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Found 2 results

  1. For some time I have been thinking, what if the kages every day gave a mission of Rp to each Chunin, Jonin and Specialist Jonin from the village? These missions would be something like: Caring for specific places near the village This would decrease the hunting of lowies in the villages and we would take measures against the raids could be faster It would be a great help if the villages have a guardian all the time there are many chunin and superiors in leaf boys if we assign them At least 1 hour to each person per day we could realize this idea Help new players Many people stop playing before they are lvl30 and leave the game because there is no one to help them or explain to them what life is like in the village and its missions. Now is when you tell me that in the wiki is everything that They need to know, but not all people will lose game time reading the things they have to do on the wiki, would be much easier the method that i recommend. It should be noted that I give many thanks to the people who took their time to fill the wiki of all this information, they helped me a lot when i was just starting to play and i'm eternally grateful Murders I know many of us are not made to be a guardian and take care of new players or take care of a place and be serious it's a waste of their ninja skills to have them perform tasks like the ones before, that's why this assassination task is i would assign the people who are good at this, so we would have more fun and not just work Train Genin Okay they will think that we will be raising some worthless genin by giving them so many comforts, for that reason if each genin is trained would be of great benefit to each village since they will have teachers to teach them how to survive in a time of danger and how to defend themselves Besides this it would be good for each Chunin and superiors the Kage to assign a fixed team of 3 Genin to help them with these missions I think it would give more life Rp to the game The teams would be assigned depending on the time zone of each player The hours of guard would be assigned to each player or team of 4 people "3 genin and 1 Chunin or higher" depending also of their time zone and their availability, they would choose at least 1 hour per week to take care of the assigned area Now they will think What do we gain by doing this? Simple with every mission that is done would have a good reward boys and for that we would need all the support of GM they would be responsible for giving each kage a good amount of ryos or good objects whether they are clothes weapons or tools for that this reward to each team that has realized its mission of the day Regarding guard missions, I know it could be a bit boring for a lot but remember YOU ARE A SHINOBI and it's your job watch over the good of your village no matter if you get bored or not. They will tell me what. "Everyone will take advantage of this to make millionaires but so that each team can claim this reward must have proof that his mission has been a success could be with an SS Well guys this is a simple idea of one more member of the community, I hope your opinions and thanks for taking your time to read me. I hope you get your Nindo Sorry my bad english
  2. There's a big problem in Leaf that I would guess also happens in Sand. It's this: It took myself a week+ to find people for RP4 after begging and pleading. We had to trick a chunin into thinking it was a girl asking them to just accept doing it, lol. I guess girls are more convincing. I personally think RP missions can be and should be the most fun missions in the game and @Ueda definitely envisioned them to be a large part of it. But it seems they are a chore for chunins+ to do, especially when they "have done so many of them." This makes it a bitch to find people to host RPs for you, and by the time you find someone, you just want to get it over with. So what are the potential solutions? We need to incentivize RP missions for the hosts. I would suggest a 500-2000 ryo reward, an event coupon, or even maybe even something like $1 Nin shop cash. Maybe even better, make some exclusive items for them they they can get with X amount of RP missions completed. @Ishyn Sasayaki is already trying to implement incentives himself, but I think him and @Tresmorne Toitsu or whoever the current Kages are need help from the developers. Poor Ishyn is asking for donations to the Leaf Treasury just to host his own events and give out rewards. Could this stuff be exploited? Of course. But it's worth it though. Require a screenshot and a little bit of documentation, incentivize chunins+ to do RPs, and also hand out more Chunin ranks during the exams. Having only 2 leafies win it last exam was a shame when we need more ranked ninja and there were quite a few other people who deserved it as well (unlucky brackets).