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Found 7 results

  1. Game

    Hi! It's me again! I've came up with two new ideas of things, that you could add into game (not now of course ) GenJutsu/Illusion Style When i was talking with this with some players, they told me ,,It'll be useless! How could it work?". I've though about somethin' like evasive skill, periodic damage or just literally illusion (hiding you and your teammates or kind of decoys). I think there can't be a game based on Naruto's Universe without GenJutsu (no offense, just my opinion). Long Ranged sidearms Longer than swords, shorter than projectiles. In short words - spears, staffs and polearms. It'd be cool to walk with spear on your back (My another opinion) Thank you for reading and please, write what do you think 'bout that. Regards!
  2. Game

    If you planned to add the puppets in the game, its would be cool of the faires like a weapon, it is on that its should not be easy to set up .. but its could be nice to have its puppet Personalized ^^ And its could be cool for the cosmetic if the puppet (s) is in the back of the character as a weapon! example like that it could be nice to have
  3. Game

    Warning! Long post, you've been warned. My hopes for the Future I've been thinking a lot about this game and the potential it has to be great. I have no intention to critique what the Devs have done so far because personally I really love the work and effort they've obviously put in to all this and I certainly hope the best for them and this game :). SO, that being said I've got a couple things personally, as a player, I'd love to see implemented. I've come from a wide variety of games of this certain type, and by now I know what makes a game fun, or at least what gets the player goin'. I grew up as a child during the infancy of Runescape, I've gone through meta and meta again with WoW, changes and losses with Star Wars the Old Republic, and many more. JUTSUS - The biggest thing that always attracts players towards investing lots of time and hard work into a game is reward for time and effort. I want this game to have such a wide variety of jutsus that gives a special rarity and sense of being unique between players. In the future I want to be walking around a village or going through a forum and spot a player and think to myself "Holy shit that's the guy with the Woodstyle Prison jutsu" or something along those lines. Every player, in any game will always want something no one else has because the of that Wow factor and being praised upon. My idea was to maybe, hopefully, have this game turn into maybe a WoW / Runescape -ish game where rare mobs and boss's have different spawn timers throughout the world. These mobs are incredibly difficult to kill and have a certain % of drop chance for rare weapons / items including jutsus. Maybe some of these monsters are only accessible through high level elite missions? Or maybe they can only be found once certain criteria are met within the individual player, who knows. I'll gladly wait for as long as the devs need to implement this all because I can't imagine the work that would have to be put into all of this, but an incredibly wide variety of jutsus is something we'd all love to see. TITLES - We've heard of the idea a player eventually becoming Hokage or any Kage for any of the 5 villages. If this is a role playing game then the dynamic for being hokage or someone of high status within a village has to feel... almost intense. The respect given to these players who've achieved Hokage has to be in relation to the amount of effort and time put into getting it / maintaining it. Maybe have a system where once Jonin, or once the player has met certain levels and status they have the option to challenge the Hokage for the title. If the Hokage is not active every 5-10 days, the the title moves on to the next most likely Jonin. Maybe a ranking system can be put in place and a certain amount of points are awarded to ninja for completing missions, killing monsters, etc... and which ever Jonin has the most amount of points is next in line to Hokage, if the current Hokage hasn't been online for a certain amount of time. Maybe the top 5-10 Jonin of the most points can challenge the Hokage for the Title. To avoid a Hokage constantly changing daily or bi-daily then once a player is promoted to Hokage, they cannot be challenged for x amount of days (whatever seems balanced). MISSIONS - My wish above all else is to hope missions to be very unique within this game. Have infiltration missions, have rare boss missions, anything with teams that promotes players coming together and making friends / groups / clans. I want to be on a squad with 3 friends of mine and receive a randomly given S class mission to go to the hidden layer in X part of the map and find and kill the Snake boss, maybe have this place or boss only accessible by missions, and have this boss incredibly hard to kill with a high risk high reward type monster. If he wipes your group you all spawn in your village's medic center and fail the mission. If beaten then you all have a chance at gaining rare cool gear or jutsu. I want masteries to increasingly feel unique to each and every player. To have a big difference in Water Style Ninja and Fire Style Ninja and for them to play a different role in different missions and situations. Maybe have a WoW type set up with having a healer, a tank, dps etc... - I'd love to see a certain level of freedom when choosing missions, give players options to choose what kind or what level difficulty missions they receive, give them a platform to find other players looking for a 3 man, 5 man squad. It's been mentioned that the mods don't want missions to be the main center and focus of the game, while I agree, I certainly want them to play a large role in each village. I want missions to be there when players don't know what to do next. "I'm stuck and don't know what to do!" Do a solo mission! Rack up some jonin points, get a chance at rare gear and exp. Character progressions is very important. -Have missions only available to ninjas who are a part of a villages, missing ninja can't? (Just ideas) VILLAGES - I feel as though villages should be a very crucial part towards a players individuality and should play a very big role towards role playing. If a player from one village encounters one from another, they can attack each other without warning. A player can leave and apply to join another village with a cooldown of X amount days. Other than the Kage of the village, They've got a responsibility towards the village! Different villages can have different missions. Mainly infiltration and assassination missions. I want there to be a system where a squad gets assigned a player from another village who's currently online and they have to infiltrate, find and assassinate this player. These missions can be of the hardest but reward the best gear and jutsu. A player can decided to quit a village and not join any, this doesn't mean they are a missing ninja, it just means they pertain to no village. This enables ninja to freely walk through war zones without getting jumped from another village ninja and it enables them to walk freely from village to village letting them explore and meet new people. To be eligible for missions one must be part of a Village for more than 24 hours. MISSING NINJA - This is a feature that has been advertised multiple times throughout the game and my idea is that to really create an entire system around it. To really make this a potential path for some players, granted they want to role play in that manner. If a player decides to kill another player from his village he is instantly banished (Teleported out) and is put in the bingo book as a missing nin. There should be a reform type system for missing ninja if the player decides they want to rejoin a village and play a different way, or just don't want to be a missing ninja anymore. The bingo book should be the same no matter what village and ninja are rewarded a high price for finding a killing missing ninja. Missing ninja can be attacked by anyone and everyone no matter where they are, but can't engage fights in safe zones. Maybe have a missing ninja village, for missing ninja to have access to missions of their own and to find other friends. This missing ninja village can only be accessed with certain criteria met: Level cap, missing nin, banished from 2 villages, etc... A lot of these ideas are purely hypothetical so in no way do I expect anything from what I've mentioned to become a real thing, after all this isn't my game. I'm just a player with some hopeful ideas :] I love this game with all my heart and I will continuously support it in whatever small way possible. I hope for the best for the future of this game because it can really become something big. Love you all and keep on being awesome people. - Juice #EDIT I apologize if English is quite poor it's not my first language.
  4. Game

