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Found 3 results

  1. I have gathered a lot of white scrolls to pass me some alt jutsus, I have passed jutsus of water and air, but then I went to pass a fan jutsus and at no time told me that you could not trade. Here I see a big mistake in the game I do not understand why I did not notice that you could not trade and I do not understand why you can not trade this type of jutsus with other members of the same village. i talk about this scroll: therefore here is my idea: 1. you need to be able to trade with the hidden justes of each village or at least put some kind of warning that you can not trade. I have now lost 3 - 5 scrolls blanks and the only thing I can do with this scroll is throw it or use it. and I can not use it. @Seth @Ueda
  2. I can play all day long without any lags but every time around the evning the game starts to lag insanly and becomes unplayable. I want to clear the i have good internet and no lags on any other game, the problem is not with my internet. Anyone knows how to fix?
  3. Frequently Asked Questions These have been asked too many times. Alpha Test Questions Where do I download the game? Do I need to have BYOND or some other program in order to play Nin Online? What content will be in the Early Alpha? What Jutsus will be in the Early Alpha? How many villages will be in the early alpha? What Clans will there be on release? If there is no clans How do I Uchiha? Does this mean that we are all genius or youth? I did not choose my Element/Chakra Nature on character customization, how do I choose this? What is the level cap for Early Alpha Test? If there is no content, why are you making a release? RP Questions Can I RP as a canon Naruto character? Is the game RP or PvP? So then... What is the game? General Questions How do I train my ninja in Nin Online? What is a Storyline Mission? How will clans work in Nin Online? How will ranks work in Nin Online? How will villages work in Nin Online? How will organizations work in Nin Online? Technical Questions Will Nin Online run on Mac/Linux?