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Found 87 results

  1. Please remove the sound effects on all the cash shop items. Thanks.
  2. I think reducing the BI timer to 4 or 5 minutes instead of 8 would be a good change to make nin online mire difficult. If the walk speed while on BI suggestion that was offered weeks ago isn’t being considered, I think this is a good alternative (Though I like that option more). Before I get the, “You want the game to be easy!” Comments, lemme explain why I think this will actually make the game more challenging: Put simply, many players will let themselves die so that they can run to opposite villages while on BI with no risk of losing their bounties or giving the satisfaction of a kill to an enemy ninja. I tested out the amount of time it takes to get from Takumi to leaf with no stops (Only cloaking in bears), no talking, no combat (Even against mobs), or anything but running in a straight line to leaf. It took me a little over 5 minutes. With 8 whole minutes, you can run from your hospital to the enemy village mission locations and still make it out of their safe zones with time to spare on your BI. That’s really dumb imo.
  3. Hi there, I was just wondering how other ranked ninjas host their RP missions. I’ve seen many of them done and been a part of quite a few others but most seemed kind of... meh. I wanted to know if others ever failed their genin for not RP’ing or not taking it seriously. I have failed a little over half of the people who have partaken in my RP missions due to either of those things OR failing the mission that we set out to do. I always give a chance at redemption (Such as “Tell me what you did wrong and how you can improve in the future) I take it relatively easy on RP1 and RP2, but I have failed a bunch of people on 3 and 4. I even let people know before we start that there is a high risk of failure if they don’t actually RP and you would be amazed how many say “No thanks, I just want an easy token and don’t want to waste my time.” And then go to GD and ask for a different host lmao. Actually a quote from an anonymous genin who refused my mission, waited for a couple hours and saw that nobody else was going to do it, and then buckled down and RP’d his way to a well EARNED token. I feel like that feeling of success has been lost in the new generation of “rp” missions due to a complete lack of effort and feelings of entitlement. “If I spend 15-25 minutes doing this then I deserve a token.” I have also seen a bunch of people abusing the system and just trading the coins in without actually doing the mission :eyes: I personally have a Word Document with a bunch of different RP missions already structured and ready to go (I host RP missions similar to how I DM dungeons and dragons), and thought it would be really cool to synchronize our RP missions not only in our respective villages, but perhaps JOINT village RP missions. I feel as though they have become stale, and I think that setting up a channel in discord specifically for scheduling village exclusive and joint village RP missions with each other could be a great way for genin to see when one will be available, to be able to have an easy and specific place to request one, and a hidden channel where ranked ninja only can post their ideas for missions to share with others and build off of. *Puts on a toupe* let’s make RP great again.
  4. Simple suggestion, I think a lot of these non-leveled jutsu ranks need a couple quick changes here and there. This one in particular is for feast of lightning. I have the screen shots of all 3 levels that I'll post, and what I would change to make it nicer for new players leveling their jutsu: Level 1: Level 2: And level 3: I would change it so that from rank 1 to rank 2, You get the base damage increase and the range increase to make it feel like it actually ranked up. A measly 2 extra damage after a week of grinding kinda sucks. Then that leaves the BIG change from maxing it to become a 1s cast and reduced chakra cost. I might suggest more of these little things in the future, but let's start with this one.
  5. These are the current prices for selling to NPC's: Bandit blade: 750 ryo (Lol?) Muramasa: 7500 ryo Twin fang: 2500 ryo Religious katana: 750 ryo Twin fan: 1250 ryo Black fan 1250 ryo Hermit headband: 50 ryo Gas mask: 150 ryo ALL Christmas event items: 0 ryo Veiled Sakaat: 1250 ryo (I could get that much from selling a regular sakaat.) Chest bandage: 125 ryo Gold fur/Gold/Chrome war armor: 0 ryo Cigarette: 125 ryo Snake belt: 500 ryo White hermit cape: 0 ryo These are all the items I have that I can view the trade to shop prices. That's waaaaay off. I would change it heavily. So much so that I don't even know what to say. Please fix these prices. Not everybody wants to sell to other players, and this is a good way to thin out the amount of items that players collectively have, which will boost the economy over time. Thanks for the consideration~
