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Found 24 results

  1. Hello, I know that this idea has already been said but I think that it was not much attention ... the missings we need a new village that is in the same coordinates as takumi, I mean not being like tanzaku that you have to pass by leaf yes or yes. Why we need this new village? : you can see that there are many missings lately and different organizations have been created and it is already tedious to play for 1 hour so you can not leave the hospital because there is an army outside to kill everyone. that's why a village missing is needed to calm the wars in takumi a bit. (By the way anyone who says you can go back to the villages sand or leaf if you do not like takumi, if we put up with this and even then we have not returned it is because it is worse to be in a village that in takumi.) @Ueda @Seth @Sezu
  2. Disclaimer: This is my alt account that I use for forum activities. My main account is Viduus which is a Special Jonin in Sand in a position of leadership. I'm not a rogue writing our laws. There’s a lot of debate and laws that are taken with a grain of salt and I think it’s time to clarify many of them. The Kage’s don’t need to be bothered with petty crimes and council members should act as the judges in his/her place unless it’s a serious matter. All in all, laws are meant to be direct and easy to understand. Here’s a comprehensive list of laws and tiers of punishment: Tier 1: Consequence: Jail. Requirement to take effect: The presence of a member of the Suna SMPF. The Kage and Council shouldn’t be bothered with these. A member of the SMPF must be PRESENT during the time of the incident or available within 30 minutes of it with screenshot or video proof if not present at the time of the offence. If a jailing is unjust, it can be appealed to a member of the council to be lifted. . Stealing a drop from an ally. You’re an asshole for doing this, but theft is a petty crime. . Using racial slurs, sexist remarks, overly sexual remarks that make others uncomfortable, IRL death threats or talk of hacking or Ddosing somebody. Again, you’re an asshole for doing these things, but trash talk in a video game is normal and you should expect it when playing an MMO. Trash talk is not included in this list unless it devolves into any of those categories. So saying something like, “You’re garbage at this game and a loser IRL.” Would not he breaking a law. Saying, “You’re a piece of shit and I hope you die.” Would be breaking the law. We all know what each of the words above mean. Don’t say them to others and there is nothing to worry about from Suna’s laws. That is the realms of staff members, not players. If you’re being verbally harrassed in any way, report it to staff. Players are not responsible for these things unless it’s one of the listed items in which case we will punish you in-game AND staff will punish you out of game. Double wammy, yikes. . Following ranked officers when they explicitly tell you to leave their side. This could be perceived as spying and if you are non-compliant it IS worthy of a jail. Times this applies: During Kage meetings, during council meetings, during raids and hunts. Times this does NOT apply: While farming, while sparring or other recreational times such as viewing RP missions (Unless it is Kage or Council level) or wandering around the village (Like in shops). . Following members of the ANBU (In uniform). Tailing a member of the ANBU without the express permission of that person for more than 10 seconds is worthy of an immediate jailing. If you see them in action, they are doing something important and you need to stay out of their way. Edit 3/22/2019 the following bullet: . If a masked ninja is approached by a member of the SMPF (In uniform), ANBU (In uniform), Sand Council (With the title), or the Kazekage and commanded to remove their mask, you are required to comply and remove it. If you refuse to remove it, you are liable to be jailed. You can request the one who commanded it to go to a specified location to unmask there and explain why you have the need to hide your name, but it is within the rights of the SMPF, ANBU, Council, or Kazekage to decline your request. Consequences of subsequent jailing: If you are jailed a total of 3 times, it will count as one strike. TIER 2 offences: Strikes requirements to take effect: Screen shot of the kill log (It will say "Killed by __") or video proof sent to the Council or the Kazekage. If they are wearing a mask and their name is not visible, you do not have enough evidence to warrant a strike. There is no more "I think that's him. I'm almost positive!" You must have absolute proof of foul play. . Murdering any fellow sand ninja except for the Kazekage (See tier 3). If you do this with your pvp enabled in a danger zone, it’s an immediate strike. Times this applies: Blatant murder; pvp enabled and killing an ally, gathering large groups of mobs and then cloaking away so they kill your ally. ROGUE CLAUSE: Edit 3/22/2019 all of the following 7 bullets: . Killing an allied ROGUE ninja no longer results in a strike under the following conditions: The rogue ninja was masked during the battle or refused to take it off. We've had a lot of people say they were allies but were in fact not. If you have a mask to conceal your identity, you are at a risk of friendly fire. Either take it off or don't put it on in the first place if you're not prepared to face friendly fire. The second condition is when they haven't been officially put on the peace list at Suna's entrance. If they're going to be put on it later, they're still at risk of being killed until they have officially been added to the board. . Killing an allied Rogue ninja will result in a strike under the following conditions: That rogue's name is visible and is registered on the official list next to Suna's entrance. That rogue is killed by a Sand ninja for any reason other than attacking a fellow SAND. Even if they are provoking you with words, if you draw blood you are in the wrong. That said, if that rogue is consistently causing problems, the higher ups WILL know about it, and removal from the peace list is a high probability. . Peace listed rogues killing each other and NOT fellow sand ninja are allowed to do so. Sand ninja are required to not get involved in their fight as attacking either of them violates the above rules. As rogues are not sand ninja, they are free to attack other rogues as they see fit even if those rogues are also peace listed. . Sand ninja ALTS killing fellow sand ninja is NOT against Suna laws. They are considered two entirely different people due to Rory's new alt new life rule and no punishments are to be issued to their sand account. . Killing an allied rogue ninja is inexcusable when they are clearly on the board. It is the duty of each Suna shinobi to know who their allies are and read the announcement board next to the village entrance. If you are ever uncertain, pm a fellow sand ninja and ask them. No more "I didn't know he was on the board." excuses. This rule is absolute. . If the allied rogue attacks you first OR VICE VERSA, you have full rights to attack and or kill them back. Peace listed rogue ninja in the past have been kind of shafted because of this outdated law of not being able to defend themselves. This law rectifies that. This one is tricky as it is hard to prove who attacked who first. Damage logs exist, but it's very easy to just crop out the first attack. If there are witnesses, the witnesses are required to take the screen shot's' and report it to the Kazekage or Sand Council. If the evidence is not substantial enough to PROVE without a