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Found 2 results

  1. The Election will End on: May 5th 2017 at 12:00am EST Welcome my Fellow Leaf Ninja, today we will be handling a very important topic. For the next 24 hours this topic will be open to any and all leaf ninja who are willing to help shape the future of the Leaf Village. You will be voting for the three seated members of the leaf council, both from a list and through the political system known as a 'Write in' and after that we'll conduct another in-game election and cross reference the results. These results will effect the very future of the village so I expect you to take them seriously. Before I allow you to vote here are several ground rules. 1. You may vote for yourself, anyone on the list or a person of your choosing. 2. In order for a random person who is not on the list to be accepted as a a member of the council, they must receive at least 10 votes 3. You may only vote once, and if you're caught voting twice then your vote will be subtracted from the Final Tally 4. Your vote will not be counted with an account age of less than 3 months. 5. If you write more than one name on your post, only the foremost person will be counted as your vote 6. Any post made outside of a vote will result in your vote not being counted. THE OFFICIAL LIST OF CANDIDATES: Indra Zintosso Shigure Shirou Man NOTE: A write in is just writing the name of the person you want in, so please if you don't like anyone on the list then please vote for someone you feel would do the job good. (Leaf Village members only) THE WRITE IN LIST OF CANDIDATES: Riley DeathMall
  2. As seen from the past few weeks, there have been many issues occurring recently. For example the lack of Chunin we currently have available actively hosting RP missions or possibly the sudden rise of ninja from the village becoming missing-nin. All of these problems will "hopefully" be solved through the creation of the Leaf Village Council. There is however a problem with how we are filling in these positions for becoming council. As seen from the forum thread listing the candidates (and write-ins), there aren't any clear lists of reason as to why we should be voting for that candidate. Some if not many of the votes I assume are based off of personal experience with the candidate, which isn't the best reason as to why they should have a council position. Being a council member shouldn't just be based on one quality a person has, but rather having multiple qualities that allow them to become diverse and input more insight into their own decisions. A one-sided vote based without the slightest bit of info is something I truly feel shouldn't be done, which is why I highly ask of all those who are planning to vote or have already voted to consider the following questions before finalizing your vote. What has this person done in the past that convinces me that they deserve the position? How will this person respond to ideals that oppose their own? Does this person have any experience that would help them fulfill the role they are running for? If so, how will they use it to benefit the village? What are some weaknesses (problems) that this person has that may affect the decisions that they make? Do you believe that they can overcome it? This is something I feel that should have been brought up before the "official" start of the council elections. I hope that this will help produce some thoughts before truly deciding on the people who will fill the council. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and as always continue on your ninja way! - Ryouta, Lead Researcher of the Hidden Leaf Research Center