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Found 11 results

  1. This is an idea that I have had after reviewing all the organizations. I think that inactive organizations should be eliminated so that people do not make mistakes or think that there is an active organization. to part there are organizations so old and the villa has wanted to reactivate it again but the old organization is still there ... well my idea in itself is to eliminate the organizations that you see that the leader has not connected in 6 months or more. I think these can be examples of organizations that should be eliminated: a few hours ago sand has created a new organization of official medics in sand ... why is this organization still exposed? this is only 1 member WTF? the last 2 orgs only 1 member ?! there are more organizations that should be looked at if they should be eliminated or what to do with them ... they only waste a space in the lists ..
  2. Ryuugan

  3. Infamous

    "Infamous" was a group of three ninjas from the Sand village. When they experienced corruption in village, they wanted to change that, but their attempt's failed. Some people started spreading lies about them and after month's people believed them. Council members and Kazekage didn't let them settle things in private with lying villagers. Group of three ninja's decided to leave village and create organization, with own rules and trusted members. Disgusted by village rules we decided to take situations in own hands. We fight everyone who gets in our way, in the name of rules forgotten by actual era.
  4. 1 is why it should be added Skip to 2 For what is proposed (1)We understand that for the outlaw nature of Takumi And Tanzaku Missing Ninja are able to attack each other no matter the zone or toggle, with players in a mising ninja organization not being able to attack each other unless their Pvp is ON. However, in times of being raided Missing Ninja realize that there is a other enemy that shall be dealt with and even though we decide to attack the enemy who is invading our home and put aside our differences, there is the issue that us trying to work together do more harm than good using aoe jutsu or our high damage skill usually end up hurting us more than helping us. You can see why this severely puts us at a disadvantage when we decide to work together. (2)My proposal is that we introduce a new Toggle for Missing Ninja, The Ally/Truce Toggle every missing ninja that has this toggle on no longer do damage to each other, both counter parts must have this toggle turned on to no longer recieve damage from each other. With this new toggle missing ninja who realize that there is a bigger threat to be dealt with before hand will be able to fight all out and defend their own as they say The enemy of my enemy is my friend. It would be great if this would also work outside of Takumi so that all of missing ninjas can perform raids, but i see gameplay wise and rp wise it'll just make missing ninja a village but within the borders of takumi the Truce Toggle should be an option to enable.
  5. Taka

    The "Taka" was an organization created by Sasu This organization originally started as a team of four with one goal....Vengeance. Exiled and even targeted for choosing a comrade's life over a mission showed us that the leaders of the village do not care for their shinobi, only their own selfish motives. After witnessing how corrupt the world leaders are they expanded their group and began this organization in an attempt to overthrow the hierarchy and "inner circle" of their surroundings. The "Taka" specialize in planned assassinations and helping complete tasks from the shadows. Eyes from Above As members of Taka(hawk) we watch the treatment of villagers from above. Anyone being treated unjustly or with ill intent because of rank will be judged by us. Our motives are simple, we do not want anyone to experience the harsh unfair reality that we have.
  6. Shikaeshi

    Sick and tired of the ill-treatment from the sand village, the once dedicated clan kenned as Jakusha fought back. During a meeting held for the sand siblings, two of the clans' members jailed the Kazekage and two high ranking officials afore forsaking the once beloved home they had. Arriving in Takumi, expected of being met with scorn or hate, word of the uprising had already permeated to the ears of the Land of the Missing. The Jakusha were welcomed with open arms. Upset with the rigorous treatment and constant backlash for solely protecting and dying for the Sand village, they had fresh goals in mind. Takumi is the genuine home for them, this is the place they would die to defend now. Live, breathe, and die together like they always had and always would. The main goal for the newest arrivals in Takumi is simple, get revenge. They will not rest until Sand has paid for the misdeeds against them, once its most vigorous allies they were now its most vigorous enemies. Never bite the hand that feeds you is a common phrase, and Sand had done just that. Along with this newfound hate for sand, they had a newfound love for their new companions and allies. Fiercely loyal to those that treat them well, and a deep hatred for those imbecilic enough to cross them. The clan kenned as 'Jakusha' waged war on the 6th, 8th, and 9th Kazekage of Sunagakure, swearing revenge on Suna on all circumstances. However, the landscape of the ninja world has changes, as the 10th Kazekage and Leader of the Shikaeshi has set aside their differences once more. The purpose of Shikaeshi has evolved. It has evolved for something better, for something greater. The Jakusha 弱者:The Weak shall continue it's campaigns inside the village of Takumi, with the never ending war with the evil Akatsuki refusing to die down, Shikaeshi's will shall never break.
