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Found 2 results

  1. Game

    OK so I maxed body flicker and I was thinking about having it change a different way but I seen a comment and it seems a lot simpler for a fix. Just make body flicker teleport you behind them like sub does easy. It makes so much since as a fix anytime you us it in a fight it never works for chasing but this way it will give you another tile because you not teleporting in front of them and you can use it better for attacking why it was made to teleport in front of them in the first place is beyond me. Just have body flicker teleport us behind instead of infront It would not be a hard fix and would not take all that much time. Much more simple then what i had before. Thank you Origami Heart Better solution to this. Do leave a comment on your opinion of this every replay helps.
  2. Game

    Proposal Out of all the masteries and controversies that follow toward "who deserves what and why" I believe I speak on behalf of most if not all the players of NinO when I say Tai's performance has to be one of the most disappointing outcomes. Not all people care for jutsu believe it or not, which is why most of those people resort to tai. There's nothing wrong with this mindset excluding the fact that new players, looking from the outside in, expect the tai combat preference to be able to keep up with those of an chakra user. Unfortunately that isn't the case and frankly tai performs at way disappointing level than even average. It an issue that undeniably deserves some serious TLC (tender, love and care xP). It all falls down to what are we to do about the stats? My solution; absolutely nothing. >:3 The stats are fine, using the cannon series as my reference, there were shinobi who were taijutsu specialist but ultimately sucked in the long run. This doesn't undermind the fact that tai is undeniably the strongest form of offense as demonstrated by both Rock Lee and his Sensei, Might Guy. Reverting back to the cannon series we recall how pitiful young Rock Lee started off. It was only through the power of "Youth" was he able to achieve monstrous strength that was able to penetrate the sand armor the Shikaku spirit veiled over Gaara during the preliminary round of the chunin exams. While the whole concept of Youth is very inspiring, NinO online doesn't sponsor youth as a leveling currency. Therefore the user must put in hard work to determine the overall effectiveness. I'm implying we give tai users an additional skill, The 8 gates. Execution Tai users are to start with an additional skill at level 10 "Gate 1" This gate is to serve as a skill that operates in a similar fashion as the gentle fist activation state For a period of time the users strength grows by a factor (leave the technical stuff to you all >.<) These skills typically aren't to be easy to level. (perhaps maybe the first 3 are??) At a certain level (im thinking 3) the health of the user gradually corrodes away (replicating the defects of the 8 gates strain on the body) The strength of the jutsu increases as the level of the jutsu increases. (as expected) however the stronger it gets the smaller the usage time. i.e. Gate 1 = 300, Gate 2 = 250, Gate 3 = 200 etc. (The goal is to reduce the jutsu's time about time the user reaches the 8th gate to avoid excessive enormous damage) Potential Down Factors Say we do do this, then everyone will switch to taijutsu and take the fun out of the game. Thats why we make it suuuper hard to level this skill. Im sure we recall how crazy and bizarre Lee and Guy trained on a daily bases. We cant quite replicate all the push ups and laps they did but we can make this skill hard to boost to pay tribute to their work ethic. This form of combat is to be intended for the truly dedicated shinobi who wish to pursue hard work and train in the ways of YOUTH!! xD Great, here comes another leaf exclusive taijutsu skill. Quite the contrary, In fact this this wont be the case! During the second chunin exams featured in the shippuden arc there was a shinobi that posed equal in match to Lee's taijutsu with his own. This allows for both villages to benefit from this technique. Gf/tai - whatever else is going to be too overpowered Not really, keep in mind the Gates techniques is initially designed for players who prefer to chase and hit rather than spam techniques. That fact given, a major chakra drain will be dealt. Unlike other classes however, the chakra drain shouldn't be reduced by flat amounts like other jutsus but by percents of the users chakra. That way when and if (Cause its gonna be suuuper hard xD) a user has achieved the 8th gate then it should drain 80% of his overall chakra. Sure all it takes is a few hits to down his opponent but with his little time in this mode and a dodging opponent it should only serve as a last resort. (No pun intended) This concludes my Idea