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Found 12 results

  1. I believe the last patch you implemented made it so you could use jutsu's in the prison to allow the jailing jutsu to release those jailed earlier. This, however caused people to be able to flicker out of the prison. @Ueda
  2. As the title says, having a crit chance for all jutsu adds a fun mechanic to combat. For example, some masteries might be really good at crit chances while others are not. I know agility increases chance to crit with melee attacks, but perhaps individual jutsu would have a % chance as well.
  3. Since weapons (Fans) are at the forefront of today's conversation I wanted to pitch something that I thought might be interesting. We all know that the game currently has Ultra-rare items which only several users in the game have. These items are exciting and sought after but what if they provided an extra benefit which made these users more interesting. Let's say an item was added like the Mizukage staff from the show, I understand that stat-altering items were not introduced to the game for one reason or another. But, what if the item instead altered the way a jutsu functioned such as reducing the range of WP and making it Aoe. Perhaps tonfas could alter youthful spring to instead of providing a sub it had some kind of counter move which slowed opponents. Cosmetics are exciting but in a game such as this items should be sought after for more than looks and this would make items a part of a build and bring uniqueness to the ninja who spends massive amounts of time farming these items. Let me know what you guys think. And take my jutsu suggestions with a grain of salt I know nothing about balance just throwing some examples to be digested.
  4. Rory probably has idea on all jutsus already, but still I think it would be really decent if there was jutsu for advanced medic that can make you give some of your chakra to your target. With high chakra requirement.
  5. I've tested this with people, but I didn't save any gifs. Sometimes, it just doesn't go off. As in, I completed the cast, no interruption, the target is clearly in range, the target isn't near a wall, I clearly have the chakra for it, and then nothing happens. My character stands where he was, cutter goes on cooldown, but no teleportation or damage. This is a massive problem and is heavily impacting my pvp experience. This jutsu just sometimes doesn't go off. And if I were to give a rough estimation on how often this bug happens, I'd say a near 30% of the time. It's really annoying. I can try to gif an example if this problem is unfamiliar to people.
  6. So I have been thinking for quite a bit on how youthful spring can really be use to its full potential as a jutsu idea and I think I have thought of one. This idea came from when i looked at the jutsu's description and thought about the fact that the jutsu gave you the effect of speed mirage. Then I remembered how taijutsu fights in Naruto, and specifically in the Gaara vs Lee fight, played out. Current Description/stats of Youthful Spring at max rank This taijutsu technique showcases the power of speed by taking of training weights, increasing agility by 35% and attack and movement speed for 15 seconds and also grant a speed mirage for 10 seconds. Silences its user so jutsu can't be used Requires: 65 agility Cooldown: 90 seconds Chakra Cost: 30 Stats/effect of Speed Mirage grants the ability for the user to sub a single attack that would hit them, teleporting them behind the attacker. Requires: 35 agility Cooldown: 25 seconds Chakra Cost: 10 This is the idea Keep the stat boosts as they are with the 35% increase, but increase the duration to between 30-45 seconds. Keep the chakra cost as it is. Keep the part where it grants a free Speed Mirage. Now for the main part: -First change speed mirage so it can not be used again while you already are under its effects (regardless of the jutsu's cooldown) -The jutsu will still silence the user, but it won't silence the Speed Mirage. The Speed Mirage jutsu will also have either a 0.5 second cooldown or a 0 second cooldown. After using the Speed Mirage jutsu 3 times, the Chakra Cost will go up by 10, making Speed Mirage cost 20 chakra. This increase will happen for every 3 times the jutsu is used. This increase in chakra cost will last until the end of Youthful Spring's duration. -This part isn't as important as the first 2, but make it so youthful spring has slight scaling of the user's agility stat. The movement speed and attack speed increase would be the two things that slightly scale off the agility stat. This can make leveling agility make the character really feel like a speedster. This would really capture the essence of how rock lee fought against gaara, and what it really feels like to fight someone with great amounts of speed. You can rush down an opponent with ease, making any jutsu they use on you practically useless. There is a counter element to this constant effect however aside from the massive chakra cost. Since the jutsu has to be activated, this jutsu's main weakness would be getting hit by lots of little damage attacks, making the return on investment really low. I think these changes would really make Youthful Spring a joy to use for players and really stay true to what the jutsu is based on.
  7. Hi, I wanted to make a suggestion about the Water and Lightning masteries. I think that for the balancing of the game it would be necessary to modify 2 or 3 jutsu so that these 2 masteries are at the level of the others. I think the Jutsu Water Colliding wave should find its instant casting time and include it for Lightning Current and / or Lightning Spear. The other masteries have a lot of instant jutsu cast eg Earth Spike Technique or Mud River for Earth Fire Dragon Fire Wall for Fire, Wind Mask for Wind Fan .... These 3 masteries are at the top right now because they have controls that are instant and therefore leaves little chance for the opponent to dodge if he no longer has sub. Obviously I do not speak of GF or Tai who are also at the top also thanks to these jutsu instant that can perform combo. Making the combo for Water and Lightning possible would make them at the level of the other masteries and would not be abused for the rest of the masteries. Thanks for constructive replies hoping that Rory will read this post.