  7. Jakusha Clan Description The Jakusha are all born with a strong will and have a rash behavior. They are taught to be adaptable when it comes to fighting and all manners of situations. The strong will and rash behavior can be a curse and a blessing for those in the clan. It is a blessing to have someone never give up even when odds are stacked against them, it is one of the reasons as to why they are taught to adapt and learn from mistakes. It is also a curse at the same time, being rash means they can get in fights rather often and make enemies quickly. Strictly loyal to the Sand village, they would do anything to protect it. History The clan was formed by two clans joining back before the creation of the villages. The two combined clans were nothing truly special, they were average ninja who excelled in the use of weapons and the use of fire elemental jutsu. The weapons clan was named Mikadzuki, and the clan of fire specialist was named Kasai. The joining between the two clans was for many reasons, all the two clans did was survive during the constant fights that happened. For them, survival was the number one goal, and since both clans were known as being weak they decided that combining the clans would be best. With the combination of the clans, they decided to take on a new name, the new name was chosen to be ironic. Jakusha was the chosen name the clan adopted for its combined members. Of course, the two leaders couldn’t decide on who would take over the new clan so a deal was made. The first born child from the clans combining would be the true leader and until then the two of them would rule over the clan together. The firstborn child happened a year later and his name was Ren Jakusha. The first true-born Jakusha clan member and he embodied it truthfully by excelling in both weapons use and the fire element. As he grew so did his power and reputation among the wandering clans. Eventually earning the nickname of Hinokami in the clan. He brought the clan together and lead it to more glory than the two clans had ever held separately. This, of course, brought other small clans like the Mikadzuki and Kasai used to be before they became the Jakusha. Being ruthless on the battlefield didn’t mean he was unfair or cruel off of it, asking only one thing of the smaller clans that were now asking to join the Jakusha and that was for them to believe in him and any successor he chooses that will rule over the Jakusha. Of course, some weren’t happy while others readily agreed. What was once only a clan that excelled in two certain types of fighting now held a wide range of members that excelled in different paths of being a ninja. As time went on and the creation of the villages happened the Jakusha clan decided to join with the sand village. The desert was a place they enjoyed, and it seemed like sand was more accepting at the time compared to the leaf. Now the clan had something to work towards that meant more, the members dedicated themselves to the protection of the sand village and all of its members. As time went by the clan slowly lost the reputation it once held, now most in the sand don’t know much about the Jakusha. Now with the current war the clan leader was ill and getting old, he was chosen by the last leader and it was time for him to choose a new one as well. Old as he was Furui went to the clans current younger members and looked them over, watching as they trained. The Jakusha numbers had severely dropped due to wars and clan members not having kids. Noticing one particular ninja practicing his medical skills he pointed him out and asked for him to come over. Kiwi walked over with a smile and greeted the elderly clan leader. After Furui asked for his name the younger boy answered with Kiwi. Without saying anything else Furui walked off and that was the last time the two of them talked. When Furui died of his sickness two months later in his will Kiwi Jakusha was named as his successor to the position of the clan leader. Outrage from the older members of the clan came but they were ignored as the tradition was for the Leader to pick the next one. Still being young will Kiwi prove himself or will he ruin the reputation of the clan? Time will tell. Involvement If you want to join the clan just let me know so I can add you to the list of members. This clan is affiliated with Takumi so if you are part of a village chances are you won't be allowed to join. As a whole, the clan will be strict in some areas and lax in others. You’re expected to help each other when you can, if you don’t chances are you won’t be around long before getting exiled from the clan. If you want to know more about the clan or have questions feel free to ask me. Current Members @Kiwi Jakusha @Woo Jakusha @Lain Jakusha @Yaboku Jakusha @Balcoin Jakusha @Toxzon Jakusha @Zak @Vagabond Jakusha @Kyrie Eilson @Krowtic @Lione @MorningStar Clan Symbol
