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Found 5 results

  1. Content(s) 1. RP . 2. Summary . 3. Final words 1.0 The beginning There used to be a kids story about a scary beggar that lives deep within the darkest alleys in the Sand Village. Fortunately enough there was a group of grown Ninjas that were doing their daily patrol around the village for this story to take its place. *This is boring, why do we get the worst mission of them all?* First Ninja asked the group. Second one replied with; *I don't know maybe because you had to go your way and disobey Kazekages orders the other day and this is our punishment*. Those two ninjas of the group were known as Joshua and Jerome. Whilst they were having their chat an academy student had examined their actions closely to learn more about the Ninja Arts. He questioned their talk as one of the first things they teach back at academy is to follow your superiors orders. Ninjas were confused as they had kept moving forward towards the deserted alleys where the population is really low in Sand Village, they saw a beggar by side of the alley with huge amount of gold coins in his cup beggars use to collect their money in. Joshua approached first as he's known as the noisy -type. *Beggar what are you doing here with that many gold coins out there ready to be stolen, shouldn't you buy new clothes?* Immediately Joshua started to study the situation if there was a way to lynch the old man without anyone noticing and steal the Gold coins. The Old man gave a scary glance from under his messy eyebrows. Ninjas immediately grabbed their Kunais and prepared for battle as they felt massive aura emitting from him. Man started by pointing at Joshua; *You there, why were you studying the area carefully after asking me such questions?* Joshua gave out a slight sight; "I was making sure nobody was following us". "Haha, Indeed you are being followed." Old man started laughing. The Ninjas had shocked impressions on their face as they soon scouted the area and could not find anything but some pedestrian, thinking that the man had lied to them. Old man continued the discussion; "There is a good reason I have these gold coins, each of them resembles the good memories I've gained through out my career in the office." Jerome turned to Joshua and said; "We really shouldn't..." Joshua continued; "We should, our paycheck is way too low." as he took the cup from the beggars skinny hands and the Ninjas started dashing back to Kazekage House to return to the mission desk to complete their patrol mission. The beggar was left on the alley with a gloomy face. 1.1 To the Rescue The Young Academy student had himself camouflaged as one of the pedestrians and rushed on to the crime scene; *Are you okay? You look really sad after you got your money stolen." Old man answered him with a wide smile; "I'm perfectly fine now that you are here." Academy student looked lost in thought and handed the beggar a gold coin *This isn't much it's everything I have take it." Man said; "Would you like to trade it into one of my possessions?" with a serious look on his face. "Sure why not I guess" replied the Academy student. Sun started setting, leaving behind a beautiful night sky behind it. The old man dug a check from his sleeve and asked for a pen to loan, after that he wrote something on it and handed it to the academy student. "Its getting late. Time for you to leave, my pleasure to meet you in person." The Student seemed happy that he had made someone else so grateful for the very first time in his Shinobi career. Next the academy student had been running back to home jumping from roof to roof. He had opened the check to see what read on it, he was thinking if it was some kind of test prepared for him and he scored big. On the note it read; "Give this to Kazekage, light emerges in the morning". The student didn't look that pleased the next day when he had to be in the queue for so long to finally get the permission to enter Kages den. "State your business" Started Kazekage the conversation formally. Academy student told the full story to the smallest detail and handed the check to Kazekage with his shaky hands. Kazekage erupt into a hysterical laugh and after that winked his eye at the student "Come with me you will receive the greatest reward a man can ever dream of!" as he patted the Students back. 2. Journey to reclaim the Throne Permission has been granted to me to compete for Kazekage position again. The Reason being I'm into such important duty once again is you. Without your strong wits and beliefs that I was the best, that ever existed. I would have not inherit such strong will in becoming Kazekage. Best place to start my services is the forums where it all once began. There exist a to-do-list that I'm going to share with you. Improving my own faults and what in general will save our beloved Sand Village that gets bad merit from some of its own inhabitants. There used to exist players in our community that were