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Found 24 results

  1. Hello Nin Onliners and welcome to the Mastery Guide of Nin. This Guide will give you a rough summary of what each Mastery is about and the playstyles revolving said masteries. Also the current High to bottom tier of each mastery. I will also update that tier list every month due to the "Metta" always changing. *Please Note: If you pick a mastery strictly because it is top tier at the moment or high in the Metta food change just keep it mind it does change. Choose a mastery because that's who your ninja character is not because it's the hot thing. Also this is my view on each mastery and not the actual lookout on them from Rory's perspective or the rest of the community so please don't bash or slander what is said here but simply provide positive feedback until the topic is locked.* List of all Masteries Fire Water Earth Medic Lightning Weapon Master Wind Taijutsu ------------------------------------------- Tier List Tier 1 - Taijutsu, Medic, Weapon Master Tier 2 - Lightning, Earth, Water, Fire Tier 3 - Fire and Wind(Both paths fall under here) *Fire is classed as Tier 2 and Tier 3 because it's CC and Damage make it Tier 2 but the casting times, chakra cost, and self stuns make it a Tier 3* Also this Tier list is how I see them and not the collective of the community. Tier List is also Subject to change along with the Metta. ----------------------------------------------- Fire - Fire is one of Nin's most original masteries and was one of the first created in the game. Fire mastery is used a lot by new players and experienced ones due to the fact that their abilities have a lot of Crowd Control with long range and High Base Damage. The Jutsus of the fire mastery can damage multiple opponents at once and cause a Damage over Time Burn status to who is hit increasing the damage output of that jutsu. Fire is GREAT for training and farming for items in the game. The downside to using fire however is that the jutsus take a moderate amount of chakra to use and several of the jutsus require you to cast, aim, and you can even get self stunned from using them. Water - Water is one of the most balanced masteries Nin can offer and has nice utility with its jutsus. Water has some of everything that everyone likes when it comes to playing the game. Crowd Control, Stun, and Knockback are things people like and this is where you can get it. Water is great for training and it's jutsus aren't as hard to land as some of the other masteries. Water has a second substitution jutsu which comes in handy with escaping and has a stunning jutsu called Water Prison. Water is overall balanced in terms of damage and chakra cost making it new player friendly and easy to use. The downside of water is that Water prison takes a while to master so don't expect to land it in fights at levels 1 and 2. Water Shark is also terribly hard to land due to you needing to stand still and cast it giving your opponent time to evade the move. Earth - Earth is 1 of the most crowd control oriented mastery's and most defensive mastery in the game. Earth allows you to knockback, snare, and slow several opponents at once with its jutsus and even gives you the ability to create an Earth Wall which can repel most if not all ranged attacks until it's destroyed or disappears. Earth has 1 of the best AOE Snaring jutsus in the game as well called Earth Prison which allows you to bind several opponents at once at given levels. Earth revolves around team play mainly due to its innate nature to Crowd Control everything it also has great synergy with almost every elemental mastery. The down side with earth is the Chakra cost on a few of the moves and the need to stand still to cast the jutsus. If you can manage with that its good. Lightning - The Mastery that rules Stuns; Lightning is a deadly mastery but takes a lot of skill to use solo. Lightning has 4 stunning jutsus one of them being the famous Lightning Cutter Technique that sets up for outstanding combos and does great damage. Lightning is great in 1v1 battles and team battles due to their stuns and the little crowd control that they have from the jutsu Lightning Current. Lightning cutter also sets up combos for teammates. Training wise lightning is a little slower than most masteries due to not having not as much Crowd Control. It's more of a single target mastery. The downsides of lightning is that the jutsus require precision and timing to land certain moves and requires a decent amount of chakra as the moves cost quite a bit. Wind - A strong wind that can blow you away! Wind is a mastery that consist of High damage and Long range techniques. Jutsus Like drilling air bullets or vacuum sphere has high damage and long range going up to 15 tiles away. Wind requires great accuracy when using it's jutsus with moderate to high chakra cost. The highest chakra costing jutsu cost 52 chakra but does high damage as a result. Wind also has the ability to knockback the opponent but again only if you can land the jutsu. If you're from the Neo-Sand Village Wind also has a sub path which uses Fans and the strength stat instead of the intelligence stat. The fan path allows you to equip a fan and knockback opponents doing average damage from a distance and helps boost your overall damage with jutsu. It also knockbacks opponents for every ranged hit landed to keep them at bay. The fan path also allows more Crowd Control as it has a few jutsus that hit multiple opponents at once. You also gain jutsus that knockback and slow to help set up combos or to simply run. Training as Wind as either path is easy but more easy for the strength path due to the Crowd Control. Medic Int - Sinner and Saint; Medics keep the game going and keep the players surviving any creature or opponent they face. Medics have 2 different