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Found 42 results

  1. Hello Leaf, The Kuraen clan has decided to hold an event for the Leaf Village. This Saturday (03/23/2019), 3 PM EST, I will be hosting a unique 1v1 style tournament. It will be held at the Leaf's Training Ground. The rules will be explained during the day of the tournament. A few minor details regarding the tournament: Everyone participating will be rewarded (even if you lose your first round, you can still win a small amount of Ryo) First place gets to pick 1 of 3 prizes (Cash Shop Gift Card, Ryo, or item) Second place gets to pick 1 from the remaining 2 prizes Third gets the last prize Fourth gets some Ryo At the end of the tournament there will be a draft for a few other items On Thursday/Friday of this week I will provide more details on the prizes. You can be certain that the prizes are worth it. There will be a few new rules people haven't seen before so try your best to make it. - Kuraen Elodin
  2. Hinode Loyalty above all else ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The hinode clan doesnt take those words lightly.Loyalty towards the village.Loyalty towards the hokage.Loyalty towards the clan.Clan members who dont take their responsibilities serious,become outcasts and lose the respect of their fellow clan members.Clan members who plot against the village,get hunted down by the rest of the clan,to make up for the shame that those individuals caused. One must continously train his body and mind,starting from a very early age.Hobbies,games and friends,are considered to be a waste of time and a burden,because they are distracting someone from his duties.Those duties also include assassinations of ninjas who turned their back on the village.Because of this,its recommended to not get too close to people outside of the clan,since they are all potential targets.The Hinode clan is not full of heartless people,they simply are very determined to protect their village with all their strenght,and believe that they have to make sacrifices for the greater good.Traditions and the concept of honor,play a big role in the clan.A mission has to be fulfilled.A higher ranked clan member and,especially the hokage,has to be treated with the utmost respect.There are also strict rules and rituals,to maintain order and discipline,but also to remember the clans history.Kenjutsu basics are taught to every member of the clan,even if this particular clan member wants to focus on a different fighting style in the future.Besides kenjutsu,members of the hinode clan also tend to have a talent for fire jutsus and taijutsu. A sword,used in anger, may cut trough flesh and even bones,but words,carried by the wings of good intentions,can pierce the heavens and scatter the earth beneath. Members of the hinode clan,know this,and are constantly trying to gain more knowledge about their environment and find new ways to manipulate its shape,without resorting to violence. Weapons and jutsus are used in places where words cant be heard,and good intentions alone,are without meaning. Stategy,tactics,diplomatic,s or just politics in general....having a deep understanding of those things,is just as important as being skilled in direct combat,since they can win a battle before it even begins. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Looks and stereotypes Members of the hinode family tend to wear long coats or just wide,comfortable clothes in general,that are dyed in different shades of black and grey,sometimes also mixed with white or blue. Their skin is slightly pale,and their long hair is of black color,just like their eyes. Their size varies from average to tall,and even ninjutsu users are somewhat muscular because of the kenjutsu training that every member of the clan goes trough. The hinode family is known for being very serious about their duties and traditions,but also for their black humour and sarcasm. They do not trust outsiders easily,but have no problem with talking to them when the situation calls for it,and stay polite while doing so. Since their highest priority is the well being of their village,they often take a liking to other people who have someone,or something,they are loyal to and try to protect. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Thanks for making it this far. What i wrote above,should give you a rough idea about our clan concept. We will stand loyal to the leaf and the hokage,take part in pvp and hopefully,we will also be able to bring back some roleplaying into the world of nin. You may have guessed it already,but we are a samurai inspired clan. Kenjutsu plays a big role,but everyone can join as long as he values loyalty as much as we do,no matter what mastery,rank or lvl he has. Potential can be hidden in everyone. Thats also why i dont think too highly of accepting people just based on a forum reply,id like to get to know you guys a bit first. If you want to join us,you can send me a pm here,ingame,or on discord and we can talk about it and see,if our goals collide. Maybe youre not interested in joining us,but you still want to contact us and get some informations about the clan? You can do that aswell,feel free to add me on discord!