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Found 4 results

  1. When a player's account only has the Silver Ninja rank, it makes likes anonymous. If you just have a regular account, Gold account, or a Gold and Silver account you are able to view who likes content. This is what the notifications look like:
  2. Now that Inventory slots are being sold in the cash shop, maybe we can have inventory slots included as rewards when someone buys Gold or is awarded Silver Ninja status. I am only talking about a few inventory slots for each status, maybe 3-5 (amount is negotiable ofcourse). This way more people will be attracted to buy Gold Ninja status, the current members will feel like they're rewarded for their loyalty to the game, and the devs will also benefit in an increase in purchases of the Gold Ninja status. (Haven't checked if someone has already suggested this)
  3. Introduction When you become a Gold Ninja or Silver Ninja, you will be given a wide variety of perks that will benefit you both in-game and on the website. You can become one by purchasing it. Both 1 Display Name changes per year. Ability to request names from inactive players who haven't logged in for over 2 years. Keep your name reserved even if you leave the game for over 2 years. Create an Organization of your own! Game Special name and chat color. Website Profile Backgrounds and Songs. Badge which displays on your forum profile, threads, and posts. 500 MB upload limit instead of 5. Gallery able to create custom albums and higher upload limit. Unlimited personal messages rather than 500. Access to the Ninja Hideout forum that has special announcements that are not publicly made available. Discord Discord rank. Cash Shop 10% discount in the Cash Shop. This is a one time payment and lasts forever.
  4. Introduction The forum needs some excitement and some revival, so I got permission from Rory to host a Nin Online Fan Art Contest. The reward for making the best artwork judged by the staff team will receive a Silver Shinobi. As we have noticed, this may not be an appealing reward for everyone, so included with the reward will be a Fan Art forum award. Guidelines Draw as many entries of Fan Art for Nin Online. It can be done on notepad (take a picture) or with software, which ever works for you! Must be your own artwork, cannot be copied or drawn over work. You can draw any fan art you like, although relevance to Nin Online is a judging criteria. Send all entries to me in private message or in a comment in this thread. (If multiple, put all of them in one post, do not make multiple posts). (Optional) Drawing our 3 man Chunnin team (in the banner) They are Taki (purple hair girl), Shiro (white hair guy) and Kuro (black hair guy) *possible bonus points". Note: You don't need to be a talented artist to enter this contest, do your best. We are not expecting amazing artwork. Official Rewards Silver Shinobi. Fan Art Forum Award​. 1st Place - Gold "Pencil & Brush" Award. 2nd Place - Silver "Pencil & Brush" Award. 3rd Place - Bronze "Pencil & Brush" Award. This contest will be held from May 31st to June 15th. It may end early if we deem it necessary by not having anymore entries.