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      Instance Map Warps We now have a way to warp players into 3 kinds of instances... Solo Instances Team Instances Team Instances with Auto Warp (Brings whole team on entrance map in automatically) This has been a long time coming, but we've had instances in the engine for awhile. Now we can use this for boss maps and in the future, full dungeons. (Admin/GMs) Most /commands can now use "Brackets" to enclose names or strings with spaces in them Previously, we couldn't warp to a player with numerical names. This solves that and also allows us to write cleaner commands in the future. (Admin/GMs) /mapreport now focuses on search bar by default, and Enter warps to the first search result NPC Aggro Bug Fixed 90% sure that it's fixed for good now. Took about 20 hours to solve this yesterday, honestly we received so much misinformation about this bug that it led me to a lot of wrong assumptions and rabbit holes that just made solving this harder. The hardest part about this bug was that it was no replicable on a local/test server, so I had to come up with methods to debug on the live server. Re-added NPC Logic Threading and A*Star Pathfinding that was previously disabled to test for this Fixed a bug where  NPC's Projectile collision was being checked on projectile caster
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      Bit of a vicious cycle, I was nice when I started and didn't mind dying in a PvP game but after the 5th time some clown kills you and types 'L' you start waiting on the day you can return the favor.  Leaf jumping out with 6 50+ every time for a lowbie is part of it, Sand not letting literally any lowbie through GD without tax or dying is another (Mist dead so who cares). On the other hand, it forces you to learn the game. As a lowbie I learned how to sneak through villages, how to wait at the top of spiders as the response team of 6 leafies came hunting for me then slip by, I learned shortcuts through Mist and flicker points. By the time I was 50 I felt like I learned a lot more about the game than in other MMOs I've played. Besides that I'm not sure what can be done. Telling people don't be toxic isn't going to undo 9 years of player killing and rivalry. I agree with lowering mission frustration. They could be better explained. Bad missions should have exp rewards buffed or mission objectives altered. Especially as a fresh lowbie the ONLY thing you do is get killed, grind mobs and do dailies. Grinding mobs has never been fun, getting killed isn't great so at least dailies should feel good. A lot of new players burn out just getting to 20, despite it being relatively easy these days, because the logical gameplay is to grind and take dailies (which are not worth taking) and nothing else is well described. I'd have to make a lowbie helper account just to help every new player get to 20 in a reasonable time frame. I don't see the problem in telling lowbies there's missions for their level in Takumi, and giving them a map that actually takes them there. The odds are they get killed on their way anyway; that should be the challenge, not the opaqueness of missions in the game.  
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      the reason why the game doest have +300 player is because the community is and always was toxic.
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      (Admin/GMs) Moved /mapreport UI to new UI System (Admin Only) Can X/Y Offset negatives in Item Editor Light position Esc to escape PM Name Input dialogue brings you back to chat Lamps and Furniture that should be lighted now have lighting! Equipment lighting now properly hides with cloak of invisibility Fixed backspace on Drop/Buy/Sell X amount input dialogues Fixed Tab still going between game and chat in some cases Fixed Normal (Default) Black Eyes being Purple Fixed Eye selection on character creation Fixed Mission Log still acting as though it is visible when its not (when hovering items)
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      A place to post all kinds of content and discuss every topic regarding NinOnline   https://www.reddit.com/r/unofficialNinOnline?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share