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Found 5 results

  1. Hello Everyone, do you want to host an event? Now players can host their own events giving Event Coupon as prizes! We will have an event schedule, being every week we will hold a player hosted event. The hoster can choose any day and any time of the week for it to happen. So for example, if someone is hosting an event this week, other person will only be able to host something at the following week. Rules to host an event: - All villages should be able to join. - Level ranges can be settled for it. - RP events are highly encouraged. But it's not a requirement. - Be free to plan events that require a GM help. (For example to warp players to a certain map) but then you have to host it during a time that the GM will be online. - Events can be hosted without the presence of a Staff member, but if that happens, the hoster must record the whole event and send it to me so I can validate it and give the prizes. Your event matches all the requirements? Great, now PM Kenock on Discord or via forums to talk about your event, If approved, we will define a day and the time for it to be hosted. All events will be annouced on forums and on discord a week before it happens, so everyone can prepare to join it if they want. With this, I expect us to have events happening every weekends. I hope you all enjoy this idea, and I'm excited to see what event ideas everyone has to offer.
  2. #9 Bi-Weekly PvP Tournament results: 1st place - @Kuuzan 2nd place - @Yamikami 3rd place - @Satoe Itane You can watch the tournament here: I forgot to take a screenshot at the end so....
  3. We just had the Third Bi-Weekly PvP Tournament! It was a 1v1. Thanks to everyone who participated. First Place - @Veryweakhobo Second Place - @Hawt Third Place - @Zelda Toitsu Thanks to @Sezu for streaming it You guys can watch it here: Regards, Kenock (Kanno)
  4. Hello guys! Today we had our Second Bi-weekly Tournament, which was a 3x3 tournament. We had a lot of great fights, the Final fight in special was awesome! First Place - @Aghila Mirana @Caio Mirana @Shotoho Mirana Second Place - @Kuraen Wilkor @Ishyn Sasayaki @Sour Third Place - @Yamikami @Water @Scaramouche Thanks a lot to @Anborn for streaming the whole tournament, and @Pharaoh for recording it. You guys can watch the Tournament by clicking on this link (Ignore the first part of the stream, the server went down xD) Thanks to everyone who joined the tournament, and to those who watched it! I'll see you guys on the next tournament! Regards, Kenock (Kanno)
  5. Next Sunday Im going to host my second tournament. It will be a Team Tournament, and since the Chunin Exams are coming, I decided to make it a 3x3 Tournament, so teams can prepare for the Exams. It will be hosted on next Sunday at 2PM EST. For more information about the tournament, registration, rules and prizes, check my Bi-weekly PvP Tournaments topic. See you all at the tournament. Good luck Regards, Kenock (Kanno)