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Found 6 results

  1. Hello Nin Onliners and welcome to the Mastery Guide of Nin. This Guide will give you a rough summary of what each Mastery is about and the playstyles revolving said masteries. Also the current High to bottom tier of each mastery. I will also update that tier list every month due to the "Metta" always changing. *Please Note: If you pick a mastery strictly because it is top tier at the moment or high in the Metta food change just keep it mind it does change. Choose a mastery because that's who your ninja character is not because it's the hot thing. Also this is my view on each mastery and not the actual lookout on them from Rory's perspective or the rest of the community so please don't bash or slander what is said here but simply provide positive feedback until the topic is locked.* List of all Masteries Fire Water Earth Medic Lightning Weapon Master Wind Taijutsu ------------------------------------------- Tier List Tier 1 - Taijutsu, Medic, Weapon Master Tier 2 - Lightning, Earth, Water, Fire Tier 3 - Fire and Wind(Both paths fall under here) *Fire is classed as Tier 2 and Tier 3 because it's CC and Damage make it Tier 2 but the casting times, chakra cost, and self stuns make it a Tier 3* Also this Tier list is how I see them and not the collective of the community. Tier List is also Subject to change along with the Metta. ----------------------------------------------- Fire - Fire is one of Nin's most original masteries and was one of the first created in the game. Fire mastery is used a lot by new players and experienced ones due to the fact that their abilities have a lot of Crowd Control with long range and High Base Damage. The Jutsus of the fire mastery can damage multiple opponents at once and cause a Damage over Time Burn status to who is hit increasing the damage output of that jutsu. Fire is GREAT for training and farming for items in the game. The downside to using fire however is that the jutsus take a moderate amount of chakra to use and several of the jutsus require you to cast, aim, and you can even get self stunned from using them. Water - Water is one of the most balanced masteries Nin can offer and has nice utility with its jutsus. Water has some of everything that everyone likes when it comes to playing the game. Crowd Control, Stun, and Knockback are things people like and this is where you can get it. Water is great for training and it's jutsus aren't as hard to land as some of the other masteries. Water has a second substitution jutsu which comes in handy with escaping and has a stunning jutsu called Water Prison. Water is overall balanced in terms of damage and chakra cost making it new player friendly and easy to use. The downside of water is that Water prison takes a while to master so don't expect to land it in fights at levels 1 and 2. Water Shark is also terribly hard to land due to you needing to stand still and cast it giving your opponent time to evade the move. Earth - Earth is 1 of the most crowd control oriented mastery's and most defensive mastery in the game. Earth allows you to knockback, snare, and slow several opponents at once with its jutsus and even gives you the ability to create an Earth Wall which can repel most if not all ranged attacks until it's destroyed or disappears. Earth has 1 of the best AOE Snaring jutsus in the game as well called Earth Prison which allows you to bind several opponents at once at given levels. Earth revolves around team play mainly due to its innate nature to Crowd Control everything it also has great synergy with almost every elemental mastery. The down side with earth is the Chakra cost on a few of the moves and the need to stand still to cast the jutsus. If you can manage with that its good. Lightning - The Mastery that rules Stuns; Lightning is a deadly mastery but takes a lot of skill to use solo. Lightning has 4 stunning jutsus one of them being the famous Lightning Cutter Technique that sets up for outstanding combos and does great damage. Lightning is great in 1v1 battles and team battles due to their stuns and the little crowd control that they have from the jutsu Lightning Current. Lightning cutter also sets up combos for teammates. Training wise lightning is a little slower than most masteries due to not having not as much Crowd Control. It's more of a single target mastery. The downsides of lightning is that the jutsus require precision and timing to land certain moves and requires a decent amount of chakra as the moves cost quite a bit. Wind - A strong wind that can blow you away! Wind is a mastery that consist of High damage and Long range techniques. Jutsus Like drilling air bullets or vacuum sphere has high damage and long range going up to 15 tiles away. Wind requires great