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    • Tensai

      Ukiyo Clan Slots

      By Tensai, in Active,

      Hi Nin team, I was looking at some clothing for my clan and I see there are two "vest" items. The "Cloak" and "Traditional Robe."
      This is a request to make the traditional robe a "Shirt" item rather than keep it as a "vest". Allows more use for it because people would rather have a different items in the slot especially if Chuunin ranked and such.
      The Inner Robes are used as pants. So the Traditional Robe can act as a "Shirt" and can be our Shirt item since we don't have one. Thanks!
      ALSO: The Ukiyo Hat does not fix the hair icon. The hair shows like it's going through the hat. Not like the Sakkat which would cover the hair. 

    • Drusilla

      Hawk summon bug

      By Drusilla, in Active,

      Good day all , I am reporting a bug to hawk summon where every time it uses wild slashes its doesn't attack and the summon stays stationary. This is a very annoying bug that has plagued the summon for a very long time along with wind mask bug it had which was semi fixed but still bugged hawk summon is an unique summon for sand village and its very underwhelming considering the percentage for a summon contract.
        My solution is to revamp the attacks or switch wild slashes for nados or some other  jutsu that doesnt do a bleed effect because that also bugs the summon. I also think that hawk summon hp should be increased since its has very low dps or buff its dps . thank you in advance.

    • Bogdan
      Here's multiple reasons why the sarutobi forehead protector should be a leaf jonin standby item:
      1.In the anime it is worn by a leafie so it would make no sense seeing sandies or misties rocking this protector.
      2.It already has jonin requirement which makes no sense(to me at least) since right now it is an event item.
      3.It can't be traded just like the items from the chunin shop. 95% of the event shop items are tradable.
      The amount of cosmetics that leaf's jonin standby offers is way lower than the amount of cosmetics sand's jonin standby offer.

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