely on aim. Add 0.5 - 1s silence to player after flicker use. With this change you can still use flicker to escape, disposition or as an offensive move but with enough time for counterplay from opponent's point of view. If this change does not see light, I demand to give cast time to all instant cast stuns, melee-homing knockbacks and high-damage jutsu.