  8. Introduction So, today I was reading the forums and came across quite the suggestion in a complaint about BI timers and balancing them. I think this is an excellent idea and I am going to suggest how it could work without being game breaking whilst also adding some great RP aspects. How The Jutsu Should Work To get into this, I think I should start with how it is casted and why. I think that the jutsu should only be possible to use in hospitals, seeing as injuries sustained from battle would need the player to be within a facility capable of healing such wounds. A good example of this is **Spoiler for Pre-Shippuden fans** Lee gains injuries after his loss in his fight with Gaara during the Chunin Exams and has to be nursed back to health almost by surgeries performed by Tsunade and bed rest within the hospital grounds **End of Spoiler** and something like that took time to heal. The Casting and Affect Now hear me out here because this may sound a little crazy. I think the jutsu cast time should be about a minute. the reason I feel it should be a one minute cast time is not only for RP purposes and it seemingly taking time but also for balance reasons. Battle Injuries, at the moment, is about five minutes but I may be wrong in that and so, to keep it fair, the cast time should be high otherwise people could also rush out with no BI and try to rush the enemy over and over which we have all seen posts about being a problem even now with "BI Warriors" so a short cast time for this jutsu will only add to that problem. Requirements The requirements for this should be: -The ninja getting the treatment must remain within a 6 tile radius. -The caster is immobilized during the casting of the jutsu. -The caster should be around level 25-30 to learn it. Scaling I am actually very unwise when it comes to scaling in balancing and try to avoid it but maybe a rough idea of the scaling would be: Cast Time - 85s/60s/45s Radius - 3 tiles/6 tiles/9 tiles Though I do believe this to be handled by the dev team and in no way demanding this to be the case at all or think this is the right scaling. Overall/Misc To sum up, I think the idea is very rough and probably not explained very well on my part. I am not one to really suggest things such as jutsu but when I saw @Shadow Shinha post such a great idea I wanted to try help flesh it out more. I think a lot of things could add to this jutsu such as maybe the jutsu only shortening the BIs of a fellow ninja from five minutes to 3 minutes at level 1 and progressively scaling on being a shorter cast time and shortening the BI by more by the jutsu max level. Feedback is always welcome and I would love to hear everyone else's thoughts and opinions on all of this. I really do think it could provide more RP aspects and provide another role for medics to play such as "Village Nin Doctors" or something. Thanks for reading!
  9. Players who cannot use "F1" jutsu slot and "Hide UI" at the same time, follow this guide. I've came up with a solution with detailed and simplified steps to fix the issue. 1. Search for your "config" file. It is located in your Nin Online installation folder. In most case, the game is installed in the following: C:\Program Files (x86)\Nin Online\bin\data files 2. If it is not set by default, select the program "Notepad" to open the file. Manipulations: Right click on the "config" file, then "Open with" and select "Notepad". 3. After opening the "config" file using Notepad, you must scroll down until you see "Keycode F1". (Basically, the number "106" in my case represents the key which is assigned to jutsu slot "F1" of my top hotbar) 4. Now, we want to modify the current assigned key by the one you want. To do this, you need to know what code is associated with the key you want to assign. To find out the associated code, go on the following website: Let's say I want to assign the number "1" to the jutsu slot "F1" of my top hotbar. Thanks to the website, I can find out that its associated code is "49". 5. To continue, you'll need to go back in your "config" file and replace the current number after "Keycode F1" (which was 106 in this case) by "49". 6. Now, you need to save (in .txt) the new "config" file in a destination of your choice. I'll choose to save it on my "Desktop". 7. Next step is simply deleting the old "config" file in your Nin folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\Nin Online\bin\data files) and put the new "config" file instead by sliding it from the desktop to your "data files" folder. 8. Now, simply open the Nin Online Launcher and go to your settings. You'll see "Hide UI" **(see Important Note at the end of the post)**, select it and press the key "F1". 9. You're done! You can now use your "F1" jutsu slot and hide the UI at the same time. Enjoy --------------------------------------------- ***Important Note: People who do not find the "Hide UI" option in your settings. Please download the file attached to the post, then delete the "launcher" file in C:\Program Files (x86)\Nin Online and replace it by the file you've downloaded. After, open the launcher normally and go to your settings. The "Hide UI" option should be there, you can now continue at step 8. Launcher.exe ---------------------------------------------
  10. Yo seth my boy I think everyone wanna see shawdow clones attack our enemys I hate the way yall made them as a distraction and yall should let us level it up to level 5 that's a good amount of clones I want them to attack how Naruto clones do I hate making them a distraction yall should put them to use or just take them out its not doing any damage we are jus using up all our chakara bro jus please do this
  11. uh... with Mist coming (eventually). I came up with an idea for the 7 Ninja Swordsmen Special Technique. I was thinking that their ability should be to have a cloak that they should be able to fight with. Like a normal cloak, but be able to attack etc without the cloak popping and to have a longer duration that the cloak lasts for. (30 secs or something idk). but yes feel free to help better my idea etc im zuh.
  12. My main idea for the transformation jutsu is like cloak,the time bases with the level of the jutsu and it can be detected if the user has less chakra than the other person.To transform into a mob you need to kill it first and then take it's form by pressing the jutsu on it's body.That jutsu can make mobs not attack you. Tell me your ideas on this,every kind of feedback is appreciated!