  8. Chapter 00: Pilot Chapter <--- Click in case you missed it. xxx (xxx) So I think I'm ready to start this Manga up that's not just random fighting & has an actual plot/story. My current ideas for story... Manga is a Naruto spin off. Events take place in the Naruto world. Will try not to include the five great villages, but will mention them. Major events will take place in smaller villages and/or in places I create. Jutsu from Naruto-verse will still be there, but I will add a lot of newer stuff to the Manga to make it more unique. There will be New Clans & Kekkei Genkei and some existing Naruto Clans will have some spotlight. Main protagonist/antagonists should all be pretty strong with their own unique powers. I think I made the main antagonists a little too strong but I'll find a way to beat them later. May add Nin-related stuff if requested. If you have a character/place in mind, you have to let me know the all the info/relevance to main plot and I'll consider. My ideas for main plot without spoiling... Booty and his friends have had many unfriendly confrontations with the >main antagonists< and have made it a goal to thwart their plans. The gang plans on confronting them to settle things. Although the gang has no idea how powerful these new foes are, they're not afraid to take a stand for vengeance. Some of the enemies are new faces and some might even look familiar. Nevertheless, If the >main antagonists< end up succeeding with their goal, all hope will be lost for the Ninja world. It's up to the Booty and the gang to put an end to the >main antagonists<! Main crew for far... Booty Friend 1 Friend 2 In this thread, we're here to discuss my Manga and hangout basically. I want your opinions on what to include/do. Don't forget to like, comment, and follow cause I want this to be a hangout thread too.
  9. Me when leafies and sandies Raid takumi.
  10. This new Hozuki Clan is a clan of Sand/Mist/Missing Ninja, descendants of the Hozuki Clan from Kirigakure, lots of them specialized in WM or Water release. However now most of its members can be found within Sunagakure or Takumi. We have replaced the ancient Hozuki Clan in the past, however, we are still practising the Hydrification techniques and other special and traditional Hozuki clan techniques, such as the water gun technique, which was used by our ancestors. The Clan is known for their amazing Weapon Masters and their special clan techniques, but also hold a large amount of ninja talented in other masteries and releases. Now they mainly live in Suna, adapting to the customs of this village, and changing the use of their techniques in order not to evaporate in the boiling desert. Hozuki's enjoy a shaded and cool temperature in their special clan quarters, made for our clan so that we can still practise our special hydrification techniques without evaporating or being dehydrated in a short time. Motto: "We are more than just water..." After the fall of the Blood Mist village in the last great ninja war, only 2 villages were left; Sunagakure, ruled by the Kazekage, located in the vast deserts of the Land of Wind. And Konohagakure, ruled by the Hokage, located in the deep forests of the Land of Fire. Neither villages would ever be as a perfect match for the Hozuki Clan, and many other clans, which all revolved around Water jutsu and marine environments. Konohagakure, was the natural choice for most mist clans as it still had a plentiful water supply and moderate temperature compared to the demon desert of Sunagakure. Forward went the survivors of the Hozuki Clan and many other clans. Towards the leaf village, they went in a massive horde of ex-mist villagers fleeing the destruction of their home. However, the Konoha guards mistook this massive movement as a threat and launched an ambush on the refugee clans, leading to the extinction of several clans, and those who survived were either imprisoned or has to flee yet again, and this time the Mist villagers were dispersed across the world. Many people still have the Mist Village blood running through their veins and have an urge to return to their rightful homeland. The Hozuki Clan thought to be extinct, received a spark of hope as on a fateful evening a young boy named Hideo Hozuki, together with his