accuracy when using it's jutsus with moderate to high chakra cost. The highest chakra costing jutsu cost 52 chakra but does high damage as a result. Wind also has the ability to knockback the opponent but again only if you can land the jutsu. If you're from the Neo-Sand Village Wind also has a sub path which uses Fans and the strength stat instead of the intelligence stat. The fan path allows you to equip a fan and knockback opponents doing average damage from a distance and helps boost your overall damage with jutsu. It also knockbacks opponents for every ranged hit landed to keep them at bay. The fan path also allows more Crowd Control as it has a few jutsus that hit multiple opponents at once. You also gain jutsus that knockback and slow to help set up combos or to simply run. Training as Wind as either path is easy but more easy for the strength path due to the Crowd Control. Medic Int - Sinner and Saint; Medics keep the game going and keep the players surviving any creature or opponent they face. Medics have 2 different playstyles with the Intelligence path revolving around Poisoning their opponents and the Chakra path which supports his teammates and himself through heals while dealing moderate damage. The Poison path for medics is a grueling path early on due to the need for tools to cast 1 of the jutsus, but as you progress it gets moderately better as you unlock 2 other poisoning jutsus that help with training that cost nothing but chakra. this path also allows you to learn Curse Mark which allows you to boost all your stats by a set percentage based off your overall chakra. As a poison medic you also have better synergy and a better chance at getting a mastery that works well with it mainly an elemental. Due to recent changes however you can not use this path and cast healing techniques on teammates as they share cooldowns so decide properly in the middle of combat. If you're ok with using only 3 jutsus to deal damage you will survive the grueling training, but if you can not then my friend its ok for there is always another path to take. Chakra -The Chakra path for medics has it harder early on than the other path due to you needing tools to level until level 15 where you get chakra scalpels. Chakra Scalpels will be chakra medics main source of damage as well as Throwing Senbon. The Chakra path can apply a lot of pressure in combat due to the need to not charge chakra as often as most people in the game. They can also solely focus on 2 stats; HP and Chakra which makes them a force to be reckon with. However, if you can not land melees or Senbon the other path may be better for you because this path takes more skill to deal damage but on the bright side your healing abilities will make you a nuisance throughout the game. Choose wisely. Weapon Master Strength - What's hotter than someone with a sword? Strength weapon masters have the ability to use swords to hack and slash at the opponent and dwindle down their hp using sword based attacks. Harder time training due to needing to be in close range to land blows but if you can stick it through weapon masters are great in the end game experience and in Combat against other players. Feeling bored? You can always get some friends and go fight bosses to achieve a stronger and better sword! In the future weapon masters combined with elemental masteries will gain enhanced sword abilities that give their swords other little things like burn, stun, knockback, slow and so on. There is always a new sword coming out as well so never be bored as there are continous bosses to fight or bosses to be added they drop new swords. Weapon Master Intelligence - The Intelligence path for weapon masters is mainly played as a second option and not a first. Reason stating...RYO! This mastery is a money sink and if you dont have the money or the means to make the money to use this path of the weapon mastery then don't go it. However if you can handle the costly need for ninja tools to use your jutsus this mastery is great! Low Chakra cost, Great Damage, and Great Crowd Control is what this path offers. You also have the ability to set traps in prepartion for raids or to block enemies from getting through locations. This path excels in team gameplay due to these traps but is tougher to use in 1v1s as the opponent can just avoid your traps. This path also has some of the nicer animations and cool tricks for example: Shadow Shuriken warps you to your opponent if you land it. Exploding Kunai causes a nice size explosion when maxed and it hits someone or something dense. Choose your path Wisely. Taijutsu Agility - Agility Taijutsu use to be one of the best masteries and still is if used correctly. It offers a second substitution jutsu to evade jutsus, knockbacks that can interupt casting, low cooldowns, a