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Found 1 result

  1. Hey, First of all, sorry to be posting on the "Leaf Village" section of the forums while I'm on this account. Now with that said... Rory, Rory, Rory... You really messed up, not just this CE, but a bunch of other Chunin Exams too. First of all, you didn't watch the exams, so you have no idea who deserves to get promoted. You can't really be serious about only letting Leaf have three promotions, when Leaf did way better than Sand throughout the entire exam. Since you didn't watch it, I'll do the maths for you: Written Exam (Part 1) Sand teams present: 3 Leaf teams present: 9 Sand teams failed: 2/3 = 66.6666666% Leaf teams failed: 1/9 = 11.1111111% 3v3 Fights (Part 2) Sand teams present: 1 Leaf teams present: 8 Sand teams failed: 1/1 = 100% Leaf tams failed: 3/8 = 37.5% Final Round - 1v1 (Part 3) Sand teams present: 0 Leaf teams present: 5 Leaf throughout the entire exam lost a total of four teams, all the way from the written exam to the final stage. Sand had more than a 50% failure rate for each part of the exam. You may be thinking that it's unfair to do these kind of maths, since Leaf started with a bigger number of participants than Sand. That's a fair way of looking at it, in regards of Leaf VS Sand. But what is not fair is not letting @Ishyn Sasayaki choose his promotions, based on who he believes deserves it. And trust me, there were more ninja than three who deserved it in that CE. It's not fair, when thinking about this logically, Sand had 2 players promoted, simply for passing a written exam, whereas Leaf only got 3 promotions (out of 27) for doing more than just passing the written exam. And if you wanna talk about RP, I'm all for that, but even the Kazekage was AFK during the entire event. I don't wanna personally offend anyone, so I won't go too much in to all of that stuff. Additionally, it doesn't make sense that you want the villages to have an equal amount of Chunin simply for the sake of equality if one side obviously did much better. That does not make sense to me, in an RP sense, at least. This may be a bit of a long post, Rory, but please think about what I'm saying and take it in to consideration. Allow the Leaf to have 6/27 promotions. That's an entirety of two teams (out of nine, who all did incredibly well). And if you want to pick an SJ for either side, you can - Here is the link for the Chunin Exams (excluding the written test): I will leave a poll here for everyone to vote. So if I'm completely wrong, feel free to ignore me @Ueda. But if the poll happens to say otherwise, you really should take my advice of taking these promotions in to consideration.