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Found 10 results

  1. Hinode Loyalty above all else ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The hinode clan doesnt take those words lightly.Loyalty towards the village.Loyalty towards the hokage.Loyalty towards the clan.Clan members who dont take their responsibilities serious,become outcasts and lose the respect of their fellow clan members.Clan members who plot against the village,get hunted down by the rest of the clan,to make up for the shame that those individuals caused. One must continously train his body and mind,starting from a very early age.Hobbies,games and friends,are considered to be a waste of time and a burden,because they are distracting someone from his duties.Those duties also include assassinations of ninjas who turned their back on the village.Because of this,its recommended to not get too close to people outside of the clan,since they are all potential targets.The Hinode clan is not full of heartless people,they simply are very determined to protect their village with all their strenght,and believe that they have to make sacrifices for the greater good.Traditions and the concept of honor,play a big role in the clan.A mission has to be fulfilled.A higher ranked clan member and,especially the hokage,has to be treated with the utmost respect.There are also strict rules and rituals,to maintain order and discipline,but also to remember the clans history.Kenjutsu basics are taught to every member of the clan,even if this particular clan member wants to focus on a different fighting style in the future.Besides kenjutsu,members of the hinode clan also tend to have a talent for fire jutsus and taijutsu. A sword,used in anger, may cut trough flesh and even bones,but words,carried by the wings of good intentions,can pierce the heavens and scatter the earth beneath. Members of the hinode clan,know this,and are constantly trying to gain more knowledge about their environment and find new ways to manipulate its shape,without resorting to violence. Weapons and jutsus are used in places where words cant be heard,and good intentions alone,are without meaning. Stategy,tactics,diplomatic,s or just politics in general....having a deep understanding of those things,is just as important as being skilled in direct combat,since they can win a battle before it even begins. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Looks and stereotypes Members of the hinode family tend to wear long coats or just wide,comfortable clothes in general,that are dyed in different shades of black and grey,sometimes also mixed with white or blue. Their skin is slightly pale,and their long hair is of black color,just like their eyes. Their size varies from average to tall,and even ninjutsu users are somewhat muscular because of the kenjutsu training that every member of the clan goes trough. The hinode family is known for being very serious about their duties and traditions,but also for their black humour and sarcasm. They do not trust outsiders easily,but have no problem with talking to them when the situation calls for it,and stay polite while doing so. Since their highest priority is the well being of their village,they often take a liking to other people who have someone,or something,they are loyal to and try to protect. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Thanks for making it this far. What i wrote above,should give you a rough idea about our clan concept. We will stand loyal to the leaf and the hokage,take part in pvp and hopefully,we will also be able to bring back some roleplaying into the world of nin. You may have guessed it already,but we are a samurai inspired clan. Kenjutsu plays a big role,but everyone can join as long as he values loyalty as much as we do,no matter what mastery,rank or lvl he has. Potential can be hidden in everyone. Thats also why i dont think too highly of accepting people just based on a forum reply,id like to get to know you guys a bit first. If you want to join us,you can send me a pm here,ingame,or on discord and we can talk about it and see,if our goals collide. Maybe youre not interested in joining us,but you still want to contact us and get some informations about the clan? You can do that aswell,feel free to add me on discord!(we also have our own discord server,for everyone who is interested) And ofcourse,im also thankful for any feedback you guys may have,so please go ahead and post it,maybe i can improve something. Im looking forward to work together with everyone who stands behind the leaf! *bows* Important: If any of our clan members causes problems,please let me know(preferable,with a screenshot)and i will take care of it. Clan leader: @Tameshi Hinode Clan elders: @YamaTakeshi Hinode Regular clan members: @Hinata Hinode @Phoenix Hinode @Menma Hinode @Mogui Hinode @Hageshi Hinode@Jade Hinode @Joshiro Hinode@Tekkey Hinode @Boko Hinode @Jeroken Hinode @Kotaro Hinode
  2. How about making beds inside a hospital,speed up your recovery from a BI,while using them?Would give it a nice RP flavour