stun, and consistent DPS. Moves like Seismic Dash combined with Body flicker gives you the opportunity at easy damage and low cooldown moves like Breaking Kick offer you the ability to continously pressure your opponents into a corner as you rush them swinging your fist and your legs in this case. 2 of its other jutsus offer great range and 1 of them even stuns the opponent for a slight second! If you build your character correctly you can even combine it with elements like Water(Tai Water FTW) or Fire. The best synergy with this mastery is Medic due to Chakra Scalpels and Agility working together to give higher damage output when punching your opponent. The downside of being agility taijutsu is that the jutsu damage/scaling isnt as good as the other masteries as well as the mastery not having any other mastery that is based off agility. Taijutsu Strength - The sub path of agility taijutsu is its strength counterpart called Gentle Fist. Gentle Fist has higher base damage/scaling and a good variety of jutsus. Jutsus like 16 Palms if landed can silence your opponent for x duration and drain there chakra over time causing them to constitently need to charge. They also have Rotation which allows them to knockback opponents if surrounded but this jutsu you dont get untl you are higher level and train one of the other jutsus to achieve it. Some of the other jutsus of this sub path cause knockbacks and stuns as well but give a higher damage output than its brother Agility taijutsu. Focusing more on burst damage than DPS this mastery can offer some good follow ups. Downsides of this path is that it only has 1 substitution and its the basic one so you only have 1 chance to evade a jutsu. This mastery also has higher chakra cost than the other path with a couple jutsus that have cast times. On the bright side because you are strength based, you can combine this mastery with the likes of Strength weapon master to maximize damage output. However there is no advancement if you combine the two but there will be advanced gentle fist in the future. Choose your path Wisely.
  2. After recent balance changes there are 2 things that concern me, personally. 1. Cooldown and ability changes to weapon masters. STR WM and INT WM were separated with the recent changes, which made me wonder about the state of Shadow Shuriken (SS). SS before all the changes was a long ranged, fast projectile that went very well with rest of the kit and playstyle. It was changed to a slower projectile that teleports user to target hit, and later a silence was added due to the ability's function being of immense threat to the user himself and not the opponent. But that jutsu was never meant for INT WM, it was meant for hybrids. Now with hybrids taken out of the picture, I ask of developers to take a look at this jutsu, because it simply does not work well with that this mastery has to offer. 2. Poison Medic standpoint. Same thing could be said to medical masteries but I am more concerned about Poison. It has 3 offensive jutsus in total + a buff that no longer sees the light as it had used to in the past. It is my understanding that cursed seal will be removed from this mastery and become a forbidden jutsu. If we also look at the plans for advancements, this path just as int wm is supposedly to become standalone. Now made very clear with the changes to cooldowns. This leaves me to question 1 thing. Shouldn't we remove the cursed seal already and add 2 more jutsus to the set? I assume it is going to be related to snakes, so perhaps adding some 1 early level snake jutsu that can be used in pve and pvp and 1 higher level jutsu mostly for pvp. These are my suggestive ideas. Sorry if it came down to a long drag, nagging.
  3. Sunagakure Medical Corps

    "There are no winners in war, everyone involved will eventually get harmed, that is where we come into place." Unknown Source The SMC (Sunagakure Medical Corps) is the third official organization, next to the Sand Assassins and the SMPF (Sand Military Police Force), created and overlooked by the Kazekage. Their main objective is to offer medical support in all aspects of a shinobi’s life, from aiding experienced fighters to complete beginners. Protection during raids, aid while hunting down dangerous individuals, or supporting Genin fresh out of the academy are all part of the routine for a member of the SMC. Our goal is to exceptionally provide safety for every member of the sand village by offering healing and resources such as medicine and tools for every who might need it. Between the combat focused Field Medics and the distinctly medical focused Support Specialists, it is guaranteed that every Medical-Nin will find their perfect role within the SMC, so don't hesitate to apply so more of us can ensure the prosperity of our village.