  6. He's facing the wrong direction.
  7. I tried to login first time today and it says account could not be found. Still not solved..
  8. same old. connection lost when i click the toad server and before you reply with server offline, il say that it isnt. cause when i use vpn it works and its online. So please get to fixing it. ive seen many similar complaints and yall shutting people off with server offline while it isnt, its another bug fyi. ty
  9. I like the idea of the weather system and not being able to disable it. It drops FPS on some lower end PC’s, but that’s unavoidable with the current engine limitations. That said, I have a suggestion of how to make the weather a little less annoying while keeping it’s purpose: To be a map hazard that limits visibility and adds an extra element to take account of in pvp. My suggestions: 1. Reduce the amount of times weather effects take place. Instead of being completely random, set it to... say... a *minimum* of 1 or so effect every IRL hour between effects while maintaining randomness. Mother nature is unpredictable and varies. 2. Reduce the amount of time weather effects are in place. 20 ish IRL minutes is a good amount of time for a period of reduced visibility (And FPS loss). 3. A little more advanced: Randomize the severity of the weather. For example: Rain could be a damp, dark, drizzle or a torrential downpour. Snow could be a light snowfall or a full on blizzard. 4. Lighting effects: While this isn’t a weather effect, it now goes hand in hand with it. The current dark night combined with a weather effect can be very unenjoyable to play. Some maps (Such as the dark forest south of spiders) are completely non-visable for some players. Lighting values should change when a weather effect is in place to make maps more visible. 5. Perhaps moon phases at night. Some nights are darker, and some nights the moonlight tints everything in a new and beautiful hue. I think this would be the best lighting effect that could be implemented. @Ueda
  10. You can walk through this toad. Silver plz
  11. Make this carry extra tools. 20 maybe? 30? If it says "To contain ninja tools" I think it should actually contain extra ninja tools ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  12. Simple suggestion: Increase the scaling for damage types once the new level cap hits. Once the new level cap hits, people are gonna start having 2,500 ish HP. I can have 250 points into int and have about 158 base damage per attack, or I can have 250 fort and have 2,600 HP. The scaling seems off. Currently, the only noticeable different in damage is when I have ludicrous int. Like 140-160 where I can hit things very hard with the current "Meta HP". But come the new change, DPS builds are going to be completely useless. I know it sounds like I'm just trying to buff myself or something, but once the new level cap hits, DPS builds are completely useless. Which of course, is bad for an MMO.
  13. As the title implies, make village strikes from killing fellow villagers expire over time one at a time. A good rate might be 1 IRL week or 2 for one strike to be removed. It sucks that If you, for example, are sparring and somebody yells "Missing at Mini!!" and you just forget to turn off pvp and end up nuking an ally, that the strike you get is permanently on your account that will continue to stack. Mistakes happen, and over time redemption should be possible. I'm not even a leaf ninja, but I've seen this happen too often. Happens in sand too EDIT: Potentially allow Kage's to view the amount of strikes villagers have and be able to remove them. Adds more power to Kage that makes sense from an RP perspective. Also reduces the amount of times they'll have to pardon people (Or if they themselves accidentally get strikes *cough* slaughter *cough*)
  14. Hey everyone! Haven't posted here in a while ahah, I wanted to show off some of my art. . i made these for some of the guys on my game dev team, had some fun making these! This is the Fire Release: Great Dragon Fire Technique started working on this and haven't finished animating it. These are some NPC's that i worked on for my game. Also here's some more random icons that iv'e been working on, that hawk is so incomplete lol. Had some animations i wanted to show off but i couldn't figure out a way to upload them up here. idk if this is against the forum rules but if anyone is wondering for the games discord its ( I'm also open for commissions!
  15. Advanced lightning cutter isn't stunning mobs. Regular cutter IS though.
  16. Make a /toggleweather command that disables weather effects. For lots of people it throttles FPS, is annoying as hell, and frankly looks bad on the eyes. Some people like it, but in its current state, most people do not. Please let us disable it if we want to while allowing those who want it to be able to enjoy it.
  17. As the title says, having a crit chance for all jutsu adds a fun mechanic to combat. For example, some masteries might be really good at crit chances while others are not. I know agility increases chance to crit with melee attacks, but perhaps individual jutsu would have a % chance as well.
  18. @TetsuHawk brought up in-game today that it might be good to have a buyable hawk as a one time use item to send a village chat. My suggestions to keep from spam if this is implemented: Same rules for character limits and frequency of chat, make it relatively expensive, perhaps have it only available to ranked ninja.
