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Found 3 results

  1. Game

    So my dear shuriken friends...i bring you enlightenment...i bring you knowledge...i bring you NINJA NEWS. Let me explain. Nin online is RP driven, even if players rp somewhere, there are still ppl that miss it and have no idea what happened, which leads to truce or war that is not known to everyone, especially new players or recently returning ones. Know the vibe? Happened multiple times so far. Let''s avoid confusion, shall we? My idea is to make Nin online ingame media that will be working on forums too. In my vision we make a group of few people that got some spare time, like to write or just like to gather info (with the cooperation of org leaders and kages it shouldn't take that much time). They will be the staff of Ninja News, preferably if each village contributes at least one member (so during wars no one has to be excluded and they could combine perspectives to create truth and truth only, while not being entirely neutral in combat :>). They would post on forum Weekly Reports(up to them how often tbh) - what happened in nin world, the outcome of rp meetings, interviews with org leaders, asking questions, hyping community about something upcoming - generally uplifting rp value in Nin Online. I've never bothered with sharing my ideas, but i think this one seems to be at least pragmatic. The whole idea forces more rp on community, without interfering in pvp madness. It divides whole rp idea into PUBLIC and SECRET. Public - what Ninja News knows and shares for example: open rp's between villages, and SECRET - ppl that would actually want to hide something (like org leaders or kages), would be forced to actual secret meetings and greater caution while performing those. Also it would help new players and inactive ones (or returning ones) to get to know the world that we players make ingame. No more confusion. People will be more responsible for their rp and also - what i hope for - will be more motivated to rp more, due to getting mentioned in the News : )) So what do you guys think? Would you like something like that? What Kages @TetsuHawk @Shirou think about it? And main missing org ldrs @Niti @Artwork ?
  2. Hello Ninjas, I am planning a video showing off all organizations in NinOnline to show future member how strong the community is and how we support the community banding together to have a better in game experience. Organizations participating are to be in character the whole time during recording, anyone not will be kicked from the filming site and can lead to your organization being kicked from the video, and follow all directions given by me or other staff. You will tell a bit about yourself and why you joined the org and what you plan to do in it. Org leaders should be present and I am willing to work with your schedule if need be. Leaders will tell what the goal of your org is about and how it was formed. Any organization's interested in being in the video must contact me via PM or comment. The leader and at least 4 members of the org must be present on the scheduled date and time. If your org is 30 minutes late then it will be excluded from the video. Any suggestions for the video can also be posted below in the comments such as locations and activity's we can show off. We plan to start recording on May 12 till around the 15th all organizations should apply before then.
  3. Dear Ninjas, I'm proud to announce that I have finally put the well deserved time into a task that has been on my mind for the longest time ever. Ever since our re-launch in 2013, I had been very, very disappointed with the quality of the Nin Online logo. I had a strong concept behind the design, but rushed the execution so much that it was still a sketchy draft piece when I announced the project back then. Our logo has since been on all our official content, our forums, advertisements and even the game itself! I think we can all agree that the logo is something you look at today and instantly recognize our game and community. So I decided not to stray for from it, but to create a more visually refined and appealing revamp of it. WIth out further ado, here is our new logo! Updated Logo Design The signature shuriken has been refined and re-angled with a corrected perspective, while retaining the most interesting features about it. The circle which is the "O" in Online, has been given a dynamic whirl to it to retain the dynamism present in the previous design while having a more simplified color shading. Here is a visual journey of our logo design changes since the first ever logo in 2007, the first edition of Nin Online. History of Logos of Nin Online We hope that you will hold our logo even prouder in your signatures and when spreading the word of our project here and elsewhere from now on. Regards, Rory