  3. Hey guys, greetings, I come back with another new idea, I hope your opinions I thought that there was a random way to choose the village where you are born, in Naruto nobody decides which village is born. With respect to the nature of our Chakra could be chosen by doing a kind of personality test and depending on our answers will give us to choose masters similar to us would be interesting to see what destiny holds in this way Changing the subject somewhat. with respect to Wm Camino Int, it would be good if we had a kind of parchment or jutsus that would allow us to store a large amount of weapons, since several times we saw in the anime how Tente had a very large amount in his arcenal and I do not remember seeing in no time that she has run out of tools during a fight. I like Wm Int being sincere every day I must go to takumi to buy tools and it is something annoying besides expensive Another idea I had was for Wm Int advanced and is that they have the ability to invoke swords, canes, nunchakus or some other type of weapons that scale with int and that have a high cost of Chakra and a very high Cd so that it can not be used a lot of time in the battles, these weapons would only last you for a certain amount of time maybe 2min, but I do not know what the standard time of the fights is, you help me with that Well guys this was it, thank you so much for taking the time to read me and I hope you have a good time on these holidays. Sorry for my bad english ^^
  4. For some time I have been thinking, what if the kages every day gave a mission of Rp to each Chunin, Jonin and Specialist Jonin from the village? These missions would be something like: Caring for specific places near the village This would decrease the hunting of lowies in the villages and we would take measures against the raids could be faster It would be a great help if the villages have a guardian all the time there are many chunin and superiors in leaf boys if we assign them At least 1 hour to each person per day we could realize this idea Help new players Many people stop playing before they are lvl30 and leave the game because there is no one to help them or explain to them what life is like in the village and its missions. Now is when you tell me that in the wiki is everything that They need to know, but not all people will lose game time reading the things they have to do on the wiki, would be much easier the method that i recommend. It should be noted that I give many thanks to the people who took their time to fill the wiki of all this information, they helped me a lot when i was just starting to play and i'm eternally grateful Murders I know many of us are not made to be a guardian and take care of new players or take care of a place and be serious it's a waste of their ninja skills to have them perform tasks like the ones before, that's why this assassination task is i would assign the people who are good at this, so we would have more fun and not just work Train Genin Okay they will think that we will be raising some worthless genin by giving them so many comforts, for that reason if each genin is trained would be of great benefit to each village since they will have teachers to teach them how to survive in a time of danger and how to defend themselves Besides this it would be good for each Chunin and superiors the Kage to assign a fixed team of 3 Genin to help them with these missions I think it would give more life Rp to the game The teams would be assigned depending on the time zone of each player The hours of guard would be assigned to each player or team of 4 people "3 genin and 1 Chunin or higher" depending also of their time zone and their availability, they would choose at least 1 hour per week to take care of the assigned area Now they will think What do we gain by doing this? Simple with every mission that is done would have a good reward boys and for that we would need all the support of GM they would be responsible for giving each kage a good amount of ryos or good objects whether they are clothes weapons or tools for that this reward to each team that has realized its mission of the day Regarding guard missions, I know it could be a bit boring for a lot but remember YOU ARE A SHINOBI and it's your job watch over the good of your village no matter if you get bored or not. They will tell me what. "Everyone will take advantage of this to make millionaires but so that each team can claim this reward must have proof that his mission has been a success could be with an SS Well guys this is a simple idea of one more member of the community, I hope your opinions and thanks for taking your time to read me. I hope you get your Nindo Sorry my bad english