  19. Suggestion: Add a message in map chat informing everyone present on the map when somebody dies with docs or parcels. Let the killer know that he has successfully prevented an enemy from returning stolen intel/war effort supplies back to his village. Bonus: Maybe give a tiny experience boost for killing an enemy with important documents/war supplies and or a flavor message for doing so. Adds to RP a little bit, which this game needs.
  20. Now Either the exp has been changed between last month and now or the blessing is giving regular kill exp in blessing. The exp was supposed to be 100 hundred in blessing since it was 67 before blessing but after killing one in blessing, I only gained 67 exp. I also tried spiders, blessing still didn't work.
  21. I had a few ideas I think you guys could ponder for future updates. 1) Collision Mechanics; A way to give more depth to combat other than just who can hit the other more times. Let's say two people throw kunai at each other, it would be amazing to see and hear them collide altering the trajectory or two people who use swords both slash at each other at the same time and they clank together with neither player taking damage. You could even go further with this using the elements that are superior to others. For example, Raiton defeats Doton, so you could have it so that if a Doton user sends doton spikes hurdling towards you you could send a raiton spear through one of them shattering the rocks. This would allow for unique countering between the elements and force users to choose elements more carefully. 2) Guarding; There absolutely should be some way to defend against attacks such as taijutsu. This could allow players to block punches and kicks for reduced damage. 3) Missions; A good way to fix the irritation that is getting a mission far below your level is to add the ability for players to choose the rank of mission they want to perform. You could put a minimum level on each rank, I.E. D-Rank lv1, C-Rank lv10, B-Rank lv25, etc. I find it extremely annoying when I receive a D-Rank mission that gives me 3000 experience for completing it, though I need upwards of 100-150k for a level. 4) Death Penalty; I think the penalty should be more severe since this game is aiming to be a serious RP with hard leveling. Maybe make it so during the battle-injury period ninja are kept in the hospital bed while they recover. This makes it so, for example, if sand is raiding leaf and we kill someone they can't just immediately run back to the fight and join back in. I understand their stats are halved so they aren't as strong but to be completely honest for realistic purposes you shouldn't be able to leave the hospital with that many sustained injuries. 5) Cash Shop; The cash shop should be useable in-game, without the need to open the browser or restart our client to receive the purchased items. 6) Masked Ninja) Ninja within the same village should be able to private message and see their fellow shinobi's name while in the same village. However, this shouldn't be the case for missing ninja, they should still be able to avoid their identity being shown. The reason I feel this is needed is because if my friend for example, puts on a mask how would it make sense that I suddenly don't know who they are and can't message them? Oof, sorry for the wall of text. I'll add my ideas in this topic whenever I have more. Please feel free to give any criticism and let me know what you guys think. Blu,
  22. Simple suggestion that @Yamikami brought up in nin discord. Make time available for revive 30 seconds instead of one minute. I dislike having to guard a body for 50 seconds. 30 sounds balanced as it gives medics 20 seconds to deal with the situation. Combat medics should be fast at their revives, and obviously 30 seconds is plenty of time during duels.
  23. Hey, I found bug with my own jutsus. So I can hit myself and level up the jutsu (Expliot). You need to press alt and jutsu key bind and its going to hit yourself. Its working like self medic heal. Tajutsu self hit link -
  24. Simple suggestion. I think the racoon bandits need to give more exp than the hawks given how much more difficult they are.
  25. 1 is why it should be added Skip to 2 For what is proposed (1)We understand that for the outlaw nature of Takumi And Tanzaku Missing Ninja are able to attack each other no matter the zone or toggle, with players in a mising ninja organization not being able to attack each other unless their Pvp is ON. However, in times of being raided Missing Ninja realize that there is a other enemy that shall be dealt with and even though we decide to attack the enemy who is invading our home and put aside our differences, there is the issue that us trying to work together do more harm than good using aoe jutsu or our high damage skill usually end up hurting us more than helping us. You can see why this severely puts us at a disadvantage when we decide to work together. (2)My proposal is that we introduce a new Toggle for Missing Ninja, The Ally/Truce Toggle every missing ninja that has this toggle on no longer do damage to each other, both counter parts must have this toggle turned on to no longer recieve damage from each other. With this new toggle missing ninja who realize that there is a bigger threat to be dealt with before hand will be able to fight all out and defend their own as they say The enemy of my enemy is my friend. It would be great if this would also work outside of Takumi so that all of missing ninjas can perform raids, but i see gameplay wise and rp wise it'll just make missing ninja a village but within the borders of takumi the Truce Toggle should be an option to enable.