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Found 12 results

  1. I believe the last patch you implemented made it so you could use jutsu's in the prison to allow the jailing jutsu to release those jailed earlier. This, however caused people to be able to flicker out of the prison. @Ueda
  2. The game seems balanced, ultimately. I've waited for it for so long along with other people, and here I am, coming back. Great job, Rory! I just desired to say thank you for finally giving us a balance update that we desperately required.
  3. Frequently Asked Questions These have been asked too many times. Alpha Test Questions Where do I download the game? Do I need to have BYOND or some other program in order to play Nin Online? What content will be in the Early Alpha? What Jutsus will be in the Early Alpha? How many villages will be in the early alpha? What Clans will there be on release? If there is no clans How do I Uchiha? Does this mean that we are all genius or youth? I did not choose my Element/Chakra Nature on character customization, how do I choose this? What is the level cap for Early Alpha Test? If there is no content, why are you making a release? RP Questions Can I RP as a canon Naruto character? Is the game RP or PvP? So then... What is the game? General Questions How do I train my ninja in Nin Online? What is a Storyline Mission? How will clans work in Nin Online? How will ranks work in Nin Online? How will villages work in Nin Online? How will organizations work in Nin Online? Technical Questions Will Nin Online run on Mac/Linux?
  4. Nin Online Wiki! This is a little something myself and a few other members of the community have been working on since the beginning of the Second Closed Alpha Test. It's kind of a 'dropbox' of sort for almost everypiece of information that you could ever need when you're playing Nin Online in the past, present or future (SEE DISCLAIMER BELOW). Of course they're a bunch of nooks and cranny's that we may be missing when it comes to information, but trust me when I say that we are working diligently every hour that the game is live and some afterwards to provide you with the most accurate source of Nin-formation that we possibly can. But of course I'm posting this to let it be known that theirs an epicenter of information... I am posting this to let you know that there is hope outside of endless searching and surfing through the mess of forum topics! BE FREE FROM YOUR SHACKLES MY BRETHRE-... *cough* wrong place.. wrong time... Thanks my fellow Ninja! Yoshimitsu **** NO NDA WAS BROKEN IN THE MAKING OF THIS POST, ALL SCREENSHOTS AND PICTURES WERE MADE PREVIOUSLY AVAILABLE PRIOR TO NDA BEING ISSUED AND/OR WRITTEN
  5. Dear Shinobi, Today, we are happy to celebrate the 1st year of development of Nin Online in it's current form! To celebrate, I've written out a short article in hopes of getting you to feel my joy. Back in the days Back in 2006, when I was just 12, I got really into the Naruto series. I thought to myself "how cool would it be to have an online game where you could be a ninja in this universe". This was way before I even knew what copyright laws were. I had set too high expectations for myself and started a community in which I could not satisfy, and I ended up disappointing them time and again. In 2009, I announced the end of the game's development. I knew I wouldn't have been able to finish the game with my abilities. I was 16 at that point. It's been 1 year since the day I opened Adobe Photoshop and re-envisioned the game of my dreams as it is today. On this day a year ago, I restarted the project which I had attempted to create as a kid, the game which back then I realized I was too incompetent to create, with the promise in one final email to my supporters that "I'll bring back the project one day, and make it work." A ray of hope With the knowledge and experience I had gained in the years following Nin Online's death, I decided to bring back the game. I didn't expect much, I set my targets low. I just wanted to make a simple RPing game as a tribute to the old times. I opened my usual design tools and started pixeling away at what would now be the basis of Nin Online's new visual style. Overwhelming support Then came everyone in this community. A large community of members flocked here and put their hopes in me and my new attempt. We managed to launch a great, successful first alpha test where hundreds of members logged in at once to explore the world developed by our team. An overwhelming amount of people with faith in our team have donated to the game to keep the project funded, allowing us to have conveniences such as a server to work with 24/7 and to commission artwork for the game. Helping hands from Eclipse community ensured the smoothness of the alpha, with people familiar with the engine providing us support in our time of need and offering support to the members of the forum as well! Determination This support from our community of course powered our determinations to create a great game and to continue to grow our vibrant community here on the forum and here we are a year later, with our developers working hard at creating content and features for the game and our moderators managing the community and all it's spunk. Words of thanks No words can express my gratitude, which goes out to all the long-standing members of the community, the ninjas here who have stayed with us since the start of the project. The whole team is thankful for your support, and we hope that you continue to do so for as long as it takes for us to create this game! Personally, I am moved by the enthusiasm that everyone has shown since day one. Your community and game There has been so many occasions in which the opinions and ideas of the community members has impacted the decisions made on the game itself, and as such, your criticism (though I make myself out to be a authoritarian leader) has shaped the game to what it is and will be in the years to come! Alpha Test 3 Now for the announcement you've all been anticipating. We are set to open the game world for testing again on the 31st July for all Gold/Silver Ninjas. This will be in a matter of weeks! There is a lot of new features and contents, and we've refined out base systems a lot, ironing out old bugs. However, as we anticipate new bugs and problems, we will be weeding it out to our biggest supporters, the Gold/Silver Ninjas before opening it to everyone. Once we've done substantial tests with this closed group and deemed the game stable enough for an open release, we will open the servers to everyone. I hope everyone is as excited as we are! Sincerely, Rory