  4. Well, i have some questions about Chakra Scalpel and Poison scalpel. First, they stack with Agility? like, if i deal 20 dmg at my basic attack, with Chakra scalpel or Poison scalpel(with a considerable amoutn of int or chakra) i will do more dmg? Second, which scales better? Chakra scalpel or Poison scalpel? if im not wrong, i think Chakra Scalpel is 40% of your Chakra stats
  5. Synposis: The Ukiyo Clan (憂き世, "Sorrowful World") is a renowned ninja clan famous to the Land of Fire; originating south of the continent on a remote island used to ship weapons to and from villages hidden in the rain, leaf, grass, and rice county. Known for their plethora of talents and unwaverable skill, ("commonly identified with their ability and affinity to sing, dance, paint, and sculpt") their fighting deemed ruthless and unmerciful, with only accessible knowledge of fundamental techniques the clan thrived and prospered upon a long history of both smiting and crafting/weapon designing - to profit off other villages supplying on going war. Unfortunately due time shinobi learned and mimic their iron casting ability making their services no longer needed. A depression fell upon the village causing them to move to Konoha where they are now infamous and known for their bomber style techniques. Having died off due to illness, starvation, and simple bystanders of experimentation the knowledge of the clan began slowly decaying. Though the Ukiyo are a basic group they were tested with the ability of heighten'd sensibility which began to pass down as a blood limit ability. Knowledge of the blood history was passed down to it's final successor who was sold off to Takumi along side his brother and a kunoichi surgeon. Clan Leader: Ashido Clan Colors: Red, White, and Black Clansmen Characteristics: Bronze or Dark Skin, Bushy hair and steeping brown eyes and hair color. Though some clansmen have lighter shades of skin as a birth defect. It is not uncommon to see someone who is albino with abnormal features such as blue eyes and blonde hair though they still carry bushy hair such as former clansmen. Brief History: Originating in the Demon Country the Ukiyo Clan has been by far one of the most reknown clans of today's society. During times of war upon the ending age of power seeking and total destruction the clan were one of the most profited clans amongst the five nations as they supplied most countries with advanced weapons and technology which drew in many clients. However as time passed the secrets of their creation and product had been given through trade and information thanks to the hidden grass village shinobi which specialized in intelligence. Nearing poverty the clan began dying off in vast numbers leaving a few who were commonly known as Serafimu ("literally Meaning; The Burning Ones") who possessed great skill in not only gathering information but prolonging the tradition of former river clansmen. Low on profit the elders of the village decided to build and train a very selected few shinobi who were brought up to be the village's saviors. Upon their teenage years the very few that did learn the ways of the Ukiyo and branded blood tithes were sold across the countries as prized shinobi who rose up through ranks being known as esteemed ninja. Today the Ukiyo left remaining are those true soul survivors, leading lives of their own. One being a male who was known for his intellect and had became very profitable and sought to become the richest shinobi in the world. The other was a woman who was skilled and a master surgeon, having prophetically learned the ways of complex medical ninjutsu without the help of systematic schools. Seeking refuge in Konoha it was almost common to see one of these familiars. Though not always accepted they seek to build and change the place that they now call their home. Requirements: Weapon Master + Fire Master = Bomber Style / Weapon Master + Medic = Cloak Style Native Clan Abilities: Bakugeki-ki no Sutairu (Literally meaning "Bomber Style") Allows the user to dish powerful attacks that develop around explosive powder, However the abilities below are pertaining to a more so an assassination style such as smoke bombs, frag'd or flash shuriken, A clan's short blade that has a swift swing. Dual Pathway - The clan mostly focuses on gunpowder techniques so they are more skills that WM can choose from without having to pay. Small smoke bombs which create smoke screens that temporarily hide the user or clansmen unless detectable by an sensor shinobi. Flash shuriken that does minimal damage that temporarily slows or blinds the opponent, sticky paper bomb that can be home'd to an opponent within range, small black explosives, and poisons that help utilize their potential as weapon users. The clan would enable abilities from said both mastery but would level more so with intelligence than strength as it would take much to create and use as well as skill. Status Effects are minimal to the overall cause, a single status effect that effects the user would help more such as an ability to become more agile and more stealthy rather than a slow. Lastly a clan sword that can only be held by Weapon Masters, decent damage that can swing as fast as a kunai to anchor off physical damage would be nice since it's a mid range choice.
  6. Rory probably has idea on all jutsus already, but still I think it would be really decent if there was jutsu for advanced medic that can make you give some of your chakra to your target. With high chakra requirement.