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Found 13 results

  1. Hello, I know that this idea has already been said but I think that it was not much attention ... the missings we need a new village that is in the same coordinates as takumi, I mean not being like tanzaku that you have to pass by leaf yes or yes. Why we need this new village? : you can see that there are many missings lately and different organizations have been created and it is already tedious to play for 1 hour so you can not leave the hospital because there is an army outside to kill everyone. that's why a village missing is needed to calm the wars in takumi a bit. (By the way anyone who says you can go back to the villages sand or leaf if you do not like takumi, if we put up with this and even then we have not returned it is because it is worse to be in a village that in takumi.) @Ueda @Seth @Sezu
  2. Hi everyone, With the new spawn place for missing ninjas released , it gave me an idea. How about making it some sort of sound village? its already looks very similar , but it will work differently from other villages like sand, leaf and mist. Also it will give more diversity for missings nin. 1. You CANT create your character there, sound village is a place that gather all the misfits of other villages who search for power under one roof. (like in the anime) 2. You gotta be missing, lvl50, sever your bonds from your old village AND clan, (once sand missing decide to go sound, he CANT ever go to sand ever again) 3. Maybe make more costs to it, to make it important decision so not all of missings will go sound. (example: -20 levels once you do it) 4. No kage but a "leader" (there is no sound kage in the anime, since its not one of the big 5 villages) 5. Maybe even make it so that only the "Leader" can accept people. 6. Gain the ability to use the perfected cursed seal (maybe one day?) 7. This isnt one of the big 5 villages, it wont have alot of the benefits of the major villages have. (No jonin guards, wont participate in war events, no v chat, and maybe even population number locked, no big maps and areas, just 1-2 small hideouts) 8. No need for special clothes, just buy your snake belt or cash item oro outfit Thats the ideas i had so far, tell me what you guys think :]
  3. Disclaimer: This is my alt account that I use for forum activities. My main account is Viduus which is a Special Jonin in Sand in a position of leadership. I'm not a rogue writing our laws. There’s a lot of debate and laws that are taken with a grain of salt and I think it’s time to clarify many of them. The Kage’s don’t need to be bothered with petty crimes and council members should act as the judges in his/her place unless it’s a serious matter. All in all, laws are meant to be direct and easy to understand. Here’s a comprehensive list of laws and tiers of punishment: Tier 1: Consequence: Jail. Requirement to take effect: The presence of a member of the Suna SMPF. The Kage and Council shouldn’t be bothered with these. A member of the SMPF must be PRESENT during the time of the incident or available within 30 minutes of it with screenshot or video proof if not present at the time of the offence. If a jailing is unjust, it can be appealed to a member of the council to be lifted. . Stealing a drop from an ally. You’re an asshole for doing this, but theft is a petty crime. . Using racial slurs, sexist remarks, overly sexual remarks that make others uncomfortable, IRL death threats or talk of hacking or Ddosing somebody. Again, you’re an asshole for doing these things, but trash talk in a video game is normal and you should expect it when playing an MMO. Trash talk is not included in this list unless it devolves into any of those categories. So saying something like, “You’re garbage at this game and a loser IRL.” Would not he breaking a law. Saying, “You’re a piece of shit and I hope you die.” Would be breaking the law. We all know what each of the words above mean. Don’t say them to others and there is nothing to worry about from Suna’s laws. That is the realms of staff members, not players. If you’re being verbally harrassed in any way, report it to staff. Players are not responsible for these things unless it’s one of the listed items in which case we will punish you in-game AND staff will punish you out of game. Double wammy, yikes. . Following ranked officers when they explicitly tell you to leave their side. This could be perceived as spying and if you are non-compliant it IS worthy of a jail. Times this applies: During Kage meetings, during council meetings, during raids and hunts. Times this does NOT apply: While farming, while sparring or other recreational times such as viewing RP missions (Unless it is Kage or Council level) or wandering around the village (Like in shops). . Following members of the ANBU (In uniform). Tailing a member of the ANBU without the express permission of that person for more than 10 seconds is worthy of an immediate jailing. If you see them in action, they are doing