  5. General Name: Moon Yagami. Age : 19. Gender: Male. Blood Type: O+ Birthday: 6 april. Personality Like(s): Music. Dislike(s): Hypocrites.. Hobby(ies): Drawing and painting. Fear(s): Being incompetent.. Strength(s): Patience,Observant ,Determination , Creativity .. Weakness(es): Babies, especially those with chubby cheeks. Personal Quote: The Moon will shine in the darkness.. Clan Info Clan Name: Yagami. Symbol: unknown. Story: Unknown. Specialty: Unknown. Jutsus/Techniques: Unknown. Status: Fully functional. Looks and Appearance Body Type/Looks: Fit. Height: 180 cm. Weight: 77 Kg. Eye color : Light Blue Hair color : Grey. Facepaint: None. Hairstyle(s): messy sometimes tied with a bun. Accessories: Scars or Tattoos: A scar in the chin-cheek area. Jewelry : One necklace and a bracelet in the left hand. Character design : Relationships Parent(s): Unknown. Sibling(s): Unknown. Relative(s): Unknown. Best Friend(s): Kenzawa Yagami. Sensei(s): Snake Yagami. Student(s): None. Crush(es)/Spouse/Gf: None. Rival(s): Kenzawa Yagami. Enemy(ies): None , for the moment i guess ... Favorites Food(s): All. Drink(s): Lemon juice, tea. Color(s): Black. Season(s): Winter. Time of Day: Night- late afternoon. Weather: Snowy. Ninja Information Birth Village: Leaf ? Current Village: Leaf Rank: Genin Ninja Status: Are you in the Akatsuki?: No Teammates: Kenzawa Yagami - ??? Nindo :There is a solution for everything Chakra Element: Water - ??? Weapon(s): Fan Story: Blurred memory.. I woke up in a hospital's bed surrounded by grey walls, feeling empty and lost, paralysed by a sharp headache. I dont remember who am or who i used to be. Moon was my name, is it where i came from?...who cares. At my left there were Yori, i knew later she was a chunin, and with the hokage's agreement decides to accept me in the village, she tought me everything that i needed to know to become a genin. After i received my forehead protector, i started doing missions serving the village and the villagers with a strange being who had a remarkable physical potential. his name was @Kenzawa Yagami . One of them was about taking the bells from our old sensei @Leevi Sasayaki with the help of @sorata and we did,well..almost did. We were learning fast and became useful in wars and raids,There i met @Seishi Tokumei, a powerful and respected sand ninja, he master wepons like no one else could do, and a medic that can revive and heal people also kill them with poison in their sleep..Fighting him for several times made me understand his feelings and his hate toward the world,and his love for his village, even thought i fought a lot of sandies he was the only one that made me see the dark side of this world..I learned how mankind could be crual, pathetic. My hate for them my need for the power were growing...but i will kill him and avenge the person i considered as brother @sorata. Few weeks later, after i startes feeling myself in the village and getting used to it, kenzawa adviced me to met @Snake Yagami, on of the most powerful ninjas in the surface, even tho he was a missing ninja that left leaf long time ago, he helped me trained me and i became much more stronger. He accepted me in their familly. But leaf hated this name so much for reasons that i ignore so far, they started hating me too, as i started to hate them..and thinking about leaving leaf ... and making justice with the help of what became now : my clan ..even if that means being a criminal.. -To be continued- (maybe xD) (I did the drawing with the pencil because i lost my tab /cry )
  6. I have a time playing and unfortunately almost nobody in the village has helped me because I do not speak English very well, I need someone who understands me to help me relate to the village and teach me everything I should know. I would be very grateful if you helped me
  7. There's a big problem in Leaf that I would guess also happens in Sand. It's this: It took myself a week+ to find people for RP4 after begging and pleading. We had to trick a chunin into thinking it was a girl asking them to just accept doing it, lol. I guess girls are more convincing. I personally think RP missions can be and should be the most fun missions in the game and @Ueda definitely envisioned them to be a large part of it. But it seems they are a chore for chunins+ to do, especially when they "have done so many of them." This makes it a bitch to find people to host RPs for you, and by the time you find someone, you just want to get it over with. So what are the potential solutions? We need to incentivize RP missions for the hosts. I would suggest a 500-2000 ryo reward, an event coupon, or even maybe even something like $1 Nin shop cash. Maybe even better, make some exclusive items for them they they can get with X amount of RP missions completed. @Ishyn Sasayaki is already trying to implement incentives himself, but I think him and @Tresmorne Toitsu or whoever the current Kages are need help from the developers. Poor Ishyn is asking for donations to the Leaf Treasury just to host his own events and give out rewards. Could this stuff be exploited? Of course. But it's worth it though. Require a screenshot and a little bit of documentation, incentivize chunins+ to do RPs, and also hand out more Chunin ranks during the exams. Having only 2 leafies win it last exam was a shame when we need more ranked ninja and there were quite a few other people who deserved it as well (unlucky brackets).
