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Found 88 results

  1. Add a skirt cosmetic like what one of the devs wore in @Shirou‘s bottom picture of his profile in the anbu mask to each village clothing shop in different variations. Why? Because skirts are cool.
  2. ok so I lost my password, I do remember my username but there doesn't seem to be a way to retrieve the password...or change it because it needs your old password to change it...........which is extremely inconvenient......any advice?
  3. Right now the barrier tag is completely non-applicable to combat or defense. It's not even like a gag type of thing like how the clone jutsu is at the moment. I suggest: Making the tag more durable. Let it take more damage than it currently is or even have infinite health and just set on a timer. Make it have a longer lasting affect. Similar or slightly longer than earth wall. The Tag shouldn't be something crazy or overpowered that's not what I'm asking for, I just want it to have a use.
  4. ^ here Please add a bench in the middle of these two trees so I can have a nice date by the water away from the village. Thanks @Niti you bring the ramen and I'll bring the kazecola
  5. I think damage needs to be buffed a little bit. I get that the change was to promote longer fights, but individual skill is no longer relevant in the face of even just a couple additional enemies. Traditional MMORPG logic typically has 3 types of viable builds. Tank, support, and dps. The roll of the tank is to divert pressure onto themselves and be able to outlive the enemy attacks while your support keeps the tank alive and the dps takes out the hostile forces. That’s proper design. Each role is pivotal to pvp and pve strategy. Nin doesn’t work like this. Currently the only viable roles are tank or support, and support mains are far and few in between. If you look at the damage to ability point ratio, int characters have about .631 damage per intelligence point. Strength constitutes about half of that, and agility even less than strength. you get 10 hitpoints per point of fortitude. This means that by investing a full level up in HP, you will have 50 additional hitpoints. Conversly, by investing the same amount of intelligence points, you will have roughly 3 bonus damage. Or even 2 or 1 bonus damage per 5 points of strength and agility respectively. What this does is completely negates the viability of a dps build. I can have 140 int as an intellect user and deal roughly a bonus 88 damage or I could have 140 fortitude and have 1,500 hitpoints. With 140 int, my bonus damage is 25 points higher than if I had 100 intelligence instead. Now I ask what sounds more viable, 25 extra points of damage or 400 extra health. My argument is to bring back the viability of dps roles while also maintaining a healthy MMO standard of balance between the three roles, not individual masteries. I propose advancing strength and agility damage to where intellect is currently at and improving int dps to .9 bonus damage per point. This is lower than it was before the damage nerf, but also brings back the viability and necessity of a dps role in Nin Online. With .9 bonus damage per point of intelligence, at 140 int you will deal 126 bonus damage per attack as opposed to the current measly 88 damage that is currently achieved with the same numeric value. That’s an additional 38 damage in that comparison. This brings me to my final point in my argument. When the level cap is increased to 70, we will then have an additional 100 ability points to incorporate into our builds. 100 points into fortitude is 1,000 extra hitpoints. Conversely, 100 intelligence points with the current game design is only 63 extra damage. This makes the already utterly impractical role of dps even further useless. With the damage increased, those 100 points become an extra 90 damage. And even that may seem rather insignificant in comparison to the massive amounts of hitpoints most players will invest in. In pvp, competitive players don’t want a long drawn out battle that lasts minutes. This gives way too much time for an opponent to figure out a method of victory or stall until reinforcements arrive. People want a decisive victory that yields results and can leave before more enemies show up to finish them off. This is a ninja game isn’t it? Aren’t ninjas decisive? You don’t see shinobi, whether fictional or realistic, battling opponents head on in the front lines of a battlefield. They are quick and lethal. And quick and lethal translates to me as a more hardcore experience, which you, @Ueda are advertising. Please consider this, I for one hate tank and support roles, and I know I’m not alone. Bring back the viability of dps. Peace~
  6. @Seitenchi suggested in discord that it would be neat to be able to sit in the hotsprings. I agree
  7. I think there should be a limit of 2-3 alts per person. This prevents account selling (Actually a thing that happens rn), improves RP because you know who tf you’re talking to, prevents people from abusing in-game mechanics in a great variety of ways including but not limited to; bounty farming and killing of that char on a low level char for instant levels, finishing ww/bounty hunting by farming alts, and selling alt kills to other players. With this you would have to think very carefully where your allegiances lie as you would have to reset to switch sides. It would also remove the need for new alt new life rule and prevent instant exiling. How to make this happen for people with 4+ characters: Ban the extras. I have 10 alts with 5 being over level 40 btw. @Ueda
  8. Close up image (Top left) This has happened 4 times to me in the last hour along with multiple other people. Please fix @Ueda@Seth Also I cannot talk and the game completely freezes as if I had crashed. Nothing happens, no movement, jutsu, or chats are visible. Peace~ Edit: This is extremely frequent for many people as well. I know you're aware of it, but it's more serious than I think you realize, Seth.
