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Found 6 results

  1. Game

    So I have always wondered why classes like weapon master and taijutsu that in many ways focus on user speed inherently don't represent this inside nin online. My solution, Dash! This jutsu would be something anyone can get and would scale off the users Agility stat. This jutsu would have an Extremely short cool down so it can be used over and over again however it will drain quiet a bit of chakra ever time, maybe 5-8 chakra. When this jutsu is activate the next direction input you choose, like up down left or right, you will go 3-4 tiles in that direction near instantly as a psuedo warp. This can help melee users get in close when in combat while keeping everything balanced. The way this jutsu scales of AGL is the higher your AGL stat, the faster the cooldown of the jutsu is and if you have high enough agility it would increase the dash distance by a tile. For Weapon master especially, when you dash you can initiate a melee attack mid-dash if your fast enough to become a quick in and out fighter to help fight against the over powered jutsu's of the element types. What do you all think tell me your reactions below I would like to see them.
  2. Game

    If you stand on top of someone (this can be achieved by a well timed Body Flicker or Risky Dance or sometimes by walking), Wild Slash will hit for 4 times and deal a huge amount of damage. A simple fix would be making this jutsu deal instant AoE damage around the user without any separate projectiles being created (example: Wind Mask, the strength fan jutsu, except without the knockback and with damage). Now, since this is offen the case with other jutsus aswell, but not to this degree, I want to know is this something that could be considered a bug and shouldn't be used in such a way?
  3. Game

    I've encountered this bug a few times but it seems pretty inconsistent so I haven't been able to take screenshots. Sometimesbear traps will be invisible if you enter a map with them already placed. This is obviously a problem because the stun is not a short one and the obvious counter to bear traps is that you can see them and avoid them. If anyone else has encountered this bug and has screenshots I'd appreciate if you could add them to this topic. Thanks!
  4. Game

    Give me a loan of million ryo and I'll stay quiet. Hi, I am Weapon Wizard. A low level sand shinobi but also the upcoming best INT WM! Now I know while reading this you're thinking "why u do this?!?" but I like the strategic way of this mastery and the fact that you can be lethal without even laying a finger on your prey, physically. I could talk hours about how the abilities could use an upgrade or complete overhaul but the problem that I am facing right now the most is the cost of this sub-mastery. While Medics have to waste a lot on senbons, this little bad boy has to spend even more than that, "Word round the street is your friend got money, but I ain't no snitch." I propose a solution! Make 3 new buy-able items, in fact scrolls! Similar to Tenten from the Anime, weapon masters could buy/use a scroll that cost 50-100 ryo, containing the very needed 200 kunai, shuriken or explosive tags. "Weapon Master, the black market of weapon tools." Is what some who seek that spicy income would think, but I propose that these tools obtained from scrolls be binded to the user/buyer! Or simply be WM's tools, only for WM to use. A typical sword based WM would not benefit from lots of tools, from kunai perhaps, but their class is already very expensive and that's a minor problem I see no solution to. Thank you for reading, please comment what you think, "Why you gotta be so Rood? Don't you know INT weapon masters are humans too~!".
  5. Game

    Wild Slashes can hit 1-4 times in one cast and I don't think it should be landing that many times. It can deal anywhere from ~100 damage all the way to +400 damage in a single cast, which needs to be fixed. I like the concept of the move, but the multiple hits and how much damage it does is unfair and many users would agree on this.
  6. Game

    Since Tai/Medics have the special ability to hit diagonally with Chakra Scalpels, And Elemental Ninja can have a sword equipped while performing handsigns for Ninjutsu, I think Tai/Weapon Masters should still be able to use Taijutsu moves while they still have a sword equipped. Of course, this will only be exclusive to users of the Tai/Weapon Mastery and this can go as far as only letting smaller swords (Basic Katana/Bandit Sword/Shirokata/Muramasa) be able to use Taijutsu with sword equipped. Although you'll still have to equip on and off the other broad swords due to their sheer size. With the sword equipped, it's obviously not constantly in your hand so you should be able to use Taijutsu attacks with it because it's still in the sword holder. This will actually make being a Taijutsu/Weapon specialist worthwhile if this restriction is taken out. Taijutsu users already have few options to go to when choosing a 2nd Mastery, but with the ability to use Taijutsu techniques with sword equipped, Taijutsu/Weapon Master will be more viable. Having to swap weapons in and out wastes about 1 second everytime you put it on and off and that could be crucial in a fight. If you have both Tai and Weaponry mastered, you should obviously have the skills to perform Taijutsu attacks like Breaking Kick and Vacuum Palm with your Katana in the holder. If Element users can use Ninjutsu and form handsigns with a Sword equipped, why can't a Tai user throw out Vacuum Palms, or a Breaking Kick with a sword on their waist or back? So because I have a sword on my back or on my waist, I can't kick someone or thrust out my palm? It seems unfair to me, and completely lowers viability for unique Mastery combinations like Tai/Weapon Master.