something important and you need to stay out of their way. Edit 3/22/2019 the following bullet: . If a masked ninja is approached by a member of the SMPF (In uniform), ANBU (In uniform), Sand Council (With the title), or the Kazekage and commanded to remove their mask, you are required to comply and remove it. If you refuse to remove it, you are liable to be jailed. You can request the one who commanded it to go to a specified location to unmask there and explain why you have the need to hide your name, but it is within the rights of the SMPF, ANBU, Council, or Kazekage to decline your request. Consequences of subsequent jailing: If you are jailed a total of 3 times, it will count as one strike. TIER 2 offences: Strikes requirements to take effect: Screen shot of the kill log (It will say "Killed by __") or video proof sent to the Council or the Kazekage. If they are wearing a mask and their name is not visible, you do not have enough evidence to warrant a strike. There is no more "I think that's him. I'm almost positive!" You must have absolute proof of foul play. . Murdering any fellow sand ninja except for the Kazekage (See tier 3). If you do this with your pvp enabled in a danger zone, it’s an immediate strike. Times this applies: Blatant murder; pvp enabled and killing an ally, gathering large groups of mobs and then cloaking away so they kill your ally. ROGUE CLAUSE: Edit 3/22/2019 all of the following 7 bullets: . Killing an allied ROGUE ninja no longer results in a strike under the following conditions: The rogue ninja was masked during the battle or refused to take it off. We've had a lot of people say they were allies but were in fact not. If you have a mask to conceal your identity, you are at a risk of friendly fire. Either take it off or don't put it on in the first place if you're not prepared to face friendly fire. The second condition is when they haven't been officially put on the peace list at Suna's entrance. If they're going to be put on it later, they're still at risk of being killed until they have officially been added to the board. . Killing an allied Rogue ninja will result in a strike under the following conditions: That rogue's name is visible and is registered on the official list next to Suna's entrance. That rogue is killed by a Sand ninja for any reason other than attacking a fellow SAND. Even if they are provoking you with words, if you draw blood you are in the wrong. That said, if that rogue is consistently causing problems, the higher ups WILL know about it, and removal from the peace list is a high probability. . Peace listed rogues killing each other and NOT fellow sand ninja are allowed to do so. Sand ninja are required to not get involved in their fight as attacking either of them violates the above rules. As rogues are not sand ninja, they are free to attack other rogues as they see fit even if those rogues are also peace listed. . Sand ninja ALTS killing fellow sand ninja is NOT against Suna laws. They are considered two entirely different people due to Rory's new alt new life rule and no punishments are to be issued to their sand account. . Killing an allied rogue ninja is inexcusable when they are clearly on the board. It is the duty of each Suna shinobi to know who their allies are and read the announcement board next to the village entrance. If you are ever uncertain, pm a fellow sand ninja and ask them. No more "I didn't know he was on the board." excuses. This rule is absolute. . If the allied rogue attacks you first OR VICE VERSA, you have full rights to attack and or kill them back. Peace listed rogue ninja in the past have been kind of shafted because of this outdated law of not being able to defend themselves. This law rectifies that. This one is tricky as it is hard to prove who attacked who first. Damage logs exist, but it's very easy to just crop out the first attack. If there are witnesses, the witnesses are required to take the screen shot's' and report it to the Kazekage or Sand Council. If the evidence is not substantial enough to PROVE without a shadow of a doubt which side is guilty, neither side will receive any penalty. If you are caught LYING about being attacked first and it is discovered that you initiated the fight, you will receive an additional strike if you are a Sand Ninja or if you are a rogue ninja will be removed from the peace list and unable to rejoin it for 1 month. Lying directly to the Council or the Kazekage is inexcusable. . A rogue ninja who kills a Sand ninja outside of self defense will be removed from the peace list until the Kazekage him/herself deems it fit for you to be re-added unless the above condition is met. MEDIC CLAUSE: . A medic is NOT required to heal anybody during a fight. It's widely believed that a medic who doesn't heal and or revive his allies might as well just be helping the enemy, there could be any number of reasons as to why they did not. For the sake of simplicity and much less drama, it is no longer required for a medic to revive or heal