(we also have our own discord server,for everyone who is interested) And ofcourse,im also thankful for any feedback you guys may have,so please go ahead and post it,maybe i can improve something. Im looking forward to work together with everyone who stands behind the leaf! *bows* Important: If any of our clan members causes problems,please let me know(preferable,with a screenshot)and i will take care of it. Clan leader: @Tameshi Hinode Clan elders: @YamaTakeshi Hinode @Kotaro Hinode @Hageshi Hinode Regular clan members: @Hinata Hinode @Phoenix Hinode @Menma Hinode @Mogui Hinode @Jade Hinode @Joshiro Hinode@Tekkey Hinode @Boko Hinode @Jeroken Hinode @Healy Hinode @Sadao Hinode @Zabuza Hinode @Kiroku Hinode @Vicinius Hinode @LymanP @Gashadokuro
  3. This is an idea that I have had after reviewing all the organizations. I think that inactive organizations should be eliminated so that people do not make mistakes or think that there is an active organization. to part there are organizations so old and the villa has wanted to reactivate it again but the old organization is still there ... well my idea in itself is to eliminate the organizations that you see that the leader has not connected in 6 months or more. I think these can be examples of organizations that should be eliminated: a few hours ago sand has created a new organization of official medics in sand ... why is this organization still exposed? this is only 1 member WTF? the last 2 orgs only 1 member ?! there are more organizations that should be looked at if they should be eliminated or what to do with them ... they only waste a space in the lists ..
  4. Its simple, Post your availability here saying your time zone and days / times you are usually on an free to rp. Note that this is just for ingame rp not forum rp! Once the thread grows Ill post them in this as a list, so leaf nin can see when each other is usually on and get some rp goin hopefully. enjoy meeting other leafies and getting in the ninja spirit!
  5. I do not know if this really is a bug, but it happened after the fans have become exclusive to Sand Village. It was just those pieces of clothing and so I thought it was strange.
  6. Not sure if this is intended or an oversight, but doesn't really make sense to allow it if they don't have the "training" to use 1 but somehow know who to wield 2. Just in case, this is the fan I am talking about.
  7. Hello! So today during my usual grind of Nin online I was tasked with the mission "Guilty Pleasure". As most of you who know that play this game this requires you to embark on a journey into the most active village, Leaf. I had the idea to show the daily life of Leaf, from an outside perspective. This is a PoV of myself doing my daily thing. (Picture form) This is me helping out the young Leaf ninjas as a Sand ninja. Most the time Leaf dont like to help the new players And this is how the Leaf ninja help you find your way home from their village. Hope you enjoyed my boredom.
  8. I believe the last patch you implemented made it so you could use jutsu's in the prison to allow the jailing jutsu to release those jailed earlier. This, however caused people to be able to flicker out of the prison. @Ueda
  9. I have gathered a lot of white scrolls to pass me some alt jutsus, I have passed jutsus of water and air, but then I went to pass a fan jutsus and at no time told me that you could not trade. Here I see a big mistake in the game I do not understand why I did not notice that you could not trade and I do not understand why you can not trade this type of jutsus with other members of the same village. i talk about this scroll: therefore here is my idea: 1. you need to be able to trade with the hidden justes of each village or at least put some kind of warning that you can not trade. I have now lost 3 - 5 scrolls blanks and the only thing I can do with this scroll is throw it or use it. and I can not use it. @Seth @Ueda
  10. I was wondering if we could all get Clan Houses as bases? It would make the villages less boring. Here is the way I was thinking we could set it up. For every clan head there will be a shop specifically for the Clan Head. The Clan Head will be able to decorate his Clan's House accordingly concerning a wide variety of furniture. The Clan Head can also hire certain NPC's (such as tool shop, medicine etc). Since clans are going to be village specific, and there are currently buildings in each village not being occupied, well you know where I was going with that. If anyone else likes the Clan House idea, let me know what you think below and add onto it! Note; I know that some people will argue that we already have medicine and tool shops inside villages, but I don't think it matters unless more NPC = crashing Nin.