cousin MrChubb the Hozuki, realized their Hozuki heritage, and trained themselves in the Special techniques of the Hozuki Clan. Their grandparents had migrated together to Suna, unlike the rest of the Hozuki Clan and given up their name to start a new life. However, Suna was not the best place to practise these techniques as the burning sun quickly evaporated any water found in the desert. Thus the Hozuki's had to adapt, to live in Suna. Suna welcomed the Mist refugees that had come and the reborn clan, as they were welcomed due to their common enemy; Konoha. As the Clan was reborn, it grew little by little, expanding into the Sand Village community, where they were not seen as foreigners but as extended family. Slowly ninjas in Takumi discovered their Hozuki heritage and were adopted into the clan. The Hozuki Clan still sees an adoption of a new family member as a joyful and sacred ritual. Just like the Kazekage had adopted the Hozuki Clan into the village. Now, the Hozuki Clan still shares there blood with adopted family to give them the special Hozuki Clan Techniques and in order to teach it to them. Some Hozuki's still hold a grudge against Kohonagakure for massacring their clan. Suna their new home will forever be in their hearts, but still, a part of the Hozuk Clan desires to go back to their ancestral seat in the Blood Mist village. -Tokumei Clan Clan Head: @alba hozuki Elder Hozuki: @MrChubb The Hozuki @Opal Hozuki Hozuki Captains: @Nomady Hozuki Hozuki/Tokumei members: @Sabaki, Hozuki @Lewis @Suigetsine @Raikuzu Hozuki @Nighma Hozuki @Nau @Hate Hozuki @Roku Hozuki @Yuma Hozuki @Nighma HozukiTokumei @Seishi Tokumei @Cash Tokumei @Waraji @Laskian Hozuki @Tatsumagi Hozuki @Shiko Hozuki @Yasou Hozuki @Nawaki Tokumei @Neon Hozuki @NeonPL Hozuki New Hozuki: @Hozuki Deemo @Sr Skelly Hozuki @Lana Hozuki @Cutie Hozuki @Yuraa Hozuki @Darui @Hayate @Jahma Hozuki @Itama Hozuki @Deviax Hozuki Missing Hozuki: @Nomady Hozuki @Steezo @Skelly Hozuki Be at least level 25 on your main Join the clan discord with your main account (No alts in the discord.) Change the name of your main account to (insert name) Hozuki or under special circumstances and you are already in another clan; your alts name + Hozuki Be a Sand, Missing or Mist ninja. PM: @MrChubb The Hozuki, @Raikuzu HozukiTokume,or @alba hozuki me, but you can also contact any other Hozuki member, however, it is preferred to contact us. You can also join through the Tokumei Clan by contacting @Seishi Tokumei or @Nighma HozukiTokumei. Then add: Level: Name: Village: or you can fill it in below in the replies ^^.
  11. Well, I got some time to kill. So I want to address the rumors going on about the village coup system. I like the idea of adding unique systems to nin. We could’ve used a coup system back when Shirou was in bed with the Akatasuki. However, losing your rank as kage in some event sounds like a bad idea. For me, when you add missing ninja into the equation it becomes a terrible one. Here is why: First off, everyone’s performance varies greatly in this game. If you live in Bosnia, fighting a tai user who lives in NY doesn’t seem like a fair way to decide something so important. Look at how upset people get after the chunin exams. Now imagine its the entire village and times 10. Second, it defeats the purpose of gaining rank within a village. People who become kage are well respected and liked by the community. They develop personal connections with people who play the game inside that village that aren't formed over night. Having some random missing ninja come in would divide villages down the middle. It would kill the atmosphere and togetherness a village provides. Lastly and least important, the role playing aspect doesn’t make sense to me. Shinobi don’t seem like a class of warrior to become enslaved. A village filled with ninja would fight until the death before surrendering and following a criminal. =) There are other ways to give people who want to return to their village a chance. My suggestion is have a guaranteed way for people to get back in their village. Something created by the staff team and set in stone to eliminate personal bias’. You could build on that idea and be more on top of switching roles within the villages. Don’t rely on kages to move ANBU or LMPF members. Have a concrete time frame of when someone who has returned to the village can hold a role within the village. Put more effort into making sure everyone is getting a piece of the action. I am thinking out loud now and drank too much coffee. In conclusion, please reconsider this system.