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Found 8 results

  1. Hey, I found bug with my own jutsus. So I can hit myself and level up the jutsu (Expliot). You need to press alt and jutsu key bind and its going to hit yourself. Its working like self medic heal. Tajutsu self hit link -
  2. Dear Ninja, As many of you may know, I am the new Community Manager of Nin Online, and with that I will be continuously doing my best to improve the community by working with the Administrators and my fellow Game Masters, Moderators, and of course you guys, the community. It is an honor to be able to help improve a community I've been a part of for years now. Now, let's get to the good news! I will be releasing Community Updates/Newsletters about once a month or twice a month depending on how busy the month ends up being for our community and team. The updates will serve as a way to explain to you what's going on in the community and what you can do to be a part of it, and hopefully provide a way for the community to interact with me and other community staff. Forum Contribution Posts We'd like to continue to promote the use of our forums by bringing your attention to an opportunity you can take if you contribute helpful content for the community. Pinned Posts, Forum Contribution, etc. We'd love to see players contributing more and more to the forum through the addition of helpful guides, fan-made projects, etc. We have seen a few recent ones such as @Niti's Official Item Value List and @Origami Heart's Nin Online Beginner Guide. These posts help the community a lot, and are generally worth featuring to our community. So if you come up with a bright idea for something that you could contribute to the community and maintain, we'd love to see it, and if we believe it will truly make the lives of our players easier, we will feature it, and if it's important enough, you could even receive Silver Ninja for the contribution. Discord & Village Chats The Official Nin Online Discord has been an unreliable source for villages to communicate privately and confidently up to this point, making the villages resort to other methods (which is 100% fine), however we want to obviously promote the use of our Discord for village use so that all members of the village who make use of our Official Discord can interact with the Kage and other villagers. We're not saying to stop using your alternative methods, but that this is a fix to make the village chats more reliable and useful for village leaders. With this new update, we'd like to improve all of that, make the Discord feel more useful to our village officials, and give you guys more options when it comes to the village sections on our Discord. We also have heard you about moderation, and village channels now have a dedicated Discord Moderator assigned so that they may peer-moderate your village's channel. Moderation will not be as strict in the village sections to allow for roleplay, but they will be treated the same, such as any OOC offenses can still be moderated. (Not all staff members/moderators will have access to your village channels, only if they belong to that village.) Village Categories Instead of just having the three different channels, we are going to give the Leaf, Sand, and Missing villages a whole category to themselves. The only people who can access each category will be the assigned village members (you can request a Game Master or Moderator to move you into your village role). Each Kage and Council Member will be assigned a role which will give them access to post in the Village Announcements channel and Kage will get access to a channel to contact Game Masters or Administrators. Then, of course, each village will have it's own Voice Lobby which will now be restricted to village ninja only. More voice channels may be requested if the Kage believes it is not enough. Village Announcements This is where the Kage and Council Members can post announcements for their village, only the Kage and Council Members can type and send messages. Village-specific events may also be announced here by Game Masters. Missing Ninja will have no announcements channel as they do not have an affiliation. Village Discussion This is a discussion area for all of the village members. Village Voice Lobby This is a simple voice channel that is now 100% exclusive to people with the village role. If more voice lobbies are needed, we can work something out! Village Roles Kage - This role is only assigned to the Kage of each village. Missing will have no Kage. Council Member - These are the official members of each village's council. Leaf Villagers - Leaf Village Players Sand Villagers - Sand Village Players Missing Ninja - Exiled/Rogue Ninja Village Role Placement In order to receive your role for your village you need to request it in the #support channel on Discord by posting your Nin Online profile link to prove your village status. Beyond this, Kage may decide your role change depending on if you do not belong in that village or have been exiled/gone missing. The Game Masters will do their best to ensure people are being responded to so that we can have accurate role placement for this new update. Event Updates & Plans These past couple of months, you may have noticed we have recruited a few Game Masters. With this increase of In-Game staffing, we hope to see a lot more events and community interaction. We are doing our best to provide consistent events, and even some surprise events. We also want you to know that we are constantly trying to get feedback to improve our events and trying to figure out what events work and when to host them. We understand that for quite some time, events have been very cruel to some timezones. We want you to know we are doing our best to figure out what time works for most of our players without asking players to make sacrifices for certain events. As we increase the amount of events, we will use trial and error to determine what works and what doesn't. Your concerns have been heard, and we are going to work to improve! Holiday Events As the year goes, we would like to host as many holiday-specific events as possible, as they are easiest events to decide on. However, Holiday events can be quite difficult as we want to implement items, updates, and more to accommodate for these events. We hope to be able to do this every holiday, and maybe even add more as we go. Aside from recognized holidays, we also want to host some Ninja World specific events, which we don't want to spoil too much right now, but more information on events like these will be arriving in the coming weeks. These are events that may not be holidays to us, but for Nin Online, they will be scheduled in accordance to the yearly calendar to provide more exciting content for you to enjoy. Weekly & Bi-Weekly Events As you have noticed, @Kanno has begun a Bi-Weekly PvP tournament event and @Jessica (myself) has started Weekly Community Events. These events are being implemented to provide consistent events throughout the month. We'd also like to start having Game Master hosted Roleplay Events, which are events where Game Masters will direct a roleplaying session. A big one we do that everyone is aware of is the Chunin Exams, however, those can only happen so often, so we'd like to host smaller events that can happen weekly to bi-weekly. We hosted one last weekend called Village Invasion, and it turned out really well. We saw a lot more players online, and people seemed to roleplay very well. So with that cooperation, we'd be more than happy to host more events similar to this such as Village Invasions, Village Escort Missions, Village Recovery Missions, etc. As we develop plans for these events, we will release announcements for when they will be held. Upcoming Events If you are not aware yet, the 4th Chuunin Exams are coming up, and we hope you can join us for them. Please click here for more information! Quality of Life Updates Merged In-Game Rules with Rules & Guidelines post. People have been having a hard time locating a rules post made by @Stephen as it was in the Discussion board, but we have merged that post's rules into the Official Rules & Guidelines post. To free up any confusion, these are the main links you should refer to for rules and ToS: Rules & Guidelines Terms of Service and Privacy Policy Monthly Chunin Exams Announced! Rory recently announced that we will finally be doing Chunin Exams monthly. This is something players have been wanting for quite some time now, and they're finally here! Monthly Chunin Exams Best Regards, Jessica
  3. Website

