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Found 1 result

  1. Game

    So I have always wondered why classes like weapon master and taijutsu that in many ways focus on user speed inherently don't represent this inside nin online. My solution, Dash! This jutsu would be something anyone can get and would scale off the users Agility stat. This jutsu would have an Extremely short cool down so it can be used over and over again however it will drain quiet a bit of chakra ever time, maybe 5-8 chakra. When this jutsu is activate the next direction input you choose, like up down left or right, you will go 3-4 tiles in that direction near instantly as a psuedo warp. This can help melee users get in close when in combat while keeping everything balanced. The way this jutsu scales of AGL is the higher your AGL stat, the faster the cooldown of the jutsu is and if you have high enough agility it would increase the dash distance by a tile. For Weapon master especially, when you dash you can initiate a melee attack mid-dash if your fast enough to become a quick in and out fighter to help fight against the over powered jutsu's of the element types. What do you all think tell me your reactions below I would like to see them.