anybody during a battle OR after friendly spars if they do not want to. THE EXCEPTION to this rule, is members of the medical corpse. It is their duty to ALWAYS assist wounded or fainted allies or risk losing their position. If this goes against your RP, don't join the medic corpse. . If a medic heals and or revives an ENEMY in a battle or 30 minutes after the fight for any reason, they will receive a strike (You are then an accomplice to murder). Even if your RP is to heal all people who need medical attention (I know of people who do this), if your healing jutsu touches an enemy at any time during a battle or 30 minutes post fighting you WILL receive a strike. No more "Accidents." . Standing idle when an enemy attacks and kills your ally is NOT against the law as long as you remain completely neutral during the course of the battle with the exception of members of the medic corpse. There could be any number of reasons for this, and if you don’t aid the enemy you are not liable for a strike. Tier 3: Immediate exile . Killing or aiding in the death of the Kazekage. Same rules apply as in tier 2, except for the tier 3 punishment of regicide. . Leaking any village sensitive intel to an enemy. WHAT THIS INCLUDES: Organization rosters such as the ANBU, SMPF, Medic Corpse. Those caught leaking times or locations of a raid to an enemy. This can and usually does cost the lives of the entire war party as it gives ample time for an enemy ambush. Most raid parties are 6 or 7 men strong, and causing their deaths is in violation of a tier 2 strike. Every death you cause by leaking that information is a strike which is the justification of an exile. RETURNING FROM EXILE: . You must directly appeal to the Kazekage. He decides your fate and his word is law. PERMANENT EXILE: . If you have been pardoned 2 times already and go rogue a 3rd time, your exile is permanent on that account. If you reset, you will be exiled again. The New alt new life rule circumvents this and allows you to remain in Sand. However if even ONE of your accounts has been perma exiled, it is within the Kazekage’s rights to not give a second chance at a pardon even if that account has not previously already been pardoned. Edit 3/22/2019 all of the following 3 bullets: . Those in Suna that are CURRENTLY village members as of yesterday that have already been exiled more than two times are treated as if they have only been exiled twice. Since this law was put into effect only one day ago, it would be unfair to those that have proven loyalty to just go on an exile spree (Not to mention cut our forces by such a large amount). However, if those that have been granted this mercy get exiled AGAIN it will count as their third strike and will be permanent. Times that count towards your permanent exile: . When any of the laws detailed here are broken resulting in your exile. Times that do NOT count towards your permanent exile: . When you ask the Kazekage directly to exile you for better missions in Takumi AND REMAIN A HERMIT TOWARDS SAND NINJA. Once you request the Kazekage to exile you for this purpose, you will be added to the peace list. If you kill even a single sand ninja during your time in Takumi for any reason whatsoever, you will be removed from the list promptly and it will be treated as though you have been exiled. There is no 3 strikes you're out rule once you are a rogue. Becoming a rogue for missions is a big risk as you have much less leniency. STRIKES BEING REMOVED: Edit 3/22/2019 all of the following 4 bullets: . A single jailing will be removed from your record after 1 month. If you receive another jailing within that one month's time, the timer will be reset and you must wait the full month again. . A single strike that you have received will be removed after 3 months time as long as you have not gained another within that amount of time. If you receive an additional strike during this time, the timer is reset and you must wait another 3 months before it is removed. . One exile counter towards a perma exile will be cleared after one year. If you receive an additional exile within that year's time, the timer will reset and you must wait the full year again for one of them to be cleared. Exiles are taken seriously, and if you are exiled it takes a long time for you to be forgiven for it. . The Kazekage, Council, and Sand Assassins all have records of dates of exiles and strikes, counters of exiles and strikes, and times for when those strikes and exiles will be removed. If you want to know when details of YOUR OWN COUNTERS you need only ask the Council or the Kazekage. I was originally going to post the list here on the forums, but I think that would be a form of public shaming and embarrassing to those involved. As such it will be kept private and the information will only be available from the applicable parties. You can ask for your timer at any time as it is your business to know your timers. GENERAL RULES . The Members of the SMPF (In uniform), ANBU (In uniform), Council, and the