  11. So this is a map with most of the areas you'd need to know in the world. It's named with terms Leafies use rather than the game's map names. This will help newer players decipher village chat and learn the map as Leafies calls it. Let me know if you have any suggestions (I might make it smaller with the boxes closer together) or fixes. I'll try to keep it updated. Note the green color for safe zones, orange for danger zones, red for warzones, and grey for no fighting zones. When you click the picture, make sure you click "Full Size" at the bottom left hand corner in order to actually be able to read it.
  12. Hello I am Dodai, I would like to express with is the need for Special jonin en sand. before starting I think the need to put special jonin would have to reside in the kazekage a logical system would be this: the kazekage thinks of someone to put him special jonin, talks to rory to see if it could, and the kazekage would put it to the the person who chooses so he listens rory does not want to put Special Jonin so often ... but he puts them to leaf that has a lot of active chunins and jonins and sand that only has active jonins nothing ... in 2018, from what I have seen, 1 Special Jonin was promoted in sand in January and 2 in recent months to leaf, the question is how much need does leaf of special jonin have? and how much need does sand have? As far as I know leaf already has several special assets of the old days like mikeCW, but Sand does not have any until yesterday that he was pardoned viduus a special Jonin. 2018 therefore right now in leaf resides 3 to 4 special active jonins and in sand only 1 special jonins resides, in leaf they reside more than 5 active chunins and in sand as much as 2 or 3. this post is because sand needs more special jonins. @Rory
  13. 1 is why it should be added Skip to 2 For what is proposed (1)We understand that for the outlaw nature of Takumi And Tanzaku Missing Ninja are able to attack each other no matter the zone or toggle, with players in a mising ninja organization not being able to attack each other unless their Pvp is ON. However, in times of being raided Missing Ninja realize that there is a other enemy that shall be dealt with and even though we decide to attack the enemy who is invading our home and put aside our differences, there is the issue that us trying to work together do more harm than good using aoe jutsu or our high damage skill usually end up hurting us more than helping us. You can see why this severely puts us at a disadvantage when we decide to work together. (2)My proposal is that we introduce a new Toggle for Missing Ninja, The Ally/Truce Toggle every missing ninja that has this toggle on no longer do damage to each other, both counter parts must have this toggle turned on to no longer recieve damage from each other. With this new toggle missing ninja who realize that there is a bigger threat to be dealt with before hand will be able to fight all out and defend their own as they say The enemy of my enemy is my friend. It would be great if this would also work outside of Takumi so that all of missing ninjas can perform raids, but i see gameplay wise and rp wise it'll just make missing ninja a village but within the borders of takumi the Truce Toggle should be an option to enable.
  14. Hottest Dance Group out of Konoha
  15. I recall myself serving Leaf since the very start. Already one year passed since I was serving in a political position. All started by elected into the Council, working along great ninja like @Hawt and @Caio Mirana assisting Lord Third @Deathmall Sasayaki at that time. After that, I became the 4th Hokage of the Hidden Leaf. It was indeed a spectacular day. Along with a really great company, we had these six months to work and keep up the good work Lord Third left behind. Investing most of our time in that, we managed to keep Leaf's pride high and maintain the fun our ninja should have. It was a surprise for me, would never imagine myself reaching for such a role, but the trust and support I got were enough for me to keep going. It was my greatest pleasure in my ninja career to work for such a wonderful village and of course, people. We worked our best and made any improvements we could. These six months passed, after all. It is now our time to step down and pass down the light for the next administrations that are to come. I will admit that this is sad, letting go all these that we have done all this time along, but it there is always an end. During my term, I would like to deeply thanks my Council, @Atrane @Leevi Sasayaki and @Arashi . Special thanks to Atrane and Leevi for putting all this effort along, helping out every hard situation we had, in really difficult times, these men deserve a big and warm clap for not giving up. I want to also thanks our official organizations, ANBU and LMPF for all the great work they did, my honor