    Why not add a casino or poker mini game where players can bet Ryo. Will be fun to do when your resting from missions What do you guys think??
  5. Game

    When it comes to picking a dream, will u let there be an option to write ur own? Like.. Become a HokageBecome a teacher Protect my friends Learn every jutsu in the world Just relax Other And if u click OTHER u can write ur own? Would that work, or have u chosen different missions for people with different dreams? Also, if u fulfill a dream, can u change it later?
  6. Ideas for Summoning, Tiers: There should be different Tiers of Summon Justus,Tier 1: being mainly cosmetic summons and/or summons with very little game enhancing use.Tier 2: being summons that can attack and/or have 1 - 2 special abilities/buffs that can help a ninja during combat, and enhances mobility.Tier 3: has bigger in game summons that strongly enhance a ninja's in game experience both with travel and combat. Tier three summons have 3-4 special abilities that can be used in combat and/or out of combat. Maybe even 1-2 buffs for the duration of the summon.Each Tier should have a big difference in cool down and duration.Tier 1: Cooldown of 120 seconds and any type of duration but should not exceed 20 minutes mainly because they have very little combat skills that can help a ninja.Tier 2: Cooldown of 240 seconds and a duration that does not exceed 10 minutes. The duration should be shortened because they can help a ninja with mobility and combat.Tier 3: Being the most lethal and useful summons should have a cooldown of 600 seconds and a duration that does not exceed 10 minutes. The cooldown should be so large because Tier 3 summons will be summons that will greatly help a ninja in combat and have slightly better mobility than Tier 2. The chakra usage of each Tier should be based off of percentage so that ninja's can not have a mass amount of chakra and summon a Tier 3 summon (for instance) and hardly be affected by the summon chakra-wise. For enchanced balancing, the percentage of chakra loss is off of how much current chakra the character has. My idea of a balanced percentage loss goes as following:Tier 1: 15% of current chakra.Tier 2: 25% of current chakra.Tier 3: 35% of current chakra.For in game events and things that relate, a summon can be rewarded to participants (or winners if the event is a tournament or things of the matter) but for fairness they should only be Tier 1 with very little combat usage so that other players aren't forced to participating in events, but driven to obtain these unique/cosmetic summons. I have plenty of ideas for summoning justus, but for summoning to be balanced and fun at the same time; I think these ideas would achieve that. Let me know what you guys think and if you have any additions and/or modifications of what i've said, don't be afraid to voice it!
  7. An idea that I thought would be a fun and competitive addition to this game is a Monthly Tournament System! Some things that can be included in this system are: A tournament system that requires a sign up to compete for each village.Multiple brackets divided by the class of ninja. (Ex. Genin Bracket, Chunin Bracket, etc.)Awards for the top 3 ninjas in each bracket. (1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awards on their forum page.)Top Ninjas in each bracket obtain an exclusive in game item (Cosmetic or maybe even a title under their name in game.)Top 3 ninjas in each bracket are awarded in game money. (Ex. 1st - 10000, 2nd - 5000, 3rd - 2500)?Tell me what you guys think, I believe it could make the game contain a fun and friendly competitive element !' alt=':D'>