not part of the Sand Village and sow such rumors and theories that I'm not active enough. To over come this sort of my own personal fault is to play more during the peak times which means late hours to us that are from EU and as I'm informed so far my job won't disturb my life after this Christmas. Also keeping myself motivated is important task that can't be overlooked, I'm going to take distance from the Discord services I used to provide to everyone quickly. The reason for this is that our community is at its worst on Discord, unfortunately. Please feel free to educate me with these faults if you can find a better middle ground to everyone. Most of the Kageship work are to be handled in-game, that is my goal to enhance activity of all sorts. Ensuring that everyone is warmly welcomed to our Sand discord and the village itself are my top priorities. Some of you might question how is this possible with all the spy activity or such, there is a plan in place for that designed so everyone gets to enjoy their game-play. The structure of the village in general is in good position thanks to our great Kazekages that have worked around the clock after me; Tetsuhawk, Tresmorne and Dyan. Structure itself will change a bit to my liking and which I find the most effective with each individual finding their Rank/Title belonging where it should be. Returning Ninjas will find themselves getting back into the village after completing short tasks, instead of being on hold forever. Mass Exiles/kicks from village/discord come to an end. Higher Ups will handle Strike system which increases their power inside the village, abusing is taken very seriously and those using the system for their own good will be punished. Each Kazekages Log-In will feel like an event. Of course to all these good points there is downside that I'm not going to hide as a man of my word. As known as the supreme leader I will be increasing amount of your chances in getting exiled if you screw up with rules, annoy the kazekage etc. I used to give everyone a chance to talk their way out of things which I still will do but with less research involving case to case subjects that used to take days at best. This should be fine to everyone if you wish to return it should be done easier than ever before without long hatred periods if you've learned from your mistakes. 3. Final speech I'm thankful to everyone, either foe or ally. Without you this game would never stay as interesting as it is. Maybe you're against someone lasting in leadership positions for longer periods of time and that is totally fine and I respect it. To me the new great leader will emerge when you least expect it when the time is right. It's not something to be handed out as candy. We all have our own flaws and things we're the best at. Maybe this is the role I belong to, you know the answer. There's a place off Ocean AvenueWhere I used to sit and talk with you - There's a piece of you that's here with meIt's everywhere I go, it's everything I seeWhen I sleep I dream and it gets me byI can make believe that you're here tonightThat you're here tonight I send you my regards 5th Kazekage, Light
  2. Anyone has solved warping problem? I have noping running and it helps none, previously when I had 90 ping players didn't warp around like this. Be kind and DM/PM or reply here!
  3. Without a further description you know how it is. Dj play that s***.
  4. All over forums, discord are whatever posts that Kazekage did that or this. Kazekage can exile you or invite whenever he pleases. Deal with the fact that you do have a say, but it doesn’t matter the slighest. Downgrading the greatest and most important Ninja on all Nin-Online is your own loss.
  5. The story.. The date is 6.11.2018 early morning I'm browsing through discord as the sun is rising. What I didn't know is that what would happen to me on this fateful day.. I read something that catched my eye, something that would change Nin-Online for good. Every single jutsu has become static. Suddenly I cringe and a large smirk starts to grown on my face. Finally... Finally everyone will feel the frustration that I've felt since the game was officially launched. Large schadenfreude erupts... That felt really good, shared pain is the best there is they say in the army. What didn't feel as good to me was afterwards when a developer tells us it is only a bug. "A bug" they say, tsk. Try playing my mastery; Lightning, do you treat that as a bug? No. I resort to my final straw.. And approach the topic at hand with my own Toxic / Sarcastic manner as described in the developers final note to me. The last Discord message I will ever be able to send to Nin-General chat was as follows: "Making Lightning feast work like rest of the homings would be too reasonable". We finally have their attention.. We are Lightning-users. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us. Minus a large variety of people that already reset because it is THAT bad. Truly yours, one and only Light