working with you. They really did a great job. We have tried to keep things interesting by hosting events, working and editing the rules and of course by hanging out with our ninja. It was really my pleasure working for my village, the village that I made my family and my home. I wish best luck to every Leaf ninja out there and to the next administration that will have our full support in every subject they may need help with. Once a Leaf, you cannot escape the fate, we will keep serving even within the shadows. I want to thanks everyone, you all are great people, keep up the good work. It is now my time to retire. *special thanks to: @Kuraen Wilkor, @Fritzo *Sample of events during our term Not announced Korean style event - 2 rounds. *Few memories Farewell. Thank you, Fourth Hokage - Ishyn Sasayaki (Drunkage)
  16. From some rumors I heard that Summon choice was dependant on your village and I thought that this was some sick joke but more and more people started to talk about it. Something like this: Leaf: Toad Slug Sneak Sand: Weasel Dyan(hawk) probably some bug Mist: Oyster/clam cool fish maybe crab Missings: Many animals and I don't mean leaf alts As we all know leaf was always treated specially by some individuals but this time it's really too frickin big thing to decide on your likings. It's another misinterpretation of show/manga(Or is this part of this universe?) summons never were allied with one village. Summons had their own villages and almost always pissed on human villages, I think that almost anyone that was liked/respected by animal could become it's summoner(Dogs and Cats were merceneries so this doesn't count) But ofc GrEaT sAnInNs were leaf ninjas so it's ObViOuS that their summons were only for LeAfIeS. <-I believe that in this universe we should make our own story. I could become GM storyteller if you would check applies Ekhm...back to the topic I piss on this idea and think that summons shouldn't be village dependant,they should be free to choose by anyone. Beceause I think that many people would like to summon desert toad or lake snake. Of course I can understand that this could be made to distinguish our allies summons and enemy summons. <-"Only" thing you would need to do is recolor(like you did with water/wind WMs advanced techniques)There are many species of snakes/toads/birds/dyans/dogs/wolfs just look them up in google and sort by climate. There would be a lot of work(1 recolor for every village and maybe missings) but I think that's very important matter to discuss. Another thing would be summons used by ingame clans/organizations: Kuraens: Sasayaki: Sashiba: Yagyu/Yagami: Chinome: As you can see ingame clans/org RP will suffer beceause of village lock in system. IF IT'S JUST A RUMOR IGNORE THIS POST Good Night and Thanks for reading. Sorry for england and my satire.
  17. Greetings Leaf Ninja! I am here to gladly announce our last Event of our term. As you may all know, we are really close to the end of our term, so we are gonna give a farewell with this Event. The following Event will take place this Saturday, 10th of November 2018 at 1 PM EST. It will be a two scaled Event. For the first part, we will have the Event that lot of people loved so far, a Korean Style Event which will have no more than 30 players that can register. Korean Style Rules: There will be three teams which the members will be picked randomly. Teams will have to be lined up, the players should follow the line's order. Two ninja of two different Teams will fight each round. Team's 1 ninja will fight Team's 2 ninja. The loser will go last in his line, while the winner will continue to fight but with the Health he has left from his fight, healing would lead to DQ. Then, if for example the ninja from Team 1 will win, with his current health will continue fighting the first ninja in line of Team 3. If the ninja from Team 1 would win again, he would fight the first ninja in line of Team 2. The goal of each team is to eliminate every ninja of the enemy teams. (More details will be announced during the preparations of the event, with everyone gathered up) Since the line is made up, its prohibited to change it. A ninja can keep fighting till he is dead. Moving on, after the Korean Style Event will come to an end, we will give a 30 minute pause so the people will be able to get ready for the next part, which will be a 2v2 Tournament. No teams limit, everyone with a team of two can join. 2v2 Tournament Rules: No oils, no pills Minimum level will be lvl 30 This double-Event will be exclusive for Leaf only Ninja. Korean Style rewards: Each player of the winning team : 200 ryo Each player of the losing team: 150 ryo MVP: 5$ in Nin Cash 2v2 Tournament rewards: First team: 5$ in Nin cash each player Second team: 1500 ryo each player Third team: 1000 ryo each player. Since this will be the last event being hosted on my term, I want to give special thanks to the Council, @Atrane @Leevi Sasayaki and @Arashi for all their work so far. Also special thanks to the whole Leaf Village for helping me keep our village alive and fun and of course, safe. Was my pleasure serving Leaf, first as a Council member and now as the Hokage, hope you all had fun. I hope to see you all there, on this Event and have a really good time, spectators are welcome! Best Regards, Forth Hokage and The Hidden Leaf's Council™