shadow of a doubt which side is guilty, neither side will receive any penalty. If you are caught LYING about being attacked first and it is discovered that you initiated the fight, you will receive an additional strike if you are a Sand Ninja or if you are a rogue ninja will be removed from the peace list and unable to rejoin it for 1 month. Lying directly to the Council or the Kazekage is inexcusable. . A rogue ninja who kills a Sand ninja outside of self defense will be removed from the peace list until the Kazekage him/herself deems it fit for you to be re-added unless the above condition is met. MEDIC CLAUSE: . A medic is NOT required to heal anybody during a fight. It's widely believed that a medic who doesn't heal and or revive his allies might as well just be helping the enemy, there could be any number of reasons as to why they did not. For the sake of simplicity and much less drama, it is no longer required for a medic to revive or heal anybody during a battle OR after friendly spars if they do not want to. THE EXCEPTION to this rule, is members of the medical corpse. It is their duty to ALWAYS assist wounded or fainted allies or risk losing their position. If this goes against your RP, don't join the medic corpse. . If a medic heals and or revives an ENEMY in a battle or 30 minutes after the fight for any reason, they will receive a strike (You are then an accomplice to murder). Even if your RP is to heal all people who need medical attention (I know of people who do this), if your healing jutsu touches an enemy at any time during a battle or 30 minutes post fighting you WILL receive a strike. No more "Accidents." . Standing idle when an enemy attacks and kills your ally is NOT against the law as long as you remain completely neutral during the course of the battle with the exception of members of the medic corpse. There could be any number of reasons for this, and if you don’t aid the enemy you are not liable for a strike. Tier 3: Immediate exile . Killing or aiding in the death of the Kazekage. Same rules apply as in tier 2, except for the tier 3 punishment of regicide. . Leaking any village sensitive intel to an enemy. WHAT THIS INCLUDES: Organization rosters such as the ANBU, SMPF, Medic Corpse. Those caught leaking times or locations of a raid to an enemy. This can and usually does cost the lives of the entire war party as it gives ample time for an enemy ambush. Most raid parties are 6 or 7 men strong, and causing their deaths is in violation of a tier 2 strike. Every death you cause by leaking that information is a strike which is the justification of an exile. RETURNING FROM EXILE: . You must directly appeal to the Kazekage. He decides your fate and his word is law. PERMANENT EXILE: . If you have been pardoned 2 times already and go rogue a 3rd time, your exile is permanent on that account. If you reset, you will be exiled again. The New alt new life rule circumvents this and allows you to remain in Sand. However if even ONE of your accounts has been perma exiled, it is within the Kazekage’s rights to not give a second chance at a pardon even if that account has not previously already been pardoned. Edit 3/22/2019 all of the following 3 bullets: . Those in Suna that are CURRENTLY village members as of yesterday that have already been exiled more than two times are treated as if they have only been exiled twice. Since this law was put into effect only one day ago, it would be unfair to those that have proven loyalty to just go on an exile spree (Not to mention cut our forces by such a large amount). However, if those that have been granted this mercy get exiled AGAIN it will count as their third strike and will be permanent. Times that count towards your permanent exile: . When any of the laws detailed here are broken resulting in your exile. Times that do NOT count towards your permanent exile: . When you ask the Kazekage directly to exile you for better missions in Takumi AND REMAIN A HERMIT TOWARDS SAND NINJA. Once you request the Kazekage to exile you for this purpose, you will be added to the peace list. If you kill even a single sand ninja during your time in Takumi for any reason whatsoever, you will be removed from the list promptly and it will be treated as though you have been exiled. There is no 3 strikes you're out rule once you are a rogue. Becoming a rogue for missions is a big risk as you have much less leniency. STRIKES BEING REMOVED: Edit 3/22/2019 all of the following 4 bullets: . A single jailing will be removed from your record after 1 month. If you receive another jailing within that one month's time, the timer will be reset and you must wait the full month again. . A single strike that you have received will be removed after 3 months time as long as you have not gained another within that amount of time. If you receive an additional strike during this time, the timer is reset and you must wait another 3 months before it is removed. . One exile counter towards a perma exile will be cleared after one year. If you receive an additional exile within that year's time, the timer will reset and you must wait the full year again for one of them to be cleared. Exiles are taken seriously, and if you are exiled it takes a long time for you to be forgiven for it. . The Kazekage, Council, and Sand Assassins all have records of dates of exiles and strikes, counters of exiles and strikes, and times for when those strikes and exiles will be removed. If you want to know when details of YOUR OWN COUNTERS you need only ask the Council or the Kazekage. I was originally going to post the list here on the forums, but I think that would be a form of public shaming and embarrassing to those involved. As such it will be kept private and the information will only be available from the applicable parties. You can ask for your timer at any time as it is your business to know your timers. GENERAL RULES . The Members of the SMPF (In uniform), ANBU (In uniform), Council, and the Kazekage’s commands are to be followed within reason unless they would break any of the laws stated above, they result in harm to the individual in any way (No forced shock troopers during raids), and doesn't result in more than 5 minutes of that persons time being wasted (No forced fetch quests). . Do not spam /v chat with any of the following: Advertisements, out-of-game links, copy pastas, or any of the items listed in the laws section (Racial slurs, Sexist remarks, etc.) . For now this is the entirety of Suna's laws. I may add to this later on with the permission of the council and the Kazekage. There aren't very many and they're all just common sense. These laws have been read and approved by @Itama Date, the 10th Kazekage. These laws are in place effective immediately and the old laws have been removed. Please read and review them
  3. This is an idea that I have had after reviewing all the organizations. I think that inactive organizations should be eliminated so that people do not make mistakes or think that there is an active organization. to part there are organizations so old and the villa has wanted to reactivate it again but the old organization is still there ... well my idea in itself is to eliminate the organizations that you see that the leader has not connected in 6 months or more. I think these can be examples of organizations that should be eliminated: a few hours ago sand has created a new organization of official medics in sand ... why is this organization still exposed? this is only 1 member WTF? the last 2 orgs only 1 member ?! there are more organizations that should be looked at if they should be eliminated or what to do with them ... they only waste a space in the lists ..
