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Found 1 result

  1. Game

    Hello fellow Ninja, My suggestion is about Senjutsu, or many call it Sage Style, and how it should work and what it should do. The way I see it Senjutsu should have two different part of it. Including Sage Mode and Sage Jutsus. Because Sage mode should effect you directly and Sage Jutsus should jutsus only usable in Sage Mode. To get Senjutsu you just go to the location of you summon and train with them. To enter Sage Mode the cast time should be 20 seconds and only last 30 seconds with a 40 second cool down. Sage Mode should increase your Agility, Chakra, and Intellect with an extended range for melee attacks. Some Sage Style jutsu idea's are as followed: Sage Style: Giant Rasengan Sage Style: Black Flames Sage Style: Wood Golem Sage Style: Eight Trigrams Sealing (Lock all chakra from the opponent for 10 seconds) Also depending on what animal you were trained by can also give you a special Sage jutsu for that school only. But i couldn't think of any so if y'all want to that's fine cool.