  8. (As of May 26, 2018 this system no longer exists. Thank you to those who've participated, it was a good test-run and we've managed to learn somethings for the future) The Hidden Leaf Village will initiate a rank-based system with permanent teams after the Chunin Exam V in April. After meetings with the Higher-up of the Hidden Leaf Village, I've decided to implement permanent Genin teams for Chunin Ranked individuals. The way this will work is, Chunins will be asked to lead a team of 3 Genins, and the Chunins are expected to lead all three past the Chunin Exams. I will be forming teams after Chunin Exam V using all the listed names I received prior to the exam. This plan will ask for the following ranks to... Jonins - The Jonins of the Hidden Leaf Village will not only be required to fulfill their basic duties such as serve as commanders in the battlefield but will also be asked to oversee the Chunins and ensure everything goes as planned. (Also important to note Jonins would be priority to be picked as leaders of official organizations, and Specialized Jonins would ideally assist as Co-Leaders. Specializied Jonins - Specialized Jonins will be asked to assist Jonins, but their main duties will fall into official organizations within Leaf (Leaf Military Police Force, Medical Elite Division & Leaf's Intelligence Division). (Note Specialized Jonins are unable to lead a team) Chunins - Chunins will be required to lead a permanent team of 3 members (By permanent I mean till all 3 of their assigned Genins pass the exam). Genins - Genins are to submit team requests to me (Via Forums, In-game or Discord) before the Chunin Exam V. (As we work our way up with more ranked people RP Titles like Council and high-positions in organizations will be soon requiring ranks) Hidden Leaf's Official Organizations: Medical Elite Division - Leaf Military Police Force - (Soon) If you wish to know more about Ranks & Titles make sure to review the post inserted below - More information about this Team System will be on this post in form of a reply below. It'll include Team Swap requests, Team Replacements (due to inactivity) etc.. Compatibility will be a priority when deciding teams things such as language, levels, masteries, activitiy, and timezone will all be accounted for. Best Regards, Third Hokage and The Hidden Leaf's Council™
  9. Dear Shinobi, To all the newcomers on the board, welcome to Nin Online Community! To those returning from old times, welcome back to the community. Nin Online is a 2D Online RPG game based in the Naruto Universe. The game was originally announced in Est. 2006 but was cancelled in 2008. We're back and will be releasing the game very early. More information on this below.. Picking up where we left off! We've decided not to use the assets or engine we created years ago. We've completely started anew, and in the past 2 weeks of development. We did some crazy things! In many ways, we're already ahead of the progress we had when we last left off. Where's Robin and who is this handsome new programmer? His name is Eddie aka. Whack. He'll be taking over Robin as the full time programmer of Nin Online. Robin is busy programming a C# engine in his free time, which is going to revolutionize everything again. He is a competent, talented, fast and hardworking crazy-ass programmer whose coding can keep up with the speed I create graphics at. I'll let him introduce himself to the community below. Q: Naruto fan-games just don't work and this will never happen! A: We beg to pardon. We'll be aiming for a very early release. We've set a tentative launch date, and for now let's just say it's sometime in late July 2013. Which means you have about a month to get ready for Nin Online! This version we release will most likely have very little content for you to play with. We will still be building the world you will eventually play through the storyline, build your own stories and make new friends in, along with cool weapons, jutsus and all kinds of content. But we will open up the server to everyone, so that you can experience the development of the storyline, give us your feedback, and generally help us make the game ready for a full release soon afterwards. Q: Can I play as Sasuke (he's my favorite character in the game)? A: Why Yes! I'm glad that you asked. In fact, upon reaching our character creation screen, you will be given the choice of two characters. Naruto or Sasuke. Everyone will either be a orange-haired demon fox bijuu or the last of the Uchiha clan. I'm kidding. In Nin Online, you play as yourself in the Naruto universe, you path your own destiny and make friends and enemies along the way. Though we plan to launch with only the Leaf village as a playable choice, some players will choose to become Missing-nins, Syndicate ninjas who kill others for bounties. Some may choose to join the Anbu forces. A large amount of people will want to become Hokage. We'll talk about how we plan to choose each role, and the term you will serve as the village leader soon! We'll have more information on the game coming soon. For those who don't believe we'll be releasing in July.. BELIEVE IT! Regards, Rory
  10. Dear Ninja, I'd just like to reveal to your the prologue of Nin Online. It will give you a rough idea of what to expect for the in-game storyline and roleplay backstory. Brace yourselves! Prologue Two hundred years have passed since the 4th Shinobi World War, during which the world was saved from a threat to its existence. It is becoming harder for new leaders to honor the alliances made by their predecessors; the bonds formed during the war are becoming unstable and the peace between villages is beginning to grow questionable. Meanwhile, a copycat group who operate under the same name as the Akatsuki has come to light. Initially not viewed as a threat, the organization was allowed to establish itself before anyone could take notice of them. Their objectives are mysterious and their new leader is unknown. Mankind had made progress in changing age old-traditions of sealing the tailed beasts within power ninja. For years they have roamed the world freely and peacefully, but now have started to behave aggressively. The villages fear the beasts may be under someone's control, and are strengthening their defenses to protect their villages from the threat of destruction and the possibility of another war erupting in their time. Born into a generation which has known only peace and has never witnessed war, you start your journey as an academy student about to venture into the world of ninja. Responsibilities come with every decision you make. Will you become a force for peace and exact your justice, or will you descend into darkness and bring this world to an end? Hope you enjoy the quick read, more details on the history and what has happened between the end of the 4th Shinobi World War and the events of Nin Online will be revealed as we get closer to the beta! Regards, Rory