  4. Kazekage(s) Time spend on duty 1st: Argoh 1-Month 2nd: Konahri 3-weeks 3rd: ReubenNick 1-week 4th: Miki 2-weeks 5th: Kaguya Light 6-Months 6th: TetsuHawk 6-Months 7th: Tresmore 3-Months 8th: dyan 3-months 9th : slaugther 1-month 2-weeks 10th: itama date present Sand Assassins CLASSIFIED Military corps leader(s) [BETA] 1st: Viduus 2nd: BlackKage 3rd: Lecter 4th: jaykiller 5th: Pinku 6th: Jun 7th: Mrchubb 8th: BlackKage 9th: Kyan Medical corps leader(s) [BETA] 1st: Tresmorne 2nd:Omega Specialized Jonin [Beta] ( Tresmorne, Proxied Miki, Vaga) ( Nomady Hozuki Kayn Ketsueki ) Chunin [Alpha] ( BrokenInside, Jazzberry jam ) [Beta] ( Dareem, Brae, Rainyer, Kaguya Light, ) ( Bowieeee, Nut, MrChubb, Pervy Sage,) ( Tresmorne, Kenock , Dio,lumy, Dyan,) (Booty Gang, Pinku Zelda ,Huranza,) (Ketsueki BlackKage , Ketsueki Akoosh , Deviax Adenium) (Taipan , Nauq Vongola , Bolan , Jun Suneku) (Kadek , Slaughter , Itama Date , Raikuzu Hozuki , Nighma Hozuki) (Windy , Yuura) jonin (Mrchubb , Light , Ranier , Brae , TetsuHawk , Dareem) (Tresmorne Toitsu , Kenock Toitsu , Booty the Great) (Ketsueki BlackKage 1 , Jinbei Toitsu , Sashiba Dyan) (Deviax Hozuki , Slaughter , Jun Pachi , Itama Date) ps i will try and make changes as they happen and if there is any errors pm on discord @ketsueki black kage#7930
  5. Sunagakure Medical Corps

    "There are no winners in war, everyone involved will eventually get harmed, that is where we come into place." Unknown Source The SMC (Sunagakure Medical Corps) is the third official organization, next to the Sand Assassins and the SMPF (Sand Military Police Force), created and overlooked by the Kazekage. Their main objective is to offer medical support in all aspects of a shinobi’s life, from aiding experienced fighters to complete beginners. Protection during raids, aid while hunting down dangerous individuals, or supporting Genin fresh out of the academy are all part of the routine for a member of the SMC. Our goal is to exceptionally provide safety for every member of the sand village by offering healing and resources such as medicine and tools for every who might need it. Between the combat focused Field Medics and the distinctly medical focused Support Specialists, it is guaranteed that every Medical-Nin will find their perfect role within the SMC, so don't hesitate to apply so more of us can ensure the prosperity of our village.
  6. I do not know if this really is a bug, but it happened after the fans have become exclusive to Sand Village. It was just those pieces of clothing and so I thought it was strange.
  7. Well, please remove the automatic interaction by approaching the soda machines and the eyewear stores as well. Note: This also happens with the leaf village glasses shop.
  8. Well, we have two bugs here, they are: 1 - When you click "next" to go to the next page the game understands how you have clicked "leave." 2 - You open any of the tabs to buy jutsus scrolls and when you click the "X" to close the tab the game understands how you clicked "next."
  9. I have gathered a lot of white scrolls to pass me some alt jutsus, I have passed jutsus of water and air, but then I went to pass a fan jutsus and at no time told me that you could not trade. Here I see a big mistake in the game I do not understand why I did not notice that you could not trade and I do not understand why you can not trade this type of jutsus with other members of the same village. i talk about this scroll: therefore here is my idea: 1. you need to be able to trade with the hidden justes of each village or at least put some kind of warning that you can not trade. I have now lost 3 - 5 scrolls blanks and the only thing I can do with this scroll is throw it or use it. and I can not use it. @Seth @Ueda
  10. I was wondering if we could all get Clan Houses as bases? It would make the villages less boring. Here is the way I was thinking we could set it up. For every clan head there will be a shop specifically for the Clan Head. The Clan Head will be able to decorate his Clan's House accordingly concerning a wide variety of furniture. The Clan Head can also hire certain NPC's (such as tool shop, medicine etc). Since clans are going to be village specific, and there are currently buildings in each village not being occupied, well you know where I was going with that. If anyone else likes the Clan House idea, let me know what you think below and add onto it! Note; I know that some people will argue that we already have medicine and tool shops inside villages, but I don't think it matters unless more NPC = crashing Nin.