  18. Hello Leaf ( and not only ) Ninja! I am here to let you know that as the current Leaf's administration, Council and I will be taking requests such as Pardons, Peacelist and more till 10/11/2018. After that date all requests will be paused till the new administration. Exiles will be given if its required even after that time tho. Thanks everyone, our term is coming to an end. Be on guard for the next events that will take place. Best Regards, Forth Hokage and The Hidden Leaf's Council™
  19. The Suwa clan has always had a level requirement of 30 to join. However, we are now implementing the idea of prospecting. This will be a trial period for both parties. Players gain the benefits of being in the clan (help in game/socialization of a clan), but aren’t official members yet. Those accepted will gain restricted access to the discord. They are also welcome to all clan activities, but may not wear the tag. When the prospect reaches level 30 the clan elders will evaluate their performance and accept or reject them. Our goal is to acquire ninja dedicated to defending the village. We look for those interested in gaining rank within the village & becoming members of official leaf organization. Please know in advance that the screening process to becoming a prospect is selective. Something we want is people who are active. Also, calling out raids and enemy positions are traits we look for. Requirements: Lvl 10-29 No alts mains only Leaf Ninja Approval of Clan Elders How to apply: Reply to this post and include your name, mastery, and level. Message myself or @Kamakura Suwa @Biggie J Suwa on discord. For more information on the Suwa clan
  20. Hello Leaf ninja, I am here to announce another event that is going to be hosted in our Village. This time, we will have an organization's event! This Sunday, ANBUs and I will be hosting and sponsoring an event made to introduce the organization to our ninja, talk to them about what does it take to be an ANBU and what ANBU's missions and expectations are. Event's Details The event will take place this Sunday, 14/10/2018 at 2PM EST. It will be divided in two different parts. Starting off, ninja that want to join will have to be by the Leaf Academy at 2 PM EST or start gathering there earlier. As for the first part, ANBU members will give sessions in Academy's classrooms about ANBU and more, any questions are welcome. During these classes, lot of ANBUs work, mission, dedication and sacrifice will be discussed and even more things. As for the second part, ANBUs will host a competitive/action session with the people that will join the event. The ninja that will join will be gather at Leaf's Training Grounds and there they will be divided into teams. This session will be explained during the gathering at the Training Grounds. After that part, the event will come to an end. Event's Rules Only that people that will join the first part will be able to join the second session as well. First part will be focused on RP, staying in character will make the experience better. Revealing ANBUs during the whole event will lead to punishments, depending the situation, even an exile. Strictly follow Anbu's and Kage's orders since they will be guiding and hosting the whole event. Ruining the event with spam or such will lead to punishment. This event is not to recruit members but good performance will be noticed. Toxicity would lead to punishment. Rewards After the event, rewards sponsored by ANBU's and Leaf's treasury will be given to the players. If a player does a really good performance, he may get to win Nin Cash as well. The event will be exclusive to Leaf Ninja only, any other faction cannot join. Tune up for more updates regarding the event. Best Regards, Forth Hokage and The Hidden Leaf's Council™
