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Found 4 results

  1. Lightning really should be fixed/buffed. Spear used to be insta cast, now it's not --> never able to land a hit Senbon used to have 3 instead of 1...and it's the only insta cast jutsu Chidori's range is okay, but face a wall or just walk 3 tiles and you can't teleport anymore... Do I need to go on? Lightning used to be a decent element, now it's the worst in the game and it's really no fun to use it. Compared to water, tai,.. lightning is just no match. Please fix lightning because you can't get into a decent fight with it at the moment.
  2. Hi Disclaimer: First of all this is just my opinion and I would only like to discuss these "personal" issues So I know, the game is in development and personally for me there are a few major problems atm. (these problems may solve problems including why people are leaving the game) List of Problems: The leveling system - the system is broken and leveling takes way too long, decrease exp needed for lvl up, or increase exp gained from mobs or missions. Daily Missions - beside RP missions (great addition btw) having only 3 missions per day is pathetic, honestly there shouldn't be a limit. It is a MMORPG guys that focuses on lvling from missions/ quests and only having 3 per day borders on the principles of being hilarious. Being Locked in PVP - this was added recently and is one of the worst things. This is the period of time where after you have been attacked by an Other player - you cant leave the area or current map after for few seconds. Whats up with that - this is a ninja game (naruto) where on of the focus areas should be chasing and trying to get away! dont you guys agree? For example a High lvl Ninja attacks a mid lvl player - now he cant escape ''Wolf area'' and has to accept his fate... Battle Injuries - Great idea and obvious/ realistic feature that must be in the game,but waaaaaaaaay to long waiting period. My solution is to make it 2 mins max - because dying occurs way to much (for example people *A* camping at hospitals or low lvl areas) (*A* its only a joke ) Other than that, this game is F***ing dope and beyond awesome! I really am thankful for the development team for fulfilling one of my childhood dreams and giving me the opportunity to feel like a real ninja in a Naruto based world Thank you for your time! ModMayhem/ Quadrax
  3. That jutsu lvl 30 of wind master is too op! It does more than 600 dammage in one click! The wind master just need to be invisible and do his shitty attack to be sure to win the fight! The worst part of that jutsu is that, wind master ran away when they use it to be invisible again...
  4. Mastery: Weapon Master (Int Path)Jutsu: level 10, Explosive Kunai, Rank 3 (max).Effect: at Rank 3, the jutsu fire one projectile without AOE. (the CD, cost and base damage are perfect).Opinion: I think Weapon Mastery is missing AOE in their arsenal for PvE meaning at low levels, even tho there are 2 AOE jutsu for Int path WM (both level 30), they lack jutsu that will carry them to that level 30.WM int path is great for Pvp, but unless there is change, people will take WN int path only as 2nd mastery because as it is atm its waste of time.Conclusion: the last nerfs on Explosive Kunai out of place and like every other mastery by level 20 they should have AOE as well.