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Found 2 results

  1. Lumy

    Hi, The weather effects have been here for awhile. It makes the game really laggy. The option /weather has been added to stop the effect but when you use it the sound remains and the rain graphics too ( it just stops moving). It helps but the game stays really laggy even if you turn the weather off. With the current state of the server ( can’t handle too much people). Avoiding the lag the most we can should be the thing right now. It’s already rare see the game running at a fluid pace. It’s either too much people on or the weather. So I’m just asking for the weather animations to be removed until the new server is added. Or just fix the /weather that turns the weather animations off because the sound still remains with the graphics. @Ueda @Seth
  2. Does the game have severe hit detection issues or is it from my end? Often times i findd myself chasing an enemy in pvp and hits that seems like they are landing are not register and the same issue can be said with mobs, i often times run after aggrod mobs hitting them spamming my auto attack but none of my attacks hit, occasionaly it also feels like i miss a tick of damahe against stationary mobs while exchanging attacks. I would like to know if im doing something wrong or if its on the game or perhaps i need to set up some ping normalizer or just live with the fact that its due to my 40-60fps pc.