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Found 10 results

  1. Game

    Why was that even needed? I don't understand why you can't use Wind Jutsu while holding a fan anyway. I mean we can use every other Element Jutsu while holding fan so why was the restriction to Wind applied? A better fix was to add Strength point requirements to Hidden Jutsu like you see on Swords. Yes, I can be Wind and use a Fan, but I would need a certain amount of Strength to use Fan Jutsu. How it has affected players: I just tried training someone last night on how to use a fan but because of the new Fan mechanics, he has to constantly equip and uneuip his weapon, which takes at least a second for him. This makes it pretty much impossible for him to get a basic wind jutsu+shuriken combo off since he's pretty new to pvp. Not to mention he already invested all of his points in INT so without spending $10 for a stat reset, he wasted his time leveling with a Mastery he thought he'd enjoy. Now his build is unplayable and it's hard for him to pick a second Mastery. A lot of us who used the Fan put all of our stat points in INT and now all of our Jutsu are useless and our play style has gone completely downhill. If the goal was for only STR Fan users to use Wind Mask, ok, but our points are still all in INT so even if we did manage to get all the STR Fan Jutsu, we'd have to reset our stats.
  2. Game

    there really needs to be a higher stat requirements to use fan wind justu. same with gf jutsu. sand users can just freely use a move that was supposed to be used by a person with a lot of str and its pretty annoying. same with gf users but whatever
  3. Okay so i know this is one of many posts about nerfing medic, but it really needs to happen. Cell regen is stupidly op. People like lekarz can heal over half their health after one use of self heal. Its pretty ridiculous. Medic can go well with basically anything. With curse seal tai users can do over 200 damage with a single punch. Lightning users can do over 1k damage with their combo. Same with water users and fan users etc. I dont know why admins are ignoring medic and nerfing lightning cutters range of all the things.
  4. Today I jumped online and noticed something: the range for "lightning cutter" has been reduced from 13 tiles to 8 (though it says 9). I was wondering whose smart idea it was to nerf this jutsu. First of all, the jutsu was still quite difficult to land with 13 tiles, you had to pick the right moment to cast it. Now with the 8 tiles it's just impossible to land it. Lightning was already extremely nerfed after the "homing jutsu nerf" because almost all lightning jutsus are homing + have little range. So with this new nerf, lightning is just a joke. There isn't any usefull lightning jutsu anymore except the lightning senbon...yay? It makes me so mad that all the weak jutsu get nerfed even more to the point where they are useless, while there are other masteries with jutsus so strong that it's almost a guaranteed win if you pick that mastery. I hope nerf gets fixed pretty soon, because the game is so unbalanced atm.
  5. So today I wanted to talk about the mastery: medic. Ofcourse everyone has their own opinion about it, but just hear me out. Since this mastery was added to the game, it has always been described as a "support mastery". Though medic is much more than that. Players who have medic as their mastery can easily win 1 vs 3 battles. How? Well let's see: Medic has 2 buff jutsus: Curse seal (boosts everything with 30%) and the scalpels. Though curse seal makes the user lose some of their health at lvl 1 and 2, it doesn't at max level, which means that this jutsu doesn't come with any risk. (while all other elements don't even have 1 buff jutsu) Poison needles: The poison needles don't only give the target the poison effect, but also stun (though this isn't much of a problem, since every mastery has a stun jutsu) Self heal: Self heal, does what you can probably heals the user. While I get that the medic mastery needs healing jutsus, I think that there has to be a limit on this jutsu. Sure the user should be able to heal themselves, but because of this jutsu, the user is almost invincible. Now I know I will get a lot of crap about this. But let's be real...Medic is the best element in the game. As a "support mastery" it shouldn't be able to win 1 vs 3 fights so easily. Everytime you see a medic cast their curse seal + scalpel, you can pretty much be sure that the fight is over. But as always, there are people that say the following: "Medic isn't the best element, you just don't know how to fight against it". Tell me, what can you do about someone, who can boost their stats by 30%, use another buff and everytime they come even a little close to death, can heal themselves for plenty of health? I know that the developers are doing their best, but please don't overlook this topic. Because the fact that medic is so strong, is unfair to all other people. In short: Nerf Medic.
  6. Game