Kazekage’s commands are to be followed within reason unless they would break any of the laws stated above, they result in harm to the individual in any way (No forced shock troopers during raids), and doesn't result in more than 5 minutes of that persons time being wasted (No forced fetch quests). . Do not spam /v chat with any of the following: Advertisements, out-of-game links, copy pastas, or any of the items listed in the laws section (Racial slurs, Sexist remarks, etc.) . For now this is the entirety of Suna's laws. I may add to this later on with the permission of the council and the Kazekage. There aren't very many and they're all just common sense. These laws have been read and approved by @Itama Date, the 10th Kazekage. These laws are in place effective immediately and the old laws have been removed. Please read and review them
  4. As the title implies, make village strikes from killing fellow villagers expire over time one at a time. A good rate might be 1 IRL week or 2 for one strike to be removed. It sucks that If you, for example, are sparring and somebody yells "Missing at Mini!!" and you just forget to turn off pvp and end up nuking an ally, that the strike you get is permanently on your account that will continue to stack. Mistakes happen, and over time redemption should be possible. I'm not even a leaf ninja, but I've seen this happen too often. Happens in sand too EDIT: Potentially allow Kage's to view the amount of strikes villagers have and be able to remove them. Adds more power to Kage that makes sense from an RP perspective. Also reduces the amount of times they'll have to pardon people (Or if they themselves accidentally get strikes *cough* slaughter *cough*)
  5. @TetsuHawk brought up in-game today that it might be good to have a buyable hawk as a one time use item to send a village chat. My suggestions to keep from spam if this is implemented: Same rules for character limits and frequency of chat, make it relatively expensive, perhaps have it only available to ranked ninja.
  6. Hey guys, greetings, I come back with another new idea, I hope your opinions I thought that there was a random way to choose the village where you are born, in Naruto nobody decides which village is born. With respect to the nature of our Chakra could be chosen by doing a kind of personality test and depending on our answers will give us to choose masters similar to us would be interesting to see what destiny holds in this way Changing the subject somewhat. with respect to Wm Camino Int, it would be good if we had a kind of parchment or jutsus that would allow us to store a large amount of weapons, since several times we saw in the anime how Tente had a very large amount in his arcenal and I do not remember seeing in no time that she has run out of tools during a fight. I like Wm Int being sincere every day I must go to takumi to buy tools and it is something annoying besides expensive Another idea I had was for Wm Int advanced and is that they have the ability to invoke swords, canes, nunchakus or some other type of weapons that scale with int and that have a high cost of Chakra and a very high Cd so that it can not be used a lot of time in the battles, these weapons would only last you for a certain amount of time maybe 2min, but I do not know what the standard time of the fights is, you help me with that Well guys this was it, thank you so much for taking the time to read me and I hope you have a good time on these holidays. Sorry for my bad english ^^
  7. Hello I am Dodai, I would like to express with is the need for Special jonin en sand. before starting I think the need to put special jonin would have to reside in the kazekage a logical system would be this: the kazekage thinks of someone to put him special jonin, talks to rory to see if it could, and the kazekage would put it to the the person who chooses so he listens rory does not want to put Special Jonin so often ... but he puts them to leaf that has a lot of active chunins and jonins and sand that only has active jonins nothing ... in 2018, from what I have seen, 1 Special Jonin was promoted in sand in January and 2 in recent months to leaf, the question is how much need does leaf of special jonin have? and how much need does sand have? As far as I know leaf already has several special assets of the old days like mikeCW, but Sand does not have any until yesterday that he was pardoned viduus a special Jonin. 2018 therefore right now in leaf resides 3 to 4 special active jonins and in sand only 1 special jonins resides, in leaf they reside more than 5 active chunins and in sand as much as 2 or 3. this post is because sand needs more special jonins. @Rory