playstyles with the Intelligence path revolving around Poisoning their opponents and the Chakra path which supports his teammates and himself through heals while dealing moderate damage. The Poison path for medics is a grueling path early on due to the need for tools to cast 1 of the jutsus, but as you progress it gets moderately better as you unlock 2 other poisoning jutsus that help with training that cost nothing but chakra. this path also allows you to learn Curse Mark which allows you to boost all your stats by a set percentage based off your overall chakra. As a poison medic you also have better synergy and a better chance at getting a mastery that works well with it mainly an elemental. Due to recent changes however you can not use this path and cast healing techniques on teammates as they share cooldowns so decide properly in the middle of combat. If you're ok with using only 3 jutsus to deal damage you will survive the grueling training, but if you can not then my friend its ok for there is always another path to take. Chakra -The Chakra path for medics has it harder early on than the other path due to you needing tools to level until level 15 where you get chakra scalpels. Chakra Scalpels will be chakra medics main source of damage as well as Throwing Senbon. The Chakra path can apply a lot of pressure in combat due to the need to not charge chakra as often as most people in the game. They can also solely focus on 2 stats; HP and Chakra which makes them a force to be reckon with. However, if you can not land melees or Senbon the other path may be better for you because this path takes more skill to deal damage but on the bright side your healing abilities will make you a nuisance throughout the game. Choose wisely. Weapon Master Strength - What's hotter than someone with a sword? Strength weapon masters have the ability to use swords to hack and slash at the opponent and dwindle down their hp using sword based attacks. Harder time training due to needing to be in close range to land blows but if you can stick it through weapon masters are great in the end game experience and in Combat against other players. Feeling bored? You can always get some friends and go fight bosses to achieve a stronger and better sword! In the future weapon masters combined with elemental masteries will gain enhanced sword abilities that give their swords other little things like burn, stun, knockback, slow and so on. There is always a new sword coming out as well so never be bored as there are continous bosses to fight or bosses to be added they drop new swords. Weapon Master Intelligence - The Intelligence path for weapon masters is mainly played as a second option and not a first. Reason stating...RYO! This mastery is a money sink and if you dont have the money or the means to make the money to use this path of the weapon mastery then don't go it. However if you can handle the costly need for ninja tools to use your jutsus this mastery is great! Low Chakra cost, Great Damage, and Great Crowd Control is what this path offers. You also have the ability to set traps in prepartion for raids or to block enemies from getting through locations. This path excels in team gameplay due to these traps but is tougher to use in 1v1s as the opponent can just avoid your traps. This path also has some of the nicer animations and cool tricks for example: Shadow Shuriken warps you to your opponent if you land it. Exploding Kunai causes a nice size explosion when maxed and it hits someone or something dense. Choose your path Wisely. Taijutsu Agility - Agility Taijutsu use to be one of the best masteries and still is if used correctly. It offers a second substitution jutsu to evade jutsus, knockbacks that can interupt casting, low cooldowns, a stun, and consistent DPS. Moves like Seismic Dash combined with Body flicker gives you the opportunity at easy damage and low cooldown moves like Breaking Kick offer you the ability to continously pressure your opponents into a corner as you rush them swinging your fist and your legs in this case. 2 of its other jutsus offer great range and 1 of them even stuns the opponent for a slight second! If you build your character correctly you can even combine it with elements like Water(Tai Water FTW) or Fire. The best synergy with this mastery is Medic due to Chakra Scalpels and Agility working together to give higher damage output when punching your opponent. The downside of being agility taijutsu is that the jutsu damage/scaling isnt as good as the other masteries as well as the mastery not having any other mastery that is based off agility. Taijutsu Strength - The sub path of agility taijutsu is its strength counterpart called Gentle Fist. Gentle Fist has higher base damage/scaling and a good variety of jutsus. Jutsus like 16 Palms if landed can silence your opponent for x duration and drain there chakra over time causing them to constitently need to charge. They also have Rotation which allows them to knockback opponents if surrounded but this jutsu you dont get untl you are higher level and train one of the other jutsus to achieve it. Some of the other jutsus of this sub path cause knockbacks and stuns as well but give a higher damage output than its brother Agility taijutsu. Focusing more on burst damage than DPS this mastery can offer some good follow ups. Downsides of this path is that it only has 1 substitution and its the basic one so you only have 1 chance to evade a jutsu. This mastery also has higher chakra cost than the other path with a couple jutsus that have cast times. On the bright side because you are strength based, you can combine this mastery with the likes of Strength weapon master to maximize damage output. However there is no advancement if you combine the two but there will be advanced gentle fist in the future. Choose your path Wisely.