  6. Dear Ninjas, I'm proud to announce that I have finally put the well deserved time into a task that has been on my mind for the longest time ever. Ever since our re-launch in 2013, I had been very, very disappointed with the quality of the Nin Online logo. I had a strong concept behind the design, but rushed the execution so much that it was still a sketchy draft piece when I announced the project back then. Our logo has since been on all our official content, our forums, advertisements and even the game itself! I think we can all agree that the logo is something you look at today and instantly recognize our game and community. So I decided not to stray for from it, but to create a more visually refined and appealing revamp of it. WIth out further ado, here is our new logo! Updated Logo Design The signature shuriken has been refined and re-angled with a corrected perspective, while retaining the most interesting features about it. The circle which is the "O" in Online, has been given a dynamic whirl to it to retain the dynamism present in the previous design while having a more simplified color shading. Here is a visual journey of our logo design changes since the first ever logo in 2007, the first edition of Nin Online. History of Logos of Nin Online We hope that you will hold our logo even prouder in your signatures and when spreading the word of our project here and elsewhere from now on. Regards, Rory
  7. Rory's Development Log #7 Chunin Exam Arena, Ino's Flower Shop, Konoha buildings & more! Dear Ninja, This is going to be a pretty long, detailed development log, I'd like if everyone take their time to enjoy each picture and sentence, because It's a whole lot to take in! First of all, I'd like to apologize for the lack of development logs, and the scarcity of live streams recently. I've been making good progress, however, a lot of this is hard to show in pictures, so I've kept them to myself. Some of these things include GUI pieces like the new shop window, buff display, team/party menus etc. These things are usually not much work on my part, and thus I don't enjoy showing them off, so I wait for Whack to code them in and let him show them off. I've been concentrating on maps for the first demo release, a lot of which has been rebuilt since the previews which were shown. Konoha is about 1/2 done at the moment. I took a short break on that to touch up on certain other important visual aspects, and interior maps. Here are some previews of the Konoha map in action, along with some new buildings & locations! I'd like to stress that this is not everything, and I'm showing things selectively! Random Building/Shop Ino's Flower Shop Besides this, I've also spent some time to improve the previously one colored, boring water sprite into this! It's a small addition, but it really gives the village much more life! This is a big thing I took a really long while to do, it's only the exterior of the Chunin Exam Finals arena! This is a screenshot of a playground in Konoha. It is based off (but not copied exactly from) some scenes of Konoha from the latest Naruto movie. I've also spent some time on some really juicy looking interiors. These are iconic places that every Naruto fan should recognize in an instant! Chunin Exam Finals Arena Chunin Arena within the forest of death, where the preliminaries are held! The hands took almost two days to complete because of all the detailed shading it required, but it's finally done. The rest of the arena still needs touch up, but I'm glad the hardest part is done. I spent some time working on jutsu scrolls. This pales in comparison to the other work above. But I'd like to show it off anyway. Some of you were complaining of me being "lazy" and not posting dev logs, so I decided to get this one out. So you can rest assure that progress is coming along smoothly on my side as well as Whack's! For some bad news. First early Alpha release delayed! Don't panic! It's only delayed till the 1st of August. We initially wanted to do it on the 31st of July.. so the delay is of one whole day! That's all for now! Regards, Rory
  8. Rory's Development Log #5 Hokage Building / Office Hey everybody! For the past two days, I've been live streaming my progress on, it's been pretty fun, having company while I do my work. It's always been my goal to have an open development process, for everyone to watch as we create the game, and this is just one way I can think of that will accomplish that. The link to my is.. But I might move to a Livestream soon, because it's free, and I can have audio on it. It took two days to finish this, but I'm finally done with the biggest building so far, which is the Hokage Office/building. As promised, I'm going to work on the Konoha Hot Springs next. This will be a fun add, especially when we release the game late this month. Note about the "Release" The release we talk about late/end July will be a very basic demo/alpha version with little content to keep you playing. But for the hardcore fans who are staying around watching the development. You'll have a nice little place to chill and hang about rather than the forum Shoutbox! The releases will also be prone to wipes. Without further ado, here are some screenshots of a test map with the Hokage building in it. Once again, thank you for all the members who were with me while I worked on this! If I do choose to live stream what I do next, I'll post the link in the Shoutbox. So stay alert for that!
