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Found 2 results

  1. Xylon's History A clan with the abilities of both Senju and Uchiha clan with the Senjus bloodline being rarer than that of the Uchihas. This small group consist of well trained assassin who believes in strong determination and pride. This clan doesn't show mercy to any prey because of the abusive ways they have been treated by countless others. Intelligence is a great weapon during assassination and their true weapon their strength from intense training. The Xylon clan like working best in the shadows. Quotes: "Once a Xylon always a Xylon" ~Rawn Xylon "Destruction to all things" ~Romariok Xylon Requirements to join: Name change to ____ Xylon Level 15~ Be Active Application: Name? Level? Mastery? Reason for join? Leader: @Rawn Xylon @Romariok Xylon Elder: @Maro Xylon
  2. Ok So.... so like ok when the sharingan is activated there should be a pixelated sharingan above the players head and it stays there for bout 1.5 secs (The Sharingan is active for about 1-2 minutes) thats how you would know that the person has activated it Ok now the abilities: It can have some sort of "genjutsu" it will stun nearby enemies(players,spiders,tigers,wolfs,..) Copy Jutsu If someone uses a jutsu the person with the sharingan has about 2-4 secconds to use the ability and copy the jutsu sending it where he is looking at (btw he has to be looking at the person using the jutsu) Crows, the player takes shape of crows and moves around for about 5 secconds (shuriken,kunai and other weapons cant hit him but some jutsu can) The Person Unlocks 2 and 3 tomoe sharingan by leveling it up We dont need the mangeyo yet Only add the normal one Please I know its hard and all but a lot of people will be happy and all -Leo Tekkai