  2. Hey folks, I intend to start a new org in the sand for the new arrivals and old heads around town. I think we can make the Sand great again and i hope to do it as a team with yall! So the idea of the org is going to be based around the recruitment and training of new shinobi. Im sure there are ways all of us can help bring new blood to the game and ultimately make Sand great again. The main goal however, as always, is to preserve the sand by creating another network of communication to get your ninjas where they need to be. Personally, I believe i have the chops to lead. If y'all would be interested, Please reach out! My Discord is Riyuji/Okaze#3535
  3. Nyusando

    Nyūsando ニューサンド Nyūsando was founded by Riyuji Takada and Ritz, former Rouge Ninja of the Mist. Riyuji and Ritz served together in the short lived rouge organization "Homra" As time went on they found themselves not cut out for the life of a villain. Seeking redemption they pleaded to The Kazekage to allow them status of a Sand Shinobi. The Sand Village smiled on the two ninja and allowed them stay in the Land of Wind. Swearing an oath to the Village, they carry on together on a mission to bring glory to their new home. Nyūsando was founded with the recruitment of Sand Ninja in mind. We stand together as brothers to defend the Village Hidden in the Sand. We also do our best to expend the Ninonline fan base by recruiting others that we meet offline. You may find them hanging around outside of the gate in their down time. Mercy to the enemies of the Land of Wind.
  4. "空" Sora Clan Hello everyone, I am here to inform you that my newly started clan is recruiting. We are currently a group of 12 ninjas in the sand that wish to see the growth of the Sand with attempts of reviving the village. We have all restarted yesterday and are currently between level 10-17. We are recruiting Mains and Alts that wish to have fun and be apart of our community in game and on Discord. We are missing a well written lore and official clan logo to release. If anyone would like to contribute to that please contact Tobu#8462 on Discord. On the bottom of this thread we have an idea for the logo but it is not official. Requirements: Discord Create a new account or Change your account name to ("Sora ____") Goals: Revive the Sand Become an Official Clan How to Apply: Either post a response to this thread answering the questions below, or you can PM Tobu on Discord (Tobu#8462) Name: Age: Mastery(s): Discord Tag: Goals/Reason for Joining:
  5. A lot of people have been curious on what Taka's motives are and why we do what do. The village system is a mess right now and I think it's time to take action. This forum post will address what actions will be taken and what changes will occur from said actions. I have decided that Taka will be taking over The Hidden Sand Village. The reason being is that I feel as if the current inhabitants are not worthy of such land. Taka has been growing and building strength steadily for a very long time and has done thing's no other can. Takumi has gotten too small for us and this is the perfect change that we need. I will speak more in detail on the rules and guidelines shortly. Do not misunderstand, Taka will still rule over Takumi but we are now expanding our horizons. What this means: This means, we will be migrating to that village and it will be under our exclusive watch. We will occasionally return to Takumi when needed, but majority of our time will be spent here. This may be subject to change in the future. What this means for the current Sand Villagers: There will be no Sand's allowed for the first week of our move just so we can get settled and make sure everything is situated. After this period we may allow the Kazekage and his people to stay periodically as long as they follow the new rules and guidelines that I will be creating. This also could be subject to change depending on how we are feeling. What this means for Mist/Rogues: This will allow other missing's and Organizations such as "Mina" to have some free space to do what they like, grow and they will be allowed to visit us in the Sand Village. Mist Ninja will be allowed to do what ever missions needed and will not be bothered in the process as we have a sort-of neutrality going with them. We have a mutual respect. What this means for Leaf: The Leaf will need to provide the current Sand villagers with a place to stay for the first week and show some good hospitality. As these two villages were allied I don't think this should be a problem. Leaf will not be allowed in our village like we are not allowed in theirs. Any Leaf who needs to get a mission done will have the option of paying or they will be swiftly escorted back to their village(we are rogues, respect our gangsta or die.) Rules: Do not cause drama while you are in our village Do not attack any guests we may have because of you or your villages current beef Respect all players and keep trash talking to a minimum Do Not sit in my kage chair.(If you are spotted doing this you will be flickered by a Gentle Fist quickly, expeditiously, without haste.) More rules may be added and some may be subject to change in the future. It is your responsibility to keep yourself updated if you want to stay in our new Village. Sand you may leave with this for now: The Takage, Kaustic
  6. So for the 2 years I have been playing Nin content has been added and removed and re-added. Its a cycle that's never changing but some things that were added hasn't been utilized and this post is to give feedback/suggestions on utilizing it. As you all know the Snow Quest Line that involve getting Dubious Dangos. Killing bosses for documents, and even killing all the bandit bosses to complete the quest line was removed in the past for unknown reason. I suggest that part of this quest line if not all of it comes back if possible. Currently the snow maps serve one purpose and that's getting cosmetic drops from killing the bosses. The EXP the bosses yield isn't worth while and some of the items that were dropped by them were removed from the NPCS such as the Bandit Mask. I suggest make the NPC in the little hut in snow do something again whether its killing the Bandits or allows us as players to have to farm Material such as Glacier Bear Paw, Snow Wolf Fur, and blood vials to make a Bandit item such as Bandit Mask or Bandit pants. Tanzaku has a Daimyo and 2 Guard NPCS similar to Guren and Gafuki that serve no purpose other than doing Daimyo Express. No one goes to Tanzaku to gamble anymore due to the ratio at which you win/lose RYO. I suggest make a side quest similar to "Champion of Takumi" or even chain it with a quest involving Tanzaku for example: After defeating the Champion of Takumi Guren tells you there is also another Champion in another small town known as Tanzaku. Go Defeat him to prove you are really the best there is. This could give an additional reward similar as the quest Guren Gives. There is also an NPC in Takumi that gives you a Lottery number which is different everytime you speak to him. Why not incorporate the Lottery number into the Gambling town of Tanzaku and make it a side quest for a certain level range which a level requirement to do so. Last but not least the most recent content outside of Mist was the Cursed Laboratory being added. Even though there is a Boss NPC before entering the Safe Zone section of the Lab and a Optional side task that lets you get certain items to make a Poison Laced Kunai as a Missing ninja I feel there should be more here. This place has several NPCS that are useless and even an NPC that looks like a boss. I haven't came up with detailed Ideas for this place as of yet but I ask the community as well as the game developers to try to come up with some so this place isn't casted aside or made useless as much as Tanzaku or the NPC in Snow in the Hut.