  9. Rory's Development Log #3 Will of Fire Monument / Konoha Memorial Training Grounds WIP Hey everyone, Here on time to provide another development log. I'd like to mention that any tiles I do, I create bearing in mind making it as re-usable and ready for in-game use as possible. I normally go through 3-4 hours of spriting, plug the tiles straight into map editor, and it will work perfectly because I had already thought it through. In the past, I used to create buildings and tiles more like creating mock ups. I wanted to get it to look good, not bearing in mind the scale for the game, the size, whether I could divide it into 32x32 tiles like I needed to. This led to a whole bunch of useless graphics that needed rework before it saw any practical use. This time round, I've done the Will of Fire / Konoha Memorial. To explain what I just mentioned above, look at this.. I use those walls for a lot more than you see right there. The graves are actually using the same base. So only one 32x32 box is changed, but there can be 8 variations with those few tiles above. The stairs are reused a lot as well. The curved background is a pretty unique structure, so it's only going to be used once. Alright, so on with the Training Grounds. In the Naruto series, you have a bunch of training grounds, a lot of them being very dark looking. Like the forest of death. The one which I've done the entrance for is.. The darker tileset is done for.. But they will also be used for many others. Like the famous Chunnin Exam Forest of Death. Now that gate looks a little plain eh? Well I have two signs I plan on re-using else where, that I made into separate tiles. Together they will look something like this. Well that's all for today's entry! Thank you for your support, and do leave comments and your opinion thus far in this thread.
  10. Dear Shinobi, Welcome to another public preview day. Today I did the Konoha Hospital, which is probably one of last buildings I need for Konoha itself! *Claps for myself* Whack has yet again been impressing me with some juicy updates, which he'll show in a development log soon enough. But I decided to put my progress up for everyone to see. This is the building.. Thanks to everyone who tuned in to the Development Livestream as I was working on this! Regards, Rory
  11. Do we get the reward/achievement Alpha,Beta and player if we logged in on the game???
  12. Rory's Development Log #1 The Konoha Gates Hey everyone, this is going to be my first official Dev Log on the forum. So hear me out all the way, it's not going to be long. Basically for the past 2 weeks, I've been creating tiles, characters, items, GUI and everything needed for the game in a crazily fast pace. For today, I'll be talking more about the tiles. I've already got enough tiles done to map most of the districts of Konoha, but have not yet started on many specific buildings from the anime/manga. So this dev log will show you some of the buildings I have done, and started on, and plan on doing. The Konoha Gate #1 This is the main gate of Konoha. From my research, I've found out that there are actually 3 of them. Which is perfect, because one central exit is something I never wanted! The other two will look different, and be located to the East side of the village. (I do my research) Ichiraku Ramen One of the most iconic spots in the Naruto universe or atleast Konoha. The ramen house will be run by new management, but will still sell tasty noodles to the ninjas of the leaf village! I've decided to use the ramen as more of a slight stat boost item, it's mostly for fun though. There's supposed to be 5 chairs, but I made some mistakes to the tiling, I'll fix that soon enough! Ninja Academy (WIP) Another iconic place for every Naruto fan. The academy where ninjas are born. This is the exit of the academy. Take note that I may post WIP stuff in my dev logs, because I don't necessarily complete things at one shot. I also want to give more in-depth progress, and show my entire creation process. Still need to do.. From the top of my head, I can think of the following I'll still need to do before launch. Hokage BuildingJounin Lounge(?)Weapon ShopClothes ShopIno's Flower ShopOther 2 of Konoha GatesHotspringsHospitalWell, that's all for today's Dev Log! Stay tuned for more coming tomorrow or the day after. Remember, these are daily developer logs, but we're still trying our best to focus more on actually creating the game, so it might not be as frequent as we wish! Regards, Rory