  11. Hello I am Dodai, I would like to express with is the need for Special jonin en sand. before starting I think the need to put special jonin would have to reside in the kazekage a logical system would be this: the kazekage thinks of someone to put him special jonin, talks to rory to see if it could, and the kazekage would put it to the the person who chooses so he listens rory does not want to put Special Jonin so often ... but he puts them to leaf that has a lot of active chunins and jonins and sand that only has active jonins nothing ... in 2018, from what I have seen, 1 Special Jonin was promoted in sand in January and 2 in recent months to leaf, the question is how much need does leaf of special jonin have? and how much need does sand have? As far as I know leaf already has several special assets of the old days like mikeCW, but Sand does not have any until yesterday that he was pardoned viduus a special Jonin. 2018 therefore right now in leaf resides 3 to 4 special active jonins and in sand only 1 special jonins resides, in leaf they reside more than 5 active chunins and in sand as much as 2 or 3. this post is because sand needs more special jonins. @Rory
  12. Jakusha Clan Description The Jakusha are all born with a strong will and have a rash behavior. They are taught to be adaptable when it comes to fighting and all manners of situations. The strong will and rash behavior can be a curse and a blessing for those in the clan. It is a blessing to have someone never give up even when odds are stacked against them, it is one of the reasons as to why they are taught to adapt and learn from mistakes. It is also a curse at the same time, being rash means they can get in fights rather often and make enemies quickly. Strictly loyal to the Sand village, they would do anything to protect it. History The clan was formed by two clans joining back before the creation of the villages. The two combined clans were nothing truly special, they were average ninja who excelled in the use of weapons and the use of fire elemental jutsu. The weapons clan was named Mikadzuki, and the clan of fire specialist was named Kasai. The joining between the two clans was for many reasons, all the two clans did was survive during the constant fights that happened. For them, survival was the number one goal, and since both clans were known as being weak they decided that combining the clans would be best. With the combination of the clans, they decided to take on a new name, the new name was chosen to be ironic. Jakusha was the chosen name the clan adopted for its combined members. Of course, the two leaders couldn’t decide on who would take over the new clan so a deal was made. The first born child from the clans combining would be the true leader and until then the two of them would rule over the clan together. The firstborn child happened a year later and his name was Ren Jakusha. The first true-born Jakusha clan member and he embodied it truthfully by excelling in both weapons use and the fire element. As he grew so did his power and reputation among the wandering clans. Eventually earning the nickname of Hinokami in the clan. He brought the clan together and lead it to more glory than the two clans had ever held separately. This, of course, brought other small clans like the Mikadzuki and Kasai used to be before they became the Jakusha. Being ruthless on the battlefield didn’t mean he was unfair or cruel off of it, asking only one thing of the smaller clans that were now asking to join the Jakusha and that was for them to believe in him and any successor he chooses that will rule over the Jakusha. Of course, some weren’t happy while others readily agreed. What was once only a clan that excelled in two certain types of fighting now held a wide range of members that excelled in different paths of being a ninja. As time went on and the creation of the villages happened the Jakusha clan decided to join with the sand village. The desert was a place they enjoyed, and it seemed like sand was more accepting at the time compared to the leaf. Now the clan had something to work towards that meant more, the members dedicated themselves to the protection of the sand village and all of its members. As time went by the clan slowly lost the reputation it once held, now most in the sand don’t know much about the Jakusha. Now with the current war the clan leader was ill and getting old, he was chosen by the last leader and it was time for him to choose a new one as well. Old as he was Furui went to the clans current younger members and looked them over, watching as they trained. The Jakusha numbers had severely dropped due to wars and clan members not having kids. Noticing one particular ninja practicing his medical skills he pointed him out and asked for him to come over. Kiwi walked over with a smile and greeted the elderly clan leader. After Furui asked for his name the younger boy answered with Kiwi. Without saying anything else Furui walked off and that was the last time the two of them talked. When Furui died of his sickness two months later in his will Kiwi Jakusha was named as his successor to the position of the clan leader. Outrage from the older members of the clan came but they were ignored as the tradition was for the Leader to pick the next one. Still being young will Kiwi prove himself or will he ruin the reputation of the clan? Time will tell. Involvement If you want to join the clan just let me know so I can add you to the list of members. This clan is affiliated with Takumi so if you are part of a village chances are you won't be allowed to join. As a whole, the clan will be strict in some areas and lax in others. You’re expected to help each other when you can, if you don’t chances are you won’t be around long before getting exiled from the clan. If you want to know more about the clan or have questions feel free to ask me. Current Members @Kiwi Jakusha @Woo Jakusha @Lain Jakusha @Yaboku Jakusha @Balcoin Jakusha @Toxzon Jakusha @Zak @Vagabond Jakusha @Kyrie Eilson @Krowtic @Lione @MorningStar Clan Symbol
  13. When trying to enchant a blank scroll at sand (with no scrolls in my inventory, maybe that's related) the text box comes up blank and I can't do anything except log out.