  7. Suna Laws These are the laws for my term, Lord 11th! 7/22/2019 Most of these are gonna be simple copy pastes from the old ones with some few wording changes, others are fine as they are. 1. Do not kill another sand ninja for any reason. This includes directly causing them to die in ways such as leading a bunch of mobs to them and then cloaking away. This does not include not helping them in battle or killing them in a mutually agreed upon spar. This results in a strike. There is no excuse for doing this as you have to have pvp on to be able to kill a fellow villager. If you have PvP on in a danger zone, you are responsible for the repercussions. 2. Do not kill allies on the peace list in the same ways that apply to rule number 1. Since you can target them and deal damage without PvP on, accidents do happen. This won't result in a strike unless you are clearly deliberately killing them. The Kage and Council is to use their power to decide whether or not it justifies a strike. 3. If you are exiled 3 times, you are perma exiled from the village. This does not include leaving the village to be a hermit to level faster unless you are caught attacking sands in which case you are treated with the same 3 strike rule. 4. You must aid a fellow Sand ninja if they or the village is being attacked no matter who it is, but if they are attacking others it is up to you to help them or not! Aiding could be calling for help, fighting along, treating injuries, etc. No matter how you decide to help you MUST help in some way! 5. If told by members of the ANBU, Kage, Council or SMPF in uniform to do the following, obey. Failure to obey can result in a jailing: Reasonable things for them to order: . Attack/stop attacking *target person* . Stop following me. . Tell me what happened . Take off your mask. Things that are unreasonable to ask: . Tell me your alts . Go scout in enemy territory . Farm me an item . Go anywhere that is more than 2 maps away 6. Verbal harassment is not tolerated. If you are being an asshole to somebody, take it up with the GM's. It's not the player's responsibility to deal with this and is against the terms of service. If it becomes severe enough, the Kage has full power to exile you on the spot. 7. Follow all terms of service. 8. One jailing's result in a strike. Three strikes is an exile! 9. If you were previously exiled and is allowed a pardon, if you repeat the action that got you the exile or break any of these laws in a short time from being pardoned you are at risk at being immediately exiled. All of these laws are in place now! Signatures that puts this law into place! Lord 11th Nauq Shizuka ANBU Leader Slaughter A.C. First Lady Aikya A.C. Bmore 'The Turtle' A.C. Kushkage
  8. The Alliance On the 26/6/2019 Sand village made alliance with Leaf village. Rule Book Breaking any of the following alliance rules will result in punishment. The rules are punishable by jail time, where two jail sessions lead to one strike and three strikes end in an exile. Note: Rogue ninjas who have alts in leaf and/or sand will be instantly exiled if their intention is to break a rule on purpose and ruin the alliance between the two villages. 1. Do not attack a Leaf ninja with the intention to kill. 2. Do not go to the allied village masked. As soon as you arrive in Sand/Leaf territory unmask instantly. Unmask at Chakra Forest if you are heading to Leaf and Large Desert map if you are heading to Sand. If you get killed because of having a mask on you won't be able to blame anyone for that action. (You can pass while masked if you show them your identity and they allow you to keep the mask on) 3. Sand ninjas are to avoid getting themselves involved in a conflict with Leaf ninjas. If you are being attacked by a Leaf ninja, make sure to take screenshots as proof and try avoiding the fight or arguing. Report the incident, along with the evidence, to the council or Kage either via discord or forum’s direct message. 4. Do not assist an enemy (Mist) “friendly” or Missing-Ninja “friendly” if he/she is under attack by our allied forces. 5. If you have an argument with a villager, try to solve it respectfully, if you are unable to come to an agreement contact your village Kage or council. In the rare case where they are not available, try to get in touch with a trusted/respected Jonin or Chunin from your village. 6. It is prohibited to invite a known enemy of the Leaf to the respected Leaf territory whether it is for sparring reasons or otherwise. 7. Do not place a bounty on ninjas of Leaf. 8. If people of the opposing villages are sparring in a specified village and the spar leads to a death where the downed shinobi is not revived (even if there was a medic around refusing to heal), there will be no punishment for either side. Common courtesy and respect are expected from ninjas of both sides, but in this case, those who spar with one another need to keep in mind that medics can’t be forced to revive you. Note: If the Leaf ninjas break these rules which apply to both villages , please make sure to take a screenshot and report it to Council/Kage. (in case you are the victim being attacked). If a Leaf ninja invades the hidden Sand village with the intention to raid leaf , you are free to proceed with killing the invader while having proof about the situation.
