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Found 4 results

  1. I can play all day long without any lags but every time around the evning the game starts to lag insanly and becomes unplayable. I want to clear the i have good internet and no lags on any other game, the problem is not with my internet. Anyone knows how to fix?
  2. Lag

    Any one help me from my fps drops, it make me lag sometimes.. if u have solution please tell Sorry for my grammar
  3. Since the last wave of patches, 1-2 days ago, there's been a bug with running. Everyone now looks like they are stutter-stepping They run, stop, run, stop. It's best explained in this Gfycat:
  4. Hello guys, I'm here to tell you about NoPing. It is basically an app that you can use to reduce your in-game ping. Mine used to be 500+ but with NoPing it is 200+. No it is not for free, but you can try it for 3 days before having to subscribe. It's very simple to use. First go to this website: Download one of those two versions (I would recommend the Beta one, it looks better xD). After downloading just install it normally. Once its done, open it (it will take a while on the first time) go to settings (go to Advanced if you are using version 14) and tick the Routing Process box. Then search for "NinOnline" at the search bar and select the game. (Version 14 does not have a search bar, so you'll have to search manually x_x) Select the server based on your internet connection speed and then you are good to go! Just open Nin normally. Once you log in, you will be able to see "ninonline" application on NoPing: To check your ingame ping just type /ping on the chat. If u followed the tutorial, it should be working! Now you just have to enjoy your new ping If you have any problems, comment here on the topic or you can also PM me here or at discord. Thanks for the attention! And make sure to like, comment and subscribe! Love you all