  9. Medical Supplies are a faulty mission that isn't worth the time to complete. For example if you're a level 14 who gets MS1, why would anyone bother to collect 40 cocoons and 30 spider eggs when they get no exp from killing those mobs? You'd get a total of 5k from completing the mission. With the time to collect that much, you'd gain more grinding tigers. It's a complete waste of a daily. My suggestion is to at least make MS missions contain the collection of items realistically obtainable and gain the appropriate amount of xp. For example lv's 1-10 cocoons and spiders, 11-19 -> wolves and tigers, 20-30 -> rats and bees, then bears and snakes -> 31-36, Hosts and snow wolves -> 37-40. *Increase the experience and FIX THE RATS IN SEWERS* *Get rid of obtaining from the mobs in sand* Comment and Like below. @Ueda
  10. Hi, I’d like to suggest that agility reduced cast times a bit more. It would be cool to see int users dealing less damage but casting things quicker. It would add another pvp mechanic for players to mess with and experiment new builds and combos while maintaining relevency on the old builds.
  11. As the title says, my subs either don't even activate when I press the button or I will have one on, it'll go on CD, and I'll still take damage without the sub actually popping and negating it. It still shows that my sub is working, but none of the damage is negated and I don't warp behind my target.
  12. Hi, I think you should be able to leap down these but not up (Like in the Pokémon games).
  13. I think a good addition to the game would be instruments! Maybe it's too soon for them to be doing damage like with Tayuya, but they can at least be added to make music! this would add immense RP and fun to the game. People could create bands and past the time with it. And on a strategic level, it could be used to draw enemies attention to a certain direction.
  14. I almost died with docs this morning because as soon as I entered a map (After cloaking) my sub immediately popped (Without anybody using sensory) and I was unable to change the map for a solid 10-15 seconds. I tested it again, and it continued to do that consistently at pretty much ever map in between tigers map and dark forest. It also did it in sand village guard duty. That's a really bad bug...
  15. Please remove the sound effects on all the cash shop items. Thanks.
  16. I think reducing the BI timer to 4 or 5 minutes instead of 8 would be a good change to make nin online mire difficult. If the walk speed while on BI suggestion that was offered weeks ago isn’t being considered, I think this is a good alternative (Though I like that option more). Before I get the, “You want the game to be easy!” Comments, lemme explain why I think this will actually make the game more challenging: Put simply, many players will let themselves die so that they can run to opposite villages while on BI with no risk of losing their bounties or giving the satisfaction of a kill to an enemy ninja. I tested out the amount of time it takes to get from Takumi to leaf with no stops (Only cloaking in bears), no talking, no combat (Even against mobs), or anything but running in a straight line to leaf. It took me a little over 5 minutes. With 8 whole minutes, you can run from your hospital to the enemy village mission locations and still make it out of their safe zones with time to spare on your BI. That’s really dumb imo.