  9. Crescent Moon beheading has a 3 tile range with a 2 second cast time and is slow cast.. The damage is subpar and not really worth it compared to the other Weapon Master(str) based jutsus so no one really uses it. I suggest to make this move more viable and worth using in PVP/PVE let it work almost similar to Wind Mask... 2 second slow cast time with 2 tile knockback and 3 second slow OR maybe just give it the ability to slow for 2-4 seconds and remove the Self stun it causes when maxed. The jutsu being slow cast within a 3 tile range makes it not worth using because people can just punish you or back away in time and still punish you and even if you miss you still get self stunned.
  10. I want to draw and submit art to to both the sand AND leaf village as I have two characters. Only issue is I need characters to draw that aren't just mine or my brothers. If you would like me to include your character PLEASE let me know their clan and send a picture of your character to me. Also tell me how they would feel or be doing during a lecture in class (Example: Scribbling notes down, sleeping, balancing a pencil on their nose, eating, etc.) The characters will all be drawn in their respective classrooms. I will be taking 10 Leaf Genin and 10 Sand Genin I'm also taking 1 Jonin for each Village. When i get all i need i will close the submitting, sorry. Thanks for your help!
  11. Yari

    Yari We are sharpness itself. The Yari organization was founded by @Slaughter and @Rizuku. This organization was created to form balance within Sunagakure (The Sand village). Imformation is classified. We have no fear of death. It just means dreaming in silence. A dream that lasts for eternity. -Vincent Volaju Slater is a fucking cunt and smokes a dick for a cheap one -Itama
  12. Good Day Sunagakure, I would like to introduce the start of many events/tournament for the Village Hidden in the Sand. On Saturday May, 25 2019 At 4:00 pm EST. I am Hosting a 1 v 1 tournament for all Sand Ninja, and free to enter. This tournament will have prize rewards: 1st Place: $30.00 2nd Place: $15.00 3rd Place: $5.00 So if you plan on entering, make sure to bring your A-game because best believe, everyone else will. I hope to see a lot of your beautiful Suna faces, and hope for a great turnout.
  13. Hello, I know that this idea has already been said but I think that it was not much attention ... the missings we need a new village that is in the same coordinates as takumi, I mean not being like tanzaku that you have to pass by leaf yes or yes. Why we need this new village? : you can see that there are many missings lately and different organizations have been created and it is already tedious to play for 1 hour so you can not leave the hospital because there is an army outside to kill everyone. that's why a village missing is needed to calm the wars in takumi a bit. (By the way anyone who says you can go back to the villages sand or leaf if you do not like takumi, if we put up with this and even then we have not returned it is because it is worse to be in a village that in takumi.) @Ueda @Seth @Sezu
  14. This is an idea that I have had after reviewing all the organizations. I think that inactive organizations should be eliminated so that people do not make mistakes or think that there is an active organization. to part there are organizations so old and the villa has wanted to reactivate it again but the old organization is still there ... well my idea in itself is to eliminate the organizations that you see that the leader has not connected in 6 months or more. I think these can be examples of organizations that should be eliminated: a few hours ago sand has created a new organization of official medics in sand ... why is this organization still exposed? this is only 1 member WTF? the last 2 orgs only 1 member ?! there are more organizations that should be looked at if they should be eliminated or what to do with them ... they only waste a space in the lists ..
