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Found 9 results

  1. So with permission from the admins, I used the NinOnline's "Boss Theme" from the OST, composed by the amazingly talented music-man Afilion, and just noodled a little bit with some guitar, effectively ruining the track entirely... Please don't hate me Justin. But anyway here it is. Click for dropbox overdub
  2. What is the title of the original song that played on the login screen back in the first alpha release? I think it was a remix of wind or something like that. (inb4 darude-sandstorm )
  3. Music

    Afilion's Development Log #3 Soundtrack Dear Shinobi, Here are 5 new tracks I have made and 5 that I have updated. Note that some of the new tracks are still a WIP and are not 100% complete. Note that the Boss theme has been updated as of June 26. Note that Chunnin Exam Arena has been updated as of July 1. Note that Event Room, Hidden Lair and Menu have been updated as of July 8. Note that all tracks have been updated as of July 10. The soundtrack is complete! You can now purchase it in the cash shop: Soundcloud New Updated
  4. Music

    Afilion's Development Log #2 Soundtrack Introduction Hi guys, here are 6 new tracks I have made. Soundcloud
  5. Music

    Afilion's Development Log #1 Soundtrack Introduction I'm Afilion the new composer for Nin Online. Here are the first 5 tracks I have made. Soundcloud
  6. Here is his soundclick page with over 100 sounds all for free:
  7. Talk about Music. Post about music. I will start.
  8. Hey guys, So, I made some music, decided I have no idea what to do with it and so I am releasing it under the Don't Be A Dick license. Basically, you can do whatever you like with it, just don't be a dick. Pack 1: Pack 2: Maybe you can do something with these. You can listen to most of pack 1 here: The pack 2 stuff is not on my soundcloud. That is all, PenutReaper