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    • Gold and Silver both should be able to post pictures in Nin General channel in discord. Should ignore the chat cooldown in trade channel in the discord. The Color Palette for hair should be wider for us. Meaning we have more colors to choose from for hair.  Every 3 months we should get a Free Stat Rest/World Blessing which would be random between the two. Should have the option to get a Gold Headband in every style including the styles from past anniversaries.  
    • It was added to be a delay between map swapping back and forth. Some people including myself would map switch between the same 2 maps avoiding damage/being killed and eventually find a way to escape.  Map switching cooldown from combat timer should be removed HOWEVER, there should be something to prevent the statement above. Either add a 1 to two second cooldown on constant map swapping between the same 2 maps or make it slow you if you do so. it could give a message " Slow down you are trying to map switch too fast" which would prevent you from switching for ___ amount of seconds.
    • The crowd has spoken. 👍🏻
    • it does suck that bullets is not as powerful as it was but now its balanced and the only addition I'd ever have to make to it now is making it less than a 1 sec cast time so the only cancel wind users are using is god damn flick claw ;-; I can agree with changing vacuum and I believe even rory might have mentioned wanting to change it from what I've heard though I could be wrong. I think its best to be patient as lots of people including myself have made topics asking for a change to vac or wind itself to make it feel more viable now that its 2 huge dps have been nerfed over the past year and half but we just gotta wait and see what rory wants to do ;-;
    • If rory implemented bigger bonuses for gold then it would become a monthly payment and I do not support that as a broke bish individual ;-; just survive the harassing world nerds