  14. From some rumors I heard that Summon choice was dependant on your village and I thought that this was some sick joke but more and more people started to talk about it. Something like this: Leaf: Toad Slug Sneak Sand: Weasel Dyan(hawk) probably some bug Mist: Oyster/clam cool fish maybe crab Missings: Many animals and I don't mean leaf alts As we all know leaf was always treated specially by some individuals but this time it's really too frickin big thing to decide on your likings. It's another misinterpretation of show/manga(Or is this part of this universe?) summons never were allied with one village. Summons had their own villages and almost always pissed on human villages, I think that almost anyone that was liked/respected by animal could become it's summoner(Dogs and Cats were merceneries so this doesn't count) But ofc GrEaT sAnInNs were leaf ninjas so it's ObViOuS that their summons were only for LeAfIeS. <-I believe that in this universe we should make our own story. I could become GM storyteller if you would check applies Ekhm...back to the topic I piss on this idea and think that summons shouldn't be village dependant,they should be free to choose by anyone. Beceause I think that many people would like to summon desert toad or lake snake. Of course I can understand that this could be made to distinguish our allies summons and enemy summons. <-"Only" thing you would need to do is recolor(like you did with water/wind WMs advanced techniques)There are many species of snakes/toads/birds/dyans/dogs/wolfs just look them up in google and sort by climate. There would be a lot of work(1 recolor for every village and maybe missings) but I think that's very important matter to discuss. Another thing would be summons used by ingame clans/organizations: Kuraens: Sasayaki: Sashiba: Yagyu/Yagami: Chinome: As you can see ingame clans/org RP will suffer beceause of village lock in system. IF IT'S JUST A RUMOR IGNORE THIS POST Good Night and Thanks for reading. Sorry for england and my satire.
  15. Hello everyone! We are happy to announce the comeback of the sand ranked Tournaments that our previous kazekage planned for us! Now, I will jump right into how these tournaments will work. There will be 3 separate tournaments. Which means you will have 3 separate rankings for yourself. I will explain each one individually. 1v1- For these tournaments, it is possible for the majority to gain points. 1st place will gain 4 points. 2nd will gain 3. 3rd will gain 2. If you win a match in the tournament, you will gain 1 point(In addition to your placement points). If you lose your first round, you will be deducted 1 point. 2v2-For our 2v2 tournaments, each contestant will have their own points. (This is to avoid having players miss out on tournaments due to their last partner not being able to join). There are only 3 placement points for this. 1st place will gain 3 points, 2nd will gain 2, 3rd will gain 1. If you do not place in these parameters, you will not gain points. If you lose in the first round, you will be deducted 1 point. 4v4- For our 4v4 tournaments, or "Squad" tournaments. There will only be 2 placement points available. 1st place will get 3 points, 2nd will get 2. Other contestants will not be rewarded for participating (Aside from the experience!). First round losers will again, be deducted 1 point. Now.. for what everyone is waiting to hear. The prizes- 1v1 Tournaments - The leader will maintain the role of "Overlord" on our discord. 5 Points- 100 ryo 15 Points- 200 ryo 25 points- 500 ryo 30 points- Role of "Chieftan" in Discord. 40 points- 1k ryo 50 points- Role of "Warlord" in Discord 2v2 Tournaments- The leader(s) will maintain the role of "Demon Brothers" 10 points- 200 ryo 15 points- Role of "Aspiring duo" in Discord 25 points- 400 ryo 30 points- Role of "Artful duo" in Discord 40 points- 600 ryo 50 points- Role of "A-B Combo" in discord 4v4 Tournament- The leader(s) will maintain the role of "Blitz Squad" 10 points- 400 ryo 15 points- 600 ryo 25 points- 1k ryo 30 points- Role of "Bravo Unit" on Discord 40 points- 1.5k ryo 50 points- Role of "Tenacious Four" on discord RULES FOR ALL TOURNAMENTS- NO TOAD OIL, BLOOD/CHAKRA PILLS, SAKE, OR ANY KIND OF RESTORATIVE ITEM Current Leader Board: 1v1 Tournaments - Current overlord: Jhin Toitsu Jhin Toitsu- 7 Points Aurelius - 5 Points Laqu Kyra - 4 Points Hayate Hozuki - 1 Point 2v2 Tournaments - Current Demon Brothers: Aurelius and Hayate Hozuki Aurelius - 3 Points Hayate Hozuki - 3 Points Jhin Toitsu - 2 Points Woo - 2 Points Laqu Kyra - 1 Point Ghena Kyra - 1 Point
  16. Adenium (Desert Rose) clan How it started: After the Great War of the clans, where everyone died, A rose of desert was born in the middle of the slaughter. Several years later after this all, there was only sand and the only one bush of brown roses. A lonely ninja wondered between the dunes. He was very tired of searching the place where he could take a break. And then, when he was close to give up, he found this bush. He sat beneath them listening the sounds of wind. At some point there was immeasurable silence. He heard only a sob behind the bush. It was a girl. She was scared and lonely. She told him that she was looking for a place where she can hide to be safe. She had no parents, friends, or anyone else. They started talk about things what happened here several years before. They sat together to watch the sun. He told her about his situation and why he was here alone in the desert. She was curious if there are more people like they. Alone. She said that she doesn't want to be lonely anymore. She wants to have a family. Since then they are coming back to this rose. Everyday searching for any new, alone and special petals. they created the last clan in honor of the Desert Rose. What was born from death, blood and silence. That's how into being came Adenium, for those ones who is tired of living in loneliness, for those ones who want change something for good. ~Each petal of a rose is one insurgent. We are joined together, and we won't let any of the petals fall out.~ Members so far are: @Itama Hozuki(one of two founders of Adenium) and @Deviax(one of first original members) If you are the alone petal who is tired of being lonely come to the Desert Rose. We will find you. Itama Date#5636(Discord).