  21. Hello Leaf Ninja, Council and I are here to announce our next Event in line, the Leaf's Korean Style PvP Event! It is the first time an event like this will be hosted in our Ninja World, since it is a unique but a fun one. It will take place at 29/09/2019 - 5 PM EST. Preferable Place - Leaf's Chinin Arena. In that one event, it's all about survival. There will be the limit of 30 players that can join. The ninja then will be divided into three teams using a random generator. Each team will oppose each other, making it a 3-side event. It will be knock-down event, when a ninja dies, he will not be able to fight again. Korean Style Rules: There will be three teams which the members will be picked randomly. Teams will have to be lined up, the players should follow the line's order. Two ninja of two different Teams will fight each round. Team's 1 ninja will fight Team's 2 ninja. The loser will go last in his line, while the winner will continue to fight but with the Health he has left from his fight, healing would lead to DQ. Then, if for example the ninja from Team 1 will win, with his current health will continue fighting the first ninja in line of Team 3. If the ninja from Team 1 would win again, he would fight the first ninja in line of Team 2. The goal of each team is to eliminate every ninja of the enemy teams. (More details will be announced during the preparations of the event, with everyone gathered up) Since the line is made up, its prohibited to change it. A ninja can keep fighting till he is dead. Event's Rules: No healing will be allowed during the time of swapping fighters. If you survive and continue fighting, you are not allowed to use Pills, Oils, Walking to regenerate or even Self Heal. If you are medic you can heal yourself only while fighting. If you lose, you cannot fight again. Listen to the event hosts and their orders carefully, If you get DQed, your team will lose one member that cannot be replaced. Only LEAF ninja are allowed to join. Toxicity may lead to DQ. More instructions will be announced during the event. Take note that this is the first time that we are hosting an Event like that, so please be patient during that time so we can host it the best way possible. The limit will be up to 30 players. Registrations will start tomorrow and will last till Saturday 29/09/2018 - 3 PM EST. You can registed sending a ingame or discord DM to me or our Council members @Atrane @Leevi Sasayaki Tune up for more updates regarding the event! Every team and it's players will receive rewards. REWARDS: 1st Team: 300 ryo each player 2nd Team: 200 ryo each player 3rd Team: 100 ryo each player Exclusive Rewards: The best players that will be decided by Council and I will receive extra rewards. They will be these with the most survived rounds. 1st: 10$ Nin Credit 2nd: 7$ Nin Credit 3rd: 5$ Nin Credit (Everyone that wants to donate Ryo to the treasury to assist on the ryo rewards is free to contact me, if more than 3.000 will be gathered, the overall rewards will be raised) Best Regards, Forth Hokage and The Hidden Leaf's Council™
  22. A Peaceful Rogues Guide to Seals Since I have seen a lot of newer players recently, whether they are alternate accounts (alts) or not, I think some people should know how to get the Seals Mission done and obtain the exp for their early game. In this "guide" I am also going to be showing how people can enter through the house located Southwest of the Leaf Village gates. For starters This mission is slightly confusing for most people that are just starting off the game, in my opinion. It sends them off into a wild and random chase after some seals in within the village. I am going to show you a step by step version on how you can obtain the mission, get the seals, and learn how to get into sewers/rats map through outside the village. The mission itself In the Northeast corner of the Leaf Village. This building is where you actually obtain the Seals mission itself. You must go to the very top right part of the Leaf village and go inside the actual building. Inside the building. When you first walk into the building you will see the InnKeeper NPC which is the actual NPC you need to talk to when you are getting mission. When you walk up to him, you have to use Z or your attack button and obtain the mission; Darker Places Seal Location and Building Underneath the Leaf Hospital and slightly to the left. This building is where you will be entering the actual Sewers map. When you first get to this building there will be a door blocking you from entering it. All you simply do is press Z or your attack button and it will bring up some text saying "Knock Knock" and you will be able to enter once you do that. Inside the building. When you first enter the building you will see a round table and some other decorations. On the actual table itself will be a seal that you will interact with by using Z or your attack button. It will again bring up text and it will ask you to "Unseal it" or "Ignore it", here you will click to Unseal it and you will of obtained your very first seal and these can be done in no particular order. This is just a draft of how i personally get them on my accounts. From the Leaf Square go up and over the bridge, then you go to the left. When you cross over the bridge you will be able to see the second tag on the left side of the bridge. You must go to the left and down a flight of steps, where you will see what looks like a dock in the water. You simply just walk onto the water and go all the way to the right till you