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Found 4 results

  1. My hawk summon slows me instead of the opponent
  2. Hello, Hawk on level 7. Snares work but wrong. Very rare happen snare for target which im mark. often made snare a randomly players which i dont targeting, but was near Hawk can snare himself
  3. When a summon ( a weasel in my case) kill somebody in a danger zone, the master of the summon automatically get the bounty. even if somebody revive him after.
  4. As the name states, this is a suggestion to prevent the summoning system (that is soon coming) from being just another boring and dull grind. Don't get me wrong, I know it will be a grind and it should be, but I just don't want it to be the same old killing mobs to get exp to max level like what we have in the jutsu leveling system now. Disclaimer: I don't have all the info on how the summoning system will work and how to obtain it other than the "10 scrolls for a 10% chance" to get the contract, that's why my first suggestion is how to obtain the summoning contract. 1) Suggestion:To obtain the contract you need to trade in NPC drops which will turn into a point system which more points are given for the higher level mob's drop and when you get to the required number you turn in a level 3 scroll to get the summoning scroll. 1) Reasoning: Reason for that is so its not a chance game players are playing for the ability to get a summon, because with a chance some players can use 10 scrolls to get a summon and some can use 200 scrolls and not get a summon and very often I have seen players work very hard to get an item and then fail at the RNG and quit the game for it because they used up lots of hours of their life, and as in all things, you don't want players quitting the game for something like this. If you think about it. 2) Suggestion: Every 20% levels from max summon level you have to turn in NPC drops with the same point system for the summon to be able to pass that level like a Tier system. 2) Reasoning: The reason for this is so players don't just stay at a low level spot and level their summon to max level but with this the player will still need to up the tier of the summon. This also stops lower level players from having high level summons unless they work very hard to get it to a higher tier. 3) Suggestion: Every summon will have their own NPC in which to turn in the drop items which will be in the safe zone in what every map the summon is from. 3) Reasoning: This is so the point system can work unique to the every summon in a way that some items can give 2x the points that it will give for other summons (something like a favorite food) and this will make this system easier and minimize bugs in the system. This will also stop players from all being in the same map or camping maps to kill players like what we see when it comes to some grinding spots. 4) Suggestion: For every Tier the summon goes, it gets a new skill and also gets bigger. 4) Reasoning: This is so summons levels don't need to be displayed but players can tell what tier the summon is at and see how hard the owner is working. This can also be pre-work for a system that can be coming for all we know, riding summons can be in the plans and making it set to a tier, players will want to work hard to get to that level. 5) Suggestion: When a player have a summon out, their maximum Chakra is lowered by a good number, 100 or 75 of their chakra cant be used. 5) Reasoning: This is to stop players from spamming combos as their summon try to attack the target, also players with high chakra will be able to use their summons very will but players with low chakra will not, so summons will not need a level requirement or stat requirement but to use it effectively you will need a lot of chakra, this also means that players without a summon out will have something over someone with one. This suggestion if none else can be added with out any of the other 4 above it. In the end of it all this is a pet system and players love to see pets evolve and learn new skills but added into this game its a bit different because its a way to make players have something to do at max level and also to bring back old players with new content so things need to be mixed up a bit from the kill mobs for exp until you get to max level and with this suggestion I hope to make the GMs see what can be done with the summoning system if planed out right. They may not use any of my suggestions but this was also made to open their eyes and see that things don't have to always be RNG which players hate, I have never met a player that likes RNG when it comes to getting more powerful in a game because their is always some players that gets powerful just because they are lucky and not because of hard work. Note for the GMs If you think about it, it can take about 6 hours to get 10 scrolls and that's being generous because I have grind in one spot for over 6 hours before and only get about 3-4 scrolls but lets use 6 hours, after that 6 hours you have a 10% chance to get the contract and if u fail 10 or even 20 times that 60-120 hours of your life used up in a game that added nothing to your character and we know that 10% can fail 20 times we have seen it in the game. If this is to be the system to make players get a summoning contract then it needs a serous think over. Yes I know that players don't need to get the summons but what are level 50s to do when they see other players with it and they don't have one and every time they try to get one they fail using hours out of their life which can be used in another game to have fun, also are you going to make some players better in PvP because of a low chance which will off balance the game and make more players quit.