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Found 2 results

  1. Game

    Hello! (I haven't played since Alpha, so I'm not sure if this is in game, but from what I heard, I didn't notice this anywhere.) I'm not sure, if someone did post about this idea, well here we are. I was thinking about Summoning Technique / "Kuchiyose no Jutsu" : General idea is, that you use some % of your HP as reference to biting your finger and of course Chakra. More chakra = better result? In Naruto, when he was trying to use this technique for the first time, the results were horrible. So what if you max Chakra and you can get better tier of this technique? How would you get this technique? - You have to be at least (let's say for example) 40 level. - You need someone to teach you, also sign the contract. (Basically you have to ask around who has contract and ask them for contract as well) - Big three unexplored sage regions (source : wikia) : - Mount Myōboku - land of Toads (Naruto, Minato, Jiraiya) - Ryūchi Cave - residence of Snakes (Orochimaru, Kabuto) - Shikkotsu Forest - home of the slug Katsuyu (Tsunade, Sakura) - More? - In some episodes / fillers there is for example Kakashi summoning dogs for tracking. Benefits : - You could use whatever you summon as a Mount - Moving faster. - PvP / Arena. - Transporting more items / loot. - *slug Katsuyu could heal, Snakes could bite enemies and poison for some time, maybe Toads slow enemy down or stun them. I hope we can discuss this idea further. - Ikari (Everything I wrote is an example. This post will be edited if someone comes with a great ideas to expand this further.) * = added in.
  2. Game

    Hi! It's me again! I've came up with two new ideas of things, that you could add into game (not now of course ) GenJutsu/Illusion Style When i was talking with this with some players, they told me ,,It'll be useless! How could it work?". I've though about somethin' like evasive skill, periodic damage or just literally illusion (hiding you and your teammates or kind of decoys). I think there can't be a game based on Naruto's Universe without GenJutsu (no offense, just my opinion). Long Ranged sidearms Longer than swords, shorter than projectiles. In short words - spears, staffs and polearms. It'd be cool to walk with spear on your back (My another opinion) Thank you for reading and please, write what do you think 'bout that. Regards!