see the tag. Just hit the tag and Unseal it to obtain your next tag. Northeast of the dock from the second seal. Once you have gotten your second seal the third one is literally a couple of steps away. After you go back up the flight of stairs you just have to go Northeast until you see the green roofed house in the picture. Just simple walk through the doorway and you can get to the third seal. Hit it and obtain your third seal. In the Northeast corner of Leaf. This tag could also be your first tag, but like I said this is in no particular order. If you go all the way to the top right corner of Leaf you will see a rock wall on the far right side. The fourth tag is on that wall but it is a little bit more down on the side of the wall. All you have to do is collect that tag and head back to the InnKeeper NPC to collect your exp. Hidden Entrance Southwest of the Gates. When you are in the Guard Duty map, the map underneath the Leaf gates, you will see a path on the left side that opens into another map. It will have a bunch of trees, a mysterious building and a grave. This is the "Hidden Entrance" to the sewers map. Inside the sewers to the right and south east of the entrance. Inside the sewers it can be really confusing and tough to maneuver around. Once you enter the sewers just go to the right and slightly down till you see a break in the path. Go to the right of the intersection and you will the spot in the picture posted. Go inside the top section and hit Z or your attack button on the far up wall of the mysterious entrance and you will find the switch. What appears once you hit the switch. This text will appear once you hit the switch and that is when you know you have found the right section of the sewers. Click the "Turn it" option and you will be done with the first part of opening the hidden entrance. The map left of Gaurd Duty Once you have done the Switch Step, you want to make your way all the way to the house and this time, go in front of the tomb stone. Use Z or your attack button in front of the tile one under the actual stone. It will bring up this text and that is when you know that it worked. Once you hit the "note" it will bring up two options, "Leave it" and "Remove it". You want to click on the "Remove it" option and that will complete the second step. In the very Southeast corner of sewers. After completing the second step, you want to head back into the sewers. This may take a couple of tries but essentially you are just trying to go to the bottom right corner of the whole map. Once you find it you will see this entrance all the way at the bottom. This is the entrance to the walkway you must take to get to the inside of the house. These are the "Teleporters" that will bring you the other side of the path. The circles, if you have followed this guide and done everything right, they will allow you to transfer to the other side of the gap. Just follow all the way down till you reach the inside of the house. Inside the house and the final step. Once you do all the steps to get inside the building you have to hit the final switch. Simply just hit it and click the option "Turn on" and you should be able to leave and re-enter the house freely. For a rogue, this gives you easier access to get inside the village and do rogue like things. For Sand ninjas this also gives you the upper edge in raids and a better opportunity to make more elaborate raid strategies. For Leaf ninjas it just makes it look cooler when you enter the sewers map. Happy leveling. ^-^
  23. Xylon's History A clan with the abilities of both Senju and Uchiha clan with the Senjus bloodline being rarer than that of the Uchihas. This small group consist of well trained assassin who believes in strong determination and pride. This clan doesn't show mercy to any prey because of the abusive ways they have been treated by countless others. Intelligence is a great weapon during assassination and their true weapon their strength from intense training. The Xylon clan like working best in the shadows. Quotes: "Once a Xylon always a Xylon" ~Rawn Xylon "Destruction to all things" ~Romariok Xylon Requirements to join: Name change to ____ Xylon Level 15~ Be Active Application: Name? Level? Mastery? Reason for join? Leader: @Rawn Xylon @Romariok Xylon Elder: @Maro Xylon