  17. Hey, First of all, sorry to be posting on the "Leaf Village" section of the forums while I'm on this account. Now with that said... Rory, Rory, Rory... You really messed up, not just this CE, but a bunch of other Chunin Exams too. First of all, you didn't watch the exams, so you have no idea who deserves to get promoted. You can't really be serious about only letting Leaf have three promotions, when Leaf did way better than Sand throughout the entire exam. Since you didn't watch it, I'll do the maths for you: Written Exam (Part 1) Sand teams present: 3 Leaf teams present: 9 Sand teams failed: 2/3 = 66.6666666% Leaf teams failed: 1/9 = 11.1111111% 3v3 Fights (Part 2) Sand teams present: 1 Leaf teams present: 8 Sand teams failed: 1/1 = 100% Leaf tams failed: 3/8 = 37.5% Final Round - 1v1 (Part 3) Sand teams present: 0 Leaf teams present: 5 Leaf throughout the entire exam lost a total of four teams, all the way from the written exam to the final stage. Sand had more than a 50% failure rate for each part of the exam. You may be thinking that it's unfair to do these kind of maths, since Leaf started with a bigger number of participants than Sand. That's a fair way of looking at it, in regards of Leaf VS Sand. But what is not fair is not letting @Ishyn Sasayaki choose his promotions, based on who he believes deserves it. And trust me, there were more ninja than three who deserved it in that CE. It's not fair, when thinking about this logically, Sand had 2 players promoted, simply for passing a written exam, whereas Leaf only got 3 promotions (out of 27) for doing more than just passing the written exam. And if you wanna talk about RP, I'm all for that, but even the Kazekage was AFK during the entire event. I don't wanna personally offend anyone, so I won't go too much in to all of that stuff. Additionally, it doesn't make sense that you want the villages to have an equal amount of Chunin simply for the sake of equality if one side obviously did much better. That does not make sense to me, in an RP sense, at least. This may be a bit of a long post, Rory, but please think about what I'm saying and take it in to consideration. Allow the Leaf to have 6/27 promotions. That's an entirety of two teams (out of nine, who all did incredibly well). And if you want to pick an SJ for either side, you can - Here is the link for the Chunin Exams (excluding the written test): I will leave a poll here for everyone to vote. So if I'm completely wrong, feel free to ignore me @Ueda. But if the poll happens to say otherwise, you really should take my advice of taking these promotions in to consideration.
  18. Chapter 00: Pilot Chapter <--- Click in case you missed it. xxx (xxx) So I think I'm ready to start this Manga up that's not just random fighting & has an actual plot/story. My current ideas for story... Manga is a Naruto spin off. Events take place in the Naruto world. Will try not to include the five great villages, but will mention them. Major events will take place in smaller villages and/or in places I create. Jutsu from Naruto-verse will still be there, but I will add a lot of newer stuff to the Manga to make it more unique. There will be New Clans & Kekkei Genkei and some existing Naruto Clans will have some spotlight. Main protagonist/antagonists should all be pretty strong with their own unique powers. I think I made the main antagonists a little too strong but I'll find a way to beat them later. May add Nin-related stuff if requested. If you have a character/place in mind, you have to let me know the all the info/relevance to main plot and I'll consider. My ideas for main plot without spoiling... Booty and his friends have had many unfriendly confrontations with the >main antagonists< and have made it a goal to thwart their plans. The gang plans on confronting them to settle things. Although the gang has no idea how powerful these new foes are, they're not afraid to take a stand for vengeance. Some of the enemies are new faces and some might even look familiar. Nevertheless, If the >main antagonists< end up succeeding with their goal, all hope will be lost for the Ninja world. It's up to the Booty and the gang to put an end to the >main antagonists<! Main crew for far... Booty Friend 1 Friend 2 In this thread, we're here to discuss my Manga and hangout basically. I want your opinions on what to include/do. Don't forget to like, comment, and follow cause I want this to be a hangout thread too.
  19. Me when leafies and sandies Raid takumi.
  20. Game

    Kazekage(s) [BETA] Time spend on duty 1st: Argoh 1-Month 2nd: Konahri 3-weeks 3rd: ReubenNick 1-week 4th: Miki 2-weeks 5th: Kaguya Light 6-Months 6th: TetsuHawk Present Sand Assassins ( not officially lauched until further note ) Military corps leader(s) [BETA] 1st: Proxied 2nd: Medical corps leader(s) [BETA] 1st: Tresmorne 2nd: Chunin [Alpha] ( BrokenInside, Konahri, Jazzberry jam ) [Beta] ( Dareem, Brae, Rainyer, Kaguya Light, Arashi Himitsu ) ( Bowieeee, Nut, MrChubb, Pervy Sage ) Specialized Jonin [Beta] ( Tresmorne, Proxied ) ( Miki, Vaga )
  21. Akatsuki member standing outside of the Sand Village South entrance.

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  22. The South sector of the Sand Village.

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  23. Fernando, Shinji and me standing on top of the Kazekage Office Building in the Sand Village.