  8. I think that village swapping should be allowed to occur with Kage permission because: 1. From an RP standpoint it doesn't make sense to become weaker (Level 1) just because you aren't in the same village as before. 2. It gives more power to the Kage's. 3. It gives new players a chance to experience both villages without needing to reset their account which could be a HUGE turn off. 4. For people who don't understand how political this game is at the early stages of playing, this game can be very challenging for players who chose "The wrong village." -- quote unquote. Village loyalty suggestion: I think it would be really neat to have a village loyalty bar to see how long you've remained in your current village. This would be reset back to 0 if you become a rogue ninja or by swapping villages as seen above if that option is taken. Unless some kind of mistake is made, then perhaps within a set amount of time, the Kage could pardon without taking any negative effects. It could potentially yield rewards based off of your allegiance score (How long you've remained in the village). Allegiance awards that I can think of off the top of my head (These are just a few things that might be possible, but I'd love to see what others think about it: 1. Reduced cost with tools/pills for x amount of time spent as a village member. 2. Reduced cost with weapons for x amount of time spent as a village member. 3. Slightly increased chance of scroll success (Like 5% or something) 4. "Better" missions that are more around the player's level range by reducing randomness by a set amount. If you're a trusted member of your village, why would they not send you on missions that require more experience? 5. Reduced BI timer by little increments. IN ADDITION to the village loyalty bar, I believe there should be some penalties for village swapping as well. For example, all of those things above would be in the opposite spectrum. 1. More cost for tools, pills, weapons 2. Reduced chances of scroll successes 3. No change on randomized missions, you either get lucky or you don't with those. 4. Increased BI timer by little increments. In addition to all of that, since we're talking about village loyalty based rewards, you shouldn't be able to purchase tools/pills, scrolls, or weapons from other regions of the game world. This makes sense to me because why would villagers sell their goods and weaponry to help hostiles kill their comrades? @Ueda
  9. Akatsuki member standing outside of the Sand Village South entrance.

    © Copyright 2013-2015 Hitspark Interactive

  10. The South sector of the Sand Village.

    © Copyright 2013-2015 Hitspark Interactive

  11. Fernando, Shinji and me standing on top of the Kazekage Office Building in the Sand Village.

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  12. What happens if we get lucky and there will not be a character wipe.. Can we re-stat our characters / pick new clans once theyre done? Can we change village without problem once new ones are added in?
  13. Aido's Suggestion Log #1 The Konoha Village Hello everyone, this is just a Suggestion Log to help the Developers by suggesting detailed plans on the forum to help the Developers.So hear me out all the way, I have basically organized this log very well, like I will do with any other Suggestions Log I do, so it's possible to come back and view this Log as pleased. I plan on making up to two to three a week based on what the Administrator need. The Konoha Village Preview This is a preview of the Leaf Village based on the Anime.. Things you notice is how close most of the buildings are in the populated areas I guess you can say near the Hokage Building, there's a building on top of the Hokage Monument which is an Archive Library, a main road which is a trail from the Konoha Main Entrance to the Hokage Building. The Konoha Village Map These are Several Maps of the Konoha Village that I found on Google, hopefully you will start to think more about the village after you see them too. Notice how some state where some of the Clan Neighborhoods are located. The Locations in the Village Here are a couple of Buildings that should be included into the Konoha Map varying from Mandatory Buildings like Hospital and Ninja Academy to stuff that hasn't even been though of like Ninja Tool Weapon Shop. Gate Entrance (Main Gate, Minor Left Gate, Minor Right Gate)Hokage MonumentNinja AcademyIchiraku RamenHokage MansionJounin Standby StationYamanaka Flower ShopHot SpringsAviaryHospitalCemeteryArchive LibraryVarious Training GroundsVarious Division Headquarters (ANBU, Police Force, Intelligence)Ninja Tool Weapon ShopMelee Weapon ShopTrap Mastery Weapon ShopArmor ShopClothing ShopHair SaloonVarious Dining-In RestaurantsApartmentsVarious Clan NeighborhoodsUchiha Hyuuga Akimichi Nara Aburame Senju Sarutobi Yamanaka Shimura Hatake InuzukaThe Preview of the Konoha Village These are several different views of the Konoha Village to learn how to construct the village. Well, that's all for this Suggestion Log! Stay tuned for more coming tomorrow or the day after. Remember, these are daily suggestion logs, but i'm still trying to think of what else could be included in this MMORPG, so it might not become a frequent ordeal. If any Developer wants me to do any specific categories you are welcome to ask me via Skype Messenger. Regards, Aido