  15. Kazekage(s) Time spend on duty 1st: Argoh 1-Month 2nd: Konahri 3-weeks 3rd: ReubenNick 1-week 4th: Miki 2-weeks 5th: Kaguya Light 6-Months 6th: TetsuHawk 6-Months 7th: Tresmore 3-Months 8th: dyan 3-months 9th : slaugther 1-month 2-weeks 10th: itama date present Sand Assassins CLASSIFIED Military corps leader(s) [BETA] 1st: Viduus 2nd: BlackKage 3rd: Lecter 4th: jaykiller 5th: Pinku 6th: Jun 7th: Mrchubb 8th: BlackKage 9th: Kyan Medical corps leader(s) [BETA] 1st: Tresmorne 2nd:Omega Specialized Jonin [Beta] ( Tresmorne, Proxied Miki, Vaga) ( Nomady Hozuki Kayn Ketsueki ) Chunin [Alpha] ( BrokenInside, Jazzberry jam ) [Beta] ( Dareem, Brae, Rainyer, Kaguya Light, ) ( Bowieeee, Nut, MrChubb, Pervy Sage,) ( Tresmorne, Kenock , Dio,lumy, Dyan,) (Booty Gang, Pinku Zelda ,Huranza,) (Ketsueki BlackKage , Ketsueki Akoosh , Deviax Adenium) (Taipan , Nauq Vongola , Bolan , Jun Suneku) (Kadek , Slaughter , Itama Date , Raikuzu Hozuki , Nighma Hozuki) (Windy , Yuura) jonin (Mrchubb , Light , Ranier , Brae , TetsuHawk , Dareem) (Tresmorne Toitsu , Kenock Toitsu , Booty the Great) (Ketsueki BlackKage 1 , Jinbei Toitsu , Sashiba Dyan) (Deviax Hozuki , Slaughter , Jun Pachi , Itama Date) ps i will try and make changes as they happen and if there is any errors pm on discord @ketsueki black kage#7930
  16. Sunagakure Medical Corps

    "There are no winners in war, everyone involved will eventually get harmed, that is where we come into place." Unknown Source The SMC (Sunagakure Medical Corps) is the third official organization, next to the Sand Assassins and the SMPF (Sand Military Police Force), created and overlooked by the Kazekage. Their main objective is to offer medical support in all aspects of a shinobi’s life, from aiding experienced fighters to complete beginners. Protection during raids, aid while hunting down dangerous individuals, or supporting Genin fresh out of the academy are all part of the routine for a member of the SMC. Our goal is to exceptionally provide safety for every member of the sand village by offering healing and resources such as medicine and tools for every who might need it. Between the combat focused Field Medics and the distinctly medical focused Support Specialists, it is guaranteed that every Medical-Nin will find their perfect role within the SMC, so don't hesitate to apply so more of us can ensure the prosperity of our village.
  17. I do not know if this really is a bug, but it happened after the fans have become exclusive to Sand Village. It was just those pieces of clothing and so I thought it was strange.
  18. Well, please remove the automatic interaction by approaching the soda machines and the eyewear stores as well. Note: This also happens with the leaf village glasses shop.
  19. Well, we have two bugs here, they are: 1 - When you click "next" to go to the next page the game understands how you have clicked "leave." 2 - You open any of the tabs to buy jutsus scrolls and when you click the "X" to close the tab the game understands how you clicked "next."
  20. Game

    Kazekage(s) [BETA] Time spend on duty 1st: Argoh 1-Month 2nd: Konahri 3-weeks 3rd: ReubenNick 1-week 4th: Miki 2-weeks 5th: Kaguya Light 6-Months 6th: TetsuHawk Present Sand Assassins ( not officially lauched until further note ) Military corps leader(s) [BETA] 1st: Proxied 2nd: Medical corps leader(s) [BETA] 1st: Tresmorne 2nd: Chunin [Alpha] ( BrokenInside, Konahri, Jazzberry jam ) [Beta] ( Dareem, Brae, Rainyer, Kaguya Light, Arashi Himitsu ) ( Bowieeee, Nut, MrChubb, Pervy Sage ) Specialized Jonin [Beta] ( Tresmorne, Proxied ) ( Miki, Vaga )
  21. Akatsuki member standing outside of the Sand Village South entrance.

    © Copyright 2013-2015 Hitspark Interactive

  22. The South sector of the Sand Village.

    © Copyright 2013-2015 Hitspark Interactive

  23. Fernando, Shinji and me standing on top of the Kazekage Office Building in the Sand Village.

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  24. Sup guys this is Ryu Ken and im posting this to talk about the sand manipulator clan. Though i love being a swordsman a sand manipulator is gonna be my main character (well if there is gonna be sand) Im not tryna Rush anything but in some point in the game i would like this from the sand clan. I know this is a lot so u don't have to read all most of u should now almost all of them. The Jutsu: I AM NOT CLAIMING THAT THIS JUTSU RESEARCH ON GAARA WAS MINE (But i did do research just copied because this will take VERY long to write Daisan no Me - The Third Eye Character Use: Gaara of the Desert Rank: D-Rank Range: All Range. Type: Supplementary Daisan no Me is a Ninjutsu technique unique to the Sand ninja Gaara. Created out of sand, the Eye allows Gaara to view an opponent when he is either encased in his Suna no Muya or when he needs to be able to see his opponent's actions when he has no clear line of sight with his own eyes. Gokusamaisou - Sand Prison Burial Character Use: Gaara Rank: C-rank Range: Close (0m ~ 5m), Mid (5m ~ 10m) Type: Attack Gokusamaisou is a Ninjutsu technique utilized by the Sand ninja Gaara. Using his ability to manipulate sand, Gaara will loosen the ground