  17. Hi there, I was just wondering how other ranked ninjas host their RP missions. I’ve seen many of them done and been a part of quite a few others but most seemed kind of... meh. I wanted to know if others ever failed their genin for not RP’ing or not taking it seriously. I have failed a little over half of the people who have partaken in my RP missions due to either of those things OR failing the mission that we set out to do. I always give a chance at redemption (Such as “Tell me what you did wrong and how you can improve in the future) I take it relatively easy on RP1 and RP2, but I have failed a bunch of people on 3 and 4. I even let people know before we start that there is a high risk of failure if they don’t actually RP and you would be amazed how many say “No thanks, I just want an easy token and don’t want to waste my time.” And then go to GD and ask for a different host lmao. Actually a quote from an anonymous genin who refused my mission, waited for a couple hours and saw that nobody else was going to do it, and then buckled down and RP’d his way to a well EARNED token. I feel like that feeling of success has been lost in the new generation of “rp” missions due to a complete lack of effort and feelings of entitlement. “If I spend 15-25 minutes doing this then I deserve a token.” I have also seen a bunch of people abusing the system and just trading the coins in without actually doing the mission :eyes: I personally have a Word Document with a bunch of different RP missions already structured and ready to go (I host RP missions similar to how I DM dungeons and dragons), and thought it would be really cool to synchronize our RP missions not only in our respective villages, but perhaps JOINT village RP missions. I feel as though they have become stale, and I think that setting up a channel in discord specifically for scheduling village exclusive and joint village RP missions with each other could be a great way for genin to see when one will be available, to be able to have an easy and specific place to request one, and a hidden channel where ranked ninja only can post their ideas for missions to share with others and build off of. *Puts on a toupe* let’s make RP great again.
  18. Simple suggestion, I think a lot of these non-leveled jutsu ranks need a couple quick changes here and there. This one in particular is for feast of lightning. I have the screen shots of all 3 levels that I'll post, and what I would change to make it nicer for new players leveling their jutsu: Level 1: Level 2: And level 3: I would change it so that from rank 1 to rank 2, You get the base damage increase and the range increase to make it feel like it actually ranked up. A measly 2 extra damage after a week of grinding kinda sucks. Then that leaves the BIG change from maxing it to become a 1s cast and reduced chakra cost. I might suggest more of these little things in the future, but let's start with this one.
  19. These are the current prices for selling to NPC's: Bandit blade: 750 ryo (Lol?) Muramasa: 7500 ryo Twin fang: 2500 ryo Religious katana: 750 ryo Twin fan: 1250 ryo Black fan 1250 ryo Hermit headband: 50 ryo Gas mask: 150 ryo ALL Christmas event items: 0 ryo Veiled Sakaat: 1250 ryo (I could get that much from selling a regular sakaat.) Chest bandage: 125 ryo Gold fur/Gold/Chrome war armor: 0 ryo Cigarette: 125 ryo Snake belt: 500 ryo White hermit cape: 0 ryo These are all the items I have that I can view the trade to shop prices. That's waaaaay off. I would change it heavily. So much so that I don't even know what to say. Please fix these prices. Not everybody wants to sell to other players, and this is a good way to thin out the amount of items that players collectively have, which will boost the economy over time. Thanks for the consideration~
  20. He's facing the wrong direction.
  21. I tried to login first time today and it says account could not be found. Still not solved..
  22. same old. connection lost when i click the toad server and before you reply with server offline, il say that it isnt. cause when i use vpn it works and its online. So please get to fixing it. ive seen many similar complaints and yall shutting people off with server offline while it isnt, its another bug fyi. ty
  23. I like the idea of the weather system and not being able to disable it. It drops FPS on some lower end PC’s, but that’s unavoidable with the current engine limitations. That said, I have a suggestion of how to make the weather a little less annoying while keeping it’s purpose: To be a map hazard that limits visibility and adds an extra element to take account of in pvp. My suggestions: 1. Reduce the amount of times weather effects take place. Instead of being completely random, set it to... say... a *minimum* of 1 or so effect every IRL hour between effects while maintaining randomness. Mother nature is unpredictable and varies. 2. Reduce the amount of time weather effects are in place. 20 ish IRL minutes is a good amount of time for a period of reduced visibility (And FPS loss). 3. A little more advanced: Randomize the severity of the weather. For example: Rain could be a damp, dark, drizzle or a torrential downpour. Snow could be a light snowfall or a full on blizzard. 4. Lighting effects: While this isn’t a weather effect, it now goes hand in hand with it. The current dark night combined with a weather effect can be very unenjoyable to play. Some maps (Such as the dark forest south of spiders) are completely non-visable for some players. Lighting values should change when a weather effect is in place to make maps more visible. 5. Perhaps moon phases at night. Some nights are darker, and some nights the moonlight tints everything in a new and beautiful hue. I think this would be the best lighting effect that could be implemented. @Ueda
  24. You can walk through this toad. Silver plz
  25. Make this carry extra tools. 20 maybe? 30? If it says "To contain ninja tools" I think it should actually contain extra ninja tools ¯\_(ツ)_/¯