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    • Dontay

      Inventory Bug/Issue

      By Dontay, in Active,

      My inventory was working all day normal and fine. Then randomly when I pressed "i" I noticed my inventory wouldn't appear. So I attempted to press the "inventory" button at the bottom left and still nothing. I was curious if this ever happened before, and if there is a way to fix it? (I've relogged before, and it won't let me use my inventory on my alt either.) Was curious how to fix this? Was in the middle of farming Giant Ants and wanted to see how many Ant Feelers I had. Then I ran into this issue.
      IGN: Dontay

    • Average

      Exile via PvP

      By Average, in Active,

      Killed a single fellow mist who had pvp on in DZ. Logged out. Upon logging back in, exiled. My character has killed three in the past to self exile, however I was pardoned. Is this intended on the log out causing instant exile? Is the count from before still held? Or is this bugged?

    • Syong

      Daily reset bug

      By Syong, in Active,

      Hello nin staff,
      I used the daily reset and it only gave me 1 mission instead of 3. It keeps saying I'm out of missions now.
      Does this mean my daily reset has been wasted?

    • Romy

      Mud river knockback

      By Romy, in Active,

      Ok so i have tested this with other players now and it's just me that can't knockback hosts or any other NPCs with my mud river - it works fine for everybody else for some reason, and it has been broken now for the past few days, justu lvl is max so i dont know what is wrong
      22-11-2021 19:52:37
      The following error occured 'De objectverwijzing is niet op een exemplaar van een object ingesteld.' at '   bij client.modHandleData.MsKwI19jrm(Int32  , Object  , Int32  , Int32  ) in D:\NinOnlineSrc\Core\ninonline-c-client\modHandleData.cs:regel 1571
         bij client.modHandleData.sm6yRuWFEAWAyJQlxcS4(Object , Int32 Index, Object , Int32 StartAddr, Int32 ExtraVar)
         bij client.modHandleData.HandleData(Byte[] data) in D:\NinOnlineSrc\Core\ninonline-c-client\modHandleData.cs:regel 247'.
      This is an Incoming Packet Exception Packet [SSpawnBody]! Please Report this!
      (only error i got, not sure if its because of this)

    • Fuketzu
      Description is, The game crash cause it WANTS, Mapswitching, any random moment, mostly loading villages/in villages, i died yesterday on sand cause i got a crash, (crashed like 2 times that day mid anbu hunt) then mist i crash on port and lose 750+ bounty.

    • Gloomy Magenta
      Basically what the title says;
      Missions restart around 4-5am here, however despite being 1pm right now they still didn't reset and as far I'm concerned they didn't change the dailys timers a second time.
      Not the first time happening and it's quite frustrating.

    • PurpleShit
      This also happens in  Mist sometimes, besides not being the first time occurring.
      Talk with mission giver, screen overlays disapear, nothing happens, repeat into nothing.
      I tried restarting the client, logging off and on and just doesn't work.
      I haven't done any dailys and even if I did I a message would pop in the chat box.
      ( Don't mind the unequip and equip weapon stuff, I repeat the process afterwards and I guarantee it doesn't affect the end result )

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