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  2. I see these in sand infiltration village mission and other like waging wars, there are all village symbols, what i think it means, hat it will lower the leaf intellect stat, idk why at puppy mission tho tbh xd
  3. Mist Military Police Force Application Name: Mizuhara Level: 50 Clan: Sakame Desired Position: No specific position Reason for wanting to join: The one thing I have always wanted to keep in check, is our lowbies and their new interactions with the village. I believe that the fresh village life should be wholesome enough that their contributions should feel welcome even at an early stage. Such interactions will not only increase retention of regular Mist ninjas, but potentially reduce the number of people willing to defect to other villages (reset) or go Rogue. To have an official stance with such interactions increases the importance in everyone's eyes. We have already seen how bad interactions with lowbies will not only shun them, but also create more unnecessary enemies, when they shouldn't be in the first place. This is a decent step to prevent that. We may be the Bloody Mist, but we aren't Heartless. I also believe that this expands the way we approach the village life in general, where we don't just follow up on PvP skills and prioritize them, but maybe getting additional info during raids, increasing survivability of lowbies during said raids, increasing our RP roles and interactions, and creating a more diverse game-play experience as a whole. Long-term, this might even be a good call back to the "Lowbies Unite" movement, that has held back many a raid whenever higher level players aren't online. Are you okay with an in-game interview?: Whenever you'd like. I would just require a day's notice. Timezone: GMT+5:30
  4. No.
  5. No, very bad suggestion.
  6. Honestly I think we are all just waiting for clans to be finished so that we can finally start expecting Advanced/Combined soonTM God bless Nin online.
  7. I've also noticed this. Not sure if it is an image bug or a mechanics bug. Would love to avoid seeing that ugly green symbol on my mission papers, it's hurting my eyes every time.
  8. most people would hope it will be a forbidden so that they can get it. Instead of having every one run around with it would it not make more since to make it wind only so that wind gets another jutsu and its in the game. Also it make since because the wind adv mastery is rasenshuriken.
  9. I speak of the wind version that naruto made by adding his Element natrue to it. Besides wind needs a level 35 jutsu normal int path has very little it can do on its own even if its not rasengan It needs somthing. Also the games not 100% accurate to the show so adding it in would not be a stretch.
  10. #Justice4YouthSpring&CursedSeal! So many enemies escaped cause of the bug ;-;
  11. Something I've noticed is that the largest swords have the lowest damage while the faster swords have higher damage. I feel like there should be two types of swords. Katana and Broadsword. Katanas will be weaker, but they attack much faster. I haven't looked into the frame data but it seems that large swords attack half the speed as katanas/kunai. If the swords are branched to be speed and damage, I feel it would add a great layer of diversity to Swordsmen and the weapon mastery in general. There used to be a basic Katana in the game that you can't get anymore, but it serves as a great starting point for the revamp. With the Katana tree, you gain access to a faster weapon and you don't have to give up your Jutsu. Currently, it's easier for low-level weapon masters to use a kunai and switch to the broadsword when using Jutsu. This is for two reasons. 1) The kunai is twice as fast as the broadsword and 2) the kunai has better base damage until the butcher. But there's a catch. While the base damage for the butcher is 12, and 9 for the kunai. The kunai still attacks twice as fast. So that means for the str.modifier(12) you will hit str.modifier(9x2), effectively 12 vs 18. So why ask for a Katana tree? As previously stated, the attack speed of the broadsword is too slow, coupled with the neutered damage, it's ineffective. The best way to play a weapon mastery is to have a melee kunai and then switch the sword to access your Jutsu. This isn't necessarily an inconvenience though. Placing the weapons on your hotkeys is easy to switch them, but once you get into the level 25+ range, melee kunai becomes useless. By the time this system would be implemented I'll be level 35, so it would no longer affect me. This suggestion is more for a quality of life change to weapon mastery. Here's where it gets interesting. While the main focus of this post is for low-level players, making the grind easier, there is a new potential for high-level gameplay. With the branching of swords, broadsword being stronger and katana being faster, it allows for the ability for situational swords. Before casting a Jutsu, utilizing a broadsword would increase the damage, then switching to a katana to attack while a Jutsu is on cooldown. An example of this would be as follows: Broadsword > Dance of the Crescent Moon > Wild Slashes > Katana > Basic Attack > Basic Attack > Basic Attack > New Rotation/Repeat. But the question is, would this prevent katana from being viable with Jutsu? Not in particular. This would, in theory, be an optimal damage output. But please understand that the gain is only slightly higher. The idea isn't to completely double Broadsword damage over Katana, but to increase it slightly so there's a reason to use a broadsword.