below his target and cause them to sink deep within the earth. By being imprisoned at this depth, the pressure will completely limit their ability to move. Mugen Sajin Daitoppa - Infinite Dust Great Breakthrough Character Use: Gaara Rank: B Range: Close (0m ~ 5m), Mid (5m ~ 10m), Far (10m+) Type: Attack, Defense Fuuton • Mugen Sajin Daitoppa is a Ninjutsu technique utilizing the Wind Element. While in his partially transformed Shukaku form, Gaara can inhale a large amount of air into the Shukaku chest cavity. He can then exhale the air in a large gust capable of turning back an incoming attack. Rendan Suna Shigure - Sand Shower Combo Character Use: Gaara Rank: B Range: Close (0m ~ 5m), Mid (5m ~ 10m), Far (10m+) Type: Attack Rendan Suna Shigure is a Ninjutsu technique utilized by the Sand ninja Gaara. The technique functions similar to Suna Shigure, except instead of raining the sand down from above, Gaara fires the sand bullets directly towards his target. Renkuudan - Drilling Air Projectile Character Use: Gaara Rank: C Range: Close (0m ~ 5m), Mid (5m ~ 10m), Far (10m+) Type: Attack Fuuton • Renkuudan is a Ninjutsu technique utilizing the Wind Element. The demon Shukaku inhales a large amount of air into his chest and then slams his fist into his chest to expel it. To strengthen the attack Shukaku will imbue chakra into the air. When expelled it forms concussive spherical projectiles capable of inflicting large damage. Ryuusa Bakuryuu - Quicksand Waterfall Current Character Use: Gaara Rank: A Range: Close (0m ~ 5m), Mid (5m ~ 10m), Far (10m+) Type: Attack Ryuusa Bakuryuu is a Ninjutsu technique utilized by the Sand ninja Gaara. The technique functions similar to his Sabaku Kyuu except on a much larger scale. With the development of Gaara's powers he has gained further control over the nearby environment. By crushing rocks and pebbles in the ground with his sand, he can create more useable sand. After focusing his power, a large tidal wave size amount sand will rise from the ground to cover his target and the surrounding area. This technique serves to set up his Sabaku Taisou technique. Sabaku Fuyuu - Desert Sand Floating Character Use: Gaara Rank: C Range: All Range Type: Supplementary Sabaku Fuyuu is a Ninjutsu technique utilized by the Sand ninja Gaara. Using his ability to levitate sand, Gaara will bring together sand into cloud shape clumps. These clumps are dense enough for Gaara or another ninja to rest on. This can allow Gaara to rise above any threat from below. Sabaku Kyuu - Desert Coffin Character Use: Gaara Rank: D Range: Close (0m ~ 5m), Mid (5m ~ 10m) Type: Attack Sabaku Kyuu is a Ninjutsu technique utilized by the Sand ninja Gaara. Gaara will cause sand to rise from the ground and wrap around the legs of his target, restraining them in place. The sand will then rise up to full encase the target. This technique alone can crush the bones of his opponent but the technique is usually used to prepare the victim for the Sabaku Sousou technique. Sabaku Rou - Desert Prison Character Use: Gaara Rank: B Range: Close (0m ~ 5m), Mid (5m ~ 10m), Far (10m+) Type: Defense Sabaku Rou is a Ninjutsu technique utilized by the Sand ninja Gaara. With the further expansion of his powers, Gaara has been able to control larger and larger amounts of sand. Sabaku Rou is a large scale version of Sabaku Kyuu. With this technique, Gaara will cause a large sphere of sand to encircle and trap his target. Sabaku Sousou - Desert Funeral Character Use: Gaara Rank: A Range: Close (0m ~ 5m), Mid (5m ~ 10m) Type: Attack Sabaku Sousou is a Ninjutsu technique utilized by the Sand ninja Gaara. Gaara will cause sand to rise from the ground and encase his target using his Sabaku Kyuu technique, making them captured in place. Gaara will then do this jutsu to constrict and crush his target killing them. The blood of the victim will then mix with the sand which returns to Gaara's gourd. The blood then gives more power to the Shukaku demon imbued in Gaara. Sabaku Taisou - Desert Imperial Funeral Character Use: Gaara Rank: A Range: Close (0m ~ 5m), Mid (5m ~ 10m), Far (10m+) Type: Attack Sabaku Taisou is a Ninjutsu technique utilized by the Sand ninja Gaara. The technique functions similar to his Sabaku Sousou except on a much larger scale. With the development of Gaara's powers he has gained further control over the nearby environment. By crushing rocks and pebbles in the ground he can create more useable sand. After focusing his power he uses his Ryuusa Bakuryuu technique to cover the surrounding environment in sand. He then places his hands down to the ground and causes the sand to constrict and harden, thereby crushing everything it is covering. Shukaku no Hoko - Halberd of Shukaku Character Use: Gaara Rank: B Range: Close (0m ~ 5m) Type: Attack Special Note: Anime Only Shukaku no Hoko is a Ninjutsu technique said to be Gaara's Saikou Zettai Kougeki (Supreme Absolute Attack). Gaara collects extremely solid minerals and mixes them into his sand using pressure from his chakra. This creates a very strong and hard Shukaku-like halberd which he can then throw. The strength of the material allows it to penetrate a very