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  24. Sup guys this is Ryu Ken and im posting this to talk about the sand manipulator clan. Though i love being a swordsman a sand manipulator is gonna be my main character (well if there is gonna be sand) Im not tryna Rush anything but in some point in the game i would like this from the sand clan. I know this is a lot so u don't have to read all most of u should now almost all of them. The Jutsu: I AM NOT CLAIMING THAT THIS JUTSU RESEARCH ON GAARA WAS MINE (But i did do research just copied because this will take VERY long to write Daisan no Me - The Third Eye Character Use: Gaara of the Desert Rank: D-Rank Range: All Range. Type: Supplementary Daisan no Me is a Ninjutsu technique unique to the Sand ninja Gaara. Created out of sand, the Eye allows Gaara to view an opponent when he is either encased in his Suna no Muya or when he needs to be able to see his opponent's actions when he has no clear line of sight with his own eyes. Gokusamaisou - Sand Prison Burial Character Use: Gaara Rank: C-rank Range: Close (0m ~ 5m), Mid (5m ~ 10m) Type: Attack Gokusamaisou is a Ninjutsu technique utilized by the Sand ninja Gaara. Using his ability to manipulate sand, Gaara will loosen the ground below his target and cause them to sink deep within the earth. By being imprisoned at this depth, the pressure will completely limit their ability to move. Mugen Sajin Daitoppa - Infinite Dust Great Breakthrough Character Use: Gaara Rank: B Range: Close (0m ~ 5m), Mid (5m ~ 10m), Far (10m+) Type: Attack, Defense Fuuton • Mugen Sajin Daitoppa is a Ninjutsu technique utilizing the Wind Element. While in his partially transformed Shukaku form, Gaara can inhale a large amount of air into the Shukaku chest cavity. He can then exhale the air in a large gust capable of turning back an incoming attack. Rendan Suna Shigure - Sand Shower Combo Character Use: Gaara Rank: B Range: Close (0m ~ 5m), Mid (5m ~ 10m), Far (10m+) Type: Attack Rendan Suna Shigure is a Ninjutsu technique utilized by the Sand ninja Gaara. The technique functions similar to Suna Shigure, except instead of raining the sand down from above, Gaara fires the sand bullets directly towards his target. Renkuudan - Drilling Air Projectile Character Use: Gaara Rank: C Range: Close (0m ~ 5m), Mid (5m ~ 10m), Far (10m+) Type: Attack Fuuton • Renkuudan is a Ninjutsu technique utilizing the Wind Element. The demon Shukaku inhales a large amount of air into his chest and then slams his fist into his chest to expel it. To strengthen the attack Shukaku will imbue chakra into the air. When expelled it forms concussive spherical projectiles capable of inflicting large damage. Ryuusa Bakuryuu - Quicksand Waterfall Current Character Use: Gaara Rank: A Range: Close (0m ~ 5m), Mid (5m ~ 10m), Far (10m+) Type: Attack Ryuusa Bakuryuu is a Ninjutsu technique utilized by the Sand ninja Gaara. The technique functions similar to his Sabaku Kyuu except on a much larger scale. With the development of Gaara's powers he has gained further control over the nearby environment. By crushing rocks and pebbles in the ground with his sand, he can create more useable sand. After focusing his power, a large tidal wave size amount sand will rise from the ground to cover his target and the surrounding area. This technique serves to set up his Sabaku Taisou technique. Sabaku Fuyuu - Desert Sand Floating Character Use: Gaara Rank: C Range: All Range Type: Supplementary Sabaku Fuyuu is a Ninjutsu technique utilized by the Sand ninja Gaara. Using his ability to levitate sand, Gaara will bring together sand into cloud shape clumps. These clumps are dense enough for Gaara or another ninja to rest on. This can allow Gaara to rise above any threat from below. Sabaku Kyuu - Desert Coffin Character Use: Gaara Rank: D Range: Close (0m ~ 5m), Mid (5m ~ 10m) Type: Attack Sabaku Kyuu is a Ninjutsu technique utilized by the Sand ninja Gaara. Gaara will cause sand to rise from the ground and wrap around the legs of his target, restraining them in place. The sand will then rise up to full encase the target. This technique alone can crush the bones of his opponent but the technique is usually used to prepare the victim for the Sabaku Sousou technique. Sabaku Rou - Desert Prison Character Use: Gaara Rank: B Range: Close (0m ~ 5m), Mid (5m ~ 10m), Far (10m+) Type: Defense Sabaku Rou is a Ninjutsu technique utilized by the Sand ninja Gaara. With the further expansion of his powers, Gaara has been able to control larger and larger amounts of sand. Sabaku Rou is a large scale version of Sabaku Kyuu. With this technique, Gaara will cause a large sphere of sand to encircle and trap his target. Sabaku Sousou - Desert Funeral Character Use: Gaara Rank: A Range: Close (0m ~ 5m), Mid (5m ~ 10m) Type: Attack Sabaku Sousou is a Ninjutsu technique utilized by the Sand ninja Gaara. Gaara will cause sand to rise from the ground and encase his target using his Sabaku Kyuu technique, making them captured in place. Gaara will then do this jutsu to constrict and crush his target killing them. The blood of the victim will then mix with the sand which returns to Gaara's gourd. The blood then gives more power to the Shukaku demon imbued in Gaara. Sabaku Taisou - Desert Imperial Funeral Character Use: Gaara Rank: A Range: Close (0m ~ 5m), Mid (5m ~ 10m), Far (10m+) Type: Attack Sabaku Taisou is a Ninjutsu technique utilized by the Sand ninja Gaara. The technique functions similar to his Sabaku Sousou except on a much larger scale. With the development of Gaara's powers he has gained further control over the nearby environment. By crushing rocks and pebbles in the ground he can create more useable sand. After focusing his power he uses his Ryuusa Bakuryuu technique to cover the surrounding