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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, Hawk on level 7. Snares work but wrong. Very rare happen snare for target which im mark. often made snare a randomly players which i dont targeting, but was near Hawk can snare himself
  2. I came up with a few suggestions concerning summons: 1. No chakra cost to retrieve them 2. Nicknames 3. Summons shouldn't get hit by team members 4. Our own summon should have a hp bar displaying like if we were in a team Gracias pepito for reading.
  3. From some rumors I heard that Summon choice was dependant on your village and I thought that this was some sick joke but more and more people started to talk about it. Something like this: Leaf: Toad Slug Sneak Sand: Weasel Dyan(hawk) probably some bug Mist: Oyster/clam cool fish maybe crab Missings: Many animals and I don't mean leaf alts As we all know leaf was always treated specially by some individuals but this time it's really too frickin big thing to decide on your likings. It's another misinterpretation of show/manga(Or is this part of this universe?) summons never were allied with one village. Summons had their own villages and almost always pissed on human villages, I think that almost anyone that was liked/respected by animal could become it's summoner(Dogs and Cats were merceneries so this doesn't count) But ofc GrEaT sAnInNs were leaf ninjas so it's ObViOuS that their summons were only for LeAfIeS. <-I believe that in this universe we should make our own story. I could become GM storyteller if you would check applies Ekhm...back to the topic I piss on this idea and think that summons shouldn't be village dependant,they should be free to choose by anyone. Beceause I think that many people would like to summon desert toad or lake snake. Of course I can understand that this could be made to distinguish our allies summons and enemy summons. <-"Only" thing you would need to do is recolor(like you did with water/wind WMs advanced techniques)There are many species of snakes/toads/birds/dyans/dogs/wolfs just look them up in google and sort by climate. There would be a lot of work(1 recolor for every village and maybe missings) but I think that's very important matter to discuss. Another thing would be summons used by ingame clans/organizations: Kuraens: Sasayaki: Sashiba: Yagyu/Yagami: Chinome: As you can see ingame clans/org RP will suffer beceause of village lock in system. IF IT'S JUST A RUMOR IGNORE THIS POST Good Night and Thanks for reading. Sorry for england and my satire.
  4. With summons around the corner I would like to share with everyone a discussion I had with others in the Kuraen clan regarding Clan Summons. The idea is that each clan in game has its own summon that can only be used by the specific clan members. This can further add depth to the Summons system and expand on the summons lore in game (RP-wise too). Clans can maybe choose the summon they would want or a summon that resembles the clan. Organizations might not be deemed appropriate to be part of this system because organizations gather people from different clans/backgrounds, so it does not make sense for an organization to have their own summon. As an example, we’ll look at the Kuraen clan and explore how the system could work. A Wolf would be an appropriate summon for the Kuraens and can relate closely to the clan lore too. Each clan could keep a scroll of summoning in their possession and have every member of the clan sign in (similar concept to Jiraya’s scroll which Naruto signed too). Now you may ask, “what if a person decides to leave the clan?”. Well lore wise, it wouldn’t make much sense for the person to lose the summon instantly, but it also doesn’t make much sense for a person to have multiple summons from multiple clans. That would defeat the purpose and open exploits that people can use to obtain summons. What can be done instead is to have a singular slot specifically for “Clan Summons”, that way if the person joins a clan he’ll have the clan summon, if he leaves the clan and joins another, he has the choice of switching the old clan’s summon into a new clan’s summon but he cannot have both summons. On the other hand, this should not affect normal summons that are not clan related (like toad summon), those summons should have their own slots. It is also probably for the best to only allow players to summon only one summon regardless of which type. Another way to counter the exploit is for clans to hold out handing summons to anyone by adding a one-month requirement on new recruits after which they grant the recruit the clan summon. If this system does get implemented, there is space for adding further content to it if developers were interested. It can be detailed even further to give the summons and the clans a more advanced system for summoning. Just like jutsus are leveled up, maybe clan summons can be level up too. That way, each clan will have 2 or 3 evolutions of a summon, each evolution more powerful than the previous. For instance, as starters Kuraens can have a normal wolf summon, after leveling up wolf becomes a White/Snow wolf, then maybe end with an Alpha Wolf. Saying this, it is important to ensure that summons do not have a difference in strength throughout the clans (unless they are leveled like jutsus). A level 1 Kuraen summon should probably have the same stats as any other level 1 clan summon. This is only an idea/suggestion that may be something the devs are interested in and are willing to build upon, and it is also open for discussion of course. All credit and thanks to @Kuraen Elodin, @Kuraen MacDom, @Kuraen Arubaro and @Kuraen Vali
  5. Hello everyone! I finally had chance to test Summons,like every good leafie I wanted to see how fast and easy I can exploit it for my personal benefits. One of the best method to get rich is selling valuable boss drops, that's why I went to slaughter some bois with my toad Gintama. Here are fruits of "our" hard work: I believe that you can easly kill every boss with this AI exploit(Harder bosses needs more work(like fan bich)) 1.Damage monster and wait for toad to go to him. 2.Monster will agro on you,so you can just cloak and run from his agro range. 3.After cloak disappear, monster in theory will still want to kill you but can't move beceasue you aren't in his agro range. 4.Wait till toad kills him. 5.??? 6.Profit. PS:Sometimes after you cloak monster will target and attack toad beceause toad is attacking him,it sometimes works and sometimes not. I would repair it ^ by making monsters priortize target that hit him first,so they will always kill toad first. @Seth @Ueda