    I think it would be better if you guys raised the amount of Strength Required to Learn a Hidden Sand or Hidden Leaf Jutsu. Why? Because having a Ninja only needing 6 Strength for every level Hidden Sand/Leaf Jutsu (10-30) is kind of ridiculous. We're going to focus on Hidden Sand Jutsu because I've been seeing things; Literally no one is using the pure STR Fan Wind Build which defeats the purpose of even adding it to the game if no one is using that Sub-Path how it was designed to be used. The only STR Fan Wind Jutsu being used (at all) is Wind Mask by INT Wind users just to abuse the Stun, which was designed to make it possible for Fan Users to combo STR Fan Jutsu. People are doing the bare minimum and adding 1 point to their STR just to obtain a move (which was designed to give STR Fan Wind the bit strength it needs) just to abuse it and not use the other Jutsu from the Sub Path at all. There's a simple fix to this problem; Increase the Strength requirements of all Fan Jutsu... Slashing Tornado (Lv.10) 6 Strength Task of the Dragon (Lv.15) 12 Strength Slicing Wind (Lv.20) 24 Strength Wind Mask (Lv.25) 48 Strength Wind Barrage (Lv.30) 72 Strength This would lead to people actually taking initiative to use the Wind Sub-Path like how it was designed. Of course, I would like to request the same thing for Gentle Fist since it is also a Sub-Path... and to all future Sub-Paths coming soon. @Seth @Rory
  7. Lightning really should be fixed/buffed. Spear used to be insta cast, now it's not --> never able to land a hit Senbon used to have 3 instead of 1...and it's the only insta cast jutsu Chidori's range is okay, but face a wall or just walk 3 tiles and you can't teleport anymore... Do I need to go on? Lightning used to be a decent element, now it's the worst in the game and it's really no fun to use it. Compared to water, tai,.. lightning is just no match. Please fix lightning because you can't get into a decent fight with it at the moment.
  8. Hear me out, I know early on in-game a lot of people complained about Gentle Fist due to majority of players having a tough time dealing with it, but I mean that was early game. I've seen this in a lot of games. Some things seem powerful in the right hands early on, but as you progress through the game, you find the potential of the other things you overlooked. Gentle Fist didn't need the nerf it received because now since a lot of players from my generation are reaching 50, people are obtaining two Masteries and a lot of those Masteries compliment each other very well, more so then Gentle Fist alone. Gentle Fist was nerfed due to the "combos" it could do and the stuns but, with dual masteries, Elements like Water or Lightning now have even more stuns than they already have that they could potentially land and combo off of. The Elements/Masteries which weren't as good as Gentle Fist early game seem to have grew into very formidable elements when put together that might be even better than Gentle Fist at its current state. Here's just a brief video of the combo potential dual Masteries give. (Standard Water combo combo'd into the Standard Poison Senbon Medical Ninja combo) (and yes, I was stunned the entire time and the damage was boosted by Curse Mark and even without it, it takes a 1k HP ninja down to around 20% HP) It saddens me because people would clown me for complaining about Gentle Fist's nerf yet maneuvers like these will soon arise in the near future. There's a lot more of these and usually the combos and follow ups from the dual Masteries can deal above +700 damage. It's no use nerfing a Mastery that was good early on only to make it bad against other Masteries late game. My Complaints about Gentle Fist: The Speed of Vaccum Palms didn't need to be slowed down (at all, people didn't even complain about Vaccum Palm) Palm Bottom could have kept the 2 second Stun (people only combo'd that into a Kunai anyway) Rotation could have kept the 2 second Stun (the 2 second was pretty much what we had after Palm Bottom was nerfed, but now even Rotation is kind of useless) Lowering these technique's stun time to "reduce combo potential" due to people complaining early game pretty much destroyed the Gentle Fist playstyle late game And if I recall, there are only a few "good" gentle fist users that were usually getting all the heat from other players. There are also bad Gentle Fist users out there that don't catch heat from others, which puzzles me as to why this phenomenon occurs. Because of course, if you're good at the game, you're going to play your Mastery good. If Gentle Fist was nerfed due to combo potential, then there should be no Jutsu that allows you to combo as smoothly as the video shown above. In my eyes, everyone complained about a Mastery which certain players made shine, but forgot the potential that their own mastery had. Gentle Fist is a Taijutsu sub Mastery, it is supposed to mainly consist of combos. I say; no Jutsu that has a 4 second long Stun should be easy to land (water prison maybe should get reworked), Poison Needle's stun is removed completely, Curse Seal needs rework, and Gentle Fist should revert back from the changes made.
  9. Hi Disclaimer: First of all this is just my opinion and I would only like to discuss these "personal" issues So I know, the game is in development and personally for me there are a few major problems atm. (these problems may solve problems including why people are leaving the game) List of Problems: The leveling system - the system is broken and leveling takes way too long, decrease exp needed for lvl up, or increase exp gained from mobs or missions. Daily Missions - beside RP missions (great addition btw) having only 3 missions per day is pathetic, honestly there shouldn't be a limit. It is a MMORPG guys that focuses on lvling from missions/ quests and only having 3 per day borders on the principles of being hilarious. Being Locked in PVP - this was added recently and is one of the worst things. This is the period of time where after you have been attacked by an Other player - you cant leave the area or current map after for few seconds. Whats up with that - this is a ninja game (naruto) where on of the focus areas should be chasing and trying to get away! dont you guys agree? For example a High lvl Ninja attacks a mid lvl player - now he cant escape ''Wolf area'' and has to accept his fate... Battle Injuries - Great idea and obvious/ realistic feature that must be in the game,but waaaaaaaaay to long waiting period. My solution is to make it 2 mins max - because dying occurs way to much (for example people *A* camping at hospitals or low lvl areas) (*A* its only a joke ) Other than that, this game is F***ing dope and beyond awesome! I really am thankful for the development team for fulfilling one of my childhood dreams and giving me the opportunity to feel like a real ninja in a Naruto based world Thank you for your time! ModMayhem/ Quadrax
  10. That jutsu lvl 30 of wind master is too op! It does more than 600 dammage in one click! The wind master just need to be invisible and do his shitty attack to be sure to win the fight! The worst part of that jutsu is that, wind master ran away when they use it to be invisible again...