environment in sand. He then places his hands down to the ground and causes the sand to constrict and harden, thereby crushing everything it is covering. Shukaku no Hoko - Halberd of Shukaku Character Use: Gaara Rank: B Range: Close (0m ~ 5m) Type: Attack Special Note: Anime Only Shukaku no Hoko is a Ninjutsu technique said to be Gaara's Saikou Zettai Kougeki (Supreme Absolute Attack). Gaara collects extremely solid minerals and mixes them into his sand using pressure from his chakra. This creates a very strong and hard Shukaku-like halberd which he can then throw. The strength of the material allows it to penetrate a very strong defense. Shukaku no Tate - Shield of Shukaku Character Use: Gaara Rank: A Range: Close (0m ~ 5m) Type: Defense Shukaku no Tate is a Ninjutsu technique said to be Gaara's Saikou Zettai Bougyo (Supreme Absolute Defense). To stop an incoming attack, Gaara will mainfest a small form of the Shukaku demon out of sand. Gaara collects extremely solid minerals from underground and mixes them into his sand using pressure from his chakra. This creates a very strong defensive barrier Shunshin no Jutsu - Body Flicker Technique Character Use: Gaara, Haku, Hanzou, Hatake Kakashi, Uchiha Sasuke, Yondaime Hokage, Yondaime Raikage Rank: D Range: - Type: Supplementary Shunshin no Jutsu is a basic Ninjutsu technique. The ninja will appear and disappear in an instant, allowing them to retreat or attack suddenly. To facilitate the movement the ninja will often use nearby elements such as mist, sand or leaves to mask their appearance or disappearance. Suna Bunshin no Jutsu - Sand Clone Technique Character Use: Gaara, Sasori Rank: Unknown Range: D Type: Supplementary Suna Bunshin is a Ninjutsu technique utilized by the Sand ninja Gaara. The clone functions like a normal Bunshin, except it is made out of sand. The clone itself can be formed out of the Suna no Tate that protects Gaara. When a ninja goes to attack the Bunshin, the malleability of the sand allows the blow to sink into the sand, which can then wrap itself around the limb to constrain the attacker. Suna no Mayu - Cocoon of Sand Character Use: Gaara Rank: D Range: - Type: Supplementary Suna no Mayu is a Ninjutsu technique utilized by the Sand ninja Gaara. It serves as one of Gaara's absolute defenses. After forming the needed hand seals, a sphere of sand will surround his body. This sand cocoon is made as a defensive measure and is also made to allow Gaara to enter into his Shukaku state. Where his body becomes encased in Sand to make him resemble a smaller form of the Shukaku demon. While in the cocoon Gaara will use the Daisan no Me (Third Eye) to view his opponent and the surrounding battlefield. Suna no Yoroi - Armor of Sand Character Use: Gaara Rank: D Range: Close (0m ~ 5m)) Type: Defense Suna no Yoroi is a Ninjutsu technique utilized by the Sand ninja Gaara. If Gaara's Suna no Tate fails, Gaara uses an almost invisible thin layer of sand to cover his body. For the sand to cover Gaara's body, he has to use his body's chakra. When covered by the sand Gaara becomes heavier and it is more difficult for his body to maneuver. Though the sand does provide some protection, sufficient strikes will break the armor to expose Gaara's natural body. Suna Raishin - Sand Lightning Needles Character Use: Gaara Rank: C Range: Close (0m ~ 5m) Type: Attack Special note: Movie Two Only Suna Raishin is a Ninjutsu technique utilized by the Sand ninja Gaara. Gaara will hurl sand into the air which will come down around his target as hard pikes. Electricity will be generated from the pikes to arc towards and attack his opponent.If his opponent utilizes lightning, it appears this technique will neutralize its usage in the target. Suna Shigure - Sand Shower Character Use: Gaara Rank: D Range: Close (0m ~ 5m), Mid (5m ~ 10m), Far (10m+) Type: Attack The Suna Shigure is a Ninjutsu technique utilized by the Sand ninja Gaara. Using his chakra to control nearby sand, Gaara will levitate small clumps of sand above his opponent. This sand can be used to distract his target while he starts his Sabaku Kyuu technique or to provide further sand for the sand coffin itself. Suna Shuriken - Sand Shuriken Character Use: Gaara Rank: D Range: Close (0m ~ 5m), Mid (5m ~ 10m) Type: Attack The Sand Shuriken is a Ninjutsu technique utilized by the Sand ninja Gaara. Using his chakra to control nearby sand, Gaara will hurl disks of sand at his opponent. Spinning through the air the disks are deadly in strength, inflicting large amounts of damage to his target and surrounding objects. Tanukineiri no Jutsu - Feigning Sleep Technique Character Use: Gaara Rank: D Range: - Type: Supplementary Tanukineiri no Jutsu is a Ninjutsu technique that allows Gaara to take full advantage of incarnation of sand. After being possessed by the Shukaku spirit, Gaara loses control of his body and personality to the demon when he sleeps. Normally as the medium, Gaara does not sleep to try and retain control over himself and the spirit. This limits the true power of Shukaku. However, if he wishes to allow Shukaku to emerge and obtain full control, he can use this technique to place himself into a temporary sleep. To end the sleep, a strong knock to the medium will wake them and end the control of the spirit. Yes this is long but this should be implemented in time. Also some perks : 1.When a Sand Manipulator is lvl 5 there sand automatically blocks for them and can be used for regular melee attacks. 2.All Sand manipulator's should have a Sand Gar (The thing Gaara has on his back) when they created their character. Lastly i know that some of these the character needs the Shukaku so just don't worry about those but since i heard there was going to be a bijuu system i didn't delete it. Well that's the Sand Clan!