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    • @Kuraen MacDom go retire already ;-;
    • If you're Sand, yeah go full str but keep in mind to get the full potential you need the strongest weapons.
    • Hi I just want to report that sometimes when you use basic attacks, with the fan and pipe the bubbles and wind projetile do not come out...its so random and no reason why :/
    • It is not the first time that I speak about this, but if I keep insisting maybe they will solve it some day. The prices and statistics of the swords are just a joke. The Religious Katana should have less damage than the Twin Blade from what its description says The price of this sword should be higher than the Nikuya sword since it is of a higher level and of greater utility and match the price of the Twin Blade since its utility only depends on your tastes Muramasa Sword This sword has one of the best designs in my opinion and simply nobody uses it because you would be wrong in the head to prefer to spend more Stat and not have a better benefit. It should definitely have higher damage than the Religious Katana and Twin Blade. Giving a random number I don't know maybe 30 base damage this would make a lot of sense when wanting to choose it Twin Blade This sword is really a headache when you face it, the next thing I'm going to say is for you players. They should stop selling it for such a miserable price as they do since it is not so easy to get and its utility is really good Come on guys, if you need Ryos do it differently and not by humiliating swords like these or the religious katana by selling them for such a low price even less than the Ninkuya. Don't despise these tools of war Ninkuya Okay this is some kind of joke? Is it the way the Adms trolled us or what? 63 Stat requirement? Why not just 60???? Fine fine, the sword is beautiful but it is just useless. It only serves for new players to spend their money on something they will never use again and spend the rest of their lives regretting having spent that ryo. You pay more on this sword than on the really useful swords "Relig, Twin" Simply reducing the minimum Str requirement to 60 use it and increasing its base damage a little maybe 20, I assure you that many players would start using it. Stylish Sword Last but not least, my favorite sword. Just give him a little love ... Keep his low damage but at least he gives you 5 Chk points instead of just 3   You have really cool swords in the game, don't let them die into oblivion. Reuse them, improve them ... It's good to have new swords and all that but you will bury even more these swords that nobody uses, I don't think it is that difficult to change some Stat or base damage requirements.  @Ueda
    • Um.. reinstall the game. When you launched the game with no internet it most likely did not download textures.