  12. Thank you very much @Yoda, @Tsuneko, and @Wolford for your submissions. We will be in contact on your interview dates.
  13. Hello, my name is Yugure. I don't care what people think they can or cannot allow me to do; I just do whatever I want. In this case, I can just go to the Account guy at the Sand Village and reset back into Sand; and then go Wind for the Rasengan if it gets added in. I have reset a total of 7 times already and I will continue to do it if I believe the situation calls for it because it is MY character and I decide what level it is, what masteries it gets, if it gets a summon and what it wears. I'm tired of people having problems with me resetting.
  14. hi! am not sure if a low lvl medic can cut it but am postulating anyway Mist Military Police Force Application Name: Wolford Level: 12 and raising Clan: Sakame Desired Position: (low rank officer) Reason for wanting to join: i am a low lvl medic introduced to the game by a friend, i love mist, but can't help much right now, so am trying to give as much as i can. Are you okay with an in-game interview?: yeah any time Timezone: GMT
  15. Hi! so besides abandoning the trash bags missions cause we can't find any, i was doing my dailies and when i checked the reward, it said its leaf's
  16. No i don't think they'll allow you to reset just for the rasengan,A long time ago @Sezu showed me rasen-shuriken and rasengan it was both pretty cool(that was a year ago) but it still had some bugs and stuff so i think they will come with the advance masteries but the Ueda may change the reset system and make it like 1 reset per 1 month or you have to give money or ryo to reset. Note: The reset system i think it will be like that have 69.56% out of 100% because i know how Ueda does his work and how he reacts to every suggestion we make
  17. Hello , Firstly I would like to thank you in advance for taking the time out of your day to view my application. Serving and making mist a better place is my primary goal and I would love to be able to showcase that and I feel that becoming a Officer within the mist walls is a great start. Mist Military Police Force Application Name: My name is Tsuneko Sakame. Level: I am currently level 50 ( hopefully the level cap increases until then yinno ) Clan: I am from the Sakame clan one of if not most largest clan here in the Mist village. Desired Position: This is a bit tricky because I think I would excel at any position given and if night a high position I will do what I can to climb the ladder to create a window of opportunity so that one day in the near future I will be chosen for a higher rank. But as of now I would be fine with anything. Reason for wanting to join: I have a lot of reasons but for this purpose I will slim them down to just a few. I am all about fairness and believe that the people who walk the streets of the village hidden in the mist should all be treated equally. I want to provide a safe and fair environment that everyone is able to enjoy there time. There are a lot of situations in which two or more individuals have disagreements which I think definitely could be solved if given them a accreditable mediator. I want everyone to feel comfortable with speaking there opinion when they have disagreements without anyone getting upset and leaving. I want to make everyone feel as if there is someone they can come to when they need to get to the bottom of a situation that will not pick one side but will stand for what's right. Are you okay with an in-game interview?: I would love too! Timezone: Eastern Inclosing I look forward and happily await your response. Thanks again for taking the time out of your day to look over my application and have a wonderful Day. @Maj
  18. Im really do want to know why they never added a level 35 jutsu for wind does anyone know?
  19. A long time ago I was wm full int and asked for changes and improvements for this domain, none was used. Lose the hope T-T
  20. that would also be cool
  21. First ever number in the Kekiro lotto is 7941. There was no winner, and the new pot contains 10090 ryo. Ok so due to the fact there was only one participant, I'll just test some stuff out before compleatly abandoning this lil project. From now on a ticket will contain only 3 digits, as that will dramatically increase the win rate while still keeping it a pretty rare occurrence. So from now on the winning ticket will be the one that matches the last three digits that Kobaki gives you. Hopefully this will attract more people. C ya next week
  22. And, the fuuton rasengan is another technique, the real rasengan is only spiraling chakra.
  23. Rasengan will be a thing, but as a forbidden jutsu that i think (and i hope) Rory will introduce later on the game
  24. Yesterday
  25. Should just be allowed to carry more tools instead q.q
  26. As far as I know, it's not like they don't want to add more features for int wm. The engine is limited.
  27. If you ain't the Booty Gang Captain you ain't anyone worth the time or effort to get to know. Amen.
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