    We support Paypal for official payments. If you would like to pay with another method, you can send credit vouchers from Steam, PaySafeCard and other means. These will be considered payments to staff to influence more work and allow us to give back some of our own salaries to the game, instead of buying these luxury items ourselves. If you would like to donate with Steam vouchers or PaySafeCard just send me a personal message.
  4. Website

    Refund Policy has moved.
  5. Dear Ninjas, I'm proud to announce that I have finally put the well deserved time into a task that has been on my mind for the longest time ever. Ever since our re-launch in 2013, I had been very, very disappointed with the quality of the Nin Online logo. I had a strong concept behind the design, but rushed the execution so much that it was still a sketchy draft piece when I announced the project back then. Our logo has since been on all our official content, our forums, advertisements and even the game itself! I think we can all agree that the logo is something you look at today and instantly recognize our game and community. So I decided not to stray for from it, but to create a more visually refined and appealing revamp of it. WIth out further ado, here is our new logo! Updated Logo Design The signature shuriken has been refined and re-angled with a corrected perspective, while retaining the most interesting features about it. The circle which is the "O" in Online, has been given a dynamic whirl to it to retain the dynamism present in the previous design while having a more simplified color shading. Here is a visual journey of our logo design changes since the first ever logo in 2007, the first edition of Nin Online. History of Logos of Nin Online We hope that you will hold our logo even prouder in your signatures and when spreading the word of our project here and elsewhere from now on. Regards, Rory
  6. Game

    Introduction If the website is not performing as good as it used to, or something isn't working at all, you should first try reloading the website using a hard refresh. The problem usually lies with the browser caching something that it shouldn't, and the only way to fix this is by forcing the browser to clear its cache and cookies, or forcing a hard reload which the website may be able to notice. We only support the latest versions of these browsers in our tutorials, please update to the latest version before following these instructions or else! Chrome Press the F12 key on your keyboard. Hold the left mouse button over the Refresh Button and wait for a drop down menu to appear. Click on Hard Reload and wait for the page to refresh. If this does not work, try Empty Cache and Hard Reload and repeat the same steps above. If this does not resolve your issue, please clear your cookies by clicking the Menu Button, going to History, and clicking "Clear browsing data...". Follow the image below by clicking what is checked, click on the drop down menu next to Obliterate the following items from: and select the beginning of time then click Clear browsing data. Firefox Click on the Menu Button. Click on the History Button. Click "Clear Recent History...". Follow the image below by clicking what is checked, select Everything in Time range to clear:, and click Clear Now. Internet Explorer and Other Browsers Download Chrome or Firefox. Follow the steps provided for the browser that you picked if your problem persists. If you insist on staying with your current browser, just clear your cookies and cache. Conclusion If you are still having a problem, feel free to post this under the Support forum category, and make sure that you select Website as the topic prefix.
  7. Website

    Introduction We're implementing a new method to handle troublemakers in the community, after this we will no longer give mercy to people who break rules, so be sure to understand the Three Strikes You will be given three chances to come back to the community when you reach 10 warning points, or if you continue to misbehave after being disciplined; we can ban you even if you do not reach 10 warning points. Strike 1 3 month ban. Strike 2 6 month ban. Strike 3 12 month ban. Final You can never return to the community with that account, email, or IP again. Exceptions If you are banned within a one month period of your previous ban, it can lead to a permanent ban depending upon how the staff view your punishment. If you are botting, hacking, or causing damage to our website/game in any shape or form you will not be granted the Three Strike Rule. If you are exploiting the game, we may consider it as well; depending upon how much damage you do or persuade others to do with you.
  8. Fixed The error messages have been fixed by Rory, WOOHOO! Site Error(s) Hey guys, There seems to be random error messages popping up around the site after a certain action and we can not list them all as some users may experience it and others may not. We've been trying to locate the cause of these errors but we may not be able to fix them all fully anytime soon as the actual game is our current concern compared to the website. These errors can be ignored and a simple page refresh will fix it. Just informing you all Regards, AkatsukiNick