strong defense. Shukaku no Tate - Shield of Shukaku Character Use: Gaara Rank: A Range: Close (0m ~ 5m) Type: Defense Shukaku no Tate is a Ninjutsu technique said to be Gaara's Saikou Zettai Bougyo (Supreme Absolute Defense). To stop an incoming attack, Gaara will mainfest a small form of the Shukaku demon out of sand. Gaara collects extremely solid minerals from underground and mixes them into his sand using pressure from his chakra. This creates a very strong defensive barrier Shunshin no Jutsu - Body Flicker Technique Character Use: Gaara, Haku, Hanzou, Hatake Kakashi, Uchiha Sasuke, Yondaime Hokage, Yondaime Raikage Rank: D Range: - Type: Supplementary Shunshin no Jutsu is a basic Ninjutsu technique. The ninja will appear and disappear in an instant, allowing them to retreat or attack suddenly. To facilitate the movement the ninja will often use nearby elements such as mist, sand or leaves to mask their appearance or disappearance. Suna Bunshin no Jutsu - Sand Clone Technique Character Use: Gaara, Sasori Rank: Unknown Range: D Type: Supplementary Suna Bunshin is a Ninjutsu technique utilized by the Sand ninja Gaara. The clone functions like a normal Bunshin, except it is made out of sand. The clone itself can be formed out of the Suna no Tate that protects Gaara. When a ninja goes to attack the Bunshin, the malleability of the sand allows the blow to sink into the sand, which can then wrap itself around the limb to constrain the attacker. Suna no Mayu - Cocoon of Sand Character Use: Gaara Rank: D Range: - Type: Supplementary Suna no Mayu is a Ninjutsu technique utilized by the Sand ninja Gaara. It serves as one of Gaara's absolute defenses. After forming the needed hand seals, a sphere of sand will surround his body. This sand cocoon is made as a defensive measure and is also made to allow Gaara to enter into his Shukaku state. Where his body becomes encased in Sand to make him resemble a smaller form of the Shukaku demon. While in the cocoon Gaara will use the Daisan no Me (Third Eye) to view his opponent and the surrounding battlefield. Suna no Yoroi - Armor of Sand Character Use: Gaara Rank: D Range: Close (0m ~ 5m)) Type: Defense Suna no Yoroi is a Ninjutsu technique utilized by the Sand ninja Gaara. If Gaara's Suna no Tate fails, Gaara uses an almost invisible thin layer of sand to cover his body. For the sand to cover Gaara's body, he has to use his body's chakra. When covered by the sand Gaara becomes heavier and it is more difficult for his body to maneuver. Though the sand does provide some protection, sufficient strikes will break the armor to expose Gaara's natural body. Suna Raishin - Sand Lightning Needles Character Use: Gaara Rank: C Range: Close (0m ~ 5m) Type: Attack Special note: Movie Two Only Suna Raishin is a Ninjutsu technique utilized by the Sand ninja Gaara. Gaara will hurl sand into the air which will come down around his target as hard pikes. Electricity will be generated from the pikes to arc towards and attack his opponent.If his opponent utilizes lightning, it appears this technique will neutralize its usage in the target. Suna Shigure - Sand Shower Character Use: Gaara Rank: D Range: Close (0m ~ 5m), Mid (5m ~ 10m), Far (10m+) Type: Attack The Suna Shigure is a Ninjutsu technique utilized by the Sand ninja Gaara. Using his chakra to control nearby sand, Gaara will levitate small clumps of sand above his opponent. This sand can be used to distract his target while he starts his Sabaku Kyuu technique or to provide further sand for the sand coffin itself. Suna Shuriken - Sand Shuriken Character Use: Gaara Rank: D Range: Close (0m ~ 5m), Mid (5m ~ 10m) Type: Attack The Sand Shuriken is a Ninjutsu technique utilized by the Sand ninja Gaara. Using his chakra to control nearby sand, Gaara will hurl disks of sand at his opponent. Spinning through the air the disks are deadly in strength, inflicting large amounts of damage to his target and surrounding objects. Tanukineiri no Jutsu - Feigning Sleep Technique Character Use: Gaara Rank: D Range: - Type: Supplementary Tanukineiri no Jutsu is a Ninjutsu technique that allows Gaara to take full advantage of incarnation of sand. After being possessed by the Shukaku spirit, Gaara loses control of his body and personality to the demon when he sleeps. Normally as the medium, Gaara does not sleep to try and retain control over himself and the spirit. This limits the true power of Shukaku. However, if he wishes to allow Shukaku to emerge and obtain full control, he can use this technique to place himself into a temporary sleep. To end the sleep, a strong knock to the medium will wake them and end the control of the spirit. Yes this is long but this should be implemented in time. Also some perks : 1.When a Sand Manipulator is lvl 5 there sand automatically blocks for them and can be used for regular melee attacks. 2.All Sand manipulator's should have a Sand Gar (The thing Gaara has on his back) when they created their character. Lastly i know that some of these the character needs the Shukaku so just don't worry about those but since i heard there was going to be a bijuu system i didn't delete it. Well that's the Sand Clan!