  24. Hidden Leaf's Academy Class HIS 101 Throughout the years Leaf Ninjas have gone through very difficult times that are left sometimes untold or incorrectly (biased opinions). And so I bring to you, History 101, class that will be taught at the Leaf Academy. Lectures and discussions of our system throughout the years will be taking place. Lectures will also include, influential/important Leaf Ninjas who've had a great impact on our system, negotiations with Sand and Sand's history through the eyes of a Leaf Ninja, demonstrations and presentations, and we will also have occasional special guest appearances. Systems aren't always deemed to be fair to all, and the manner in which developments have been made will be spoken of and the question of what more can we do to improve our own current system will be asked during the final sessions, and together as a class we'll bring up the final statements to the Council and Hokage. Information on Class Sessions: There will be 10 sessions, possibly 2 per week (schedule has yet to be arranged). A calendar with session dates and times will be posted. (TBA) Each session will be about 25 minutes. Attendance will be taken. (Part of your grade % TBA) This class welcomes all Leaf Ninjas. Exams/Pop Quizzes based on the discussions, will be graded (# and % TBA). Each student will get a grade at the end of the term, factors are, Participation, Exam Scores, and Attendance. (Those 3 factors above will be broken down and explain further later on when the first session date is announced). Throughout the term, there'll be three optional individual conference days you can attend to talk to the professor about your grade. At the end of the term, based on the grade you receive it will deem if you're eligible for rewards (which are TBA). This class would serve as a documentation as well as help the students understand more about the Leaf Village and its people/systems. It would serve as a tool so that down the years' people do not forget about the origins of the village and it's people, also using that knowledge to further improve our system. It will be taught by Professor @Deathmall Sasayaki, Assistant - @Fritzo Assistant - @Kuraen Wilkor Assistant - The professor and his assistants will be working on the lesson plans and announce the first session on this post. (If you wish to be an assistant please feel free to message me or PM in-game) Other Details: Originally the idea was to make more use of our academy, RP Wise. Hoping more "subjects" in the future are brought up. The goal is to obviously stray away from stale lectures (don't worry I got jokes for days). An attempt in giving you a classroom experience, in a fun manner. There will be days where a class might get pushed/ canceled, interruptions by village affairs etc, also do expect group activities. We will push for communication between students.
  25. Hey, First of all, sorry to be posting on the "Leaf Village" section of the forums while I'm on this account. Now with that said... Rory, Rory, Rory... You really messed up, not just this CE, but a bunch of other Chunin Exams too. First of all, you didn't watch the exams, so you have no idea who deserves to get promoted. You can't really be serious about only letting Leaf have three promotions, when Leaf did way better than Sand throughout the entire exam. Since you didn't watch it, I'll do the maths for you: Written Exam (Part 1) Sand teams present: 3 Leaf teams present: 9 Sand teams failed: 2/3 = 66.6666666% Leaf teams failed: 1/9 = 11.1111111% 3v3 Fights (Part 2) Sand teams present: 1 Leaf teams present: 8 Sand teams failed: 1/1 = 100% Leaf tams failed: 3/8 = 37.5% Final Round - 1v1 (Part 3) Sand teams present: 0 Leaf teams present: 5 Leaf throughout the entire exam lost a total of four teams, all the way from the written exam to the final stage. Sand had more than a 50% failure rate for each part of the exam. You may be thinking that it's unfair to do these kind of maths, since Leaf started with a bigger number of participants than Sand. That's a fair way of looking at it, in regards of Leaf VS Sand. But what is not fair is not letting @Ishyn Sasayaki choose his promotions, based on who he believes deserves it. And trust me, there were more ninja than three who deserved it in that CE. It's not fair, when thinking about this logically, Sand had 2 players promoted, simply for passing a written exam, whereas Leaf only got 3 promotions (out of 27) for doing more than just passing the written exam. And if you wanna talk about RP, I'm all for that, but even the Kazekage was AFK during the entire event. I don't wanna personally offend anyone, so I won't go too much in to all of that stuff. Additionally, it doesn't make sense that you want the villages to have an equal amount of Chunin simply for the sake of equality if one side obviously did much better. That does not make sense to me, in an RP sense, at least. This may be a bit of a long post, Rory, but please think about what I'm saying and take it in to consideration. Allow the Leaf to have 6/27 promotions. That's an entirety of two teams (out of nine, who all did incredibly well). And if you want to pick an SJ for either side, you can - Here is the link for the Chunin Exams (excluding the written test): I will leave a poll here for everyone to vote. So if I'm completely wrong, feel free to ignore me @Ueda. But if the poll happens to say otherwise, you really should take my advice of taking these promotions in to consideration.